Bleph by Genius doctor Dr Christophe Papp and lipo !- Salzburg, Austria

I waited many years to get this done- I even dated...

I waited many years to get this done- I even dated a famous plastic surgeon in New York City and didn't trust my derriere with him..a few years later, I moved to Germany, to Munich, and through friends here met a good friend of theirs in Salzburg who is a PS. I wasn't going to do this, I was so scared, but after the consultation with the Dr Papps in their lovely office in Salzburg, somehow it just finally felt right! The dad of the team, Dr Christoph Papp, did my eyes and he did a STUNNING job- five days later I can really not see the incisions, and my house sitter's first response when I came home was "wow your eyes look so elegant!!" No more hooded eyes or looking tired. I came home and turned on tv and there was a movie with Cameron Diaz on and I just thought- "Now I have Cameron Diaz eyes! Great!!"...but the really big wow for me after gaining weight at 30 and not being able to get rid of it via diet, exercise, ballet, etc (I put on 20 pounds during end of a sad affair) was my new body!!! I really have the body I feel like I should have had all these years!! I feel so sexy and am having so much fun with it! and it's only a week out from surgery!! He sculpted my body to absolute perfection, arms, middle, legs, and he totally respected my limits as far as leaving a little curve on the sides of my upper thighs (I didn't want the "man model" look so many docs do) He did my chin as well- and with the beautiful bleph it's amazing to look in a side mirror now and see the profile I have been making with my hands for the last three years in the mirror!!! And my silhouette- let's just say the Italians would say- "la bella figura e ritorno!"..I look - hot! yay!!!!!!!!! If you need a great doctor, and you're in Europe or have the funds to fly here, it is so worth the trip in Austria. The private clinic the doctor has was a dream, also- I had a top floor room with a beautiful terrace with flowers and a view of the mountains, and the austrian nurses were angels. ALl around, I cannot imagine a better experience- it was actually fun!!And now I'm sooo happy!!! And even a week out, my skin is super tight, no laxiity AT ALL (I was really scared about this!!) no bumps, marks, only teeny tiny incision marks smaller than a cm in a few places. These two doctors are wonderful and especially if you are (or were, rather) a lipo scaredy cat like me, go to Dr Alexander Papp in Salzburg. He did the best job on me I have seen, and I have been watching the lipo boards and reviews on here for YEARS , looking for someone to give my body to. I am happy to answer any questions, I do NOT work for the office, no one is paying me for this, and I'd stand up in a court of law to swear it. Just totally in love with my new bod and face! I can't recommend him enough. Danke sehr und guten abend!

a week out....

I can seriously not see the incision lines AT ALL in my upper lids..his father is a master of the face work..
pulled on a favorite Alaia I hadn't worn in years and it looked already stunning!
I'm covered in bruises on my arms and legs, but they are starting to fade.
I forgot to mention Dr Alexander Papp, who did my lipo, used the water jet technology. He does a technique he told me during consult where he only removes the fat that's deeper under, so even results. So far, so good!!!! Slight leg cramp today, almost finished with my meds, but happy as a clam. I kept laughing like a five year old when I was looking at my reflection in the mirror tonight.
What a wonderful review. I'd love to see update pics. Your legs look long and lean even with the pants on.
hey ! this is so much fun:)) I was always the ones reading everybody else's reviews, now I get to provide the pics!! I just took two for you front and's too late here, I don't feel like taking off the garment again before bed, but will do in the manana if anyone asks!!xxoothank you so much for the nice words!

update pics...! one week out, with garment..

updated as requested:-))!
this is super fun!:)

all in zee eyes...

have to also give credit to Dr Christoph Papp for my beautiful blepharoplasty..
Oh I know what I meant to ask. I'm considering adding arm lipo. Was it painful?
I would be really honest and say , a, with the water jet lipo, I had the normal post surgery two hours of scary pain, when you wake up and go "Holy crap batman, what have I done to myself?" everywhere I'd done it, then you calm down , the anaesthesia wears off and the pain meds come on, the first night , everywhere was sore, but really only if I moved in bed , and it was bearable.Totally bearable. I'll answer the arm thing in one say but really wanted to share with you and anyone after my experience: I really found, and would tell anyone getting any kind of liposuction, as soon as you can in your hospital bed, try to start making small movements - it will hurt those places a little when you do it, but then you will heal much faster than other people. I had basically full body lipo, and was sore everywhere, so the first day or two I was scared to move much in bed because I didn't want to feel the pain, but then I just started making small back arches, up and down, then foot rollls, etc..and I swear within four days I got up and was dancing to the Doobie brothers by my bed. I made a short video and sent it to my doc, he was cracking up. :) So to your question: arms! I was so scared to do my arms; first off, make sure SURE the guy who does yours is a very big smarty and would never consider doing the undersides (the soft bits which hold close to your body when you relax your arm) as that is where all the lymph system stuff is, and when idiots take out from there you end up with permanent lymphedema..he did mine right, and with the bandages , I still have to warn you, the first two -three days my hands were swollen like balloons! not a great look! but now a week out(actually its only six days now) they look perfectly normal !and especially nice at the ends of my newly skinny arms- which even when I WAS super skinny (LA size 0-2) were always too large. Sorry, I keep not getting to the answer; having said all that, I went to sleep for my operation, so I can't tell you what it would be like , the pain during. My cousin did lipo while awake and he said when he went to a good guy (went first to someone who was a dermatologist, and they caused him horrific pain ) it was almost pain free.The pain after felt scary the first day until I realized as I said that just a little movement, stretching, mini yoga in bed etc REAAALLLY helped. I stretched my arms over my head and let my hands dangle down- after two day of this the arms were the LEAST sore place on my body. Soo looking forward to summer now-! For the first time in years I'll wear a summer dress without feeling like a prizefighter:) nutshell: pick the right guy! even if it costs a fortune, you only have one body!!! Move as soon as you can after surgery! also; try to stay in the clini as long as you can, esp if you do full anaesthesia and do a lot of work at once, unless you have an amazing partner at home who is totally prepared to feed you and bring you water and give you injections etc the first four to five days. I was so happy to be in the clinic, but I know I got really lucky with these guys and their place..
I can't wait until its my turn. December can't get here soon enough!!! You look absolutely stunning. Your eyes, what an amazing transformation. . Thank u so much for sharing!

day seven no garment- gorgeous bruises:)))

but I don't mind at all..feeling tired the last couple of days, a little faint in the morning, but only sore in my inner thighs- a miracle after so much work!!
Hello there, sorry i do not know your name, but i am in the same boat as your were prior to your liposuction. Your pictures look great! would you be so kind to tell me the name of the surgery where you had your work carried out, i live in the UK so Europe is only a short ride for me. my wife and I are both looking to have this work carried out, so would really like to contact this guy, as your review has given me some faith. please answer on this post or email me : Thank you so much
Reply Hi David- here's their website!! I am really happy to share the intel:) I wish you both happy skinny-making!!if for some reason the link doesn't work , here is the office phone number: +43 (0) 662 90 10-31 00 really worth the trip (also just for fun , it's much more charming staying in their sanitorium after the surgery (I had the most gorgeous view of the mountains, ask for a top floor room!) than in central London:). but I really can't say enough how good my work was! I had one other friend who I didn't know had surgery from them until I asked her if she knew a good ps- all I knew was that "magically" she went down a dress size (or few) the year before. She showed me her legs and they looked great, I've had the exact same result , I am sure you will too (but I'm not a medical professional, just a happy patient, so please use your own judgement!!!)
I really appreciate your honesty and suggestions. I have 2nd guessed myself several times but not because of my comfort level with the PS I have chosen but with the idea of this being selfish, spending money on "vanity" as some people see is... But to me I feel like I will be more comfortable w/ myself. I've had four children and its hard for me to do something for me, but I want this!!

one more day into healing..and a special note-

Can't say enough how very grateful I am for the quality of work I had. For anyone reading this who might consider the trip to Austria: just to say: I was the WORST, most neurotic, scared person about plastic surgery. I'm a total perfectionist about anything I do in my life and I wanted the very best, and not to be sad or disappointed after. I have not one complaint. My skin is perfectly even, everywhere! and I'm 40 , for the record, not a baby,and I smoke, and my skin looks just stunningly smooth and lovely. Not one bump or ripple. And today I went for a quick drive to pick up something at the local gas station, and I noticed a lot of men looking at me as I drove past. Two guys in their early to mid twenties were seriously checking me out, and not in a "hey did somebody punch you ?" way but in a "you are foxy, I want to follow you home and have you now" way. I've never lacked male attention, but this was a triple play. Decided this is definitely my Cameron Diaz period:-). Dr Christoph did such a beautiful job with my eyes, again, thank you dear wonderful doctor!

physically- tired, felt almost like fainting a few times the last few days, had to be reminded by very patient Dr A. today that this is a time to relax and stay in bed. Ladies and gents, pleeeaaassse be patient with yourselves in this period. I am a get up and go-er, and when you can't go, you feel like you're being lazy or unimaginative, but it's just you really need to relax and rest. all the very best from here, happy madel:)

another day one, a little more advice, and more pics..!

had a rough night last night as healing process goes on- I write you guys all this to say, even with the most exceptional docs in the world, please be ready for a little rest after! I had a lot of soreness last night, I felt very tender and was afraid to get out of bed this morning, didn't sleep last night because of it. I had forgotten what works (immediately) to relieve discomfort- seriously, everyone on here who says that massage is good for the discomfort after is not joking! I finally got up, started gently applying pressure to the bruised areas, and in under five minutes I felt like a new girl, if still a bit tired. Massage, massage!
Here I am, a day later; the swelling is starting to subside and I had an "oh WOW!" moment this am when I looked in the mirror after I got out of bed- I am tiny!

day eight, feeling great!!!

Doctor Alex Papp took out my stitches today, he was amazed I had hardly any bruising at all on my middle - the bruises on the legs are still not pretty, but going away- and all of my girlfriends are impressed by how nice I look all around!
very , very happy. !
Hey girl! I am loving ur results too! The swelling looks painful on upper legs ouch!! Hopefully it goes away fast. My upper arms are bruised up from the sides and back n I'm praying they will be gone by June 12! I have my college graduation haha. I'm loving my arms just as much as my abdomen now. I'm just concerned that they still kinda jiggle when I move them n look lumpy. I hope it gets tighter from the bottom! I think I wanna go back to get my bra rolls n flanks done.. Crap! I didn't want to spend all that money at one time. Ahh I guess I'll wait it out till early next year lol.
college graduation- you're a baby!!! congrats!!! that's so cute you got it all done to start new life with- good for you!!!!:))) Your abdomen looks AWESOME- he did a really even job on it!! thank heaven!! because that's the place that goes bad on a lot of people- hello poor tara reid!:( MASSAGE , MASSAGE!! especially important now when everything is kind of loose- rub those arms every day twice a day , maybe you can smooth out that stuff. I come from a family of women absolutely riddled with cellulite and I always had the least of them (believe me, I know in my before I had a lot, but it was still 80 percent less than a lot of the other girls at my age in our gene pool, and to be honest I only had it on my bottom the last few years because I got too lazy to reach around, but my front thighs, even though fat , were perfectly smooth) ) because I learned early this old fashioned european massage cellulite technique- pick up a roll of your skin with your fingers and just really try to break uo any hard stuff you feel in there- I would be much more gentle with yourself post-lipo, but just to say, I think it can still really help if you do it now especially to make things even- but of course, ask your doc first, not me!:-)) I had my bra rolls, back, waist, flanks, thighs, arms and chin done. I am so freaking happy. Do whatever you feel will make you look good, FOR YOU. It's really a life changing experience- I've always been a pretty happy camper but my general level of happiness is now up at least forty percent!:) don't worry about that though now- enjoy your graduation and the new bod, take care of you and I wish you all the best in your life!x

two weeks out , feeling great!!

I think I must be the most amazing post lipo bruiser, because I have literally almost nothing left now, just some on the inside of my left thigh- yay!!! summer has started and I was so afraid I was going to be out of it for weeks! not at all! thank you dr Papp one and two!!! tiny little red marks left where the incisions were, that's basically IT.
I have : no uneven places, no bumps, ripples, nothing like any of that I was so terrified of. i just have a sexy girlish shaped figure again, like I had before the bad spell ten years ago- only now with the bonus of the same size boobs as after the eating spell! I feel so sexy! totally recommend doing this, and totally recommend my dear doctors Papp. Dr Alexander Papp got a little mad at me for not wearing my compression garment last time I saw him- but it doesn't feel like I need it- my skin is already tight! I will though, doc, I promise, I will.
SOOO happy with the work- I showed my stomach to a pharmacist yesterday (who ended up asking for the number because she wants lipo as well) and she was blown away. Coulnd't believe I was two weeks out!! Have to say I really think massage and getting active as soon as possible really helps. This has all really motivated my workout desire as well- sans the extra weight I could do forty full military style pushups yesterday- what a rush!!!and that was after no strength work for a month! did 40 minutes in cardio. To be honest, I really noticed most of the bruising disappear after one night out dancing til the early hours..the next morning most of the leg bruise was gone. !so I am a big proponent of getting active immediately! (but ask your doctor!!!)

2 weeks, and a few days

Can't believe my body. Every time I look in the mirror I'm afraid my old body will have spouted back in the night, but no, every day it's still with me, and looks better every day. Almost zero bruising now, slight soreness above elbows which I massaged away this morning, and a little tightness in the thighs.
Results: beautiful.
OMG 15000?! But yes you look great =), worth every penny I would say ;)
thanks :)) it looks even better now:)- it wasn't that much considering I did almost my entire body, from chin down to thighs, arms , etc, AND had a bleph..but as I always say, some things are really worth paying a little more for. You only get one body, and most people spend at least this much on their car , or the clothes they buy over a period of a few years..I just think it's really worth if to spend a little more, to lose 90 percent of the risks one would have with a lesser doc. I have no irregularities, it is now a few months since surgery and I wake up every day just feeling beautiful, and great. So whoever reads this, don't cheat yourself of a good doc if you decide to do something like this for yourself..a great doctor can make you really happy for many years with his work, a bad one can ruin your life..
Dr Alexander Papp , Dr Christoph Papp

Dr Christopphe Papp is the man to go to in Europe for any of your plastic surgery needs. He is caring, attentive, and his stitches are the work of an artist. I will be so sad if he ever goes out of practice.

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