Has Anyone Used Dr Kirk Moore in Utah for Rapid Recovery BA? - Salt Lake City, UT

I am really close to pulling the trigger and...

I am really close to pulling the trigger and finally having some boobs! It will be nice to not bra shop in the little girls department :). I am totally flat, ASS cup and just want to be a B cup and love the research on rapid recovery since I am very physically active and have a demanding career. I have been talking to Dr Moore's office in Utah and curious if anyone has used him? I would love to hear from some ladies who can give me reviews on him. Thanks so much in advance for reviews!


I have a BA at 7:00 this morning! I felt comfortable and confident with his staff right from the beginning. (I have been waiting 11 years to do this. . .believe me when I say I've done my research!) My consult was great as well as my pre-op appointment. I went back and forth, back and forth between sizes the days leading up to my surgery and the office staff was very patient with my daily calls and questions. This morning when I got there I was a little nervous, but the process moved along quickly. I finalized my paperwork, was prepped for surgery and taken back into the surgical room. I commented to the nurse that I was loving the playlist they they had on and that was the last thing I remembered. I woke up shivering in the recovery room and immediately started moving my arms and doing the stretches. I was a little out of it on the 15 minute car ride home, but when I arrived I hugged my girls, and brushed my daughters hair for school before laying down for a nap. When I woke up I was a little stiff (like after a really hard workout) and my back felt tight so I took a couple motrin before I got in the shower and got dressed. I sat outside and read a book while my youngest played in the yard before making lunch. I did lounge around a little more than normal, but I did not have any "pain", I would describe it more as MILD discomfort. I even went to a graduation party this evening. It really did not stop me from doing most of my daily activities. I'm going to take a muscle relaxer and a couple Motrin and head to bead now. I'm still in shock that my barely A breast and now a C. I was hoping the rapid recovery was less painful to what I've seen my friends literally suffer through. . .it's not a marketing tool or too good to be true. I have my post op appointment tomorrow morning. I can't wait to thank everyone there!
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I went to Dr. Moore in March 2012. My experience was completely opposite. I was a tiny A and had 550 ccs silicone put in. I'm now a DD. I love them. I had my surgery then that night my husband and I went to dinner. The next day we took our 4 year old to the aquarium. I took only ibuprofen 800 and was fine. The first night was weird as it was tight and slightly uncomfortable but not like what I witnessed my friends go through. The stretches and the exercises make the breast fall naturally and look more real. Mine look 100% real. I also just had a baby 6 weeks ago. I am able to breastfeed just as well as I did with my first, they're just a lot bigger this time but not horrific. I recommend Dr. Moore all the time. He's super busy though due to the fact that his procedure is pretty pain free. They also suggest you go bigger because the #1 complaint made by women is, "I didn't go big enough."
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I ended up going with dr. Fryer as well. Dr moore claims he is the only dr allowed to use gummy boobs, not so..dr fryer said he could order me some..but why,? He said they are the most unnatural feeling breast implant, and if they move...your screwed because of its anatomical shape.so happy I chose dr fryer
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