Brutally Painful - Salt Lake City, UT

Ulthera website and doctor downplayed the pain...

Ulthera website and doctor downplayed the pain involved. I had to get up and leave even though I had taken 3 percocet and 2 valium. Was so painful, I vomited. This procedure should not be done without a dental block or under general anesthesia. I don't care how great you look after, the pain was absolutely unbearable and not worth a "little lifting." Don't do it!!! I am pissed I wasn't warned this much pain was involved.

I'm really surprised about the pain people experience as I did it on a few pills and an inhaler and just found it uncomfortable at worst. I guess everyone experiences pain very differently. Hope you see results.

P13: Maybe you didn't receive the "full monty". I've noticed that not all doctors do the treatment the same. Some make only one pass with the very lightest strength on the transducer, while others make 3-4 passes with different transducers at different strengths - what I call the "full monty" (this is what my doctor did and it hurt like hell but the results are fabulous).

I absolutely agree that general anesthesia needs to be given! I had the procedure done about 6 days ago and I almost passed out from the pain...I was in tears during the procedure. The pain was so horrible that I considered not completing the procedure at all.

I also was not prepared for the after effects of the procedure (swelling of entire face and neck, tenderness entire face and neck, welts, purple bumps from the injections of lidocaine). I looked horrible for about 5 days following the procedure.

The good news though is that now at day 6 I can see a dramatic lifting and tightening taking place!
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