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February 25th, Dr. Mobley, U of U! - Salt Lake City, UT

I broke my nose in a snowmobiling accident when I...

I broke my nose in a snowmobiling accident when I was 8. I have wanted rhinoplasty since I was 10 years old. That's right...almost 17 years. Better late than never! I did a lot of research and after two consultations I decided on Dr. Mobley at the University of Utah. My surgery is scheduled for February 25th. I am very confident in this choice and the result I hope to get. I am a bit nervous about being under general anesthesia. I have a gorgeous two year old daughter and a nervous husband so that makes me a little more scared. I would absolutely hate to jeopardize my health for vanity reasons. My doctor has assured me that I am in food hands, though. He has been practicing over 20 years and he has never even come close to losing someone...so that's reassuring! It will be an endonasal surgery. They are re-breaking the bones, straightening and narrowing the side a bit and taking out the dorsal hump from the accident. My doctor is not really changing the tip. I am posting before and after estimations from his imaging. Again, this is not a promise of results, as you all know. But, it's a pretty good blueprint and I am 100% satisfied with it. They also suggested a chin implant but I decided against it. My chin has never bothered me and sticks out a lot more when I smile. It doesn't bother me, so I am leaving it.

Okay...18 days until the operation. I am getting...

Okay...18 days until the operation. I am getting really nervous! My mom is flying in to help with my daughter. My husband is taking the day off to take me to surgery. I have everything aligned to make this a smooth process. I am so, so nervous, though!!! The anesthesia is what is freaking me out the most. Totally normal? Need some reassurance. I am 100% doing this, I am just nervous...

Two days to go. I have been having irrational...

Two days to go. I have been having irrational anxiety that has caused two panic attacks. One was at the grocery store and I got a flash of hot and then I just had to run my butt off! I ran around the sore a few laps like a total psychopath. My poor husband has been dealing with a very emotional, cranky me. I am just so nervous about the anesthesia and a little bit about pain afterward. However, I am confident that I will get the outcome I desire so that's a plus!!! The surgical facility is right around e corner from my house and my husband has the day off to help me. My mom gets in to town tomorrow to help with my daughter for two weeks. I am so fortunate for my support system!!! I told everyone on Facebook this week and basically made it clear that yes, this will look different and I am not going to defend my decision a single time beyond the post. I was met with tons of support, kind words, and three people who have actually had rhinoplasty in the past! I will be glad when Monday at 10am rolls around and I hope and pray I wake up healthy and ready to go home to my baby girl!

Well, I did it! Pain level is at a two or three....

Well, I did it! Pain level is at a two or three. Surgery went quickly and smoothly. I can already tell the bump is gone so I am really happy for that! I just cleaned my incisions as I had some dried blood. My breathing feels just fine. I took a little nap. My daughter keeps popping in to ask me how I'm doing and to bring me stuff. My husband and mom are both here. I am feeling pretty good about everything so far! I have a post op appt tomorrow and Friday.
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon

Not sure of aftercare quite yet but this is a fantastic surgeon and a true professional. Found him after research on here and elsewhere.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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We'd love an update from you! What did you think of your results?

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How did you like your results? I have a deposit on a date with Dr. Mobley in august and Im nervous! Would love to hear if you like your nose!
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Congrats! You should feel very proud of yourself for going through with it :) can't wait to hear more updates!
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Well, its up too you. I had the same gut fears and I wish I followed it. Its obvious from what I read your not emotionally strong for this procedure, just like me. Anyhow, I wish I was warned, bc you can never go back in time. I wish someone told me the risks, I would have cancelled and not even cared about my 7 grand. I just want my quality happy life back. But, anyhow its your life and good luck and hope you dont feel regret bc its the worst feeling. Hope god guides you to a decision that will be best for you. Good luck and sorry if you feel offended by this the night before your sugery.
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irvine, it seems as if you didn't choose the best of surgeons and had an unusually bad result. I'm sorry to hear that, but please discontinue posting unsupportive comments on other's stories.

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I've seen lots of comments like this by you and one or two others on people's reviews. It's extremely rude to be so negative, especially when it's right before someone's surgery. You clearly have no manners at all and are completely missing the point of a website like this. Have you written a review yet? Cos last time i checked you hadn't, instead choosing to post your negativity on other's reviews and ruin their excitement. Why don't you write about your experience instead of ruining other people's? I'm sorry you had a bad experience, no-one should have to go through what you clearly are, but people would have much more respect and sympathy for you if you stopped hijacking people's threads and instead shown some support
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Thanks for backing me up, ladies. I appreciate it!
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Got it, Sorry and lesson learned. Have to say Ive been real emotional lately! No more negative posting for other people. I thought I did put up a profile :/ hope you have a good recovery and enjoy your new nose!
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I am so sorry to hear you have had the experience that you have had. Yes, there are risks to any surgery but I picked a surgeon I am confident with and have been in contact with other women who have had theirs done by him and had before and afters that are very subtle. As much as I do respect your trying to warn people, surely you must not think everyone has the same experience...? I think it is a little unkind to post something like this the day before someone's surgery when they have expressed extreme anxiety and nerves. I came here looking for support and encouragement but I feel like now I want to delete this whole thing. I don't need the negativity rattling my nerves worse.
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Soo close!!!! You must be so excited :D
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Soooooo nervous but feeling ready!
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Mine is Feb 25th too! Did you have your pre-op yet?
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Two days! Ahhhhh!
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Woo hoo it's just around the corner now! I haven't had mine done yet but have been following a lot of stories here and most if not all of them bet a bit freaked out about the anesthesia. I have gone under before though and let me tell you it's a piece of cake. I counted back from 100 and only remember getting to 98 and I was out and then like what felt like a few seconds later I was awake and ready to go. It was really weird but nice to not feel anything or be aware the whole time. You will be totally fine I'm sure as long as you are healthy and have a great doctor and anesthesiologist. So excited for you girl! You're going to look and feel amazing!
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YAY! Good luck with everything! You are in good hands :)
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Wow the surgery is so close! How exciting! You are going to look great! That's so cool that you past on the chin implant despite the suggestion. I keep thinking to myself if any surgeon recommends anything else to be done besides my nose, I would pass. Because nothing else bothers me nearly as much as my nose! Plus I don't see anything wrong with your chin. Good luck and I will be following your story! :)
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I'm glad you're able to get this done. Tell your husband not to worry, you'll be fine. :) Looking forward to reading your updates!

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