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not good! - Salt Lake City, UT

I did PRK 3 months ago. Would I do it again? NO! I...

I did PRK 3 months ago. Would I do it again? NO! I was promised crisp clear vision. I chose to have the far vision corrected and not do the mono thing. I was told that I would only lose the close up vision to where my glasses corrected. This has not been true. I now still do not have any correction for distance but now my close up vision is also impaired AND I am also stuck with the huge cost of the supposed correction. Also they failed to mention that anytime you do surgery on your eyes it makes you sick to your stomach with a migraine and that sight is impossible for at least 2 weeks and that the cost of all the drops is outrageous and that your eyes will be overly sensitive after they heal. The reason I did it? I thought that it would help cut costs in the long run of bifocals over several years. I am very disappointed.

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Well I had my PRK done nearly 1 month ago. The first day when I had the PRK it was fine until later in the day. At night it was just awful, but day 2-week 4 I have had minimum problems, which would be the Halos for 2 days, not being able to read up close for 1 week, and I think that was about it. I would say coming up on week 2 is when my vision started really getting better and same with my close up. The first week I could see at 20/40, the 2nd week my vision was 20/40, the 3rd week my vision was 20/25, and I haven't gone to my 4th week yet, but I know my eye sight has gotten even better, so I am expecting 20/20 easily and possibly 20/15. Also with this high price eye drops this person is talking... Well maybe this person has no eye vision insurance or the worse kind you could possibly get. I had 5 different eye drops to take and the total cost for all of those drops was $70, which I didn't think was to bad at all to be honest. Also coupon said that it cost $2,700 to get the eyes done, which is uber uber cheap. I hate to be mean by saying this, but you get what you pay for. Mine would've been $4,200, but I ended up paying $3700 with my VSP insurance. My experience with the Doctor and his assistants have been just amazing and you might ask me if I would do this again? Yes, yes I would do this again in a heart beat.
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Hi - would you mind me asking when you were able to drive again after your PRK? I am having mine done next week and have heard that people get cleared to drive a week after surgery, but seems like your vision didn't become more clear until your 3rd week (i'm not familiar with whether 20/40 is good or bad?). I agree with you though - I think you do get what you pay for... I am paying $4,500 which is cheaper than the regular price of the clinic, and it includes the cost of all drops for as long as I will need them, and the doctors at the clinic were very forthcoming with what to expect...
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I had the same horrible experience as couponkid.. I was looking for distance vision and hoping to somewhat improve my reading vision as well. BUT, i have the total opposite. I think the dr. made up his mind that i needed close vision and not distance.. I have a "haze" over my surgery eye all the time. Both eyes are working overtime trying to do the "mono" vision, which I never wanted. Funny thing, when i wake up in the morning, i can see just like we discussed before the surgery.. NEVER did i ever think the recovery would be this long.. i am losing faith that i will ever have my distance vision again.. AND it messes with your brain, cognitive thinking, memory, and all I want to do is wish that i never did it.. how was i ever so stupid???
sososososososo frustrated.. pls tell me that eventually it will get better ??????
hopeful :(
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You need to wait upto a year for full recovery. I had my PRK done too but my eyes didn't get better until the 10th month post-op
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I am sorry you had such a bad experience:(   I hope you are able to some what fix this in the future.  I can only imagine the expense with everything.  So sorry.

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