PO 3 and a half weeks! With updated pictures

Hey everyone! I am 27 years old, and have 2...

Hey everyone! I am 27 years old, and have 2 amazing boys. Pregnancy definitely took its toll on my body. My stretch marks were ridiculous! And my breasts were empty!! I am 5'3" and started both of my pregnancies at about 140. Generally I would weigh about 125lbs. I am looking forward to having this body back!! When I went for my consult the dr told me I didn't need a lift, (which I thought I did) it was great news to know that I didn't need one. He told me if I did a small implant, over the muscle that it would give me exactly what I was looking for. Fullness, and just enough of a lift. :)

So I I had my mommy makeover done this morning/afternoon! I am feeling pretty good considering. Lol. I had TT, BA, and Lipo of the flanks. The hardest thing is taking deep breaths! Man that is hard!! I can't wait to see what is underneath the bra and the compression garment. No more sag!

How do I post my before pictures and a couple of the after ones?

Day 1 has been pretty painful. Not completely...

Day 1 has been pretty painful. Not completely horrible. But I am pretty stiff. I feel like I have been beat in my back with a baseball bat. My boobs look amazing from my angle. My drains aren't doing a whole lot. The right one is doing more than the left. I am hoping tomorrow is a better day with the pain. I will try and post my pics tomorrow. I am on my iPad.

Welcome to RealSelf! I'm impressed that you were able to get online the day of surgery. Wow! Here are instructions on how to post photos (hint: you need to be on a desktop or laptop rather than a tablet or phone). Please let us know how you're healing!

Oh thank you! That is what my problem was! Will post the pics tomorrow. Or what pics I have. Lol

Day 4- Had my follow up appointment today. Every...

Day 4- Had my follow up appointment today. Every thing looks good! I am excited for when everything comes back down. My boobs are way swollen but look pretty good considering! :) The pain isn't horrible. Thank goodness! My biggest complaint right now is I need to have a bowel movement! It is right there and I have been trying and trying. I am sure aggrevating my hemmeroids. Ahh!! I posted some pictures! Good luck everyone!
I am doing pretty well! Don't have too many complaints! :)

Thinking about you and hope you're healing well...


Well late last night and early this morning the...

Well late last night and early this morning the constipation was horrible!! I can't even explain it. I kept trying to go. Which ended up completely blocking me off. And it even made where I couldn't even pee. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have a car or anyone at my house to take me anywhere. When my mom came to my house this morning I made her g and get me an enema and that finally did the trick. I was getting scared. It was sooo bad. I feel good now. For now. Eek. I am nervous for the next time. I went and did a lot of running around I had to do. I am a single mom some have to do it. Hope I don't pay for it later. Wish me luck! :-/
Omg you poor thing! I could not imagine! I have heard that being active helps.
I didnt go to the bathroom for 10 days after surgery! I took 2 stool softeners twice a day, every day. I finally got the urge to go right in the middle of target. I guess the walking around helped me, I guess it woke things up in the belly.

I am 8 days post op today and feel amazing!! I am...

I am 8 days post op today and feel amazing!! I am a little sore but nothing major. I am off of the pain pills. I take a Motrin if I need one. I went in to have my drains and stitches taken out and that went great! The dr said I look amazing for being water surgery. He even said I don't say this to all of my patients. He said just imagine after a couple months how you are going to look! He did tell me boobs won't change size too much. Which I was a little surprised about. But I love them anyway! I hope I continue to feel this good about everything! Physically and mentally!! Lol :) what's next is my question??
I love your updates! Your results look great. It gives me hope. My MM is in 15 days and sometimes I feel light headed when I think about it too much! What size/type pf implant did you go with?

Well tomorrow I go back to work. And am pretty...

Well tomorrow I go back to work. And am pretty happy that it is time. I feel like I will be able to relax more there then At home. It's hard being a single mom! For sure! Like with the laundry, and all of the cleaning. I am so anal about my house that it has been a huge challenge for me to wait for people to help me. I am almost back to my pre surgery weight! Woohoo! I imagine when all the swelling goes down I will weigh less. Yay! I almost feel like my stomach has shrunk. I wonder if it is because he tightened my muscles and that there is no room? I get hungry more often? I mean I am happy. Just wondering if that happpened to anyone else?

Good luck going back to work! Let us know  how it goes!
Thanks! I have been so happy so far! I was like that about thinking about it too much. But it has been totally worth it! The first day was the roughest. Each day after has gotten slightly better. In my right breast I had 304ccs silicone, and in the left I had 339ccs, not sure of the profile. Are you having a lift or just the BA?

So I am 3 and weeks post op and feel great! My...

So I am 3 and weeks post op and feel great! My boobs still feel a little weird but all of my friends say that takes a while to go away. I think the good majority of the swelling has went down. My boobs are right where they will be is what my Dr said. My weight is now lower than what it was. Woohoo! I hope it keeps going down. I can't wait to get the ok to start working out. I go back to the dr on Wednesday and think I will get the go ahead to start wearing normal bras! I am sooo excited! I would really like to wear a tank top without this bra! Or to even go braless for that matter! haha! I am beyond happy with my results! It is sooo nice to not have "the pouch." Best decision ever!! I fell so much more confident naked!
Good for you! Thank you so much! I cant wait for it all to be over!
Girl, your body looks GREAT! I am having surgery on Tuesday 8/21 and am sooooo nervous! Were you? Im having a TT, BL, and LIPO. Do you know how long you were under? My doc says I will be under a whopping 6 hours! Yikes!

I hope you're still healing well! But Im sure you are!
I wasnt really nervous. I was excited. I was under for 7 hours. Initially it was supposed to be 6 hours. But my dr said he is meticulous so he went over. Still doing great! I went in for my 4 week check up today and all is well. He did find a piece of a suture under my right breast. But he got it. And all is well. :) good luck! It was totally worth it! I love my updated body!!
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