Breast Lift-no Implants-6 weeks post op new pic

I've had a TT done about 6 months ago and will be...

I've had a TT done about 6 months ago and will be going for a lift on 9-12. I'll also have fat transfer from the inner thighs to my butt, and lipo of my back to improve my profie. 2 years ago I was 70lbs heavier, and am a single mom of one. With all the weightloss and motherhood My body has gone through a lot, and I feel very blessed at having the financial stability to be able to do this. After the changes with the Tummy tuck I felt so good about myself. I did before, but I guess you could say that how I looked on the outside matched how I felt on the inside.

My surgeon is wonderful, I've never read a bad review on him, and he spends a lot of time with his patients to ensure there is a good understanding of what is wanted. I've heard of surgeons suggesting unnecessary procedures, and he is nothing like that. If you're within 500 miles of Salt Lake City I highly suggest Dr. Dunkley at envision cosmetic surgery.


hi, can't wait to read your updates!!!
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Congrats, can't wait to see your results

I suspect you are going to luv your results
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Good luck to you! I go in on the 19th will post pics soon!
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Yaayyy! It's done! Coming off the anesthesia was...

Yaayyy! It's done! Coming off the anesthesia was bad, but better than coming off it from my tummy tuck. When I woke up I was sitting on a chuck in a pool of blood. This was from them taking fat from my thighs and putting it in my bum. My butt hurts significantly worse than my breasts. I havent seen anything, I thoroughly wrapped up with compression garments. Very happy, going in on Friday so I can hve some bandages remove. I'm glad I did the tummy tuck first-this is a cake walk compared to that!

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So today I did a 5 k run-actually walk- My breasts...

So today I did a 5 k run-actually walk- My breasts were fine with it, it was more my butt and thighs from the lipo and fat transfer.
Surgery went well, didnt get to go in until 3 hours after my scheduled time which sucked. I'm really worried about how my boobs are looking now. They look flat on the bottom half, but I have a feeling they'll smooth out and that I'll love them.


Looks like he did a very good job

Rest up
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I think one of my nipples is off and I hope it...

I think one of my nipples is off and I hope it corrects itself in the healing process.

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I guess the BL community on realself is much...

I guess the BL community on realself is much smaller than theTT community. I tried on some things this morning checking out both my breasts with no bra and my bum-heres a dress that used to be very unflattering on me.
Feeling pretty good today, almost no sleep last night and today will be my first day coaching 1st and 2nd grade soccer.
One of my nipples is almost 'normal' colored, the other is still very purple and losing sensation. I have creme I put on it that's made to open up the blood vessels or something like that. ANybody familiar with any of this?


Thanks for updating! I had my TT almost a year ago. I lost 140 lbs and the skin apron needed to go. I had great results with my TT. I always wanted to get my breasts done but my tummy bothered me the most. At my 9 mo. TT check-up, I decided to ask about my breasts. He said I would need a lift ... just around the nipple on one and the full lift scar on the other. He felt I would have great results. So after researching, etc. I decided to go for it. Surgery is scheduled for 11/19. Can't wait!

You're right about the TT pages ... lots more updates there than here on the BL pages. So thanks for updating. Glad to hear it's nothing like TT recovery. When I was walking hunched over for 2 weeks I thought, "What the heck did I do." LOL!
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I think no matter what surgery you have done they can only give you an estimated time frame for recovery. For me I was off pain meds from TT on day 3, but was still very hunched over. For the lift I've been doing great, it's more the fat transfer from the thighs to bum that have me temporarily crippled. Mostly the inner thigh lipo. They have me wear a very uncomfortable compression garment-I didnt think the TT one was too bad. The swelling is horrific, but anyways, you're getting a lift, not lipo and transfer.
I had it done last Wednesday and on Saturday I half jogged, half walked a 5k. Some people think I've gone too far with PS, but a TT, lift and lipo doesnt seem like a big deal to me, and I know I'm done now. It's the self confidence on the outside that I find addicting. The lift was waaaay worth it for me. Like you, I had the weight loss extra skin apron issue that I found to be more of a problem. However after getting the lift I thought 'I can't believe I didnt get this sooner!' I was so tired of only being able to select a few bras, all very expensive, and all had wire that would poke through after a few weeks. Also, tucking in what would pop out-A lift is sooooo worth it! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to let me know! You really dont need to set up anthing or buy special stuff for recovery. If you've already had a TT you'll find a lift to be a cake walk! Congrats on your decision and date!

Coached soccer today and did a lot of running...

Coached soccer today and did a lot of running around-I actually did pretty well! The bruises are finally going away.


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How are you doing? I had my reduction/lift yesterday. You are right lipo is a bitch! I had underarm lipo and lipo on top my VJ. Since the TT my tummy was flatter than my stuff and it was quite noticeable.Can't wait to see the new boobs. You seem to be doing's your butt coming along?
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I have the same VJ problem, I think I look like a ken doll when dressed! I cant tell a difference with my thighs at all which is a bummer because they were/are huge. I can't tell a difference in my utt at all either. A little when I pit a skirt or dress on, but pants or naked it still looks flat to me :( I didnt go through this at all with my TT, it was immediate excitement, and it's like that with my breasts despite a nippple looking in the wrong direction. I remember you from the TT forums, glad to see you on the other side :)

So I had my one week (9 days) check up yesterday....

So I had my one week (9 days) check up yesterday. Everything with the breasts went well, I was a bit emotional about my lipoed thighs and back because I couldnt see a difference, but he said I was still very swollen. He took the stitches out of the bottom of my nipples and the lipo areas. As you can see in the POD 10 pic I posted I have a 'dog ear' under my right breast, which he said he'll take care of. Starting to feel better, still getting very little sleep. I sleep about 1-2 hours, then I'm wide awake for 2 more, then it repeats itself. He increased my valium dosage because Im not very comfortable with other benzos, so hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. I find myself completly exhausted around 4 every day, and even though I fight taking a nap, I still take about a 1 hour nap around that time. Today I almost fell asleep while driving a five minute drive to the store-this is after taking no meds all day. Hoping that feeling of exhaustion and the feeling of being run over by a semi on my thighs will go away soon.


all in time. somehow lipo results take a while to see. My VJ is bigger than it has ever been and my underarms are swollen and painful.....I hate lipo! it's more painful than any other procedure. I am patiently waiting for this pain and swelling to subside. My breast are about 32DD now and I am hoping they shrink fast. PS said they should settle at C or D I really hope so. Take care and take it easy!

This was way easier than the TT! I couldnt be...

This was way easier than the TT! I couldnt be happier with my breasts-I have an issue with my right breast that the PS said would heal up on it's own. I'm still not used to having a butt, so when I run it's painful, and I wish that my thighs were much smaller, but I can tell a difference after seeing the before pics at my 1 month post op the other day.


Thank u for sharing ur story. Congratulations on a outstanding look great. :-)
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Congratulations on your results, you look great! I just had my breast lift surgery on 11/13 and read in your posts that you were concerned about some flatness at the bottom of your breasts. Have you noticed over time as swelling has gone down that this has rounded out more and dropped? My breasts are actually higher than I expected and still swollen although I hardly have any bruising. The reason I ask is that I am hoping as swelling goes down more, my breast will also drop a bit giving me a more natural curved shape at the bottom. I feel at the moment they are looking a bit squarish, but it seems over the week it has settled a bit. Since there are not as many people on this forum who have only had a breast lift, it is hard to compare!
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Question about the lipo on your thighs: what area of the inner thigh did the doctor do it on? Was it between the knees all the way up to the top of inner thigh, like your groin area? Meaning, including the middle inner thigh area, not just the top?
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