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Hey, i dont really know where to start... I've...

Hey, i dont really know where to start... I've been reading stories on here for weeks now. They have all helped me so much. No only with knowledge but support as well.

I am 27 years old. Married at 18, pregnant at 19 and had all 4 kids by age 25. I breast fed them all for 3-6 months each. even before having kids I was always small busted. In Jr H & HS I did the whole, chicken cutlet, jello balloons, push up bras.... You name it, I've done it. Boys teased me an awful lot because all of my girlfriend started getting boobs in grade school. I have wanted my boob job since I was a freshman... But I KNEW my Junior year, that i'd eventually FOR SURE i'd get one after I turned 18. Thats when I for sure realized I wasn't going to get breasts like everyone else. Then I turned at, and "life started". Marriage, babies & more babies.... Well I'm done mass producing now, so IT'S TIME!!!

I am starting age 27, 5'6" & 120-125lbs. Measuring a 34B by VSecret standards but 34A by my personal measurements. I am llpooking to be a D (not an HUGE D) I would even be fine with a FULL C.

Surgery is the 12th and according to the countdown app I have on my phone, that's 23 days away :) I'm more excited than nervous. Nerves will hit right before surgery. It's just the way it happens for me. I am going to be having Silicone 425-450cc's placed under my muscle. I was SET on going thru the armpit at first... But that's when I wanted saline. Now I am FOR SURE SILICONE. So I am debating under boob entry VS nipple entry...??? Experiences are VERY welcome!!! Good, bad & the ugly :) my GFriend said after her BA (under boob entry) she can feel a pulling at the incision when her boobs are played with and kinda rubbed or pulled up, anyone experiance this? I am leaning towards nipple entry, but am worried about sensitivity. I really like my sensativity level now and would HATE it if I lost it....

Suggestions? Comments? Concerns?

Thank you ladies!!!!!

My dr is Dr J Dayne Petersen. NOT the guy listed....

My dr is Dr J Dayne Petersen. NOT the guy listed. I don't know how to switch it... http://www.nuvistaplasticsurgery.com/about-us/meet.asp

My dr office called today... They informed me my...

My dr office called today... They informed me my dr would be out of town on my already scheduled surgery date. My stomach went into a KNOT!!! I wAs so sick and sad that I would have to wait longer... Come to find out, they had someone reschedule this morning, so there was an opening 5 days sooner!!! From March 12th to the 7th!!! I can't believe it! It's so close now!!! Anyone have any opinions on incisions? I'm still "in the air" on incision site... Also, if you've been thru a BA, what were some "have to have" items while recovering? Thanks ladies!!!

I went to my Dr yesterday, finalized size, shape,...

I went to my Dr yesterday, finalized size, shape, entry point & payment. It's all taken care of :) I can not even believe it! So the details will be... 450cc/HP, under muscle thru an infmammory incision. I am still nervous about the incision point... But can definitely get on board with it! Apparently, my Dr (who is amazing & I trust him) said that there are recent studies indicating that there MAY be a connection between nipple entry an increase chance of captular contractor. Something about the bacteria in the milk glands that may get onto the implant during placement. He explained it super clearly but I just don't know how the explain it as well. ;)
Anyways, I am extremely excited and extremely READY!!!!

Has anybody else heard about the increase in chances of captular contractor with nipple entry???

I am driving to my surgery now! :D I am so...

I am driving to my surgery now! :D I am so excited, nerves haven't struck yet... But I'm sure they will! Wish me Luck and if you pray, say one for me :) thanks ladies!!

I'll update as soon as I'm coherent.

I M at home now resting. I feel great, just tired....

I M at home now resting. I feel great, just tired... I also feel like a small child is sitting on my chest but that's to be expected! :) i can only see the tops of them right now... But I am SO excited!!!!

Got to see My boobies Today!!!!

Got to see
My boobies

The last Few Days have Been miserable. Percocet &...

The last Few Days have Been miserable. Percocet & I do not Get along.

Got measured today... 32D/34C a big smaller than I...

Got measured today... 32D/34C a big smaller than I wnted to hear, but I love the way they look and feel. So I'm trying to be happy.
Dr. Petersen

My cousin and A bunch of her friends have been to him for their BA's and have been pleased. Also, he and his staff really impressed us (husband & I) @ our initial consultation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look beautiful!
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They look absolutely perfect for your body!
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They really look great! Yay! So perky too!
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I really love your results!! I still think they will get bigger as you heal more :).
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You look awesome! I don't think you could've gotten any better results than you did!
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I love your results! You look so awesome. I'm jealous of your size.
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Really nice result and thank you for sharing your experience.
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You look amazing!! We have the same 'size' so it's good to have a comparison, yours look so natural.
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You look great girly!!!!
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They look very natural on you
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Thank you! I wasn't really looking to be to big... I leave a pretty "modest" life. I want people to think they could be real ;) haha thank you and may I say, your boobs are awesome!
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Awes thanks!
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You have my wish boobs!! Ugh so hoping mine come out great!! Yours are awesome!!
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You are awesome! Thank you ;) I hope you're very happy with yours when all is said and done!!!
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We also have very similar measurements, I was debating 497cc as oppossed to 457cc, but after seeing yours, I think I'll stick with 457cc. I really don't want to be to big! Yours seem to fit you well. Happy boobies!
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Keep in mind the placement of the implant matters too. Under muscle, as I did, you lose avg 25-50 cc depending on what dr you ask. I was going for 425 but decided 450 for this reason
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Wow! That is really flattering of you to say! :) I just hope you are happy with what you end up getting! I'm glad I could "help"...That's why I posted! It is not something that I am ubber comfortable with... Hence why my face is covered all the time! Haha but I do hope you are happy with your results...I was debating 425 or 450 and did 425. I am extremely happy with it! Best of luck!
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I did under muscle placement too :) LOVE IT! I did hear you "loose"25cc but when I asked my dr, he kind of agreed but didn't fully agree... His opinion is "you get 425 when you ask for 425. So you don't loose anything." But I do see how it can be seen as loosing. I went with my surgeons opinion over my own, just because I felt like he knows better than I. I am SO happy with my results...my dr said my skin was so tight to close with the 425, he said 450 would have been an awful healing process. Your chest looks phenomenal! 22days post op and they seem to have dropped great!!! How often do you wear your strap?
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we have the same measurements...i'm also done w my kids, 30 yrs old, im almost 3 weeks out and did 450cc silicone unders with crease surgery. yours look great, mine are still riding a bit higher than yours. hope you're feeling better!
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You look really great!!!!
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You look fantastic, the size really suits you!!!!
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Oh thanks! I'm really happy :)
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They look great! Thanks for posting the pics. What size did you end up with?
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I'm going to get measured tomorrow. I haven't done it yet.... I'll let you know :)
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& thank you
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