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I'm a mommy of two darling girls and I'm...

I'm a mommy of two darling girls and I'm married to a supportive, loving husband who is also my very best friend. My youngest was born 2 and a half years ago and my breast size has been shrinking since then. As I lose weight I'm getting smaller and smaller breasts! Sadly, gaining weight comes in the thighs or I'd get on the candy bar diet and grow some breasts! LOL Right now I'm wearing a 36B bra, although I measure at a 36A.

I'm 5'7" and 138 pounds. My right breast is smaller than my left. During my first visit with my PS a few months ago we talked about 375 and 400 cc's. I started my search summer 2011 although it's been a plan to do this for the last several years. I visited with two different PS and absolutely hated the first one. She didn't listen to what I wanted and instead told me her ideal for me. I was so frustrated. You don't have to go with a doctor like that! There are so many other choices. Don't settle!!

After that I visited with the PS I've ultimately chosen, Richard Fryer. I liked him so much, my search stopped there. Things didn't work out financially like my husband and I had planned. The boob fund went to pay for other things that were more important at the time. Now, we've saved again and I'm ready! Preparing psychologically/ emotionally/ spritually has taken some work. It took a lot to calm my fears and apprehension about having a surgery for cosmetic purposes. I've thought a lot about the spiritual aspect. I'm very Christian and questioned whether I was being selfish and prideful. I share this because I'm sure there are women who may have the same concerns. I was concerned that I should be spending the money for surgery on a more "worthwhile" cause. As I've pondered these things I've come to several conclusions. 1) My body is important. The way I feel about my body is important. When I look in the mirror or when I feel my bra-less chest, I'm unhappy and very disappointed. 2) In the past I've worn gel or water filled bras. I love the way I feel when I'm wearing one of these bras. Why not get a permanent fix? I wear make-up, earrings, dress well. I dye my hair on occasion. Getting implants is the same principle. 3) My family, the one's who know me best, have been very supportive. They're happy for me and that helps me know I'm doing something that is worthwhile. Other people's opinions are not the most important thing, but having approval is a nice thing.

I'm scheduled for Feb. 16th for my second consult. I plan on scheduling my procedure at that time. I'm so excited!!! I'd especially like to hear from someone who has children about how they hid/explained their procedure. I don't want to tell my kids, but I don't want them to worry either. Things like, "What's wrong with Mommy?" when I first get home and am recovering. My kids will be able to go to Grandma's for a few days so that will help. Ideas? Thanks to RealSelf for helping me find my PS and providing all the supportive reviews I've read. I've really learned a lot and hope to share my journey with you all.

Today was my pre-op visit! I'm scheduled for...

Today was my pre-op visit! I'm scheduled for March 1st. I'm going to have 350 cc on the left, 425 cc on the right. Saline. Quite a bit of assymetry, but they'll look great! I was surprised the cc's were less than I thought it would take. I've been playing around with size and knew how many inches I wanted my bust to measure at, 40 inches. The cc's I'm getting is all it took. I'm very excited! My cost went down because I paid in full when I scheduled. Definitely ask if that's something your Dr. offers!

One week to go... I bought my cold packs...

One week to go... I bought my cold packs yesterday and put them in the freezer. I'll go Monday and fill my prescriptions. Time to deep clean the house over the next few days so I'm not going to go crazy when I can't after surgery. It seems like EVERYTHING is happening next week so I'm trying really hard to not be overwhelmed with it all and prioritize and set limits so I don't mess up the beautiful job Dr. Fryer is going to do. I have a few anxieties about the size I've picked so I'm going to call Dr. Fryer's office today to talk it out. I hope poking at my anxiety doesn't make me crazy. We'll see. I've had anxiety issues for years, so it's a pretty familiar feeling I'm having. I try not to over, over-think things, but sometimes that's exactly what happens. Deep breathing... stay focused. I can't wait for the waiting to be over. It's Christmas Eve times 100!!

The clock could not be moving any slower... ...

The clock could not be moving any slower... Yesterday I scrubbed my kitchen clean down to the tiniest little detail. Cleaning the bottles in my spice rack... come, on! It's crazy! In the evening I did the same kind of job on the bathroom. Finally I fell asleep on my kids' bedroom floor while singing them their lullabys. I totally have exhausted myself physically and emotionally. This waiting game is no fun!

I've been a lot more calm the last few days. On...

I've been a lot more calm the last few days. On Saturday I met up with a girl friend and we were chatting about my BA coming up. Long story short: to get some perspective and to help me out a ton (like the great sister-friend she is) she measured around her chest at the fullest part of the breast and then under it. She has the exact same measurements I will have after surgery and she looks fantastic! How awesome is that?! I'm so grateful I have such a strong support system through this whole experience. My husband, my family and my friends are all cheering for me.

It's 4:00 in the a.m.! What in the world am I...

It's 4:00 in the a.m.! What in the world am I doing awake this early on the day of surgery?! The 2 year old would not go back to her own bed and I couldn't sleep once I was awake. I couldn't stop thinking about all I need to get done today before I check in at 1:00 this afternoon. I met with my PS on Tuesday. After having intense fears about ending up smaller than I want, I increased my ccs. 400 left and 465 right. I would be completely devastated if I ended up smaller. I can handle bigger. Hopefully, I'll end up just right ;)

I think I'm ready. I hope I haven't forgotten anything serious in my preparations. My kids are going to be gone for the whole weekend at Grandma's and the hubby will be home with me. My friends have been amazing, offering meals and babysitting. I'm so grateful for the support.

I'm starving! I know it's all in my head. I can't have anything to eat or drink (or even chew gum!) from midnight until after surgery so of course, I want to eat! I'm going to be so thirsty after surgery. I can just feel it. I want a western bacon cheeseburger!! I know what I'll be asking for tonight!! Wish me luck! I'll post some pics soon when the girls arrive. ;)

I am feeling fantastic!! Surgery went so well. ...

I am feeling fantastic!! Surgery went so well. My PS uses a method which is extremely gentle and there's less than a teaspoonful of blood loss which makes recovery super easy. I've showered myself today and washed my own hair! I didn't think I would be able to do that so soon. I'm so happy I asked to increase the size of the implants. I have Natrelle high profile 400/465 ccs. My assymetry is almost completely corrected and I'm told it will get even better. They look fantastic right now, so looking even better in a few weeks means I will be in heaven (and my husband too...tee hee hee). I'll post some pictures in a bit. I wasn't thinking and got the bra and strap on before I remembered I wanted to take a photo so I'll get it in a bit to ya'll. I'm so, so happy!!

I haven't needed much percocet because I've been using ice all the time and they're still a little numb. It's a good thing because it makes me nauseous even with the phengren. My PS has me doing little shoulder rolls once every hour to keep the pecs loose. It feels so good, especially waking up in the morning really stiff.

I have had no anxiety. There have been a few times when I've thought to adjust the girls, thinking they feel like I have on a water bra, but I don't! They're permanent and a part of me now. Whoo hoo for boobies!!!

I'm one week and 2 days post-op. My advice,...

I'm one week and 2 days post-op.

My advice, listen to everyone on here and take it easy after surgery!! If I'm not Super Woman, you my sister, definitely are not either! Give yourself time to heal both physically and emotionally. Your body has been through major renovation!

What a week it's been! I thought the week before surgery was long, this one seemed to last twice as long. It's been really frustrating to feel good and start back to normal life things like playing with the kids and housework and then get totally exhausted because I'm pushing myself too hard. I had two nights this past week when I finally crawled into bed I was so tired that my emotions took a hit. One of those nights I was crying and saying to my husband things like, "What was I thinking?!" "How could I do this crazy thing to my body?!" "They're too big!" I'm so grateful he is extremely patient and super supportive. He talked me into calming down and going to sleep. I felt so much better when I woke up the next morning.

I'm really happy that my PS has had me doing shoulder rolls once every hour to keep my pectorals loose. It's not comfortable, but it feels so good afterward. Being stiff is difficult for me. I hate not being able to move. Doing those shoulder rolls has been so good to fight being stiff.

Sleep is difficult. The first two nights I was so drugged I slept in my recliner with my ice packs on and don't think I moved the whole night. I was very well rested. The 3rd night I tried being in the recliner, but was uncomfortable and didn't sleep well at all. I switched to being in my bed propped up on pillows. That was good for a few nights. Last night was rough. I really wanted to be on my side, but it hurt a little too much. The weight in whichever breast was furthest from the bed pulled on the muscles in my chest and made it tough to breathe too. It also doesn't help that I have to wear the strap at night for this week. Once I'm done with the strap next week I know it will be better.

I've started my massages. Both implants are positioned really well. The left side has the smaller implant so it's dropped really well and I love the way it looks. The right has a larger implant by 65 ccs and not much tissue so it's harder and hasn't dropped as well yet. I can see a difference as each day passes and my muscles relax and soften up. I've had a lot of water gain and swelling so as that goes away things are looking fantastic!

Bruising. I've had a lot more than I expected. When I showed my mom she about died. I know it's because I haven't taken things as slowly as I should have because I'm feeling pretty good. I have a super high pain tolerance and that is sometimes not a good thing because I don't remember to take it down a notch to heal. I push my body pretty hard.

I wish I could double "thumbs-up" Worth It. The size is perfect. I'm so well proportioned now. I measure at a C size bra now which was the goal. I could probably get away with a D if I wanted. I can't wait until it's time to try on new bras and have a bra burning party for all my old water and gel filled bras and of course the teeny tiny ones that don't have a chance of fitting now!! I could not be happier with my breast augmentation. (My husband is also pretty happy too, and it's fun to see his reaction when he catches a glimpse of the new girls. lol)

If you're a woman considering BA start a blog or a journal and write why you want this. You will need it when the recovery is not so fun. I'm so glad I've been involved in conversation on this site. When I was having my less graceful moments, freaking out about size and pain and all the craziness, it was nice to remember the words of other women on here and re-read the things I wrote before so I would be brave. It has made this whole process much easier than I think it would have been otherwise.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fryer is such an amazing PS. I was a little nervous about the size of implant I wanted. At the very last moment I called and was so concerned that I had not decided to go bigger. He was so understanding, as was his assistant, Brooke. I did have a bigger implant put in than first decided on and I'm so glad I did. I could not be any happier than I am right now. The size is perfect, the assymetry is much better. My nipples are really even. (posted day after surgery)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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You look amazing!!!
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Great results! Do you have any updated pics or updates about your Journey now that more time has past?
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Looking great and wow what a great price! wow =)
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Looking great!

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Did he use general or local anestesia?
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General anesthesia, although not with full intubation, which I thought was interesting so I didn't have the sore throat that some women have experienced.
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Do you think that was the rapid recovery technique he used? I think the Dr. I am going with uses that technique too. Are you up and about or still needing a lot of help?
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They look really good! Congratulations!
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Lookin' good, Dr. Fryers' the best. I still think I should have done it 10 years ago;) Hope your recovery goes as well..
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You look great!!! Yay hooray!!! It's so nice to have it done with right?!?! Glad you're recovering well, you seem to be in high spirits, it only gets better. I'm 3 weeks today and no regrets, will be in a swimsuit tomorrow. Yay!
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I feel like my right side is "squeaking" like the implant is sliding around and it's driving me crazy!! Any thoughts? Have you had any similar feelings?
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Yup, my right side squeaked for about 2 weeks - so weird!!! My husband couldn't hear it though, it was just an odd sensation for me. It does go away. I remember my friend had it in the beginning too.
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Oh my goodness! I am SO relieved. I had my hubby feel them while I made it squeak and he couldn't feel it either. Must be just a sensation. I can't wait for it to go away. It started today! Thanks for easing my mind. :)
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Good luck!!!!
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Big day tomorrow, I'm excited for you. Hope everythiing goes just the way you want it. Good Luck:)
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I love your story! Sounds like all the same anxieties I went through! NO ONE noticed when I got my BA and I have 4 sons. I wore water bras after breast feeding FOREVER! Then when I decided to do it for keeps I stuffed my top half for a month before hand so no one would notice the difference. Plus I was just filling up my mommy sacs... hehe. I went through the same struggles with the necessity of surgery as well, didn't want to mess with what God blessed me with and my kiddos took away, I earned those empty sacs of flesh with feeding my babies. I prayed about it alot and because I didn't do it to impress anyone, my husband loves me just as I was, but I wanted to feel sexy in bed with my husband again! Good luck hun!!!
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Thanks so much for your support! I'm so excited for the big day!
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Congrats on setting the date! One of the other ladies on here, musicalsoul82, is scheduled that same day I think.

I can't wait to follow your journey!

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Its me again I just reread your post and I saw you had questions about the kids. My 4 boys, 18,15,10,and 7 haven't noticed or are too embarrassed to say anything. When my daughter came home from college she didn't seem to notice either. It is also winter and I"m wearing loose layered clothing. I also went to a Halloween Party the day after surgery so they didn't see any down time. I really don't care if they know but I can't think why my boys need or would want to know. As for my daughter, if it seems appropriate we'll talk.
It might also be that my bras before surgery made me look like there was something there. Now there really is. FYI mine are silicone and they look and feel as soft and natural as I had hoped:)
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Hi! I just had my BA yesterday morning and my kids no nothing. My husband took them to there basketball practiced and games and by the time they got home they just though I had a headache and was laying dow. This morning I was up helping pack their lunches and getting them all on the bus. I'm feeling pretty good, so I wanted to keep things as normal as possible for them. I too am a Christian and really spent a lot of time praying over this. But I agree that we color our hair and wear makeup so this is just something else to make me feel better about myself. There were times I'd be freaking out and praying and then God filled me with such peace. I will be praying for you. Waiting for the big day, was way worse than the morning of.
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Our stories are almost identical. I'm 5'8", 130Ibs, my right side smaller than left. I hated the asymmetry more than the small size. I have 2 daughters 7 & 4. I didn't want them to be aware of what I was doing, which is why I did it before they are pre-teen.

I didn't make a big deal of what I was doing, and kept conversions about it very minimal around them. Instead I had them super excited about the weekend sleepovers while mommy had something on her tummy fixed. I didn't say anymore than that, and I couldn't think of anything else to say, but they didn't question it, and neither did I have any odd questions or looks from their teachers. I only told close friends or family who were helping me with them. I am very relieved I didn't talk much about it. For me it was a huge thing but I didn't want my kids feeling any anxiety. When they ask me about it later on, I will tell them that when they're 35 and nursed 2 babies, then they can decide to do what I did!

I have a somewhat narrow frame, I went with 325cc on the left and 350cc on the right, under the muscle, Mentor silicone moderate plus. My skin type would probably show the rippling of saline that some of my friends have experienced. My asymmetry was very noticeable to me, this seems to have made them almost perfectly even.

It's been a week, I had it on Friday, my awesome husband took care of me all weekend while our kiddos were having their sleepovers, I went back to work on Wed. No one can tell, which is exactly what I wanted. So far I'm very happy. I have been a bit careful about body squeezing hugs, but that'll only be for about 2 weeks

Looking at your picture, you're going with the right size, you will have great results and feel so relieved once it's over!

Hope that helps a bit!
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Oh here's another thing, I didn't know what the cc difference would be needed to even out the asymmetry, so I put that part in my PS's hands. He used the saline sizer before inserting the implants, as we had discussed going anywhere between 325-375. He said during surgery he thought the 375 was too much of a stretch and between the nurses and his opinion, a 25cc was enough of a difference without making one nipple much higher than the other. I guess over-correction of one breast over another can even the sizes but make the nipples different heights because the volume of one is pumped up more.
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My kids are also both girls, 5 and 2. I've got a weekend at Grandma's planned so they will love that! My 5 year old is so curious so I'm planning responses to all her little questions.

My assymetry is definitely my biggest concern. I'm with you on trusting my PS. When we talked I told him I wanted as close as possible to fix the assymetry, but in the end if one has to be smaller I want it to still be the right one. I think it would be weird to change which side is smaller after having it that way for 30 years. :) He plans to overfill to help compensate as well. With the sizers on it was so close to perfect! The next two weeks are going to take so long! Today felt like a week!
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Oh I know, time drags, you just want it to be done with! I noticed today (it's been exactly a week) once most of the swelling has gone that I still have a difference in the two, but the volume feels about the same. I am a but of a perfectionist though and my PS said they will never be 100% exact but he wanted the nipple height to be close. I am happy with his work though, he knew I was picky, I jut had to go in with realistic expectations.

When I say saline sizer, I don't mean the bra inserts, I mean the actual saline sizer he puts into the breast pocket once he's made the incision, then once he has the correct size, he puts in the silicone. Don't know if they need to do this if you're going with saline anyway though.

The time will fly and before you know it you'll be heading into surgery. You'll see under another one of my posts hat I recommended to prepare for beforehand. Also, neither my girls have even noticed my boobs and we're a pretty comfortable naked family. I had a small amount of
Lipo on hips and they said something about the bruising but otherwise they're oblivious.
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Sorry for spelling errors, from my phone
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