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Hello everyone! :) I am 23 years old and have been...

Hello everyone! :) I am 23 years old and have been waiting for my boobs to come in since I was 12. Waiting...and waiting...and waiting! I am 5'6 weighing in at 124lbs. I'd say I have a petite athletic frame. I am currently a 34 A and I hate the shape of my breasts. I am hoping that this breast augmentation rounds them out a bit more as I feel like they are more narrow. I have a 12.3 BWD.

I had my first consult a few weeks ago and another one with the same PS today. I scheduled my surgery for 04/23! So very excited and nervous at the same time. I am really caught up on sizes.

I am debating between the 425 / 450 HP Silicone unders. I tried on mainly the 450's today and I am scared they will be too big or look ungodly unnatural on me(pics posted). The ladies at the office said that it looked proportionate to my frame ( I have a butt and some hips). I was wanting to go for a full C to mid D. Im scared I am going to get huge DDs. I like the in between fake/natural look(Jennifer Stanos is my boob idol). I don't want porn star boobs, but I would like some round perky ones! Please help! Advice is much appreciated. I have over a month to decide!!


Hi, my surgery is scheduled for the same day as yours. I also am going for the same size as you are. im 5' 11'' weighing in at 170 lbs. I wear a 34 A now and he recommended 500 - 550 saline under the muscle for me.
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I feel like I have boobs on the brain!! I am still...

I feel like I have boobs on the brain!! I am still torn about sizing. CC's look SO different on every girl. I just hope that the sizing is right for me. It fills up my BWD, which is what I am going for. I just do not want to look top heavy or porn starish. And most of all, I do not want them to make me look bigger than I am. I would like to keep my thin frame. Hence why I am sticking with the High Profiles. Any advice ladies?


Just checking in as your surgery date is almost here!  Are you ready and did you finalize your size, etc?

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I hope that you ultimately get the appearance that you want. I have to disagree with your BWD -- whoever measured you at that width is not considering very important anatomical details. I have patients that are having breast reduction surgery that are 5'10'' and 190 lbs that don't have a chest that wide. It never hurts to get a second opinion -- If you use an implant that is too wide for your body several things are much more likely to occur: 1. Your breasts will begin to look very wide. 2. because the lateral aspect of your chest has less tissue strength the implant will begin to slip sideways, so that when you lie down your breasts will fall out to the side. 3. because the width of the implant doesn't match your own natural width it is more likely to bottom out. I don't mean to make you second guess things at all -- I just really don't want you to make a decision based on incorrect information and then have a complication. I have to fix a lot of bad breast augmentations and at least 50% of the complications arise from incorrect sizing or measuring. You can contact my office if you have questions @ doctorfryer.com
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Dr. _ am now contemplating the same issue, I am confused regarding your warning since she has decided on high profile and not moderate plus...

Alright ladies I am officially a week out!! I had...

Alright ladies I am officially a week out!! I had my finalization appointment yesterday. Also dropped my full payment off. It felt amazing paying for this. An investment for myself! Now on to the good part....I picked my size! I finally settled with 425 HP Silk unders. I was previously looking at 450, but my biggest fear was going too big. The way I look at it, I can always go bigger later on if I want :)

Any advice for the days leading up to surgery? Anything I should buy to help my recovery? My mom is coming up in Sunday to stay for a week( being military I don't see her very often do that's good news!!) I turn my prescriptions in tomorrow. He prescribed me Loritabs. I have never taken pain meds so I'm a bit nervous on that front.

I know we are supposed to wait 6 weeks to start exercising, but would it be OK to do like air squats, calf raises, things that won't really effect my upper body too much about a week or two after. Thank goodness I start school the first week of May, will keep me a tad busy after work without pouting over working out.


Good luck you will look great!!! It's not a bad surgery at all.. Recovery a bit slow but your body needs to heal... good luck.
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Yay! My surgery date is one day before yours! It's so exciting! We have similar stats. I'm going abit smaller though. I'm going about 350cc I think. Can't wait to see your progress :)
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Hey everyone! Well Let's start with surgery...

Hey everyone! Well Let's start with surgery day!

Surgery morning (Tuesday, 23 April) - My main complaint was that I hadn't ate since 10pm the previous night and my surgery wasn't until 2pm! My mom went with me to the center. Got everything filled out. The doc came in and marked me and promptly went in. They gave me some comfy warm blankets and knocked me out! Apparently when I was woke up from the anesthesia a few hours later, I started bawling my eyes out for no reason. I wasn't really in any pain. I was also very nauseous on the ride home from the meds. I laid down in bed for the majority of the day and slept/read.

1st Post Op (Wed, 24 Apr) - Was extremely sore and groggy. I would only get sharp pains in my incision every now and then, but it would go away. I HATED the way my breasts looked. Little torpedos stuck way high on my chest. I wanted to cry seeing them. Other than that the pain was not too bad.

2nd Day Post OP (Thurs) - Took a shower and flat ironed my hair, did my makeup (The boyfriend was coming into town). Seeing as my body was not used to all of this mixed with the pain meds, I got very dizzy and sick to my stomach. I could not keep anything down for the day. I had my first post op visit, the doc showed me how to massage and also said that if I wanted, I could go off my pain meds. I just stuck to mixing between Tylenol and my Ibprofin. The main complaint was just my back was sore from the weight. Still HATE the way they look.

5th day Post Op - Things seem to be back to normal for the most part. Did laundry/cleaned/ and actually drove today. Just a bit of soreness. Also had my first BM today! Thank goodness, I am so tired of this bloat! I am still not happy with how they look, still coney...but I know they just have to drop and round out. I guess it is normal to hate them at first =\ I just see all these girls with breasts that look FANTASTIC right after and I look like I have footballs attached to me. Would also like them to come closer together. I feel like since I had quite a bit of tissue before, they just haven't fallen into the lower tissue. Also, I was massaging them earlier and the righty made a bubbling noise, it scared the crap out of me! After some handy googling, I read that it was normal. Just have to be patient and hang in there!


I'm one day from 4 weeks po. Mines are still like a cone from the side but cute from the front. I've heard a lot of ladies say it take between 4 to 6 weeks to drop and fluff. When u start massaging hopefully that helps bring them closer.
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I know what you mean! They don't look great for the first little while but I guarantee you think they look worst than they actually do haha! My fiancé seems to love then already so it's just us. I hope everything is going well!!!
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Evening ladies! I am now officially one week...

Evening ladies!

I am now officially one week post op!! Feeling much better about the girls today. Although they are still coney from the side, things are starting to look better. Righty is dropping a tad more than my left.

Funny story --- I work in a male dominant career field and also a very immature office place. I hadn't told many people what I was going to do. I wasn't trying to keep it a secret, but I wasn't advertising what I was getting either. Somehow the week that I was out, it got around what I was up to. Everyone knew when I got back. It bothered me all of 5 seconds until I was like you know what, screw it. YES I GOT BOOBS. I paid for them in full, it's something I did for ME and something I wanted for a long time. Nothing was really said too much and the girls who did, were actually very curious because they wanted one. I am very proud of my decision and would not change a thing :)

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