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Hi there! I am 5'5, approximately 120lbs,...

Hi there! I am 5'5, approximately 120lbs, pear-shape size 2-4, wearing a 32A bra at the moment. I am hoping to get breast augmentation surgery in September-Octoberish. I just recently quit breastfeeding my one-year old about two months ago and have been advised to wait 4-6 months before getting a consultation.

After surgery, I hope to be a 32D which is what I was during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I want to make sure that my doctor recommends and approves of the size of implant I choose due to my narrow and small ribcage and lack of upper body tissue. I worry that too big of implant will make me look heavy or will look strange on top my ribcage.

I am also aware that I may need a breast lift along with implants in order to get the optimal results that I seek.


I did not get a breast lift . 550cc HP under muscle .and my results look great .if your breast r similar to mine u won't need it
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After looking at your pictures, I am really considering going "big". ha ha. I am a little concerned that I am going to get made fun of, but I think that if I am in the 500-550cc range then I won't need a life. Hopefully anyway. Soon i will post before photos and you can tell me if you think our breast are similar. I would be beyond thrilled to have your results!
TYPO alert, I did not mean life, I meant LIFT. That just does not sound right.

Workout Gear Pictures & Mini Freak Out

Starting to really worry about how my boobs are going to turn out. I have so many fears. I just want them to look fabulous and not like a freak show. I'm hoping to have my concerns remedied during my consultation, but that isn't until August!

These pictures show how flat as a board I look in my workout attire. It is depressing and I feel no where near sexy.


Wow but you are so fit! Once you get those bad boys up top you will feel super sexy!! I've gotta get back to working out, but my gym doesn't have a kid area and now I have the kids for the summer.
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i dont think you'll need a lift, but im also not a ps lol i hope you've norraw things down before your consultation in august! its only a few weeks away!
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I am going to post new pics tomorrow cause they have changed again .I still am liking the results.

Topless Selfies

Here are the topless photos I promised. The left breast (the one on the opposite side of the mole on my stomach) is slightly smaller and perkier than the right one. I'm not sure how noticeable it is. Also, the harder they are then the perkier and higher they are. In these pics they are slightly hard. I am only a couple months without breastfeeding so I am aware that there could be some changes still to come. I will post updated photos before my consult. I know only a ps could really tell me, but I'm curious about your opinions on me needing a breast lift.


You should get at least 500 cc to fill them in especially if u wanna be a d
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I think u will have a great result because u do have a good amt of breast tissue and if your worries about size and symmetry I can do a larger implant in the smaller breasts it may make it better or worse because you smaller breast is also higher and implants do five you a bit of a lift so it'll make it even higher. Some doctors will however make some adjustments to your anatomy to correct things like this. U can also use saline since u can adjust them during surgery.
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Unless u want really perky boobs, you shouldn't need a lift. And they will prob recommend high profile because you are narrow, but u maybe can get away with mod+. Depends on what look your going for and how the implant will fit u
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More Nudies

Just some more Nudies for the cause and a swimsuit shot. Depending on what my ps says, I am thinking anywhere between 450 to 550 cc silicone high profile under the muscle. This is definitely subject to change given my plastic surgeon's recommendations. I will also most likely have to have a larger implant put into my left breast.


I have really similar breast shape to you, but I'm a little taller and weight is slightly less! I'm also in two minds as to if I need a lift.. Will defiantly be interested to see which way u go although my surgery is already booked for July 24th!
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You should post pics and start a review of your ps so I can keep up with your transformation!
Your surgeon should approve of the size you want to do because your body has handled it before. From the looks of it you most likely will not need a lift, just the implants if you're planning to go that big. It will just fill that deflated skin from your pregnancies, which is awesome! Less cost, less recovery time and less than half of the scars! Silicone will give you a more natural look (less fullness on the top) due to the way the gel sits when it is implanted. High Profile would work perfect for you with your small frame. You don't want a Moderate Profile that would cause your arms to be pushed out to the side like some burly man. Your breasts shouldn't make you look fat because you are already so small. I would beware of baggy shirts and loose pants. Those tend to make you look larger with your implants, so if you plan to wear baggy shirts where tight pants so they show how small you actually are. If you would like to go in sooner for a consultation start taking Vitamin B-6 to help dry up your breast milk. Your surgeon should be able to see you then work with you on your sizes if your breasts change with your anticipated surgery date so far out. Which is awesome! I would honestly go to Dr. J. Dayne Petersen in Murray. He is amazing! Him and his staff are the sweetest people I have ever met and they are more than willing to work with you and ensure that you are comfortable with the surgery and what size you are doing. They also have their OR in office, so it makes it a lot cheaper than going to a Surgical Center, trust me, I've checked. I hope this helps! If you have any other questions please let me know! I've been through this myself and I previously worked at a Plastic Surgery office as the OR Manager/MA, so I know the ins and outs of Plastic Surgery.
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Wish Pictures

Here are some pictures of results that I will be pleased with.


its so good to find someone with the same boobs before surgery as me my right is bigger than my left and have been told i need a BL but im not going to get one, my surgery is in 5weeks. When is yours??
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Also similar breasts here but mine are a little more deflated I think ! I too have been advised to have a lift and implants. I don't want to either but I think I'll follow there advise... My surgery is July 25th!
Not until September. I have to wait for all of my milk to dry up before my consult. I am probably going to have implants first and then see if I need a lift since I am considered borderline. What about you?

Asymmetry Getting Worse

So, as my breasts shrink more and more the longer after breastfeeding I get, my asymmetry is worsening. Seriously, my left breast is small, but is also tighter and perkier. My poor right breast struggles. She is slightly larger, but way saggier. It's embarrassing. I've been concerned about what people are going to think about me getting a "boob job", but I think I will just tell them, "Well, my right breast was and A cup and my left AA cup. Prior to my first pregnancy I was a B cup and symmetrical!" If that doesn't shut them up then the hell with them! [ha ha] I don't think anyone could disagree with someone wanting even breasts and restoration really. Forget getting attention and all that other stuff, I just want the boobs for my own pleasure and happiness. I will post updated pictures in September or late August, so the increased unevenness can be documented.


Your right who cares what anyone else thinks. If it's what you want and will make you happy .. Then that's all that matter !!
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That bra does provide some nice comfortable cleave though
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I think 550hp will look great on you but I'm no ps lol lets hope your ps agree with us! My left breast was slightly bigger pre op and I asked for thwm to fill that one more but they said it was the smallest difference. That girls have more asymmetry and to not worry about it. I can't see a difference in yours at all! But I know from your point of view up top you can tell more, like I did. Now that my boobs are bigger I can definitely tell the difference. Only a few months away I'm excited for you
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More Wish Pics

Decided to post more wish pics of "real" breasts as opposed to photoshopped ones. These are the ones I will be showing my doctor.


Glad you're waiting for your breasts to return to their non breastfeeding state. Do you have a consult appointment this month? If so, here is an important list of questions to ask your doctor during your consult. I know most women on this site would agree with you, that you're doing this for yourself and no one else! Please keep us posted!
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I think your body is beautiful the way that it is. Personally I like your form much better than those in your "wish" photos :0)
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Great idea to show your doc pics of your wish boobs. That way there is no confusion. Words like "natural" "fake looking" or "good size" can mean very different things to different people :) good luck with everything!
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Today I made my consultation appointment. After MUCH research I narrowed it down to three doctors.

The first one I called charges $95 for a consult. Um, no thank you!

The second one (Dr. Warnock) I made an appointment with.

Then the third one whom I already favored above the rest (Dr. Fryer), was the same number as Dr. Warnock. Yes, they share the same practice and no they do not compete with each other, so I had to choose to have a consult with only one! I chose Dr. Fryer just cause I had already favored him based on my research, but Dr. Warnock was such a close second. I am really bummed.

Now, I have only one consult and I'm not sure if I should make appointments with other doctors just to have more than one opinion. I just don't obo what to do.

Anyway, September 24th at 11:30 AM! Woo-hoo!


Keep us posted! Ive heard Dr. Fryer is amazing but id love to see whom else you have consults with!
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I agree with little one, definitely recommend at least one other opinion. But if you really wanted to see his competitor in same practice, couldn't you? I am sure it happened before.
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After having many months to research and analyze breast after breast, I have decided that maybe I might go with smaller implants than I originally thought. My current weight is 115lbs and I am so active that I worry they will sort of get in the way. My cousins have frames similar to mine and they naturally have large breasts and they were telling me all the "difficulties" they encounter. I want to eventually run a marathon and I am very active in general. I would hate to boobs too big that I couldn't easier tuck them away.

That being said, I do want to fill up my breasts enough to bring them back to their state while I was pregnant. This puts me at a 32D. I am so excited to speak with my doctor about my recommended size range!

I am posting some more wish photos. My wish photos are more about the look than the exact size.

I am also posting another before of me in a tank top. I am hoping to fill it out a little bit better after my surgery. Ha


Hopeful- I hear you! I am also.a marathon runner and live in UT. I think beibg active is what scares me from getting implants in the first place- but then I loved the size of my boobs during pregnancy/breastfeeding. So im torn! But like I said, keep us posted on your consultations! I'm in the same boat!
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Consults Next Week

The time is almost here. I cannot wait to have my two consults next week. I'm still paranoid about the need of a lift. As each day passes I become more and more in hate with my current breasts. Can't wait to find out the recommended size range and answers to all of my questions!

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Pics of my before state now that they have settled from breastfeeding.

I give my current boobs a two. I just think they are so ugly. How bad do you all think they are?

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Freaking out! Need support.

Had my first consult today. I like my doctor, but I am unsure about sizing. My bed is 10 and the largest I can go in high profile is 325cc but I feel like that is too small. I can go bigger in extra high profile, but does extra high profile look weird? I can't seem to find pics.

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That is suppose to say "bwd is 10".


Hey girls, this is my new profile. I had my surgery so follow me on hopeful_birdie. I was having issues with the old profile.
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Hey girl, have you picked a size yet? I know that you're wanting a 32D and that is the size that I wanted as well. I would recommend going with 360-400 UHP at least or doing a teardrop shape for more projection. I was a flat A cup and mine only look like a small C. You will probably want to go with the biggest implant since your BWD is so small. I just don't want you to make the same mistake that I did.
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Hey, this is my new profile just FYI. I messed up the old one somehow with the doctor review. Thanks for the support. I will keep you updated on my new review.
Dr. Richard Fryer

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