First Breast Augmentation June 29 - Salt Lake City, UT

I am going in for my first augmentation at the end...

I am going in for my first augmentation at the end of June! I have decided to go with Dr. Bennett located in Murray, UT. I had 5 consultations and chose him because he seemed to have the most confidence in his skills without being gimicky. He also has 40 years experience in plastic surgery! I was worried about needing a lift as well because the doctors on here told me from my pictures it looked like I needed a lift. 4 out of the 5 doctors I saw in person said no lift, so I am going with augmentation only and will do a lift as a second procedure if I decide I want one. I'm going with 400cc saline unders and I'm currently a B cup hoping to be a D cup. I'm getting very excited but very nervous a about surgery and post-op pain! What is the worst part?

Good luck on your new boobies !
How funny that we're having our surgery on the same day! I'm not sure of the time yet, they said they would give me a time at my pre op. I am getting so exited I don't know how I'm going to make it thru the next few weeks!
Hi misslakey0326! I will be getting my BA on the same day! I have to be there at 7:00 AM! How about you? I'm so nervous but so excited! I do not think sleeping the night before is going to happen! You can check out my profile/story. Good luck and I wish you the best of health and a wonderful recovery!:)

Ok...I'm starting to freak out!!! My surgery is...

Ok...I'm starting to freak out!!! My surgery is exactly 3 weeks away and I am sooooo excited but nervous at the same time. I am starting to rethink my 400cc decision! I am currently a deflated 34-36B and I am hoping to be a D. I am much more worried about being too big rather than being too small, and suddenly I have this fear that I am going to come out of surgery with HUGE boobies! I don't want to have to buy XL shirts just to fit over my chest! I am going to try sizes on again at my pre op, but that isn't for over 2 weeks!
I only work on the weekend I'm a waitress .I took off one weekend so I had 10 days off . It was really hard when I went in for my first day back . Some stuff I still can't do at work my husband helps me with the clean up thank goodness has not had any over time at work . I hope when I see my dr In a little over 2 wks . I will be 6 wks .Today was really good I had no pain . I'm feeling really good I was 4 wks yesterday .
I still wear a M in shirts you won't have to get XL
Oh good! That makes me feel better... So how are you feeling from the surgery? How much time did you take off?

Tomorrow is the big day!!! I am so nervous but...

Tomorrow is the big day!!! I am so nervous but sooooooooooo excited!! I have been so nervous about 400cc being too big so I tried sizes one more time at my pre op on Tuesday. I decided to stick with the 400, the other sizes were just not quite what I want. I just know I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight because I'm so excited...
Wish me luck, ladies!
I hope your doing well! I've been pretty good all day. I got home around 11 AM. Not bad since my PS is over an hour away and my surgery was at 7:30 AM. Tonight I went 20 minutes past the 4 hour mark to take the pain meds and I'm feeling it. I have some bruising between my breast towards the bottom and lots of swelling. If I press on my chest you can hear it squish. I can also hear it gurgle or squish in my boob if I reach or do something that engages my peck muscles. Yuck! I hope that goes away soon. I'm also drinking a ton of water, I am SOOO thirsty. I'm peeing alot too. Luckily I have no trouble going to the bathroom by myself. I pray you are doing great and are not in pain. Keep up with your meds! Take Care and please keep me posted when you feel up to it.
I wish you the best of health and a super fast and easy recovery! I'll be thinking of you! Keep me posted on how you do. At least we have a day to day comparison with each other. It's great to have a BA Buddy! I hope you get some sleep tonight, I'm not sure I will. Prayers are heading your way!
Good luck tomorrow !!!

Here I am with a new set of boobies!!!! I was...

Here I am with a new set of boobies!!!! I was TOTALLY out of it yesterday and was in and out of consciousness. The pain isn't too bad today, mostly just sore and I can even lift my arms! I can't even express how pleased I am with my results. Dr. Bennett and all his nurses were so sweet and caring. If you look the question I asked the doctors on here about a lift or du glandular placement, you can see a before picture of me. I was pretty close to borderline needing a lift but I really didn't want any lift scars and all the doctors I saw for consultations said I may he happy with augmentation only. Right they were!!! I expectedto get results that were improved from my original breasts but not perfect. My new breasts are EXACTLY what I wanted! I never though I had a chance of them turning out this well. I am so happy and excited about them. I think they will only look better and better as the implants drop. I will pos pictures when I can - this site doesn't let me do mobile picture downloads and I don't have a computer, so next time I'm at one I'll post. Or send me your email if you like and I'll email you a picture. Thanks for all of the support! I couldn't be happier! Oh and to top it off, augmentations were on special so I got them for $3400 instead of $3700 plus -$100 for paying cash. $3300? That is a steal!
Thanks! You are such a sweetie for checking up on me :)
Sounds like your doing good . I'm happy your happy with your new boobies . Get a lot of rest .

I am on day 3 of my post augmentation recovery....

I am on day 3 of my post augmentation recovery. Today is my worst day so far :(. I can't go to the bathroom and I feel like a dope because I'm so messed up on the percoset. My chest feels so tight! I hope tomorrow is better!
How have your results been so far?
Yep I think it still is! The number to Dr. Bennett's office is 801.266.4212. Get in there soon before the special is off! Btw there is a 100$ cash discount.
Hello there... hey so you look awesome! I really want to get my surgery done and live in idaho, but I wouldn't mind to go to salt lake to have my surgery done! specially with that price,,, do you know if the special is still available?
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bennett so far has been polite, knowledgeable, down to earth, and honest. His staff is the same--- polite but at the same time down to business which I REALLY appreciate. Two days after my consultation I received a nice card in the mail thanking me for taking the time to visit his office. I thought that was a nice touch. His before and after portfolio is amazing. I'm interested in a natural look rather than an augmented look, and that is just how his work turns out.

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