Fat Transfer - 4 days Post-Op

Hi everyone! I'm Jenn from Salt Lake and I'm here...

Hi everyone! I'm Jenn from Salt Lake and I'm here to get some advice and encouragement (I hope!!!). I'm have a bigger frame and although my boobs are okay sized, I think they are too small on my frame, and they are a little saggy, and they look like they are pointing off to the sides too much.... but I don't know. I guess I don't feel very pretty, and I think my boobs look sad... :-(

I'm really self-conscious and shy and it's a HUGE step for me to take this picture and post it here, but I want to see what you all think. It means A LOT to me and I will listen to whatever you have to tell me!

The 'girls' are a full B or a light C right now, and I think I could easily go to a D without them looking too big. I'm really a fanatic about not wanting people to know that I've had a boob job, so seeing ridges or whatever would be catastrophically embarrassing for me! It's important to me to not have real visible scars either, so whatever you girls can recommend for me would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help you can give me!!


Okay, a few months have passed, and I'm still on...

Okay, a few months have passed, and I'm still on the fence. Girls, be honest! Please take a look at my boobs and tell me what you think! Should I go a little larger, maybe up to a full C or D cup? I'm convinced that my boobs are too small for my frame and body type, but how much of a difference do you think it will make for me? I feel unsure. I think deep down I really want to go ahead and have the surgery, but I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to medical stuff!

Hi ladies! It's been a while since I posted and I...

Hi ladies! It's been a while since I posted and I feel bad, but I didn't have much to update. I finally decided to have a fat transfer procedure with Dr. Ralph Wade. He and his staff are so nice, patient, and understanding! I just feel so much better about this than all of the other options I've considered. I've posted a bunch of new photos so you can see a better set of "before" pictures. I'll post some recovery ones and updates in the weeks ahead!

So Friday's the big day! I met with my dr. again...

So Friday's the big day! I met with my dr. again and we reviewed what my goals are... remember that we're doing a fat transfer... I want to have more projection and fullness under the areolas, and I want the girls to be a little perkier at the nipple. I have a lot of confidence that this will go well for me, I think Dr. Wade does a really good job... I just hope that my final result gets me to where I will be happy.... I don't want to go in and do implants after this, and I'm not even going to think that way until after I see how this turns out. Not too nervous yet, but a little excited and hopeful!

I had my fat transfer procedure last Friday and...

I had my fat transfer procedure last Friday and I'm feeling pretty well. Boobs are a little tender still, and my bruising is really settling in, so things don't look very pretty right now. Doc took fat from my tummy, flanks, and inner thighs. The legs hurt the worst so far. I get stiff when I sit for a while and then get up and walk. Saturday, the day after the procedure was the worst. Really sore and draining from lots of sites where the doc took the fat out. Pain meds helped a lot though, and it was nothing I couldn't handle. Just back to over-the-counter stuff now and it's helping plenty.

I love the size and shape of my breasts now. I hope that they will continue to look good and not shrink too much as I re-start my diet and exercise. I have a follow-up with the doctor tomorrow and we'll see how things progress.
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I'm just a smidge shy of 5'10" and weigh 143 (after Thanksgiving) ;( -- I was tee-tiny-tiny before and got 425cc silicone unders which has me at a full C, maybe a small D when it's all said and done. It's only been 4 weeks so I can't say for sure. I think it's really too early to measure. Go with what you want and what you'll be comfortable with. I always wore padded bras and don't think anyone has noticed (except the hubby of course). They're looking better every day. I would say go try on c vs d bras and kinda see where that gets you. Good luck!
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well, how tall are you??  How much do you weigh? That helps determine what size you should go with
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I'm 5'9" and 220 lbs.
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Hi Jenn! Well I started out same size as you, and got 397cc under the muscle and now I am a full D. You are a bit taller though (I'm 5'5") so maybe can get away with a little more cc's to get the same. Did you do the rice sizers at home and try sizers at the docs office to see how they look on you? Oh, and I also got moderate plus profile. And noone has a clue I had a boob job! You can see my pics on my profile..and notice there are two parts. As a side note, I feel like I have more of a waist now that I have boobs and that my belly doesnt stick farther out than them. Lol. So thats an upside! Another thing I would like for you to think about is shirt size. Depending on how loose your tops are now will determine if you will need to move to the next size up. I was lucky and could still wear most of my old clothes.
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Hi jenn!! I agree with scrappy! I'm 16 days post op was a small b and now am a small d (I think, haven't been measured) no one notices mine either but I do feel better and it has encouraged me to go do some running (when I am cleared to) and tone up the rest of me. It is a very personal decision but one I am glad I made. I thought my girls "laid" to the side a little pre-op also. I will find and post my preop pic so you can see it for comparison. I also did 397ccmoderate plus under the muscle. :)
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I totally never even thought of shirt sizes before I had my BA!!! I didnt come across anyone blogging about it. But luckily I would say 90% of my shirts and sweaters fit me still. I am relieved, because though I will be happy going bra shopping, I dont have the money for a new shirt wardrobe! So make sure you do the rice test with some shirts on to see. Dont feel bad about feeling like a wimp. I'm there with you girl! And many ladies are like scared to death even up to the time they get knocked out for the surgery (ME!!!) Recovery wasnt as bad as I expected (except for my allergic reaction...AGH that sucked!). I am 3 and 1/2 weeks post op and totally back to myself! Just no running and lifting heavy stuff. I feel great. Our bodies are amazing how fast they can recover. Wishing you best of luck!!
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I also didn't have to buy new shirts as I never filled out e ones I had. :)
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Thanks Scrappy! I didn't realize that I've never posted the vital stats... I'm 45, 5'9" and 210. :-( I have a long way to go with my weight but I carry it pretty evenly around my body... Not hippy and carry too much of it in my upper body for my tastes.... BTW, I'm an engineer! Glad to see another girl in a field dominated by men!! Go girls!
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Yay! An engineer! I've been applying to both enviro. consulting firms and engineering firms. So we will see where i land. Hopefully I will end up with a great company. =)

Wow you are tall!! If I was your height with my same proportionality, i would prob. weigh the same as you. I carry it pretty evenly too. Thank God, eh? lol

Well I def. wouldnt let your weight stop you. But I would keep in mind that if you lose weight after the BA there could be some sag after the skin has adjusted to that size. Wouldn't that be horrible? It might not happen, but it is something we should take into account. I am only a little younger than you. 38. or am I 39 now? haha. I think I have forgotten. I dont pay attention to it much anymore.

I was 190 then I worked hard to lose as much weight as I could before I got the BA.
What incentive that was!
I have kept most of it off, and now need to work on the rest.
I am at 178 now- but had gotten as low as 174.
I do feel like I am more proportionate and look like I have a waist now.
So that is a good thing. Clothes like shirts that have to fit my hips now fit in the bust as well. So that was nice to be more even. I hated shopping for dresses and they would fit in the hips and be too small in the chest.
Thank God for plastic surgery, eh? lol
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Btw, have you been researching PS's there yet or gone for a consult?
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I've emailed a couple of them but haven't gone in for a consult yet... Expenses keep popping up with my home making me wonder if I'm ever going to be able to afford it!

Thanks for the advice... Sometimes I hate the figure God gave me... wish I looked more like the other girls! lol
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I think I would be really happy with a D. I'm either a B or C right now depending on the bra... I think you're right; diet is really the key... I snack too much at work because I often don't get a good lunch. It's hard to get in enough hours at work on nights when I have class. I usually leave for work at 5 AM and don't get home until 8:00 or later at night. Too tired to even go to the store... I know that's no excuse and diet is too important to mess around with. I know that getting new boobies isn't the answer to all of my image issues. I just know that when I lose a little weight the girls get smaller too, so I'm not sure that's the only answer for me. I'm not too worried about a 2" scar I guess. I don't think it will be visible. I'm all for going in through the nipple, but I'm afraid of losing sensation. I can really get a lot of pleasure from them... um, if you know what I mean!
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Hi Jen,
sorry I am so late getting back to this response. I mustve missed it!
Yeah, I didnt want to lose any sensation in the nips either although I have been numb in my breasts since post surgery. They are slowly getting better, as I do have sensation and they do react to temp. changes. They just arent as sens. to touch as they should be and you know,....mouths. Well A mouth as I am married. LOL.
I still have hope that they will get better, and I dont mind this as my boobies are so much nicer and I do have some feeling. =)

Well as far as the diet thing goes, I hope you find a way that works for you. Those are some grueling hours! IS it possible to pack a kashi granola bar and a peanutbutter or meat sandwhich? or if you have a fridge a work those lean cuisines are great. I had started using the sparkpeople app on my itouch to track my foods but i did it with a weight watcher technique. i.e. by points.

But anyways- sorry, I am a "suggestion-queen". One of my worst characteristics. Work great in my field as i am a scientist and being a problem solver is my thing. But in a social setting can be tiresome for people.
But I hope you realize it is meant with good intentions. =)

Oh and with losing weight, i was worried my skin will sag out since i am older. I am still worried about that as I am too heavy. I need to lose another 38 pounds. Argh! What a pain in the butt! lol- and I dont have your work schedule so whats my excuse?? Haha! Although being busy would prob help me.

You're right, getting new boobies is prob not the answer to all image issues, but it could be a great start in the right direction. Once you feel good about that area, it could snowball the rest. I keep trying to lose weight as I feel like my boobs will look even better if i can get skinnier. All these ladies look so good with their skinny bods and new boobies. Its incentive to me! =)

Do you mind telling me how old you are? you didnt post any specs like height and weight either.
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Hi Jen!
It is a little nerve racking at first posting pics of yourself, but you get kind of used to it since so many girls share.
You say you have a hard time getting more exercise because you have such a busy schedule. I can relate as that was me not too long ago!
But one thing you can do is change your diet, if you dont know how weight watchers is a great guide- and just make small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and so on and so forth. For me diet is so key. I wont lose a pound working out and so have to change my caloric intake.
It seems that when you are heavier , then end up putting larger implants in than when you are skinnier. Like 500-600 cc's when you might've gotten 350-450 if you were skinny. And tummy does change how the projection looks. I have been battling my weigh and had worried about what the BA would look like too, so I can relate.
I started out your same boobie size and am now a 36D-ish. I can be a C or a DD depending on the bra but on average 36D.
I have 2 recommendations for you, but of course you can just ake it with a grain of salt.
1) lose as much weight as possible before the BA-if that is something you are going to do anyway. If you dont think you will on a realistic level then dont worry about the weight.
I say this bc when you lose weight they may look different (bigger)

2) research incision sites and see what you could be happy with. There is a way a doc can go into the bottom of your nipple, which looks pretty good. I personally went with under the fold but that leave a 2 inch scar. And if your boobs don't fold over, it wont hide it. I personally dont mind it though as I dont want them messing with my nipples.

Your boobs will look very close to your natural boob. i.e. nipples facing out. So dont assume that will change. But the volume above and below will change.

I hope this helped you in some way. Good luck and keep us posted!
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Hi Jenn, I think you have nice size symmetrical breasts and you don't need a BA. There is nothing wrong with them pointing off to the sides either. You can improve your body with exercise or even lipo. Big boobs might make you look bigger all around. We, flat girls, have no choice, but you have other options.
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Thanks you guys for reading and posting! I feel a little better now already after the shock of posting pictures of my boobs on the Internet has worn off a little!

I haven't done a consultation yet because honestly I've also been considering doing the fat transfer technique. I have a friend who did it and her boobs look great! I just don't know if it will be a good fit for me. I like the idea of getting a little lipo on my tummy, both because I need it and because I think it will make my boobs project better if I don't have a flabby belly underneath them. Any thoughts?

I've really enjoyed reading your stories... It helps so much to not feel alone, or crazy, or vain, or whatever! I just want to feel confident and sexy and attractive again. I know some weight loss will help with that too so I'm working on that part... Trying to get more exercise, but it's hard 'cause I work and I'm in school too.

I'll try to take another photo or two and get the, posted if I can work my camera right! It's hard to take pictures of your own boobs!
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Hi, Jenn! I commend your bravery. This tends to be a very supportive community, and I bet most of us can relate to your fears. It does look like you may have some lateral displacement, and I do, too. My surgeon told me that's because I have pectus carinatum, a condition where the center of the rib cage protrudes farther than the rest of the chest wall. To accommodate for this, my surgeon recommended using a high profile implant. I'm really hoping this gives me perkier and happier boobies, too. Best of luck on your journey and please keep us posted! :)
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Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. I would also recommend going on a few consultations. Some will waive their fee if you mention RealSelf, so ask about that when you call. If you want to start slowly, you can also post a question and your photo in the doctor q&a community. Go here to do that.

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I would say don't rush. You sound like me. Your pretty sure you would like them but only if their perfect, which of course is no guarantee. You should ask yourself the same question I am. " do I want these so much I'm willing to risk the complications, the scarring, the eventual need for a revision" I'm still working on that one myself. I know if all went well and they were perfect I would be over the moon happy, so I have to decide am I so unhappy/dissatisfied now that it's worth the risk. Good luck, do research, and be 100% positive of what you want and go for it!
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Hiya jenn~ Thanks for sharing your story. Have you booked surgery or consultation with a doctor yet? I strongly suggest you choose a board certified PS to do your BA! Also, if you do not want ridges or a visible scar you should get silicone with an inframammary incision. That's what I chose, and at 6 months post op the results are terrific! I wish you the best of luck on your journey...Take Care :)
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