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I am 27, have a 3 year old I breast fed for...

I am 27, have a 3 year old I breast fed for 9months. I was a 34 D in Victoria's Secret bra during that time and fell in love w having curves! Decided I wanted the feeling to be permanent and saved up for a BA! I am 5'5" 115-120lbs. After reading every blog and review I could find and viewing thousands of before and after photos of BA's, I decided on 415cc HP under muscle. Here are some before and after photos, since I am only on day two, can't wait to get through this swelling! It's way more tight and fill then when my milk came in, the pain in my armpits has been extreme! Can not wait for them to drop and be normal looking. ;)

Day post op 3

Day three, definitely feeling anxious about size and placement. Sitting very high, swollen and "square". Having a bit of sharp pain in right armpit. Have been taking painkillers every 4-6 hours, eating more today, actually woke up hungry. Icing has been my best friend to my poor breasts. I sleep w ice on them. Took my first shower, luckily my boyfriend and I live together so he washed me and dried my hair, would of been super rough without him helping this entire time. I have been eating so much fruit and drinking green tea. Also drinking magnesium powder in water to help keep my digestion moving with all the painkillers slowing down.

Post op day 4, 5 and 6.

I am uploading some pictures of the last few days. It's day 6, and I'm still having so much muscle pain in all the muscles around my poor boobies! The last two nights have been a lot more uncomfortable as far as sleeping. I have almost completely cut the painkillers out because they made my brain total mush but the consequence of pain isn't much better. I'm so cranky! The gooood news is I think they are feeling a tiny bit softer and look a tiny but less crazy! Also, I got my 3 year old back yesterday and even though she's wearing me out, it's nice to have her company while finishing up my recovery. It is really hard not to lift things and use the muscles. Still trying to keep the house somewhat in order and my daughter is super angry I won't pick her up but when I do over expert I totally feel it, and it's awful! My incisions have given me no pain. I forget they are even there! I hady
Check up w Doc and he said everything's looking fine. That's nice to hear. Thanks for
Comments! Feel free to ask any questions! And have a gorgeous May Day! It's in the 90's here!

1 week post op!

Yesterday was one week! Happy to be at this milestone. It's amazing how much better today has been since yesterday. Got out of the house, wore a baggy T and shorts but still felt sexy w my new accessories! I feel like they're sitting too wide apart, wondering if I should get a wireless bra that will hold them in closer together. Going to ask surgeon about this today... Getting energy back and noticing less soreness.

Post op day 8, pondering size

Still wondering about my size 415ccs HP under muscle silicone. Previously a 32B 34A. Wondering if I'll end a C or D. at this point I don't even care the cup size and a 34C bra will be a lot easier to find! All I care about is them getting softer. I went to try bras on last night because I'm sick of wearing the same post surgery one a bought because the straps are huge and it's black, shows under clothes. And as I was trying everything on I noticed that mediums seems to fit best but the bands are often loose around my torso. It's going to take time to find a good sports bra after all is settled. Also, there are plenty of soft molded cup bras w no underwire but because my breasts are so high, square and swollen they don't for into any molded cups! Lol it's pretty funny trying them on... So after getting pretty frustrated, went w plain white, soft stretchy "bra" with no cup definition, just an undershirt type of bra. Comfy and good for now. Even less pain today, makes me
So happy! Chugging along towards total recovery!

Post op 11 days!

I've made it to the other side! 11 days post op and feeling so much better and getting more and more happy w results. I still think I went w a good size. I don't think I would have wanted any bigger. They feel perfect! Especially when they drop and soften more. They are getting softer and lower every day a teeny bit. Or just less swollen but it's so nice to see the changes. I stopped pain killers a few days ago and have been good. Still sore and stitches irritate me more now. Feels like any bra or swimsuit I wear irritates them. Or moving certain ways pulls really tight. I have lots of bruising around my stitches too, looks creepy. Hanging out in my same old clothes w my new boobs has been wonderful :)

Post op 11 days

Stitches are irritated and soreness from late pm to early am. Dropping more!

3 weeks

Week three! Happy to be here. Still lots of progress, almost
No pain except late at night, early morning. Still very "tight" in there, excited for some more softness. But they have already gotten much softer and lower.

Week 4 and 3 days post op

Still hoping for more
Bottoming out of the implants but very happy w my size choice. Oh! Went and got fitted at Victorias Secret and rang in as a 32 DD!!! Pretty happy except there are barely any bras in that size so I bought the sister size, 34 D. I wanted D's and now I have them!!! Love them and also feel like the scars are so minimal for four weeks post op. :) should fade away very nicely w time.
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You are the same height and weight as me, same starting point bra size too! Happy I found your story! Been debating on size- PS, husband, friends think 400 silicon would be big enough but still classy. You've made me feel more certain! At first I thought 400 was too big, but now thinking 415 after seeing your results. and profile wise, HP looks gorgeous! How are things coming along, still happy?
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You look great. Glad you are recovering well.
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I think size looks perfect!! Congrats
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Thank you!!
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Well you make all those bras look good. Even the boring ones! I cannot wait to put on anything (including baggy tshirt and shorts) and feel more like a curvy woman! ;-) excited to watch your progress. I'm 90 days from my surgery!
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Thanks so much! 90 days, that's great! It will fly by too, especially because your a mama and they always keep time flying too fast ;) Yes I loved the feeling in my baggy shirt, it was definetly a good happy, worth it moment! I'm excited for you!
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Thank you for showing your results and what I should expect .. I'm so nervous! My surgery will be done this Thursday and quite honestly freaking out a bit lol
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It is a surgery and I think the hardest part is just relaxing and letting yourself recover. We all know better but it's still hard not to be impatient. Good luck!!!!
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They look awesome :) what was your size before surgery?
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About 32 B or 34 A depending bra. :)
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Don't worry! They'll come down!
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Thanks!! I can not wait for them to settle and be softer to the touch :) it will be a welcome relief.
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Was your incision in your underarms?
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My incision was in the crease (under breast)
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