25 Years Old, 2 Beautiful Daughters and Impatient to Get my Boobs Back!!! - Salt Lake City, UT

SOoo... I am in the beginning stages of this whole...

SOoo... I am in the beginning stages of this whole process. I'm 5'3" and 112lbs. Ive wanted this for as long as I can remember but all of a sudden its all I can think about when Im not busy doing anything else! Hubby says he likes me the way that I am but let's face it, unless we ACTUALLY feel that same way it doesn't matter how good they tell you that you look, you just simply can't agree with them. Anyway, it seems so close that I can feel it. I stumbled across this site I don't know how but I am so glad that I did. It makes me feel so much better about the process and I don't feel like I am diving into the unknown and come out hoping it turns out well. Thank you to all the women on here who have shared their experience, it's so helpful! Anyway I am totally excited to get started and find my Doc, and schedule my consult and all the parts that come along. I am probably going to go to Utah for my surgery, I just have to narrow down a few of my choices. Unfortunately, the Doc I was 100% on turns out I am not able to find him on the board certified registry sites except for one. I am told that he is certified and even triple board certified but I can't find it!! So if anyone on here knows of other ways to verify that I would be so happy because since I want him to do it and can't until I know for certain he is certified I feel like I have to settle with another Doctor that I wasn't set on....:( Help!
Your before looks like mine !!! I did my with Dr Kimball Crofts in Lindon,Ut ( even though I Live in Bountiful... such a drive...) but was worth... he is great !!!!! Good Luck !!! ;)
I never had a problem with my small boobs and even when they became saggy after children, it wasn't that much of an issue in my mind, but can I tell you that after getting them done a year ago, I am grateful every single day. Seriously. Congrats on starting the journey. If you can, find a doc that a friend has used and go from there with research.
Thank you! I do have two friends who went to the same doctor and told me they really recommend him:) now I just have to convince my hubby. He's of course worries about the cost but we can comfortably manage it. He's never been all for spending money in the first place.
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