56 Days,16 hours and 21 min. ago I was given my body back!! (8 weeks) - Salmon Creek, WA

I have three beautiful children and a tummy to...

I have three beautiful children and a tummy to prove it. I gained a lot of weight with each child and then after my last baby decided it was time to get my body back for me. Spent 3 years going from 168 pounds to 127 pounds. made deal with my husband that if I got to my goal weight and wasn't happy with my body then we would get the mommy makeover. And here we are a few days away from my scheduled MM. After reading everyone's post I feel nervous but very excited. Started not being able to sleep and having nightmares. But I'm journaling the whole experience and can't wait to read back. I will be getting a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I'm currently a 36b and will be getting 304 silicone under the muscle.

I have meant so many times this week to update and...

I have meant so many times this week to update and add pics. but I have just tried to decide to do with all my free time so with the help of some friendly pills my doc. gave me I decided to sleep for a good part of a week. =0) But, now that I am on just Tylenol for the most part I feel like I might just make some good comments on here. Because all of your updates have helped me EVERY Step of the way during the process I decided to post some pics. I had my mommy makeover on October 17, a week ago yesterday. I had TT and BI using 304 cc silicone under the muscle. The first day back I tried to sleep propped up on my bed but I was sick and vomiting my back hurt like nothing I have ever felt before and I could just not get comfortable. So, we moved our recliner into our room and literally have had little to no pain AT ALL in either the TT or breast area. Believe me, after reading every-ones posts I feel very, VERY blessed!!! My only complaint at PO week one is that I feel very swollen and bloated and have only had one (little but painful) BM. =0( Anyway, ok, to post some pics.

Ok, now for some one week post op pictures.

Ok, now for some one week post op pictures.

Today is my daughter's birthday. so.... I'm going...

Today is my daughter's birthday. so.... I'm going to go to Target to help her pick out her gift. :). I think they have those carts people can ride in. I'm hoping so. just really want to get off my recliner and get out and about for a min. :) Wish me luck.

Yea!! Last night I got to sleep in my bed for the...

Yea!! Last night I got to sleep in my bed for the first time!! WOW! It made all the dif. in the world!. Still feeling really bloated but I am now back to pre MM weight of 127. I'm not taking an more pain meds. My husband is taking my measurements each week to see how the change the new few weeks. Had my two week pre-op yesterday. They took the tape off and said things were GREAT!. My doc. can't believe I am standing up so straight. She is so pleased with her work that she might use me as a model for her websight in a couple months if I will let her. I told her that my only complaint was the compression garment. I told her that it hurt!!! I think my tissue is too sensitive to be so constricted. She told me that at this point the compression is only to keep the swelling down so that if I wanted I could move to just Spanx or some tight workout shorts. So that's what I am doing. =0) I have so much more energy everyday that passes. Just can't wait for my boobs to drop and all this pressure all over my body to disapear. Oh...one thing to note I had some chafting under my boobs so besides the scar tissue repair cream I am also putting some baby powder on under my girls. =0) I have skin issues so I got a rash and my doc. said I could sleep without my bra if I needed too. =0) Loving that too!! Ok, for all you ladies going to have surgery believe me IT IS WORTH IT!!! for those of you recovering CONGRATULATIONS!!! Going to try to post once a week.

Three weeks post op today I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...

Three weeks post op today I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the results. I decided to start wearing my waist wrap (can't remember what it's called) because after 3 days I swelled up like you would not believe. I only take it off at night because it gets hot and itchy underneath it. I am only sore when I wake up but most of the day I am not sore from the TT or the BA I had. This was my first week back to work full time and I am still really swollen at the end of the day. I'm also not wearing my regular clothes even though I weigh less then I did at surgery. I'm praying that this swelling goes down!! When will it go down is the question I have for everyone! I am still wearing sweats and pajamas (even to work) my boss is very understanding. I still love my scar and I'm also in love with the size of my boobs. I'm really glad I decided to go with a 304cc as I think they are perfect for my frame. I think my boobs have softened out but I'm not sure if they are where they will finally rest. I wont meet with my PS this week, I will meet with her next week for my 4 week post op. I just can't wait until I am 6 month post op and wear all my clothes (plus some new ones I will need to buy). =0). I still think this is one of the best decision I have ever made. Sometimes when I'm dressing I just look in the mirror and smile. I love my body now and am proud of it! I can't wait until I can start running again and hit the gym....I think my next goal is to get some ripped abs =0) Good luck to everyone who has an upcoming surgery it is sooooo worth it!

Yesterday was the 4 week mark. I am still swollen...

Yesterday was the 4 week mark. I am still swollen every day and it gets worse at night. The swelling is getting better and I know this because I can at least try on my jeans, they are just too tight for me to want to wear them all day. Other then the swelling the only other discomfort at this time is that I itch all over my stomach and scar area. I am still wearing the binder so that might be one of the reasons. I am thinking that I will wear the binder for two months and then wean myself off of it. How long do people normally wear them? My PS told me that I could take it off when I was comfortable at this point. She said the same thing about wearing a bra and exercising (when I am comfortable). Went to the PS for my 1 month and she was very pleased! She took pictures and sent me on my way. I get depressed every now and then but only because I had dreams of fitting into all these fun outfits after surgery and I still can't even wear my jeans from before I had surgery. Oh well I know in a few months I will be able to wear what I want instead of what I used to have to wear to hide my stomach. I hope everyone else is healing well.

Ok, yesterday I was 6 week post op. I still think...

Ok, yesterday I was 6 week post op. I still think I have some swelling (I hope I do) considering I still can't wear all my pants. I am slowly but surely starting to wear my clothes. I still wear binder. My sister in law gave me a really cute one that goes well under all my clothes. I wear a scar healing silicone strip and have been really happy with it. I wonder how long I am supposed to wear it. I think my boobs are wear they are going to stay now and after I see my PS in 2 weeks I will go to VS and get my breast measured. Right now I am wearing a 36C without underwire, and it seems to be working well. I will start going to the gym tomorrow and start with just walking. I hope to start running again by January. Only issue that has come up with my tummy tuck has been my belly button that started draining. I saw my PS nurse and she said it looks fine and to just use proxide and keep it dry.
Hope everyone is doing well. Every day I feel better and better thinner and thinner I even ordered two bikinis.

7 weeks yesterday and I could not be happier. ...

7 weeks yesterday and I could not be happier. Still have lots of swelling in the evening. But even my swollen belly looks better then it used to =0)

7 weeks and I started walking and jogging slowly on the treadmill
7 weeks and I stopped wearing by compression garment
7 weeks and I am in most of my clothes
7 weeks and my hubby has been shopping for bikinis for me ;0)
7 weeks belly button still not healed =0(
7 weeks and my scar is low and looking so nice and thin and healed
7 weeks and wondering when I can wear the bras I like
7 weeks and I only have one more week to wait to see my PS
7 weeks and I can't wait for it to be Month 7 so that I can feel completely myself

Ladies I wouldn't change things for the world, this has been the best decision of my life. I am excited for the future and just have so much more confidence and fun when buying clothes,dressing, working, exercising and having special moments with my husband. Many times I look in the mirror and just smile because I am just so happy with what I see. Good luck to everyone that is just starting this journey.

Wow, every day I feel better and better!! This...

Wow, every day I feel better and better!! This week I have been running 3 miles 3 times a week. I will continue that next week. Still not doing any ab or weights because I'm scared and want to wait until my doc says I can. I see her next week so I'm hoping to get the ok to wear whatever bra I want and to work out as much as I want. I have decided I need to go shopping soon. Most of my shirts are shirts I bought back when I needed to hide my muffin top. Well, now that I don't have a muffin top I want to show off my new stomach soo.....I see some shopping in my near future although I have to admit that I need to slow down on the bikini shopping =0). So....

8 weeks and I am no longer wearing a CG or spanks
8 weeks and my belly button is still not healed (I think I will need a stich) I am going to ask the PS when I see her next week.
8 weeks and I can jog 3 miles 3X a week and feel great about it
8 weeks and I can wear all my clothes and tighter clothes then I did before the surgery
8 weeks and I have more self confidence then ever!!
8 weeks and I LOVE the way I look and feel!!!
8 weeks and my scare is nice and light no puckering or dog ears.
8 weeks and my breast are perfect and feel so, so normal!
8 weeks and I am still wearing a silicone sheet on my scar.

I hope everyone of my MM sisters are healing nicely and if you have yet to have your surgery let me tell you that it is soooo worth it. If I had to give any advice it would be to make sure you tell your PS EXACTLY How low and where you would like your scar! I looked online found a pic. of one I liked and showed it to her. She said she appreciated knowing how low I wanted it and what I wanted it to look like. Good luck everyone and happy healing.
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YOu look great! thanks for sharing
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You look Great Jill. You "sound" so happy with your results and I am so happy for you. I love, love, love your BB! It's so perfect. :o)
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You look great in your bikini's! I love your TT scar it is very thin.... I am hoping for the same! Happy healing lady and high 5 we did it!!!
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Thank you, I am very happy with the scar too. I am wearing the silicone sheet on it. I found a few on Amazon.com 1/2 off the original price. And I have been very happy with it :)
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Do you use anything else the silicone sheets? Are you seeing immediate results?
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You look great. Love the cute lil bikinis!
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Thank you :). I have started a collection ;)
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You look amazing!!! Love the bikinis- the white one is my favorite!! You have me hope with starting to work out at 7 weeks. I am a little over a week until I am 7 weeks. How does it feel not to wear you CG??
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Are you still wearing your CG? My doc said I didn't have to anymore unless I wanted to.
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I don't have to I have bought 2 diff other garments- 1 I wore all day yesterday and holy crap I looked pregnant at the end of the day. And this morning I was so swollen:-/ So I don't have to put I still am
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When I say I'm at the gym, remember it's to walk/jog slowly on the treadmill for 1/2 an house. I hated the CG I don't swell as much with it on but it makes my skin crawl and itch when I wear it so I prefer not to wear it. I think I'm pretty comfortable without it.
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Jill still it's something;-)  I had to add hand towels to my CG- I was so swollen yesterday and I went to see my ps. Having a bad day...
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So sorry Blond!! Don't get down I know it's hard but it will get better!!! I am 8 weeks so remember it takes time! Hope things are better today.
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Thanks Jill:-)
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Awesome that you started back to the gym. I did too and it felt so good. You look amazing and I love your bikinis. :o)
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Thanks! :). I think my husband is pleased with the results he just ordered me two more bikinis :). We are planning a week in Hawaii this summer for our 10 yr. aniversary :). Can't wait!!! I am just so glad I did this!!!
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Awesome! I am so happy for you Jill. I hope you have a lot of fun on your trip. You sure will have a lot of bikinis to play with. ;-)
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So happy for you...
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Thanks :). I know your going to be so happy you did this :).
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You look really good. I can see why you are happy with your results!
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You look fantastic jill your swelling is like mine hang in there sweat pants are the best
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I think you look great, Jill!! I can sympathize about the swelling... I'm right there with ya.... I'm 4 weeks post-op today. It's hard to see ahead now, but I have faith (thanks to a ton of reviews that say so) that the swelling will go away and we will look and feel so much better a few more weeks down the road! :)
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Nice, every pic u look better
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Wow jill you look great and your healing so well I will add some more pics soon
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You look great! What a difference! Im with you on the bra off at night...much more comfortable. I love the new perky girls, but they still feel foreign. I'm excited for that to go away. I have one more week with steri strips. Wish they could come off at 2wk. It's so funny how different every doctor is!
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