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Only a week after my surgery and I am extrememly...

Only a week after my surgery and I am extrememly happy with the results. I had a bi-lateral under the muscle augmentation (high profile silicone implants 300c). As a petite woman, I wanted to make sure the implants were not too big and that I looked proportionate. Dr. Ekstrom and Kristen Larocque were very helpful and patient with me and helped me decide on the appropriate size. I love the outcome!


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I saw a couple of other Surgeons for consultations prior to meeting with Dr. Ekstrom, and I found she was very thorough and honest with what I wanted and what to expect. Dr. Ekstrom and Kristen Larocque were amazing, ansewering my 20 million questions and concerns. I truly appreciate the fact that Dr. Ekstrom prefers a more conservative approach (i thought i would need augmentation and lift), her advice to hold off on the additional procedure was the right decision. I highly recommened Dr. Ekstrom and her office. I am very happy with the care and treatment I have recieved!

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