Dealing with a healing ridge... loaded a pic of it

I am a 34 year old mom to a 6 and 4 year old. I...

I am a 34 year old mom to a 6 and 4 year old. I gained 37 lbs with my son and 60 lbs with my daughter (she made me eat too much cheesecake!). I did fortunately lose all the weight with both, but my tummy still suffered. I had diastasis recti and a bloated belly that looked about 3-4 months pregnant. I have always been on the athletic side and this tummy was not reflecting my hard work. I couldn't stand what I looked like in clothes or even when I went to work out.

After years of torment on doing it, not doing it, I did it on November 7th. I am happy I finally did it, but I am in the stage of "what the heck did I do to myself?" I am the type of person that cannot sit still. In fact when I am laying around, I am moving my leg or foot! My incision site does not hurt at all nor does the drain site as long as I carefully pull my underwear over the gauze just right. What is irritating the MOST is these dreadful hemorrhoids that decided to come out. 4 to be exact. I hate them so bad. I got them when I was pregnant and I got rid of all but one. I go to the PS on Wed. Hopefully the drains will come out so I can shower and he can tell me what I can do about my roids. The only thing I can think of that I wish I knew before is, don't let your husband give you 3 stool softner pills because you may pee out of your butt and have awful gas! So far I can tell my tummy is very flat, the scar extends to one hip but not quite to the other. The only area to look puffy is around the drain tubes. I am draining about 10-12 cc's at this time. I hope all of you out there are doing well with your post op and know you are not alone! Its amazing how many out there have gotten their's done around the same time as me! Very comforting to know I am not alone!

So today is my 1st post op visit with the doctor....

So today is my 1st post op visit with the doctor. I hope he takes these drains out, but I have noticed people seem to swell more after they take them out. I guess I will have to trust my PS in making that decision. I didn't sleep well at all last night. My roids are very itchy, I have my TOM as well, and my lower back really hurts. So I am still feeling a bit depressed but still happy I did this. Recoveries from anything I never easy. It definitely makes me feel better reading these sites knowing I am not alone. I am going to try to upload some pics of me before and after. Hopefully I can get it to to work this time. I know when I look at these reviews I want to see pics! Well for all you tummy tuckers who have gone before and after me- GOOD LUCK!!!

YEAH!!! I got my drains out today. I really worked...

YEAH!!! I got my drains out today. I really worked myself up for it too. He clipped the stitch and as he pulled it burned some and then felt funny as it pulled through. I did not know it was going to be so long! He pulled about 9 inches out! I got a good report from him. I still can't lift anything over 5 lbs for 6 weeks, I can get a shower, still need to take stool softners, and see him again in 2 weeks. There will be some drainage from the drain site for about a week and then it will close. He took the steri strips out of my belly button and said it was alive and well. He put glue inside to seal it. After showering in 1 to 2 weeks it will come off. So pretty positive stuff. Just need the roids to leave!

So I slept on my side last night and would turn on...

So I slept on my side last night and would turn on my back when I got stiff! It went pretty well! I was happy to be in my bed again! Well still have lovely diarrhea from the laxatives and I am only taking 1- 5mg tablet Equate brand. WTH! Hemorrhoids aren't going to leave anytime soon I guess. I guess I should just be positive that my tummy is doing well and the drain site has stopped draining. To all you fellow tummy tuckers HIGH FIVE WE DID IT!!!!

I also wated to add the doctor said my diastasis...

I also wated to add the doctor said my diastasis was about 2 inches from the top and below my belly button it opened up to about 3 inches down to my pubic bone. GOOD LORD! That is nuts! I willl blame that on my grandeous appetite for the wrong foods during my whole 2nd pregnancy!!! He showed me with his hands how much skin he took off, looked like alot to me. Its amazing how they can just cut it off and pull down your skin and stitich it. I measured a spot on my tummy to my pubic bone to see if I can figure out how much was taken off by remeasuring it. I haven't checked with a ruler, but it has defnitely dropped down furthur! Crazy!!! Well good night all!

So here is something funny! Who can pick up all...

So here is something funny! Who can pick up all kinds of things with their feet? I have been doing it since the surgery! Also I am feeling zaps, tension, little pains here and there. Who is itchy as hell? Good lord I am itchy! Well the roids have gone down a bit except for one that wants to hang out with me for a little bit longer. I got some Miralax per the Pharmacist. He told me if you take a softner with a laxative (stimulant) in it, it can cause diarrhea which in return gave me the roids to begin with. So yes everyone out there that doesn't know there is a difference between a stool softner and a stool softner with a laxative. Anyone out there wearing a bra with your binder? This damn binder is riding up to my nipples almost. He couldn't give me anything smaller! oh well Happy Healing all!

PO 12 days and feeling pretty good! I did some...

PO 12 days and feeling pretty good! I did some measuring yesterday. Doctor took off about 3 inches when I measured from a spot on my tummy to my pubic bone. I am thankfully not swelling in my tummy just some swelling where they took the drain tubes out. I walked alot yesterday at the mall and Costco's. Today I walking faster but still not standing up straight. I am going to attempt work tomorrow. Do I need to put my legs up at all? Also we are going to drive 6 hrs to my sisters house in PA for Thanksgiving. Hopefully that goes well. Not sure what to do with the cat... Can a cat be ok for 3 days? Well I am off to clean some toilets and brush this furry cat! Happy healing all my TT friends out there!

PO 12days: So I am at work at my desk! You should...

PO 12days: So I am at work at my desk! You should see, I got my drawer open and my feet propped up on it. I have my keyboard on my lab! Totally look like I am lounging! Just want to keep the swelling down. Also I am wearing a t shirt and yoga pants! Oh yah! Anyways this isn't that difficult, but we will see when I go home. Thankfully I don't have swelling in my ab area but who would when I can't even breathe with this binder on as tight as it can go! Recovery has been pretty good for me... hopefully I don't get over zealous and pull something. I ended up doing 4 loads of laundry, clean 2 bathrooms, and change 2 beds. Not going to my sisters for Thanksgiving now... stinks.. but may be a good thing for me. Her husband does not feel well. Welp, back to work! Hang in there you all!

2 weeks Post Op!!! Doing pretty darn good I must...

2 weeks Post Op!!! Doing pretty darn good I must say! No real swelling except in my pubic area from the drains. My husband seriously tightens the binder so tight that I think it is stopping me from swelling. I do like it tight because I feel more supported. Roids are deflating but still hanging out a bit. I will add some new pics showing my belly button. I still have steri strips on my incision that will eventually fall off. Good thing I am off for the next 2 days and then the weekend! This surgery really fell on a good date. Wow I am itchy and feeling pings and pangs here and there. My PS said that the nerves were cut and they are trying to reconnect so I will feel zaps, burning, tension, etc. I am reading about lymphatic massage... the PS never said anything about it. What is it and is it helpful? Well let me try to get some new pics up! I love the support on this site! Keep in touch with me you all!

I finally emptied my bowels today! I know TMI, but...

I finally emptied my bowels today! I know TMI, but I am so excited that finally my intestines have woken up! I am going to try and load some new pics. You know whats crazy? All of us posting our naked bodies on the internet for all to see! That is nuts! But this site has really made me more comfortable doing this surgery. Today I have some pain around my incisions. Might be from standing too much. The only thing kind of swollen on me is my pubic area where the drains were. Other than that I am happy! Can't wait to hear from you all!

I am feeling sore today. I think the nerves are...

I am feeling sore today. I think the nerves are working to reconnect themselves becauase I can feel the incision today. I had another BM thankgoodness! I think my bowel is finally back to working order. My steri strips are still on, not sure when they need to come off. I see other people leave them alone and some doctors take them off after so long. Oh just sneezed holy crap that hurts and gets real tense. I still have glue in my belly button too. This will eventually come off. I read another girl was putting a marble in her BB and then guaze to help form it. Anyone else doing this? Well I will chat later!

Hello all of my tummy tucker friends! So I am...

Hello all of my tummy tucker friends! So I am healing pretty well. I still have numbness above the incision and feeling soreness up higher where the diastasis was repaired. On my left side where I pulled the tape up, there is some stingy and burning sensation. I notice some swelling maybe above a portion of my incision. Hopefully that will all lay back down and is swelling. I see the PS on Wednesday for the 3 week appt!!! I still have steri strips on. My belly button looks ok to me but still has glue in it. Roids have gone down but still hanging deflated. I HATE THEM SO BAD. Anyone else have these? Oh also I have been trying to upload pics for eternity and can't get them in. Any tricks to it? I have made them very small for emails. I am PO 20 days and very happy I decided to do this. I have no shame telling people I did it either. I don't feel its a cop out at all. Everyone who knows me I am not lazy in the least and did try to change it thru exercise and eating habits. I do get people that say "why would you go to such extremes?" They just don't get it. Well back to work! I hope you all are well.

So I took my steri strips off...relatively easy. I...

So I took my steri strips off...relatively easy. I had to use my nail to get the dead blood off (i know sounds gross) didn't hurt cause I can't feel a thing! The scar is not pretty at all. I was hoping for a thin line, but it looks a little thick. I started putting gold bond with aloe on it to help with the itch. The doctor was happy with the results. I am too. I look terrific in clothes! I have been wearing all the tight shirts I haven't been able to wear. I still get a tight feeling throughout the day and am not walking upright 100%, but I really can't complain! I am happy I did it! I will get some new pics up soon. Hope you all are well!

Last night the glue in my belly button was hanging...

Last night the glue in my belly button was hanging in there so I pulled it out. Belly button looks pretty good. I started using Maderma at $16.50 a tube. Not sure if its worth it, but I will try a tube and see. My scar is not looking too pretty. I have some ripples and it looks alot thicker than I had hoped plus it is not hidden by my underwear. But I do look fantastic in clothes! I am not completely flat, hopefully this is swelling and not the end result. I, like you, am worried about not being able to work out and getting fat. I guess it is all normal to have these lows and highs. Wednesday Dec. 5th I will be at my one month mark.

Anyone out there have a "healing ridge"? It...

Anyone out there have a "healing ridge"? It scared me Tues night when I saw this hard long bump under my skin that felt a little tender to touch. The doctor is not concerned with it. I massaged it and the next morning it was gone. I looked last night and this morning it is there again! Recovery makes you go crazy that is for sure! Can't wait to see the final results
Martin Blue

Dr. Blue has been wonderful. He took as much time as needed to answer all of questions. He seems to be very caring and skilled.

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Huh! Never heard of that. Thank you for sharing. Did the doctor say anything more than that he's not concerned?
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he just said its inflammation and swellling that will go down in time.... isn't it funnny we hear that quite often, "in time"!! Happy healing lady! looking great !
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Thanks! And happy continued healing to you as well :D
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Congrats on the BB! I feel exactly the same as you on everything, and am one day behind PO. It is nice to know everything I feel is normal :). Continued happy healing to you!
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Looking good! Continued happy healing :)
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You look great post op. Your incision looks quite short. Did you have a full TT or just a mini TT?
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Thank you! I am going to get new pics up as soon as this website cooperates. The surgeon did what he could to make the incision as small as possible. I don't believe its a mini because I had a muscle plication done also from the very top down.
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Try PMing kimmers25 about the picture issue. She's a comminity moderator and very helpful.
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whats pming?
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Oh, sorry! Private Messaging. If you click on her name and then click Send Private Message. :)
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I'm one day ahead of you surgery-wise, but not feeling my incision yet. I still have my steri-strips on, though a few are peeling almost off now. I will remove them at 3 weeks PO, because otherwise they may leave marks, said my PS (though not permanent marks). Also, I know I won't be able to keep them on longer than that without starting to tape the edges.
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my strips are coming off so I pulled them a little bit more off and cut them where they are still attached. My skin does not do well with tape on it. I can feel where the tape was on my skin and it is irritated. I see my doctor on Wed and see what he says about them
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That's a good idea with the cutting. I think he'll let yoou take it off if your skin is irritated. My PS said I should remove them right away if I got any blisters. Can you email and ask prior to Wed.? Or is it not urgent?
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I'm sorry, but is this the first time you're emptying your bowels since getting this operation two weeks ago?? Or did I just misunderstand you?
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This is the first time I finally went alot. I was going here and there but not much!
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Oh, okay! :D still, ouch! Congrats!
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How are u doing today? Sorry u can't get the pics to load. I uploaded them from my phone- maybe that helps in some way? Hopefully!
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Hey Girl! Doing great! Today is Thanksgiving for us so eating lots of good food! Can't wait for the pumpkin pie with a coffee! How are you doing? I am so frustrated with trying to load pics.
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Can someone please tell me how to get pics to load? I edited them and made them smaller and they still won't load!
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You look great! wow.
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Thank you much! I will go check out your progress.
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You look like you had a mini tuck, and yet they still did a diastasis repair. I can't really fathom how they could remove onle three inches, yet get rid of your old belly button! Are you very petite? They certainly took off enough, since it all looks great! Congrats and continued happy healing! Even if you do have to work ;)
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Hey there, Thank you!! I have about a 9 inch scar. I am not sure how much they removed. The 3 inches was the width of my diastasis below my belly button. I don't think I am petite. I am about 5'6" and 140 lbs. Happy healing to you too! Keep in touch thru the healing process!
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Yes also forcing myself to drink water, but so difficult to drink or eat lots with this damn compression garment! Maybe a good thing tho as I work in a place with 3 restaurants downstairs :) not working now, its 8.45pm here on wednesday so at home and just had dinner. Think its great to chat, so nice having a chat to someone who is going through the same
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I hear you on the binder. Mine is too damn big and comes halfway up my boobs! I really think it helps to have it as tight as possible. It feels better to me, more support. When I take it off I feel like my insides are all wobbly. I am pretty numb above my incision and around my belly button too. I really hope feeling comes back to those areas. What do you do at the restaurant? Well you have an awesome night!
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