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I am 31 years old and have had horrible hollows...

i am 31 years old and have had horrible hollows under my eyes ever since i can remember. of course since i'm not getting any younger they wern't getting any better plus in that certain horrific lighting i could see the hollows were very uneven, one side was worse, the other side went down further. I was scared to death of getting any type of injections because of the risks/side effects. well after several years of hearing "you look tired" "you look sick" "didn't you get any sleep?" etc. i finally decided to go for it last friday which was 3 days ago. now i understand everyone is different but wow, i had no bruising and no swelling that i could see. she injected it deep onto the bone. she used half a syringe. although i probably could've used more we both agreed to leave it as is for now and if i wanted in a couple weeks, she could add more. the hollows are no where near as pronounced as they were. i will definitely be doing this again but i'm hoping the results will last for a long time.


Wow wonderful results, gorgeous eyes too!
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So much better!!! Are you still happy with your results? I'm wanting to get Restylane injections, but the nurse practitioner I trust to do the injections has only done them just below the skin...not deep onto the bone like yours. Wondering if I should keep looking for someone to do the injections that deep.
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Wow! you look great I can definitely see the difference!

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