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Well, finally I am fixing this post twin pregnancy...

Well, finally I am fixing this post twin pregnancy body and I'm so excited! I joke with my husband that I feel like my body looks as if I stood really close to a fire and I melted! Lol!!

I have a lot of anxiety about recovery though, and I worry about how my kids (2 1/2 years old) will react to seeing mommy hunched over and laying around. I will thankfully have a lot of help so I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing. My guilt is killing me also because I really hate that I'm spending a large sum of money on myself:(. I just keep telling myself that I deserve this now and it is going to make me a happier mommy!:)

I went to my consult the other day and the PS and I decided on breast augmentation and a "skin-only" mini tummy tuck. I was just planning on a BA but after showing him my loose skin he recommended the mini. I didn't even know there was such thing!

Now my biggest questions for everyone are: How long until I can work (I'm a hair stylist)? Saline or silicone gels!?!

Surgery is scheduled for less then a month and my pre-op is just one week before surgery. I just can't wait and hope the guilt subsides a little so I can truly enjoy this process!

I went back 2 weeks PO and I work in a office, I was miserable with swelling, I couldn't imagine being on my feet all day. Good luck
Geez I hope I'll be okay to work!:( my PS just said a week for the skin only mini and BA. I'm sure I won't be 100% though.
You sound a lot like I felt. Its hard as a mom to find any reason to spend money on ourselves - but you DO deserve it. You gave birth to them and will be caring for them for the rest of your life.. I am 5 days post op, so if you have questions feel free to message me and Id be happy to help anyway I can.

Well, the surgery is getting closer and still very...

Well, the surgery is getting closer and still very anxious for my pre-op appointment on April 23rd. I think I've decided on saline implants mainly for safety reasons and the fear of the unknown with the silicone gel. The FDA requiring MRIs every 2 years without the coverage from insurance further adds to my decision. I have started to diet and run a little extra in preparation for this mini tt. I want it to remain a "skin-only" without muscle repair so I'm trying not to gain weight! :). I will be posting before pics soon!!

The surgery is almost here and I just can't wait...

The surgery is almost here and I just can't wait to get it over with and see the outcome! I have zero patience! Lol! I'll have more to post after my pre-op on the 23rd. Right now I'm just playing the waiting game!:)

Yaaay!!! One week to go! I had my pre-op today and...

Yaaay!!! One week to go! I had my pre-op today and it went great! I am getting 300 cc saline implants which looked great on:). He said that should bring me to a full C and possible small D! I'm leaving this in his hands totally because he knows what will look best on my frame. I showed him a picture of Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey as an example of what I want:). Hers look very natural but full. I also discussed the mini tummy tuck a little and he pulled on my skin and said that he could also detach my navel so that he can get the area above it more taut. I was really not thinking that was necessary because that area is pretty taut in my eyes. I decided to stick with the original plan after he told me it really wasn't necessary since my loose skin and trouble area is the lower portion alone.

So, everything is paid for and now I just have to concentrate on getting ready for the time off! Cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, etc... The list goes on!! I'll update again when the day arrives!! Oh, before pics soon to come!

Well, today is the day!! I'm up at 6:30 am and...

Well, today is the day!! I'm up at 6:30 am and still have to fast until 1:30 pm!! That is going to be tough! I may go back to bed after I drop the kids off at school just to kill time! Lol!

My husband and I will take a few before pics today before we leave. I'm very excited to see the final outcome! I hope my nerves don't get the best of me before surgery. I should have asked for an anti-anxiety pill!:)
good luck - keep us posted as soon as you can - prayers your way!

Surgery went great and was a breeze! It felt like...

Surgery went great and was a breeze! It felt like a very invasive spa treatment! Haha!

The main bit of advise this far is to stay on top of your pain! I took a dose before bed and just planned on letting the pain wake me up........bad idea! Set an alarm for every 4 hrs and don't push it any further then that at least the first night.

I can't see a thing and it is torturing me! In the binder and support bra I feel hot!! Lol! So I guess it will only get better from here!:)

PO day 3 appointment today. The drain came out as...

PO day 3 appointment today. The drain came out as well as tons of gauze which has made me feel more comfortable. I also needed a dulcolax for constipation and that has really made me happier! My breasts are great but need to drop into place so he has given me an excercise to help with that. My "twin skin" is gone but that area still looks too weird to judge how it will ultimately look. I will have my hubby take pics after I shower tomorrow.

So, today, post op day 4, has been a much better...

So, today, post op day 4, has been a much better day! I finally am starting to feel normal again! I posted some pictures finally and one that I took today right out of the shower. I definitely am swollen and looking like my breasts haven't dropped much but I guess that's what to expect on day 4:). Getting anxious for this healing process to hurry so I can get out of this house!
I have tried and tried to do a profile but it wont let me! I had a mini done a BL and BA on Saturday. So far I feel preety good, not ready to run a marathon or anything but good ish! I am so nervous about the unveiling of the "mini" I will still have my strech marks too thomas.joanna23, my PS said I didn't have enough skin to move around to do a full :(
looks good - what profile implant did you get?
Thanks! Moderate profile and the final fill was 325 cc in each:)

I am here to say Day 8 is great! Lol! I felt...

I am here to say Day 8 is great! Lol! I felt myself and finally left the house and really didn't need anything as far as pain goes. Still hunched over a little which makes me appear like I have really bad posture but I'm impressed! Loving my results everyday and will post yet another pic!:)
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