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I am scheduled for implants this spring and I need...

I am scheduled for implants this spring and I need help choosing a size. My Dr has been highly reccomended, however wants the choosing of the size to left up to the patient. So I need some help!

I am 5'9'' and 127lbs. I want an implant that has projection, upper pole that is not obvious that I have implants. I am currently 32/33 b/c and the diameter of my right breast is 12.5cm and my left is 11.5cm. The nurses in the office say 400cc and I feel that is too big.

All of my friends got less than 300cc, but I know implants look different on everyone! I am so confused. I am leaning towards a 375cc silicone Allergan implant, put under the muscle with a inframammary incision...Is that too big?

Hey Cupcake10, I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Did you reschedule your surgery? If so what size did you pick? I am debating about the same ccs.
Hey Cupcake, Did you ever reschedule? If so what size did you pick?
So what happened???
Have you gotten them scheduled yet or what?
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