Saline Implants - HUGE Mistake - Loved the Results but They Destroyed my Life!

I decided to get saline implants because I was...

I decided to get saline implants because I was told they are safe. They literally destroyed my life. I'm totally disabled and still trying to recover. My health has improved since my explant back in 2004 but I'm sure not the person I was prior to augmentation.

Absolutely the worst uninformed decision I've ever made in my life. I've lost 7 years of my life among other things.

I had smooth saline implant breast augmentation done in 2003. I became ill in 2007, in 2010 I became more ill and in 2011 I have had to forms of cancer! I was never ill before I had breast augmentation!!! If I had only known the dangers I would never have had this procedure done!! I got explanted by Dr. Huang March 3, 2014... The saline implants have a silicone outer shell, very toxic to our bodies. I also have white matter on my brain and the neurologist does not know what they are??? . Not worthy the risk!!!!
Saline implants destroyed my health as well starting at 6 mths. The truth is ALL breast implants are made of SILICONE. Saline implants just have saline inside instead of silicone gel. The truth is , many saline implants grow mold and bacteria in them which flow into the body and cause sickness, but regardless of this issue , the silicone in the shell causes many women with salines to get very sick with many symptoms . LOOK IT UP PEOPLE. THEY ARE DANGEROUS. By the way, it is proven that breast implants increase a womans chance of getting cancer many times. Research it. Look up Dr. Pierre Blaise's research - a scientist who was fired for speaking the truth. Also look up Douglas Shanklin's research as he has seen first hand the women getting sick and watched them recover when they got their implants out. LOOK UP PERSONAL STORIES. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. You'd have to be in denial to put these deadly poison bags in your body. Time will tell. time will tell. Playing Russian roulette with your body is foolish...and that is exactly what women are doing by getting silicone implants filled with saline in their bodies.
I would really love to understand how they made you disabbled. I have had 300cc saline implants put in and I am considering removing them for smaller ones. I hate that I am a full c cup. I was a full B before.
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