Breast Implants Are Deadly and Will Make You Very Ill...Please Do Not Get Them

I have been gravely ill because of implants. I got...

I have been gravely ill because of implants. I got implanted in september of 2006 with mentor saline implants. I am only 25. Three months after surgey i began to experience extreme fatigue weightloss, rashes, numbness and pain in my extremitys and dizziness. I have deloped mayn automimmune disorders, test postive for mold and lupus. Do your research please. Nothing foregin should go into the body. There are tons of chemicals in implants.


As an addition to the below article,my wife had saline Mentor,high profile implants.You could never in a million years convince me implants are safe.I described my profession as an anesthetist as I had access to the medical world the whole time trying to figure out why my wife was so sick.Noone had a clue so I can only imagine people who do not have that help and what they must be going through! God Bless.
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Folks,if you are considering explant and are having significant troubles,it is imperative to make sure that a capsulectomy be done when the implants are removed.The tissue around the implants can contain infection,heavy metals such as platinum as well as other serious things from the implants.The plastic surgeon can remove your implants very easily but that may not take care of the problem.My very precious wife had her implants removed and the cultures came back negative.Dr. Susan Kolb operated on my wife in Atlanta and literally saved my wifes life.The implants were already removed by my wifes plastic surgeon but my wife was so ill,I did not believe I was going to get her to Atlanta for Dr. kolb to do the capsulectomy over a year later.When Dr Kolb operated,cultures came back loaded for infection.So,the moral of the story is the implants can come out and you can suffer serious problems if you do not consider a capsulectomy.Not every one needs it necessarily but if you are having problems before explant,I am just trying to save you another surgery down the road and further possible complications and worsening illness.Whatever you do,if you are having problems with no real reason for it,assume that it is the implants.Most doctors know very little about implants.We saw 7 neurologists,2 neurosurgeons after seeing E.R. docs and general practitioners,ob gyn,nurse practitioners,and none would suggest removing the implants or suggesting it might be the implants.My wives problems started with a headache that would not go away,thus the neurologists.It took five years before her spinal fluid pressure was found to be elevated during a spinal tap.My wife since has had 4 lumbar-peritoneal shunts placed over a four year period and her headaches are so severe,she is totally disabled.At the time of her implants being placed,my wife worked as a nursery R.N. and a school nurse.I have been in the medical profession for 35 years and retired recently as an anesthetist.She honestly worked out 3 times a day,not a week, and was the picture of health.We traveled a great deal and rode bikes and went for long walks.She was 38 at the time.She has been mostly bed riddened for the last 2 years and now has a platinum level from hair heavy metal testing sample 43 times normal.She has now been diagnosed with hypertension,diastolic dysfunction with heart failure,sleep apnea,pseudo tumor cerebra,severe pitting edema of legs ,shortness of breath and is now on oxygen everyday,fibromyalgia,severe,unrelenting headaches that treatment has not helped everyday and night.No medication has helped the headaches ,the reason for 7 different neurologists.We have been to Duke, Raliegh-Duke, John Hopkins,and a couple of others with absolutely no relief for her headaches.My wife never,ever,ever had a headache in her life until 2-3 months after getting implants and she has steadily gone downhill.I sent DR. Kolb an email and she was glad to treat my wife.My wife is much better since seeing Dr. Kolb but the headaches continue.We feel after detox, the headaches will improve. There are no guarantees.I hope this is informative and may God bless you all and we pray for your improved health.
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It's July 2014, I went for my 2nd explant consultation with Dr. Jae in Newport! Here is my review, It's the most recent one 7/31/14. *********  I am starting the detox now and scheduling my apt for October, 2014.
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