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My name is Shawnie and i decided on WLS because i...

My name is Shawnie and i decided on WLS because i was 400lbs and not even 21 yet. I was never big,i was always small and very athletic. I had a major surgery in middle school due to a slipped capital that left me in a wheel chair for about a year. Once i hit high school i was excused from P.E for all four years. So the weight just packed on over the years.

As the years progressed i felt myself getting bigger but had the whole attitude that if someone didnt like me then they didnt have to be my friend. I found myself not wanting to go out with my friends, or do everyday things with them such as shopping. I knew i could be happy and the only way to do that was to lose the weight. I couldnt do it on my own because of the 6 inch screw preventing my leg from moving to excersize. So i thought that the bypass would be a little help to help me jump start.

I was never the over excessive eater. i hardly ate. but when i did, i would over do it. I didnt snack. so basically i didnt eat myself to the weight i was. Finally 2 years later i convinced my mom to let me get it. we looked into it and right away i was approved because i was more unhealthy then i originally thought.

I am from salinas, ca and i have my surgery done 3hrs away in Fresno,CA and everything leading up to it was exciting. I couldnt wait to have it done,and i wasnt nervous what so ever. The day came, and my surgery got pushed back from 9am all the way to 12am. It was pretty bad. But i finally had it done and i woke up with no pain. But they have you walk. everytime i would walk id come back and vomitt perfusely. They didnt know why this was happening. i had to have a feeding tube and still vomitting. they told me to WAIT it out. But i refused. i should have been in the hospital for 3 days max, and i was there for 2 weeks.

i had my surgery December 16th 2009 and was relased dec 25th 2009. It was the worst time of my life. i was depressed laying in the hospital bed thinking to myself, why in the hell did i do this. i should have just stayed fat. I was thinking so negative because i never thought that i would be one to have complications, but i was. the upside to that was i lost my first 50lbs IN the hospital due to not eating. but after that everything got better ! and my doctor says that im doing very well and ive done amazing !

I couldnt have asked for anything more. i feel more confident and healthy. im trying things ive never done before. new jobs and oppurtunities await me. I am no longer letting my weight hold me back ! i have had a hard and difficuly journey but wouldnt change it cause its made me that much stronger and thankful for my life!

You look awesome, did you have the excess skin removal surgery?

Wow, Shawnie, you look fabulous! Congrats on your weight loss.


Hi Shawnie,

Thanks for your review. Congratulations on your weight loss. You've done an amazing job and you look really good. You must feel healthier than ever! There's nothing holding you back now, so keep up the good work.



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