I had my surgery on Nov 8, 2012. It has been a...

I had my surgery on Nov 8, 2012. It has been a good experience so far minus the pressure on my chest and in between my shoulders from the extra weight on my chest now. I did 650cc High profile Silicone.I love my big boobs. I told the MD to go big or go home and well that is exactly what he did. Wonderful

Hey would love to see how the girls look today!!!

I am 5 days post op and have not had too many...

I am 5 days post op and have not had too many problems. The tightness will get better as I am re-assured. I have a stitch on the end of the left breast that is irriated, apparently I had a local reaction to triple antibiotic ointment. It was one of those days that the tightness was getting the best of me.And to top it off, I think I had food poisioning, so I really felt like crap today. The MD said that he could not have gone any bigger than what I went with. He also stated that my right implant didn't want to stay in. LOL The boobs are starting to feel a little better and not as hard. he last day I took pain meds were last Friday. I am down to OTC Tylenol, Muscle Relaxer, and antibiotic. I think the hardest part of all this is like my friend who just had a mommy make-over, we did this without our husbands since they are deployed. So far I am very pleased with results, I will be happier when I am completely healed. The only thing I wish I would known prior to this was how bad it was going to stink sleeping in the recliner or propped up for a week. With all this being said, I am truly blessed that I have not had any major post-op complications. I am also thankful that my sweet dear friend introduced me to this website.

Here is a before picture. I was a 34 B and my doc...

Here is a before picture. I was a 34 B and my doc said by the time I am healed I will be a 36 DD

Has anyone experienced their nipples being so...

Has anyone experienced their nipples being so tender they hurt after BA? Is this normal? Thanks
Hi miss, did you use a recliner?
The nipple sensativity will go away. I hope you get your DD. That would be great. Did you go under or over the muscle? I had a hard time sleeping when I first got my implants, I think generally most do. But again it depends. You have to get used to them. I always slept on my right before and then had to lay on my back. Yea, your doctor should tell you to wear a sports bra. make sure you do your masages too.
I went under the muscle. I have had a terrible time sleeping. I am a side sleeper also. Have you been able to start sleeping on your side again? I have the sports bra on for all but 2 hours a day. It feels good for a little release. I get the sutures out Friday and I am going to ask him about the massages since they haven't told me to do that yet. I am still adjusting to having the big boobies. I am 6 days post op, I am sure it will take me awhile to get used to them.

Today is day 7 post op. Everything is going great...

Today is day 7 post op. Everything is going great minus the darn tightness and super tender & sore nipples. One of the doctors I woke with gave me a shot of Toradol today to help with the tightness. She will be getting me a prescription ready for me to pick up at lunch time. Thank goodness she is such a sweetheart because I can't stand the tightness. I am still liking the big boobies though. Hope everyone has a good day.

Day 7 post op pics have been posted. The bruising...

Day 7 post op pics have been posted. The bruising is almost gone. My PS did a fabulous job with everything.
Hey! I had my boobies enhances the day before you and well, I can relate to you as far as the tender and sore nipples! It sucks.. Wearing a bra is annoying and not wearing a bra is annoying!
I totally get it. I can't stand it. And my nipples are always hard omg. I walk around with nipple hard on's all day and night. lol I have older kids 25 and 23 years old, I'm alway putting on a sweat shirt because I can't wear a bra yet. Dr said I don't need to, let them drop, Okay.... I'm so good with that! haha but at work I have to wear sweaters everyday. I bought 8 new sweaters to get by for another month. haha omg we as women are just to high maint. lol
We aren't high maintenance just spoiled :) My nipples aren't erect just super sore. You look great btw. Thanks for the encouragement.

Today is 8 day post op. Went to the PS this am and...

Today is 8 day post op. Went to the PS this am and got fussed at a little because I was honest and told him the MD that I work with gave me a shot of Toradol (NDSAID) and he said NOOOOOOOOOOOO. He stated that it could cause a hematoma. I told him it was my fault also because I didn't fully read the post op instructions that they mailed me. OOOPS. I guess that is what I get for being honest. I thought Toradol was a pain/muscle relaxant. I guess I was wrong. The incisions look fabulous, the best part the sutures came out. WOOOO HOOOO! Still no going to the gym to do light cardio. I have to massage my right breast since it is still riding high.
The swelling, nipple soreness, and breast tightness will eventually go away. Cocoa butter can be used to help reduce the potential of strectch marks. I am glad I good a good report. Well worth the discomfort.
Hey there "Small B", I had a BL/ BA on the 8th as well...and yes my nips are on "full alert"! Annoying as heck but not sore. lol!

Day 9 and the tightness is a little better. The...

Day 9 and the tightness is a little better. The nipples are still are sore as heck. I was allowed to sleep in the bed last night. That was an experience, especially since I am a side sleeper. I tried sleeping on my stomach like my PS said, OUCH!! I am a side sleeper and I am not allowed to do that. Oh well the price I pay for wanting the big boobies. :)
Bio oil works like a dream!
i have no hard time at all sleeping...im a side sleeper...yes for the rest of the time i have implants i have to sleep in a sports bra...they are heavy so something needed to support them...my sister had hers done about 7 years ago & never sleeps in a sports bra & they are low & saggy...it feels like i never had anything done ...working out fully again even tho i tried 5 days later & was totally too early...good luck & enjoy them, so worth every penny

Today was an emotional blah day. My anniversary is...

Today was an emotional blah day. My anniversary is Friday and my husband is in Afghanistan. :( The tightness is getting better and so is the nipple soreness. I am having to massage the right boob. That isn't too uncomfortable.Many of my friends have been a great support team, however Michele you have been a great and I thank you for that.
You look amazing,. I love the look!
Hi sweetie, you are so brave doing this without your hubby. I'm sorry he is away. I hope he returns soon. We are here for you. :)
Sorry to hear your hubby is far away misty. I can't imagine going through a BA and not having a good support system!! Hope you heal quickly and have pretty new ta ta's (after they drop and fluff).... take care.

I am 11 days post op and today was my first day...

I am 11 days post op and today was my first day back to work. My boobies were so swollen today that I sat at my desk and leaned back in my chair for a few minutes with ice packs on. At the end of the day I had to unclasp all but the bottom clasp on my bra due to the swelling.. I ended up sitting on the sofa just rubbing them, which seemed to help.
I am 13 days out. The tightness is not nearly as bad except when I am at work. I guess it is because I am up and down all day. The nipples are still sore as can be. I keep gauze over them since I do not want anything touch them. The girls are dropping nicely. I can't wait for the total process to be complete. I was a little sadden when I tried on a L and XL sports bra tonight and the girls hung out. Oh well I wanted big and that is exactly what I got.
i don't know my boobs size because i wear only push up bra 32b never wear reaguel bra before.. but i really really wanna get my boobs done guys what you recommend i wanna D.. I'm really smell bout 110 pound.. 5,4 thanks for ur help...
Congrats!!! I had my BA on Nov 13, 2012 and I like them so far. I am just concerned that every time I massage my left boob the nerves in my arm hurt! The left boob is also flat on the side which I am hoping will even out once they drop fully into place.

Day 15 and the tightness is getting better. The...

Day 15 and the tightness is getting better. The nipples are still extremely sore and tender. The girls are starting to drop and I am liking the results. I was able to find two sports bras at Target tonight that actually fit properly. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.
36DD??? ummmm, I think you will end up an F.....!
Lord I hope not. I specifically told my PS that I wanted to be DD. He re-assured me going from a 34B with 650 HP Silicone would make me a 36 DD. He said I would gain band due to the projection of the implant. I will cry if I end up bigger.
I was a small c cup and I went for moderate profile silicone 335cc under muscle and I'm a d cup! My mum got 410cc under the muscle and she is a F cup! I would just do more research on it Hun! You really don't want to be to big!

After 17 days post op, the tightness is finally...

After 17 days post op, the tightness is finally letting up. Now if the nipple tenderness/soreness would disappear I would be golden. I love having the huge boobies, but I do kind of wish I would have only went 550cc instead of the 650. I guess these feeling will pass once I am completely healed. I have to say a huge thank you to my best friends Dawn and Michele for being so supportive. I love these gals.
I am a 32DD going from 32A to 455ccs my ps said id get only a c but im 2 cup sizes bigger than he said. But i like yours they look really nice. Dont obsess with size just be happy that you love them :). They really look good.
Well I was a small b cup Hun and I went for modarate profile silicone under the muscle 335cc tear drop and I'm a D cup. I live in adelaide Australia. By reading some of these posts it may seem that different country's sizes are a lot different as girls are getting 500-600cc and apparently meant to be achieving d cups!? Here in adelaide the surgeons say each 150cc is one cup size, but you also have to consider your existing breast tissue! When you go for a consult take a d sized bra in and get the surgeon to give you implant to put in your bra. this gives you a rough idea how big the implant needs to be to fill the d cup as well as your existing breat tissue!! I hope this helped! And good luck! Your more then welcome to ask me any questions :)

The post op bra they sent me home in has irritated...

The post op bra they sent me home in has irritated the incision on the left breast. This is the one that the sutures got inflammed due to the local reaction to Neosporin. I have stopped wearing that bra because it was cutting into me and I could not fasten it all the way. I have been doing everything that my PS has said to do.
It looks like a have a stitch poking out, so I will have one of the MD's I work with look at it tomorrow. It also looks like the incision has busted open in one area. There is no bleeding or drainage which is a huge plus. I shall see what my MD says about it. I hope it is nothing and she just puts some steri-strips (butterfly band-aids) on the area. I am a little scared.

I had the MD that I work with look at the left...

I had the MD that I work with look at the left breast incision. She said it was slightly inflammed but it is ok. The MD stated the horrible bra that the PS sent me home in must have been rubbing on the incision. She told me to use Bactroban antibiotic ointment. I am glad that I was able to find some sports bras at Target that fit and are comfortable. I am glad nothing is seriously wrong.
Glad everything is okay! Looks a little tender!! Hope all heals well!!
Glad that everything is okay :)
Hope everything's alright. Keep us posted.

My boobs are dropping more and starting to feel...

My boobs are dropping more and starting to feel much better.
The massages are doing the trick. The incision on the left breast looks much much better. Thank goodness someone invented Bactroban anitbiotic oinment. Hope everyone is doing well.
Thank you
Thank you mam

I am 25 days post op. My boobs are settling like...

I am 25 days post op. My boobs are settling like they are suppose to. The left one seems to be riding a tiny bit high so I am massaging the heck out it. I do the massages upwards of 10 times a day. The left breast incision is looking much better. There is a scab on it now. I am still cleaning it at least 4 times a day with Perioxide and keeping in smothered in Bactroban antibiotic ointment. The scar on the right breast looks great.

I do not regret going through this at all. Now that the tenderness, tightness, and nipple tenderness is much much better, I am really loving the boobies.
: ) Looking great!

The boobs are looking great. I still have trouble...

The boobs are looking great. I still have trouble sleeping, which is partly due to my husband being deployed. The left breast incision is healed. Wooo Hoo. I am still loving the girls.
Thank you Adiaphoria

I am 31 days out. Everything is going well.

I am 31 days out. Everything is going well.
Holy hell those are some HUGE knockers,LOL...anyhoo, might I ask if they hurt? tHE SKIN LOOKS SOOO STRETCHED and I am curious if it hurts I want to get big boobs too, not that big but big and I am worried about the stretched skin outcome, thanks!
They have been uncomfortable for the first few weeks.I stopped taking the pain medication the evening after and used Tylenol and the muscle relaxer. The tighteness in between my shoulders was horrible.but the what was more bothersum was nipple sensitivity and sleeping at night in a sports bra. The skin is feel more soft and normal as the implants are settling. The nipples are feeling much better also. My veins are still popping out but I am sure that will go away eventually. I had a few days were I hated them and wished I hadn't gone with the 650 HP silicone.

I am still loving the girls. I don't think they...

I am still loving the girls. I don't think they look like they are a Double D, it could be because I see them daily. I hope when they are completely healed, I will be. I am only 4 weeks out, so I am still optimistic and healing.
Hey girl...They look HUGE!!! No worries- they will drop and fluff around the 3 month mark and look even better. Keep your chin up.
Ummmmmmm you think that you don't have a DD? You must be blind. lol I am wearing a D cup with 500 cc Misty...We are so going to get you sized!!
Missmisty you look FABULOUS!!! I'm jealous!!! Hehe You look like a DD if not larger!! I'm just 2 weeks post op, and of coarse if I did it all over I would have at least got 500cc's!!!! I love your look!! I have 435cc's, my biggest issues has been the sleeping! I am a stomach sleeper and even sleeping on my side is uncomfortable! Mornings have been the worst! I feel really sore when I wake up! I've heard some others refer to it as "morning boob"! Lol Can't wait to sleep on my tummy again! Merry Christmas to us!!! :)

I went and got measured at Victoria Secret. She...

I went and got measured at Victoria Secret. She thinks in a few months when the girls are finished settling I will be Triple D/F. Lord I hope not. I am now going thru the phase of why did I do this? Don't get me wrong I like the girls, but I was fine the way I was. :(
Hi missmistyl. I have to say,you look great and your incisions look amazing. Are you using anything on them? I had my surgery on September 5th and while my incisions have flattened out, they are still a mediocre purple. It's odd to read that you had wished you went smaller when so many others wish they went larger. Me, I went as large as I could with the skin I had available (500cc). Somedays, I want larger but I have found that if I put a push-up bra on that eases my mind.
I go thru spurts of loving them and hating them. I guess that will subside.I have been on emotional roller coaster lately. I guess once I start wearing regular bras I will love them again. I rub cocoa butter on the incisions twice a day. I also use stuff called Tattoo Goo, which is full of vitamins. I got it when I had 2 tats covered up and a new one. It works fabulous and so does the cocoa butter. I went from a 34B to 36DD (650HP Silicone under the muscle)
Hi babe. Maybe not. Those girls who measure don't always know. Remember the bras run small at VS.

I had a 6 week post op visit yesterday. I am a bit...

I had a 6 week post op visit yesterday. I am a bit aggreviated that the last 2 times that I have had appointments, I have seen his nurse instead of him. The last I checked, I paid for the MD and not the nurse. The nurse said that the girls are settling nicely. I go back in 3 months for more pictures. I hope I get to see the MD instead of the nurse.

My husband has been home from Afghanistan for 3...

My husband has been home from Afghanistan for 3 weeks and absoluetely loves the girls. I told him three days ago I wanted to go bigger than 650 cc. He looked at me like I was high. I love my DDs.
They look awesome!! Makes me think im not going big enough! Lol
I was wondering if VS sizes shrank! I have always been an A sometimes a B then I bought bras recently at VS...now they're saying I'm a C....NO WAY am I a C cup!

I am almost 4 months post op. I told my hubby a...

I am almost 4 months post op. I told my hubby a few weeks ago that I think I want to go a tad bigger in a year or so. I am a 36 DD in Victoria, but a F from figleaves.com. It is all good but I have big boobs that I have always wanted :)
Boobs looked great back then. How are they now? I bet they're even better, plz update us soon.
They look great. I will post pics later.

9 months

I am 9 months out. The girls look great. I sometimes think I want to go back in and go a tiny bit bigger. I will post pics later.
Awesome, thank you.

9 month pictures

I am extremely happy with my results. I think from time to time of going back and having them enhanced a little bit more, but I think I will hold off for a while.
You look bigger than me and I have 800cc high profile gels! You look great!
Kansas Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is very good at what he does. To say he is a perfectionist is an understatement. I am glad that I was referred to him by a friend who had a procedure by him. After doing my research I found he had great reviews, which was a huge plus and not to mention he is a board certified ENT also. I will be recommending him to friends.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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