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Extended Tt, MR, and Lipo of Flanks - Salem, OR

Hi Ladies! I'm a 31 year old mother of 3 -...

Hi Ladies! I'm a 31 year old mother of 3 - three year old twin girls and a one year old boy. The twin pregnancy left me looking like I am 6 months pregnant b/c of the stretched out muscles....plus I have a lot of extra skin. I'm excited about my upcoming surgery in just a few days.

My doctor seems really fabulous. I feel super comfortable with him. I did interview a few others first, but knew right away that I found the right one when I met Dr. Leonard. My husband is super supportive - he knows I hate looking preggo. I would like to lose 5-10 lbs after, but I am not overweight. Coiuldn't decide on 'fixing' my boobies, so we figured it wasn't the right time. We'll see how I feel after the tt. My inner thighs could really use some lipo too...but I'll give it a year of running first and see what happens.

I used to be critical of plastic surgery (before kids, as a cute and tiny 21 year old...those days are long gone haha), and now I feel like such a hypocrite. I am much more open minded now lol - and try to apply that to all aspects of life. I am only worried about not being there with my kids all the time (especially holding the baby, who is a total momma's boy), the drains and the nausea. I love reading everyone's stories - they are truly encouraging and inspirational during this time of so many mixed emotions! Natalie

I am now 4.weeks post op. A brief look back: I...

I am now 4.weeks post op. A brief look back:
I went home the day after surgery. Made it up the stairs and into the recliner. I slept in the recliner for almost 2 weeks. I had drains in for 12 days. One was not painful when removed, the other was - but only because the opening was already irritated. I bever bruised or oozed from lipo. I am still sore and somewhar swollen. I have a few more days of wearing the compression garment...thank goodness!I am really happy with the results - just waiting to see how my belly button turns out. Its a bit bigger than I expected (I did not ask for a small one or anything, and I may have some scar tissue that sticks out a bit. I will ask at my next appt - but I think it is still too early to tell. Overall, very happy. Will try to post some pics soon!

7 weeks po: Still very happy - finally the...

7 weeks po: Still very happy - finally the swelling from lipo is down, but the areas are still sore. Still pretty swollen in the front all over the abdomen. Scar looks great - very low and very thin. My energy levels are nearly back to normal. Would do this again in a heartbeat!!

No sure why pictures are so small and blurry.....

no sure why pictures are so small and blurry...will try to get new ones when I get the chance
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How did your belly button turn out? I feel mine is too big, about the size of a quarter. I'm 4 weeks PO. I am so depressed about it.
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Ur before & after pics are awesome! Big transformation!! ;)
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You look fantastic Natal!!
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Thanks!! :)
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Hey there! Hope things are going well for you!
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You're had surgery with Dr. Dann Leonard too?!? I am as well on the 31st of this month! I won't riddle you with questions as you're so newly post op but, how did it go?!? :)
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Great...how did yours go?? How are you feeling? Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need any support! natalochka@sbcglobal.net

I love Dr. Leonard - he has been great - he cracks me up!!
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Surgery went great, was shocked at how much pain I was in when I woke up from surgery, made me wish I had decided to stay the night! I'm really happy with my results so far, just within the swelling would leave me alone! Lol. My belly button has a weird bump thing on it too! I actually work with dr. Leonard's brother in law and their personalitys are very similar, he cracks me up!!!
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HOPE everything went well today!!!!
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Wishing you the best :)
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Best wishes and some healing vibes for you for tomorrow! You'll be done before you know it and waking up in recovery! :-)
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Best of luck for tomorrow! You will be perfect! let us know how it all goes :) xox
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Thanks for the words of encouragement Katma....I needed them! :)
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Best wishes tomorrow- you are going to be just fine! I was so nervous by the time yesterday morning rolled around. I kept thinking about my kids, why am I doing this, the money, etc. Really just worried about something happening. Let me tell you, the anxiety leading up to the surgery was energy wasted. It was over quickly, and I was awake in the recovery room! Had a great night of sleep last night and have not been in too much pain today. I just took a peek at my tummy and I am thrilled! You will be, too. I will look forward to hearing how well things went for you:-)
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This surgery is truly going to change your life, Natalie! Best of luck to you on Wed for a smooth, pain-free surgery!!
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Thanks ladies....I can't believe it's really happening - and so soon!!
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GOod Luck!! Cant wait to hear about everything!
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