Didn't Get a New Belly Button but Skin is Tight - Salem, MA

Skin is tight, but my belly button looks horrible....

Skin is tight, but my belly button looks horrible. It is odd shaped and right above it you can still see my old hernia.

I asked my doctor why I didn't not get a new belly button and he said he thought rather than giving me a new scar this was a better option. I am very unhappy.

I am 1 month post-op from a mini tummy tuck. I was told I was getting my xtra skin removed and a new belly button. Would a umbilicoplasty help correct this? I am meeting with him next week and I want to go prepared.


I wish I could see your before photo so I could compare to mine....I am nervous about my belly button being stretched down. My surgery is scheduled on March 3rd. I don't have stretch marks above my navel like you do but again very worried about how my belly button will look afterward
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I ended up having the whole thing re-done and I am...

I ended up having the whole thing re-done and I am so much happier. When he detached my belly button he was able to pull the skin much further down. This helped to get rid of more stretch marks. They are now low enough that I can wear a bikini. I have a scar around my belly button, but it is not that bad. Well worth the trade off!!!!


Im glad he redid that for you, its so wild how every doc seams to be different. my doctor told me that I could have a mini tt but that my belly button would then look to low and that I should have a full tt and when a full tt is done the belly button is cut and moved.
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Much better! Congrats!
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How far post op were you in the last photo?
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