Mommy Makeover After 2 Pregnancies (29 Years Old)

Here are some before pics...I can't believe I am...

here are some before pics...I can't believe I am posting these, I don't even allow my husband to see how horrible my belly looks. But, i figured it would be good to see especially when i am in pain or having second thoughts about having gone through with the surgery. I will remember how terrible I looked before. Maybe it will help someone else who is feeling i guess its for a good cause. I am realistic I know my stretchmarks won't all disapear but at this point anything is better then what i have now. I'll definately post some after pics as well. I week to go before my big day!!!!!Here goes nothing...

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Today is my first day home after my mommy makeover...

Today is my first day home after my mommy makeover - done yesterday 3/24/10. I am so happy the results couldn't have been any better i think. I didn't get the pain pump but surprisingly i don't have much pain. What bothers me the most are my breast and that is more of a dull achy kind of pain nothing unbearable - i can't really feel my belly, i do feel unfomfortable and a little sore but i am taking percocets for the pain and that is working great for me. Ofcourse i can't move around as much but i am very lucky to have such great supportive hubby, he is doing a great job taking care of me. As for the results - at first i must admit i was disappointed when i looked at my breast i thought they could have been bigger (mind you i was bandaged bandaged up when i thought this) i am such a dope, because when i finally got to see them without the bandages i realized the size is just perfect for me, i can't wait for them to drop and i get to see the final result. As far as my belly OMG my stretchmarks are gone! i didn't think it was possible but they are (ok well maybe with the exception of a few very tiny light ones,that are barely noticible) compared to what i had before it is truly a miracle. My incision is very low and clean looking, i am actually looking forward to the summer...... My doctor is the best!!!! I will post after pics very soon.

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I am super excited! I have been wating for this...

I am super excited! I have been wating for this for 10 years. I am 29 years old and my kids are 10 and 5. I gained 70 pounds with my oldest and when i went into the hospital to give birth to my 5 year old i weighed 200lbs, mind you this is coming from someone who before children was a size 5 sometimes 3, i am currently 5'6 145. My babies both weighed over 9lbs, so i have extensive stretching, non exsistant stomach muscles and hideous stretchmarks that go almost all the way to the bottom of my breasts.I wanted to wait until i was done with having kids and ofcourse had to get the money together - So that time has finally come!

I consulted with 2 other doctors before deciding on my current one. He was not as flashy as the other ones (especially the first one, who made me feel totally uncomfortable and wanted to charge me tons of money and tried to talk me into getting a bunch of stuff done, i left there with lower self esteem then when i went I think i made the right choice, he is very experienced, older and was very patient and took the time to explain everything with great detail, not to mention the price is right up my alley!

I am having a tummytuck and saline breast implants under the muscle, inframmary incision, no lipo - although i was hoping to have some lipo on my hips and flanks and the other 2 doctors i met with said i should - my current physician advised me against it and said he doesn't like to perform both tummytuck and lipo of that area at the same time because he said it can lead to more bleeding, nerve damage etc. He said most women find that after a tummy tuck they don't need lipo after all or are able to work it off and if i am still unhappy about it i can always have it done at a later time...i was glad he was honest but i sure do hope he is right.

I am geering up for my procedure i feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!I will post before and after pics very soon. I just have to say this site has been great i have learned so much and so many of my questions have been answered.


Looking good! All the best in your recovery!
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Look at you go! Thanks for the pics. Hope your recovery is going well and that you heal quickly.
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looks soooooooo great! I wish I could have gotten rid of all my stretchmarks!! Jealous!! Ha! good luck in recovery chica!
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3/30/2010 Day 6 update - i had my drains removed...

3/30/2010 Day 6 update - i had my drains removed yesterday, my right one was painless it just felt really weird. My left one was a little more painful but tolerable - it was more of a burning sensation but only lasted about 5 seconds. I am feeling remarkably good, i am so surprised. However my breasts are very uncomfortable especially my left one - the muscle is super sore and it feels harder then the right. My doctor said this is perfectly normal and not to worry about it. I had 330cc filled to 340cc ( i love the size, not too big and not too small) saline implants inserted under the muscle. I go next monday to have my stiches removed, i can't wait! I am also heading back to work next monday. I am no longer taking pain killers just an extra strentgh tylenol here and there and my job is mostly sitting. I wish i had done this sooner, i am so happy with my results even though all of my stretchmarks are not gone. It looks so much better then before, i am so excited for summer to come and i look forward to shopping.


Thanks for the updated photos. You're looking amazing.
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Glad you are happy, GREAT RESULT. From MIAMI Dr. B
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Day 13 - Today was my first day back to the office...

Day 13 - Today was my first day back to the office (i was working from home all last week). I feel good physically just really really sore, still not walking completely upright, mentally is a whole nother story. Yesterday i saw my doctor to remove some sutures, I am a bit concerned because the insicion looks rather strange right at my hips, i wonder if it will look normal once it heals or if its "dog ears" i am not sure what they look like but i have heard a lot of people refer to it. My doctor wants to see me in a month. On another note i think i may be going to through the post surgery blues that i keep hearing people mention. It hit me yesterday like a ton of bricks when i had to get dressed to go to he doctors office, none of my clothes fit me and not in the good way that i was hoping (too big) everything is too small, i can't even button my pants up (how is that possible when i was able to button them up before  when i had my big gut?) and lets not even talk about  the fact that my thighs feel humongous my pants are super tight over my upper thighs. I was telling myself this can't possibly be true, then i went ahead and made a bigger mistake of weighing myself ugh! 3 pounds more then the day i returned from the hospital! So i marched into my doctors office in my husbands sweat pants, ready to cry, i asked how could this be? I knew i would experience some swelling but i feel huge, this is not good. what am i supposed to wear to work? I can't show up in sweats. He told me  everything looked great and that the scars are healing nicely, he also told me to calm down the swelling was normal and that i wouldn't see the full results for 6 months!!! 6 months?! is he insane? :( can someone please tell me if the swelling does in fact take 6 months to subside? what about my upper thighs is that normal? or am i just getting fat from being home? I have been eating good, and he even told me i could work out lightly (ie walking, eliptical) which i started doing over the weekend. Is there anything i can take for the swelling, besides the obvious like drinking lots of water, etc.? As far as going to work this morning, it was a little bit of a challenge finally finding something to wear, i finally decided on a navy skirt suit (skirt zippered half way up, in the back,  thank goodness the suit jacket covered it up.) I am also still wearing my binder so i had to wear something that would cover that up as well. I ordered a stage 2 compression garment, i am just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Driving in went ok, my breasts are still sore and high but not too bad,  they have gotten softer which is great. i did have to pace myself more then usual walking to my office building (which is kind of a challenge, in Boston with everyone whizzing by in the morning rush). I had to take 2 tylenol half way through the day because i was starting to feel a bit sore. by the time i got home i was totally exhausted and even more swollen then i was this morning. i don't even want to think about the fact that i have to do it all again tomorrow. I just can't help but feel a bit disapointed, i read up so much on this before my surgery that i thought i was mentally prepared and knew that i would experience some swelling, i just didn't think it would be this bad. I still feel like i have to cover my stomach when i sit down and suck it in when i am walking around, i really do hope it looks better in the end. I don't want to feel all this money spent was for nothing, i already feel guilty for spending it on myself... Any advice is very much welcomed. thanks!


hello... our storeis are so similar iam also 29 and have been waiting for my tummy tuck for 10 yrs now my daughter is als 10 .. i jus have her... she ismy everythin.. but my body has never been the same since ive had her .. i have treid all the dies tand excersise and have come to realize it will never go back without help.... so my surgery is not till feb 3 2011.. plse let me know how u are doing.. i hope your doing great iam worried about all the swelling that i hear:( thanks again for your story:)
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Hi, I read your post and your story is very similar to mine. I can relate being 29 and huge. I am having surgery on April 19th and like you, I have done a lot of research but this is the first time I come across that after a month there is still swelling and I won't be able to fit into the clothing that I am currently wearing! I'm in shock! From the people that I met that have had lipo and/or tummy tuck they highly recommend a compression garmet 1 size too small (if you're L then purchase M) and lymphatic massages at least twice a week. There are anti-inflamatory pills to reduce swelling and arnica is an amazing cream that will also help with your bruising. I agree with akasha that you need to be lazy. I know it is tough but sleep as much as possible and never get to the point of feeling pain, keep yourself on pain meds. You will look amazing...and yes, i have heard that results will be in 6 months! PS - I don't see your before and after pics????...
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its normal, but you are doing too much - it swells so much more when you go overboard. I would NOT be working at the stage your at. I am a month now & I still cant fit into my jeans, one pair of fat jeans- thats it. BUT- I did start to see how its going to look since the swelling has subsided more in some areas & its cool. You will be thrilled- I can see how its better for you already. Emotionally its bad for you right now, but I started feeling better at almost 4wks so just hang in there & let yourself be lazy. Wear Spanx or something like that, they are helping me with swelling, the back & the scars..
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Staff was friendly, professional and very accomodating. Doctor was patient and very informative and also very professional. He answered all of my questions and had a wonderful bedside manner. He was awesome, i would recommend him a million times to anyone

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