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Just some basic info about myself, I'm 5'8" and...

Just some basic info about myself, I'm 5'8" and 155 pounds, 32 years old. I like my body but am super insecure about my breasts.
I've definitely felt out of balance for as long as I can remember, having one breast that's an A cup and one B... always buying padded bras to fit the B cup and kind of just letting the little A hang out in the other cup. As I've gotten older my hips have gotten wider too, which I wouldn't mind at all except that my breasts haven't changed size at all. One of my friends got implants last year, and it really opened my mind to the possibility that this is something that I could do to. Hers look beautiful!

I really made the decision to be proactive quickly, calling around for consults and talked to my friend with the great implants to see where she went. I ultimately only had one consult a couple of days ago (at Mass General), and I really liked the doctor a lot. He had some great examples of his work, and he was really compassionate. He also seemed genuinely excited to do this procedure for me!
So far things have fallen into place really easy -- doctor had a cancelation this coming 13th, during the 1 week period I have free between jobs. It was pretty much, get the surgery during this period or wait till some time next year when I can get a vacation. So I signed the forms, gave a deposit, and now I'm just waiting it out! 11 more days... I am so nervous and excited, it's been keeping me up at night.
I'm going to try really hard to not tell many people, because I don't want to deal with the disapproval and I really want to stay in a positive place about this. I don't think it's going to greatly change my life, I just think it has the potential to change my attitude towards my body for the better. I'll post more as I get closer to the date, then of course after.

Oh yeah, I think I am getting two fairly different implants, both silicone, a 400cc high profile on the right and somewhere in the 300cc's moderate profile on the left. Inframammary because of the small nipple on the right (and I'm too tall for him to comfortably go through the armpit). I hope to be a full C... never imagined that could be possible :)

Hi pear your boobs won't be small for long and I hope that your doctor continues to work with you on all your concerns. you sound comfortable with him. There is lots of good advice here, and welcome!
You boobs looks great, perky like a teenagers lots of guys love that,lol...but yeah Imlike you now just not as perky :( goodluck.

I'm very excited for you! Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. I truly hope you love your results! Looking forward to reading more about you as your day gets closer.


Hey girls! I was just wondering if anyone out...

Hey girls! I was just wondering if anyone out there had experience with getting two different types of implant profiles like I'm most likely getting? I mentioned earlier that the doctor wants to do a high profile on my right and a moderate profile on my left. I haven't really noticed anyone on here with after pics who had had a similar type of procedure... so, if you've done it, let's hear about it :) Thanks!
Oh yeah, and I told a group of like, 8 of my friends last night about my BA, (even though I wasn't going to tell anyone else), and they are all really wonderful and that was a relief and it felt great to have such sweet friends :)
Your breasts look very similar to mine! My BA is scheduled for next Thursday the 9th. I'm excited and nervous as well and have also been losing sleep over it! Kinda wish it was sooner so I could get some sleep! Lol
oh my gosh, less than 1 week! Are you totally preoccupied or what?! I really feel for people that have to wait a long time between their consults and their operations. Must be nerve wracking. I saw on your page that you are also getting an areola reduction? That sounds interesting... one of mine is (obviously) bigger than the other, but I didn't even ask the doctor about a reduction. I guess I'm just kind of accepting that they won't ever be identical, but they can be a hell of a lot better. Good luck, I'll be looking forward to your updates!
Yes, my right is larger than my left, so he is going to go ahead and correct it, and he is also going to cut an ugly mole off my chest that I've had my whole life! Happy about that too! I wish I could post a pic but can't figure out how to do it from this iphone!

One more week to go! This time next week and I'll...

One more week to go! This time next week and I'll be in surgery! Woo, I'm excited. Starting to wonder though if I should ask someone else to bring me though. My best friend said she would, but she's been really unsupportive and I'm not sure if that's good to have around on the big day. My mom offered to come up, but she lives 3 hours away, and we have to travel two hours further from here AND be there at 6am. She's amazing though, I just might take her up on it. I'm actually considering just going back home with her so I have someone to take care of me for a few days... from reading people's experiences on here, it seems like you really need that, and I don't think I have that here! What if I get trapped in bed??!

So, I have surgery on Monday and then start a new job on Friday. Hopefully I'll be in good enough shape to do this! yikes! I started taking arnica this morning to get a jump on the bruising/swelling. I feel like I will definitely have to make up some kind of ailment, like maybe I cracked a couple of ribs?

I keep looking at bras online and daydreaming...
Had same situation with one A and other a B tired of padded bras all my life and had saline inplants under muscle done August 6 and first couple of days were the worst. now Saturday doing much better. NO regrets and I know it will get better. I am 69 and want to be happy and not have seat belts slide off as no cleavage to hold them in pace..LOL
Best of luck and my prayers for good surgery to all...
Byebyepear, I know what you’re dealing with; I too am having trouble sleeping. My surgery is scheduled for September 5th so I have a ways to go. I have put a countdown on my Facebook page and I must have been on RealSelf most of this past weekend. I was worried too about people judging me and disapproving. I work at a community college in the Bursar’s office and told the women in my department and those in Enrollment Services since we see each other daily. I thought if I told them, it would eliminate the whispers following the procedure. To my surprise everyone has been so supportive I can’t get over it.

Well, tomorrow is the big day! My OR time is...

Well, tomorrow is the big day! My OR time is scheduled for 7:30 am. My mom is coming to take me really early in the morning... I am so lucky to have such a supportive and helpful mother! I'm not gonna lie, I am really nervous for a few reasons, mainly that:
1. I won't wake up, and will die from getting cosmetic surgery!
2. they will still be really uneven
3. they will come out looking worse than they do going in
4. that I will have a really tough time healing and won't be prepared to go to work on Friday, when I start my new job.
I am very excited though, I can't believe this is finally happening. Wish me luck! I'll update as soon as I can after the surgery to let you all know how it's going.
Pear, I'm thinkin' of you all day tomorrow! You'll be posting tomorrow night and feeling groggy.

Hey everyone! So, I actually had my surgery this...

Hey everyone! So, I actually had my surgery this past monday. Everything went well and I honestly feel like I couldn't have had a better experience. I went into the hospital at 6:30am, at which point I was shown to my own little 'cubicle' where they put me in a reclining chair with a hot blanket. Then an anesthesiologist came and talked to me for a little bit and put in an IV, which I really didn't feel at all! She was great! The doctor came in after that, and he marked my breasts and we talked a little about size. Basically we decided I wanted 'biggish' boobs, but proportional. The anesthesiologist came back in and gave me something to relax me (which was awesome), and they wheeled me into the OR - I believe it was around 7:30am. And ....
I woke up in the recovery room at about 10:30 I think, immediately felt my boobs! You know how it is! I was happy with the way they felt (and looked, from what I could see). I was in recovery for a couple of hours, but I honestly felt great, considering, and they let me leave at 12:30. I recuperated at my moms until Thursday, and during that time I've definitely gone through a lot of feelings both physically and emotionally (physically, I was really nausiated and had a terrible headache all wednesday into thursday afternoon). They were definitely sore on tuesday, but I took my last percocet tuesday night, so they obviously haven't felt that bad. However, they feel huge! I think there is a lot of psychological adjustment that comes along with BA, and I am really going through that right now. I know they are swollen, but damn! I have to wear really loose shirts because otherwise I feel ridiculous. I wish I could have done this in the fall, but this was really the only time. I guess the doctor put something like 480 in the right and 390 in the left... quite a difference! It does feel great to have two boobs that are much closer in size.
So.... so far so good, but seriously, woah! I hope they go down some and soon. They are quite big on the sides as well. But, like I said, I know that a lot of what I'm dealing with here is psychological and I just need to ride it out. I am looking forward to a month from now and having some more perspective, and just generally being more comfortable. Heyo, boobs!
Hey byebyepear! I felt exactly the same about the hugeness! It is such a change for me from having not really anything to a whole a lot something. I think it will take some time to get used to, but I feel much better today. Hope everything is going well! Your post op pics are looking great!
Same here I did not have but one button down thing.. I bought a lounge PJ dark blue floral
and wore it to outpatient surgery center and for the coupleof days after at home wro the top with shorts or pants as it just looked like a nice shirt. After two days put a loose knit shirt or tank top on and you will be fine.. end of week went to chirch in regular cllothes and the sport bra from PS center and now feel great just have to do massages. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to do this. Just do it and best luck and prayeres ia msure you will be happy you did.
Pear, you look great, nice and even on both sides. Congratulations. Your comment about wishihg you had waited until fall has me feeling good about scheduling mine for September 5 (right around the corner). My problem is going to be that I do not wear a lot that buttons or zips but it is all baggy as I've been trying to hide what I haven't got for years.

Thanks for the update.

Ugh, I had to work all day catering yesterday (6...

Ugh, I had to work all day catering yesterday (6 days post-op), and ended up carrying trays all evening. I tried really hard to only carry things that were light, but even so.... I am worried about complications. I wish that I could have taken more time off! Hopefully that's the last time I have to overtax myself for a while (typically I won't be catering), but even so, I'm really worried that I f'ed up my recovery somehow. This morning my boobs feel about the same, maybe a little tighter though.
One of the girls at my PS office had her saline one for 13 years and still look great. I hope mine last that long as near 70 I will be 80 and happy so I would do it again...just wish I did it a few years ago...I feel so much more confident and feminine. Neveer put off doing what you want ..I am happy I fanally di it. Best luck to all
i,ve wanted to do this for years i decided I'm just gonna do it asap.Do any of you ladies know anyone who has had their implants for 10 years or more? I've heard that the life span is about that long but it seems to me as long as no problems come up they should last longer{silicone} any help guys? i dont want to have to have a re do in 10-15 years
I read a great book called "the scoop on breasts" by a Dr. that has performed over 5000 BAs. Paraphrasing, he said your implants are not like cars and don't need a 10000 mile check-up. He had one patient that wanted to go bigger after 15 years and the old implants looked exactly the same as the day he put them in 15 years before. I loved this book, it really set my mind at ease and was funny to boot! Barnes & Noble 7.99 for reading on the iPad.
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