Got Them out (After 24 Years)!

Sooo sick of my big boobs. Will edit site after I...

Sooo sick of my big boobs. Will edit site after I upload pictures - I lost my original post before I uploaded :)

Age now: 45. First augmentation age: 21 (5'9, 125lbs). Original size 34B. Size now 34D (140lbs). Nursed 4 children after augmentations. (Yep augmentations!) Never had a problem with original size; just wanted my boobs to look more similar. sigh.

Love this site - wish I could have found it years ago, would have had these suckers taken out a LONG time ago! I want to be small, wear normal bra's, have shirts fit again, sleep on my tummy and sides; just don't want to be saggy or have one boob look so different than the other...

Not nervous about surgery or pain. Just tired of waiting...

Will post more before surgery when I have time...

More to the story: I got 200's 25 years ago after...

More to the story:
I got 200's 25 years ago after one child. After left saline implant deflated was convinced to go way bigger 600cc's. Hated the size from the start. Only lasted about 6 years and begged the doctor to get them out. He said I wouldn't like it, but would go smaller. Went down to 425's he said because the pocket was too big. Had 425's sloshing around for about 8 years or so. Had twins and a singleton with those in. Those caused me problems with breast feeding and to get the milk out had to use a hospital grade breast pump. Right after the birth of my youngest, I developed a golf ball sized lump. My family doctor and OB/GYN had HORRIFIED looks on their faces when they felt it and said they had never come across a lump that size. We thought it was cancer. They recommended getting the lump and the implants removed ASAP. Got the lump removed (no cancer cells detected!) and went to get implants out - yes! Plastic surgeon said I wouldn't like results...

Story continued from above: Can you believe it???...

Story continued from above: Can you believe it??? Again, it was said to me that I wouldn't like the results. I was upset, but said, ok then I want to be a B cup. Small small small. I told him that. This was just last year; March of 2011. So I went in for a lift and a replacement with what I thought would be small implants. I came out with lifted breasts, one higher than the other and 350cc implants! I was so upset at the size, I thought - why won't these doctors go smaller??? The doctor had to do some major repairs on the pocket to make them smaller to accommodate the smaller implant. I was in surgery for 5 hours. He does high quality work, but I seriously think that plastic surgeons are no used to women who want their implants out and are ok with smaller breasts - they are mostly used to women who want to go bigger. I don't think they truly listen like they should. I know I should have emphasized my feelings more to let him know that I want my small boobies back...

On a 3 month post op visit, he saw how my implants...

On a 3 month post op visit, he saw how my implants were sitting. And knew I needed more pocket repair and a more serious uplift on my left boob, so one more surgery was needed...sigh (July 2011). It has been just over a year since that revision. Guess what? Scar tissue is building up on my right side now and squeezing it up to my collar bone. Are you kidding me??? Do I really have to focus on my boobs AGAIN? It actually hurts though. It is affecting my life. I am acutely aware of that painful implant every time I pick up my little ones, work out, wear lower cut blouses...

(Ladies, so sorry for all the 'updates' I kept...

(Ladies, so sorry for all the 'updates' I kept losing my original post, so I had to do it this way...)

I visited my plastic surgeon again and he said, yep, I have capsular contraction. He gave me options, replace or remove. REMOVE. Get me out of this never ending situation!

Surgery is tomorrow. I have purchased a real nice recovery bra (by Amoena) with a front closure; it has attachable velco pockets that will hold my drain tubes in size 34 a/b. Before surgery tomorrow, I am going to gently remind my surgeon that I have paid for 2 lifts within the last 18 months, so please 'perk up' my boobies after the implant/pocket removal. I am going to ask him to let a nurse look at me to double check the results. I feel a woman knows how boobies are supposed to sit on the body more than any guy does - surgeon or not.

Believe it or not, I was never unhappy with my original size. Just with the serious size difference and sag on the left side. I am envious of small boobies; I can't wait until shirts fit properly again. I want to sleep on my sides and tummy again. I want to stand up straight again. AND a big thank you to all the ladies posts) (with pictures especially that have given me confidence in making my decision to remove my implants! Well, that is my way too long ugly breast implant story. I should have never done it in the first place!

Hi all - thanks a bunch for the well wishes and...

Hi all - thanks a bunch for the well wishes and yes, my poor boobs have been through a lot :( I feel like I should ask them why they even want to be my friend anymore. They just stick around and go with the flow! And I am so happy I get to leave them alone after this. Man, I really wish I had these reviews available to me when I wanted them out 15 years ago!

So, I got the pre-surgery call and I have to show up at the Doctor's office at 11:30a. No food or water since midnight. I will probably have a splitting headache from caffeine withdrawals (I have a nice strong cup or 2 in the morning every day). I feel sad that I have to hide out from my little ones right after surgery; I am just very nervous that they will want to climb and jump on me. I want my muscles to glue back to my ribcage as quickly as possible. I will update soon!

Hi ladies! It's over!!! Had surgery yesterday and...

Hi ladies! It's over!!! Had surgery yesterday and will try to post information that you would want to know...

I feel great; This surgery is way less painful than the augmentation. Have drain tubes in because I had a capsulectomy. I look so flat and LOVE it. Being smaller does take years away from your look. I won't get a peak at them until my post-op this Friday. To get the tubes removed I have to be under 25 cc's of fluid per day. I am able to work at home, so I don't think I will have to hide the bags from my coworkers when I return to work.

The surgery took 2 hours and my PS and nurse said all went well. What they didn't say was that they looked good ;) Well how could they right? Anyway, no matter what I have overwhelming happiness to be free of them. I will need to retrain myself to stand up straight.

My surgery bra impressed the doctor and the nurse - they said they are going to consider using that one in stead of the current one they use. It is way more supportive. See: Amoena bra, product number 2160 . I will probably use it for quite awhile after surgery and healing - it is so comfortable. I tried on the 34 c/d pre-surgery and bought the 34 a/b for post surgery and it fits perfectly. The straps are also adjustable. Drain balloons fit right into the removable pockets (pockets come separately). Since I wasn't using insurance, I asked for a discount on the bra. I didn't get the discount on the bra, but I got the pockets for free.

Here is the exact bra: I also ordered the 'Handful Bra' in small. It got great reviews, has good support and has inserts. I will wear this to work, so I can disguise my size difference (!).

I will be posting another picture with my bra and drain tubes very soon...

Too be continued!

Day after implant removal...

Day after implant removal...

2 days post-op. Pain is very managable; I take on...

2 days post-op. Pain is very managable; I take on Percocet every 5 hours. I have a post op appt this Friday. Drain tubes are still draining fluid. In order to get the drains out, the output needs to be less than 25cc's per day for 3 days. So, it will probably be early next week when I get them out...I have clear tape on my breasts to 'reform' them into the right position, so they don't look droopy now. When the tape comes off, I will then be able to see how they sit on my body. Either way I am good with it.

Going into the PS later this afternoon. Fluid is...

Going into the PS later this afternoon. Fluid is still draining, but not very much. What is interesting is that the drain on my right side (the one that sat higher and had CC) has red fluid whereas the left side is a very light peach color. I am not worried, but did mention it to the nurse when she called to check up on me. She said often times the scar tissue is more difficult to remove, so there is a bit more healing that has to be done, hence the darker red color. I have also felt tingling sensations; it is as if some feeling is returning in areas that previously felt numb.

I never needed a recliner after explant, probably since there is no weight on my chest. Super curious about that my boobies are going to look like...

Day 4 post op. Got my drain tubes out at day 3....

Day 4 post op. Got my drain tubes out at day 3. Pain is minimal. Barely taking the Percocet because I want to feel somewhat uncomfortable, so I am reminded to not over do it. I am going to have to figure out how to disguise the size difference! My shoulders still want to be slumped forward from all the years of hiding my big breasts. Feels good to correct myself and stand up straight with my chest out.

Thanks for all the support you all have given me! I will keep posting my healing process. This surgery was totally worth it!!!

Hi Ladies! I'm at 5 days post-op now. Took one...

Hi Ladies! I'm at 5 days post-op now. Took one pain pill last night, my incisions hurt just a touch. I was curious how long the scars are, so I actually measured them. They are 2 1/2 inches long under each breast. I thought they were longer, but what I was actually seeing was the area where the drain tubes were. There are also blue markings (pre surgery marker to line up breasts) still there. So it actually looks like the incisions run under the whole breast, but they don't. The doctor also used a super-glue to close up the external skin; he uses internal stitches as well which dissolve with time. From what I can remember the super glue starts peeling off at around 3 weeks.

I took my first full shower and washed my hair last night. Got my little boobies all soapy and washed the area real good. It was quite a sensation to have my hands glide over that area. My breasts are so soft and warm! I but on a different bra (the Handful bra - love it!) so I could wash the one I was wearing. It is a good thing to have 2 bras to use for after your surgery. It seemed gross to put on the bra I had been wearing for 4 days straight.

I am constantly having to correct my posture from habitually slumping forward to a more proper alignment. I looked at bras yesterday (didn't try any on of course); trying to determine if I am an A or B cup. There are lots of choices for me know! Cute ones too! Once I see a noticeable change in my breasts - I will upload some more pictures. (I looked at pictures constantly before my surgery - they were really helpful!) Still so happy!

Adding new pictures. I am 6 days post op. Feeling...

Adding new pictures. I am 6 days post op. Feeling good. Can disguise smaller chest with pads that came with my Handful Bra. But really, I am not concerned about how small my chest is; I am only concerned about shocking the people who knew me with the Big Ones. hahhaha! I have my button up shirt on right now and the buttons aren't burgeoning at all - oh man I love it!

As far as the pic's go. Don't let the scars fool you, I know from experience, that they die down quite nicely. I have found that the silicone scar strips don't work but massaging with a vegetable oil does. Massaging helps the scars to get soft and lay flat.

So it's been 10 days since removal. I will post...

So it's been 10 days since removal. I will post pictures after my 2 week post op appt this coming Tuesday and let you know what the doc said. I do have to tell you about my trip to Target this morning (!) I went in to find some inexpensive long/short sleeve shirts; my old shirts were purchased b/c they made my boobs look smaller, so now I need shirts to emphasize! Well the lighting in Target's dressing rooms sucks (not as bad as Victoria's Secret though). I really got a look at my new body - holy crap - my boobies are small!!! hahahaha! I can't believe it! Do I still love the fact that I removed the silicone bags? OMG YES. YES. YES.

After the sweaters, I tried on some bras. I used to wear 34D. So, naturally I tried 34A. Well the 34 isn't the same, so all bras were too tight. But to my amazement, I didn't 'quite' fill out the 'A'. Smaller than an A??? Wow! That's new to me! I think I was this size back in the 10th grade. I chuckled, shook my head, put back on my Handful bra and off I went!

Oh ya, I was washing my 3 year old twins up in the shower and my daughter looked up and said to me, "ooooh mama! Pretty booooobies, where did you get those???" Then she poked at them and asked to touch them. I laughed so hard!

Hope something in my post or story helps those women who are curious about implant removal. This site (pictures and stories) were crucial to my decision.

Until next week!

Well it's been 15 days since my surgery. Had 2...

Well it's been 15 days since my surgery. Had 2 week post op appt. He said that everything is healing very well and seemed pleased. Every day I think about how good my chest feels now. Sometimes when I am on the realself site, I check out the BA or Implant threads. When women are questioning what size to go or what profile, or commenting on how unsure they are I want to scream at the top of my lungs, "Go small!!!" I have even started to comment, but I end up deleting it - I just don't want them to think I am bitter towards implants. I am really not; I am all for whatever makes a woman feel good about her body. I am however against doctors suggesting that 450cc high profile implants WILL LOOK NATURAL. right. I heard that one too. Anyhow lovely ladies, I will post any changes, or if I find out helpful information. You all are so encouraging and kind; I really appreciated all the nice comments.

Today is 23 days post op. Will post new pictures...

Today is 23 days post op. Will post new pictures at 1 month. But wanted to mention that I had an ultrasound appointment for my breasts yesterday. My doctor uses the ultrasound on the breasts after surgery. He says it breaks the water molecules up into smaller ones and in turn promotes faster and further healing of the tissues. He suggests 2 times per week for 2 weeks. You ladies might want to ask your doc's opinion on this... Also I have read about post surgery nausea and you should also ask about whether or not they use anti-nausea patches or medication that is put into your anesthesia meds. I didn't have any nausea at all because of this. Just some thoughts to help you ladies out :)

Oh ya, slept on my tummy last night - haven't done that in 24 years!

Oh ya and one more thing, I have a comment to make...

Oh ya and one more thing, I have a comment to make to any doctors that say this to their patients:

eFFF you for telling women that breast implants will make (or made) us look: "more proportionate" or "like I should be in PLAYBOY."


That we will be "DEFORMED" if we remove them (!)

Those doctors need to modify the statements that they make to us...

It has been 2 months since surgery. I posted...

It has been 2 months since surgery. I posted pictures and they are kind of 'in-your-face' sorry about that - must have been zoomed in. I don't think they look too much different from my last ones. The thing that has changed recently is that I can lift weights now and go as heavy as I can without feeling some sore spots from surgery. I truly feel free to work out 100% now. I also finally found a regular bra to fit (just incase any of you are like me and have small wide boobs after implant removal). Try on a Wonder Bra Push up style 7941. I wear a 34 C in that bra. The C cup is very shallow, but the under wire fits perfectly. I don't feel like I am cheating when I wear it because it doesn't make me look large, just not super small. Important for me because I have told very few people about my explant. I have never regretted my decision to remove the bags of lies either. I also feel sexier now that they are gone; I feel authentic now. I hope this review helps women considering this decision to move forward. I don't feel big boobs make a woman sexier - sexy comes from how you view yourself, not how strangers view you. Hugs!

It's been 8 months since no more D's (and now pregnant)

Hey ladies- thought I'd update. Had my implants removed Sept.2012 and am still so happy I did it. I love having a small chest. The other day it was warm outside and I wore a tank top with no bra - a very strange feeling; I felt naked! Last year during the summer I still had the implants and never went anywhere without a bra - ever. Well, the boobs are growing again b/c I am almost 15 weeks pregnant. (I am updating because there maybe younger women thinking about getting implants out who are still in their childbearing years.) I don't know if I will be able to breast feed after all the trauma I have had with my breasts from past surgeries. I can tell you that my boobs are still WAY SMALLER now than when those implants were in. I was told that there is a key nerve that runs from your back to your nipple that is key to the let-down reflex that helps the milk to be released from the breast. I suspect my left side's nerve may be shot, but my right side may still work - so there is a chance that my breasts can still feed a baby. I would be very happy about that. I will keep you ladies updated!

Breastfeeding after removal (from NoMoreD's)

Hi all! Just had my baby 6 weeks ago. So far, I have been able to breast feed her. My left breast, which has had more trauma, doesn't produce very much per feeding, but my right breast is working! Baby is going through a growth spurt and I can't keep up with her milk demand, so I have to supplement approx 5 ounces a day (usually around dinner time). I am so happy that I am having success. I feel guilty for messing with my breasts at such a young age. I know that it is hard to convince a woman to be satisfied with her God-given breasts, but if any ladies are reading this review and considering breast implants - please think again, especially if you have not had babies yet. Think about your (possible) future children and not what your partners think about how you look. Cherish yourself and your original size or what they have become from motherhood and age. Big boobs are so "90's" !!! (Have you seen any recent pic's of Pam Anderson? She may have had hers removed :) Smaller/natural boobs are the best! Warm, snuggly, soft, slimming and more youthful. Hope my review helps anyone choosing to remove their implants - JUST DO IT!

It has been 2 years now!

So, my boobs are still making milk and are larger than when I had them removed. No since putting pictures of them up, but will when I wean baby. I am still VERY happy that I don't have implants and really love being my 'Real Self' now. I never was a big-boob girl. Just didn't like that they were different sizes way back when. I am healing from a tummy tuck (had 6 kids you know ;) so I am on Real Self a little more often now. This board is so helpful and encouraging - it really helps when a woman is deciding whether or not to get her implants removed. You gals are great!
Portland Plastic Surgeon

My OB and family doctor recommended him. He was my mom's plastic surgeon when she had a reconstruction for her lumpectomy (breast cancer).

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Wow you look wonderful!!
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I had collar bone pain also from one after after explant did it take for collar bone pain to fully go away?
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Hi! I had to have some ultrasonic treatments on my muscle after the implants were removed. My PS office did this 'no-charge'...
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Thanks for the info...about ultasound treatment.
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What I like best about your posts is that you are one of the few reviewers whose posts I've read who are seriously happy about having small breasts again, who aren't trying to look as if they still have implants (upper pole fullness) and aren't thinking about further surgery to make you look bigger. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are awesome!
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Thanks! I think the decade of the BIG BOOBS are over! Good riddance! I mean, who are the big boobs for anyhow? Why do we feel that we should look that way? For guys? For other women? When I wear clothes now, I don't feel matronly like I did with my fake gozongas. lol
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Thank you for your story! Loved reading about your journey. I really can relate to it, even though I only had my implants for a little over 4 years. But they are coming out on Friday. What a stupid mistake! And congratulations to your baby. Xxx
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Thank you NoMoreDs for sharing your story....I love how you think! Congrats to your new beautiful, gorgeous self!!!! Your boobies look adorable!
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You look GORGEOUS! Congratulations!
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Thank you!
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Wow..what a story..with your wt and height you actually have a MODELS size breast..and with all that so lucky to not be scared horrible. look great! My explant in next thursday..local lift. Im just tired of lugging these heavy bags around...
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You will love being implant free :) Good luck and I hope you enjoy your natural self :)
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How did your surgery go?
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You really have a great result, did you have any kind of internal lift? The skin retraction is impressive! I'm debating what to do myself - so your results are really positive x
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You really do look incredible!!! Is two months the usual wait time to be able to work out?
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I started working out when my chest felt 'back to normal', I think it was around 6 weeks. I started lightly then increased my weights. So nice to do a chest press without feeling a ripping/tight sensation (from implants)...
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Thanks for sharing! Congratulations with the birth! Happy to hear you are able to breastfeed! Enjoy your baby and your natural self! You are looking great!! Countdown for me now, one week to go!..... Take care!
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You are going to love being implant free - be easy on yourself and give your boobies time to heal with out judging them ;)
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Thanks a lot! I will give them time to heal.... The idea that I am going to be implant free(Wednesday) is still so surreal.... Thanks again!
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Congrats, you look a million x's BETTER!!!! I'm 2 months post explanation myself & LOVING it!!!!
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Congrats on your baby girl...i am also expecting a baby girl due 17th march...very much hoping i can feed with my removal and lift...good thing is i can get colostrum out so thats a hopeful sign certainly going to try. Thanks for the so over my soft squishy
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Awesome! Congrats on your baby!!!
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You are an inspiration! Thank you for your posts. I cannot wait to get these heavy things off my chest in 2 weeks and be the slimmer, natural me. I haven't felt authentic enough to have a relationship since I got these things. Thanks again for the 1 year update and confirming that this is the right decision. All the best and congrats on the baby...:)
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Thanks for the compliments! I just updated my profile. Didn't include pictures, because lactating breasts are the point of this 'removal' review, but will when I am done breast feeding - will be interesting to see what they look like afterwards when compared to my post -op pictures...
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Oh my gosh! You're pregnant?! Congrats! I have been reading this site now and again for months! I really really want my 550 silicones OUT! One is ruptured. But I'm breast feeing my first babe and I want more babies that I can breast feed too. I'm so scared. I've seen 4 surgeons including the implanting surgeon. Three out of the four day leave them alone. I am so scared and torn on what to do. I want them out, but I want to breast feed. I would live to here if you can still nurse when you have your little. Please let me know! You can even PM me. Oh, I hope you can. What u wouldn't give to have small, WARM, functioning-the-way-God-made-them boobs. Please update when you can.
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