When I was 20 I had textured, round implants place...

When I was 20 I had textured, round implants place subglanular to try to correct very asymmetrical breasts. The Dr did a great job and I was very happy for about five years. I went from a 34b (with the left breast being an undeveloped a) to a 34d.
After four pregnancies, two full term and twommiscarriages and twenty pounds of weight gain they are now a 34ddd or 34g depending on the bra. I'm 5'2 and weigh 140 right now, I tend to fluctuate between 135 and 142. I wanted to wait until I we were done having children and then I had to wait to have the money. I'm pretty sure I want a full lift and what I guess would be a reduction on the right because of it being larger and shaped differently. In a bra you can barely tell that there is a size difference but the right has fallen off the implant and sags and once the implants are removed the size difference will still be there.
I have a consultion set up with Dr Elias next Thursday and hope to schedule surgery as soon as possible. We spend a lot of time at the beach, springs, and lake and I'm so looking forward to cute little swimsuits. No more barely squishing into DD suits when I'm lucky enough to find them!


Please excuse the typos. I'm posting from a very finicky phone.
Good luck!!!! The lift will be worth it!
Thank you! Yes, I really do think in my case it will totally be worth it. My right breast needed a lift before and now both can be done to make them more even:)


We ran into tjmaxx last night to look at nail polish and cook wear, while we were there I passed the lingerie and sleepwear row. Oh what beautiful sleepwear for little breasts! Stuff I could never fit into even though I wear a medium. I told my husband we might be in trouble. Lol
Reality hit a bit that soon (well within the next year, once I fully heal. I've had two c sections so I know about major surgery) I'll fit into dainty, lace and baby doll tops. Yay!
Good luck! I'm excited about being small again soon too. I'm not contemplating a lift at this time, so I imagine the first month or so will be a little tough for me while I cross my fingers and hope for the skin to shrink some.
Good luck to you too! I wish I could get away with just the removal for cost and recovery but I was so uneven before and it's just going to be worse 12yrs later. It's amazing how much skin shrinks and the tissue fluffs!
Your excitement is palpable. I can't wait to read about your journey as it unfolds!

Consultation day and surgery date set

Quick update. On our way home and I get car sick if I look down too much.
Consultion went extremely well. Booked surgery for March 14. The countdown begins! I'm so excited! I'll be back with more information soon.
Awesome! I have my consultation to take mine out March 11. I can't wait!! I want them out. I've had them for 3 1/2 years. I regretted it right away but I thought that if I tried to get used to it it would all be fine. But to this day I still want to take them out….Good luck!
March 11th will be here before you know it! I hope your consult goes as well as mine did. I love it when there are no surprises:) good luck to you too!
Thank you. I'm do exited for you. I went out today and bought a couple size 34b wireless bras. I know I can't wear them right away, I don't have a surgery date until the consult but it was done motivation I guess to keep me going.

Day of consultion

Okay here's the not abbreviated version. I know I love reading all the details of others reviews so I'll try to remember all that happened.
Day before.
Got a really sweet reminder call. Probably sounded like a crazy lady because I was so excited.
Day of.
My appointment was at 3:00 but we got there about thirty minutes early due to making better time than I expected. We live about two hours away but I wasn't sure of the exact location so I made sure we had plenty of time.
I handed in my information and a copy of my dl. We talked to Nancy about how close they are to pass a grill beach and how we planned to have dinner there after.
Had a seat, there was one person ahead of me. The Dr soon came and escorted her back. You could tell how she talked and kindly touched her that she wasn't the typical cold doctor.
It was soon my turn. Dr Elias made me feel at ease immediately.
I sat in this huge chair and we went over all of my allergies and the plan of how to handle them. I'm allergic to latex, some adhesives and betadine. We went over all of my medication and medical history.
Then we started talking breasts!
I let her know that I wanted the implants out, a full lift and a reduction of the bigger side. She said that this kind of surgery is becoming more and more popular.
She left the room to make a copy of my current blood work, leaving me a gown to put on.
She came back in, told me she was going to take a look and apologized for her hands being cold.
She spent about 5-10min examining me, explaining what she was doing the whole time. She said that even though my implants are on top of the muscle and kinda large (she was guessing the 300-400 range for the left one. The right one will be smaller. I don't remember what they are.) that I have plenty of tissue, good skin elasticity and what looks like good blood flow. I will need a full anchor lift and a reduction of breast tissue on the bigger breast. She then left to get some pictures and I was able to get dressed.
She brought in a folder of pics just to give is an idea of size. Totally not disappointed but I think at this point I would be thrilled with a double a and I'll definitely have more than that. I was about an a on the left side pre ba and it's gown quite a bit over the years so I'm not worried. I can actually feel where the tissue is and the breast implant starts.
After looking at pics and telling her I was ready to book it today as long as the quote was what we expected we made it down the hall and to the financial office. The quote was what we were expecting so we called and transfered the deposit money into our checking and picked a date. I signed all the paper work, got my prescriptions, my little list of what I need (champion sport bras, gauze, MoM, and a zip up shirt), was told to wear socks (it gets cold), surgery center information and registration info, drain information and all of my pre and post op directions.
I have to be there at 9:00 on a Friday, surgery is scheduled for an hour later, booked for three hours and my first post op appointment is on Monday. They will take out drains and put me in the sports bra and I can take a shower that day when I get home.
I was able to line up full time help for ten days after and then I think my mom is going to fly in to help me. I have a three and five year old.
I'm in the early stages of meal planning. I feel like it's hurry up and wait. Am I missing anything else I might want or need?

Clothed pictures

You are going to look great too mdeluca! How nice that you have real breast tissue! My breasts are all saline and little to no real tissue. I'll adapt though. I'm so excited for you. As mothers, it's so important for us to feel good and be healthy.
How did I miss this comment? :( thank you, I hope I end up looking great! I can't wait for this to be over and me be on my way to healing! With two semi little ones (five and three) I'm stressing about that the worst.
Five and three year olds are still a lot of work. You'll be ok though. My kids are 8, 4 and 9 months and I'm managing.. Tired and sore..but managing better than I expected! ;)

15 days!

Picked up a few things yesterday, gauze, MoM , my medication (pain and Zofran 60$), and a new bottle of Tylenol. One of my wonderful husbands surprised me with a new lightweight zip up jacket when he was out running errands last weekend. Really pretty and perfect! We are going to go pick up my bras this weekend.

I started going through my old bras and picked out seven that were very gently used that I know I won't wear in the next two weeks so I posted on fb asking if any friends could use them free for shipping. They got claimed almost instantly and I think a local friend is coming to pick up a few of my swimsuits that I won't be able to wear anymore. I'm so happy to be passing them on!

I've made a menu and a grocery list for after. I'm making a few casseroles and freezing about 8 crock pot meals just to help out. I don't think we will absolutely need them but better to have them and not stress.

I'm including a few swimsuits pics for comparison later.

Before BA pictures

Went through old photos today and found these. I was pretty good at disguising the unevenness.
Good luck tomorrow... I am 2 days ahead of you. The pain started to kick in about 6 hrs after surgery. Be sure and overlap the pain meds and you should be ok. I have Percocet and every 3.5 to 4 hrs I take one. Sleep is ok as long as you are at an angle on your back. I do have a lot more arm motion than I anticipated with the lift. You'll do great!
Thank you sodone for the tips! I have percocet and I remembered from my c sections to stay on top of the pain pills! Are you sleeping in bed? I've got linens for the couch set out just in case and lots of pillows to prop with. That's awesome you have a lot more arm motion than anticipated! I just walked through the house making sure stuff is low enough for me to reach. Lol
Thanks for all of your helpful comments. Only one more day till your surgery! I have a question; what does MoM mean? I'm having my implants removed on April 11 and I'm gobbling up as much information as I can before my surgery! Good luck to you tomorrow!


Less then 24hrs to go! I was checking in on everyone here and the huge amount of support and love I see on this site is making me cry. I'm so very thankful for everyone here. Just a few years ago when I was looking to explant there wasn't anything like this out there so it was very easy to feel alone and a bit crazy. THANK YOU everyone for your friendship and support!
Now to the frustrating new. I'm allergic to so much so I did a test with the pre op disinfectant soap and thought I was fine but after using it twice I'm reacting to it. It feels like pins and needles or like someone has rubbed me down with sandpaper and it's also irritated my eczema on my nipples. I called the office and they said just to discontinue use and okayed the use of Hydrocortisone cream in the morning. It's not on the incision line but right beside my nipple. Dr Elias told me at my pre op that she wouldn't tape around my nipples so that I can dab meds on them. I'm such a mess and makes me so thankful that I'm finally getting these things out.
I ran in Sams last night to grab a chicken and salad for dinner and they had a stand of gorgeous strapless chevron sun dresses for 16.99 marked down from 108$! I bought a pink and mint green one! I haven't been able to wear a strapless dress in 12yrs. I can't wait!


What a glaring typo. Less than * I'm going to blame the tears:) I'll update again on my way and after or I'll have one of my guys update if I'm not up for it.
Good luck tomorrow on your surgery. Everything will be fine ;-)
Thank you hopez!

On our way

I slept 4 hours last night, so excited! Gotta be there by nine with a two hour drive. This no coffee thing is horrible. Will update when I can. Thank you to everyone for your support!
Hope you are doing well! Not sure what time your surgery was but mine was at 6:30 am so I am home resting now:) A little more pain and a little more involved than I anticipated but doing just fine with pain meds. Wishing you the best recovery and awesome results!..XOXOXO
Hour you are doing well as well! My surgery was at almost 11am and we got home around 5pm. I'm surprised how bad my back hurts. Can not get comfortable :( I just keep telling myself it will be all better soon. Wishing you the best recovery and awesome results! Xoxo
My back has been killing me too and I got my surgery on Monday. Laying on my back is a challenge I'm a belly sleeper.

They are out!

At home now. Got home about two hours ago but was napping on the soft. Just ate a banana and took a pain pill. Dr Elias and the staff were all wonderful and totally put me at ease. Very tender and wobbly but I'm awake. Lol I have baby boobies
I am glad you are home and well. Keep us posted...and of course pics. I will update soon too.
Thank you! I'm about to load a few., can't wait to read your update.
:) super excited for us both

Surgery day pictures

Have more pictures but they are my husbands phone. I'll post them later

One more

I am so happy for you!!! Great to be on this side of it:). I am glad you had a good experience. Now it's time to be patient and heal :). My explant was 3 months ago and it was soooo worth it! Happy healing!!!
Thank you for the sweet words! I don't think it could have gone better. My surgeon said it would be life changing and I truly believe that it will be:) I'm much better at being patient with the healing verses with waiting for the actual surgery. Lol feels so good to be on the other side!
Yay.. so excited for you... Please keep us posted... Did you get drains. Continued prayers and light to you... xoxo

Happy day

I slept propped up in bed for about 3.5 hours last night. Had oatmeal and toast before my pain pill. Got to enjoy a small cup of coffee, oh how I missed it yesterday. I'm staying on top of pain so only having a tiny bit of burning and a occasional twinge. I'm very itchy all over thought. Not sure if it's from the disinfectant or from the general anesthesia. So happy to be on the other side!
Congrats you are going to love the NEW/OLD you! Welcome back!
Thanks! I already do and it's just going to get better from here! So exciting :)
I was itchy for a while - mine was healing itchy (mast cells) good sign :)

First look

Please excuse the swollen belly
Awesome! You look great already!
Thank you!
Thank you :)


Just tried to update and it ate my post!
Here are a few quick pics we took while waiting for warm water. My shower felt fantastic!
Looks great! I was sooo happy when I could take a real shower:) Happy Healing!
Thank you! Oh me too! Even though I still feel super fragile and wobbly.. Lol totally worth it to be clean though:)
You look great!!!! Soooo happy for you. Keep us updated on your progress. I was traveling when you had your surgery but had you on my mind. Welcome to the other side!!


Update to follow

Starting to feel better

I wrote two updates and tried to add pictures and then it ate my update so I decided this time to just make two posts.
Starting to feel a bit more normal. Still taking it very easy but I'm not walking like a robot now. Took a few pictures before my shower. You can tell my poor right boob needed a lot more help. It was the larger boob that was falling off the implant and had a less defined nipple but a bigger areola. It has a dent on the underside and my nipple is kinda puffy and pulled in which makes it look a lot smaller than the left more defined and flatter nipple. It's kinda scrunched up. Has anyone had that even out with time?  I know I'm not quite a week out and things are going to change soo much so I need to not worry about it.
I was able to give both my babies very gentle hugs today. Felt AMAZING! No water balloons in the way. Boobs seem to be a bit softer today so maybe some of the swelling is subsiding, feeling lots of zingers. Not painful just there.
Thank you everyone for your support! Hope you have a great weekend! Xoxo
You look amazing and have nothing to worry about. You are going to change over the next few months. They will get softer and the scars will fad. As I have said if you look at me from the front you would never know I had anything done. Give it time and enjoy your new summer outfits!!!!!!
Thank you for the reassuring words. I was so asymmetrical so I'm very curious about how even I will be once everything settles. I'm already more even than i have ever been. It's hard to believe that they are mine. Lol

Comparison pic and a small update

Feeling pretty good. I still tire easily so just being careful to not over do it. I go on Monday to get my sutures out, I'm sure I'll be more comfortable after that. I'm allergic to latex and some adhesives so no steri strips for me. I have one suture spot leaking a bit of yellow fluid. No signs of infection just normal leaking. Still so happy I did this!
You're looking so great! I hope my results make me happy, too. Now, if only I could lose all of this weight. I am the only heavy woman on this site, it seems. But it's up to me to change that! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful you're looking!
Thank you! It's so worrying isn't it? Something that reassured me was that after looking at every explant photo I could find I always thought they looked better after even when the results were not 'perfect' and the person always said they felt so much better. The hope of feeling better kept me going :) I hear you on the weight loss. I'm down 21lbs from non pregnant heaviest. I'm so ready to start working out again when I'm cleared. Running will be sooooooooooo much easier :) I wish you peace of mind in your decision.. Xoxo
Wow ! You look amazing ! Why we went through implants I wonder , I guess at the time it seemed like the right thing , I'm so happy for you that you are recovering well and what a great result , you can now enjoy all the lovely summer outfits that were made to fit your top half ! Seriously you look stunning :) xxx happy natural breasts! :) Enjoy ! Xxxx

Strapless dress

Tried my strapless dress, that I bought to treat myself pre surgery, on today over my sports bra and it fits so well. I'm so happy and can't wait until I'm healed enough for a strapless bra!
you have a lot of tissue! looking great :-)
I know! I knew I had tissue but wasn't sure what would be left after the lift and I'm still so surprised that I have so much boob left. I was able to comfortably put on a small champion sports bra tonight and I have cute boobs in it. I think I prepared myself to the thought of not looking down and seeing boobs because I thought I would be so much smaller and I'm shocked to look down and see boobs. Lol Thank you :)
You look fantastic!

Sutures out

Had my follow up and sutures out on Monday. All went really well. Healing right on schedule. Sutures came out with a smooth tug and slight sting but nothing bad. I bled a tiny bit but once that stopped they haven't leaked anymore at all. My next appointment is in June because of how far away we live and they said to call if i need anything or if I have any questions. They gave me a few scar treatment samples in case I want to use them in two weeks or so. I'm so sensitive to so much if i decide to use it I'll do a test spot on my boob but not on a incision for a few days first. My incisions look so good so i haven't decided if I even want to risk it. I'm feeling pretty good, taking a Tylenol about once a day and at bed time. I'm so happy that it's over and that they look so amazing! I honestly still can't believe that they are mine! I'll update pics after lunch. Thank you to everyone for the fantastic support! So happy to be part of this group!

Pic comparison.. Bottom pic was monday

It will only let me add two pics at a time.

More pics

Sorry about the multiple posts. It would let me load two and then it changed its mind and would only let me load one. So now I'm trying to see if it will let me load more from the computer.
You look amazing! I'm having the same procedures as you did. If I end up with half of amount of breast tissue you have, I'll be happy! Wow! Ok, question...you said "one of my husbands" in an earlier comment. Typo???
Thank you! I'm totally surprised at how much breast tissue I have and how she was able to make them so much more even! I was expecting to be much smaller! My ps was an artist! She told me when she was marking me up that today will be life changing and it really was! When are you having your surgery? No, not a typo. Lol I'm only legally married to one but I consider them both my husbands. I've been with them both long term and consider myself incredibly fortunate!
My surgery is May 22., I'm ready to be on the other side too. I'm In love with Jesus❤️He is my savior. His most important commandment is to love The Lord God with all your heart and to love others. And I do, I love you and others with all my heart❤️. God bless you and I'm so happy for your healing progress. Stay in touch, your journey has been so encouraging.

Almost one month

I honestly can not believe that it's almost been a month already! The last scab fell of the nipple side t today, it left it a bit gross looking but it's already looking better a few hours later. I've been sleeping pretty comfortably on my side for about a week now! Still taking one Tylenol before bed just to help me sleep. I'm still swollen on the sides and right side cleavage/bra band, that area is more sore than my actual incisions/boobs. I wore a tight tank to bed night before last and it gave that area a break and felt so good! I've been buying new tops! It's so nice to fit in tanks and shirts so easily! I feel fantastic and love them so much! Can't wait to start working out again! I'm pretty sure surgery delayed ovulation so I'm a week late but had ovulation signs way later than normal. I am pmsing so badly so hopefully I'll start soon! I'll post pics in another post so I don't lose what I wrote. Thinking of those that have their surgeries soon!

Pics from the last week

So happy to find and read your story!!! Can not WAIT till I can get my explant and lift.. Hoping to go in for a consultation in a couple weeks. Your details and pictures were amazing and you look great!!! I had my done 10 years ago, I asked for a D, I got a DD, after some weight gain, I am now a 36DDD, so SICK of the uncomfortable expensive bras, only being able to wear certain shirts/dresses, the weight of them ect ect ect.. Can you tell me what cup size you are at now, I like the size and I am hoping to go in for a consultation in a couple weeks. Thanks again for sharing your story :-D
I have no idea how I'm just now seeing your comment?! I'm so sorry! I didn't get the email notification. I'm glad you got hope from my story! Just passing it on :) I think I'll be a 32 or 34 b or c once I'm done healing and all the swelling goes down. I can tell I'm not quite there yet. Thank you for the compliments! I absolutely adore them and they have been everything I thought they would be! Let us know how your consultation goes!
Love it !!! Your results are great ;-) It only gets better from here on.


Five weeks tomorrow

Still doing really well. I get a bit less sore every day. I've been wearing the danskin tanks to bed and the fruit of the loom sports bras during the day. I've noticed my stamina is getting better. I don't get as tired as fast now. I've had three dissolvable stitches pop to the surface. All the end of last week and all within three days of each other. I was a bit worried about the thought of them but they've really been no big deal. One was just a tiny bit of white hanging out of my incision, and the other two were under a bit of clear/yellow scab. I used clean tweezers and clean, sharp, pointed scissors and just pulled and nipped. I used gauze for a few days until the little holes got small enough to close. No big deal! I have at least one more spot that I think has one coming. Can't wait for them to be completely healed. I'm ready for the pool!


Sorry to do it this way but it eats my posts if i try to add them to my update.
Hi mdeluca! Just wondering how you are doing. How's life? Are you feeling good? How are the scars from the lift doing? You've been on my heart, praying all is well.
Hi there! Thanks for checking in on me!! Life is very good! I've been so busy! My scars are doing better every day. The last lumpy spot spit something out (didn't look like a stitch, it was strange. Lol), was closed up within 24hrs, and is smooth now. I think I over did it this week scrubbing tile grout! Was feeling so good I forgot I've technically been a slug for 7 weeks. Ha. Feeling less sore today! Hope you are doing well and that you have a great weekend!
Good! I'm glad you're doing well! I'm great, ready to get this surgery behind me, only 20 more days! Update pics sometime if you don't mind. Have a wonderful weekend!

7 weeks

I can't believe I haven't updated in two weeks. I've been so busy!
Around the 5 and a half week mark I had what we are guessing was nerve and healing itching and inflammation. It lasted almost a week but has calmed down since then. I've had two more spots spit out part of the dissolvable sutures, not whole pieces like before but little stringy white pieces. Surprisingly not painful and really no big deal!
My nipples are more even in size but one is still more puffed up than the other. My right boob that had the indentation in it is looking better when standing but has a good sized dip when laying down. I'm guessing that is where the implant was sitting. They were so uneven before that even with them not being 100% even now it's still a 1000% improvement and I really couldn't be happier. A friend (who wants a beast lift) asked me if I would do it again and I told her I would do it this very moment all over again. So very worth it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Pictures from the last two weeks

Yes isn't it wonderful to feel natural and soft again....as well as more slender?!! You look great...and it's only been three months in a year you will see even more improvement. It's been a year for me and i still can't get over how much i love them and how much better i look in clothes. It's so sexy having small perky boobs ;) xx
It totally is! Thank you! I feel way better, like the elephant has been lifted off of me. I'm so excited to see what they'll look like in a year, I can tell I'm still a bit swollen in areas and I know my incisions will fade tons more. I agree! I feel way sexier now than with the implants! I can't get over that they are mine and just what all I'm able to wear now that I couldn't before. I enjoy shopping now! So weird! Lol
Just came to take another look at you, you look beautiful! Just a perfect result! So happy for you!!!!

Just a few pics

Hello everyone!
Still reading but just so busy now that I feel better. I have my three month post op on Monday. So unbelievable that it's been that long already. I feel almost 100% back to normal. I had a spot pop up at the beginning of the week and it just now spit the bit of suture out today.
I'm so enjoying implant free boobs!! No regrets at all!
I got a new phone yesterday! So much easier to update! Yay!
Great hearing from you again mdeluca! I have also been checking in, but not posting much anymore. Was wondering how you were. I'm doing well. It took me 6 wks and 4 days until I could say I really felt almost 100% back to normal in every way. Longer than I thought it would take (silly me!) but once I got to that point, now I'm thinking it wasn't very long at all, in the realm of things! Your post-op results are looking great!! I need to update my pics and story soon; just haven't taken the time to take some recent pics. Will get on that soon. Thanks for your update and for all of your input and support during my explant journey. You were a great help to me. Idk what I would have done without all of the wonderful support, stories, pics that I found here. You were a part of that and I want to say a big THANK YOU!! You take care and I'll still be checking in now and then. xxxx
Hi petunia! Glad to hear you are feeling good now. It often felt like tiny baby steps to feeling better and often big steps back. It was all worth it in the end though. I'm glad I could be there for you and I really hope it did help :) best wishes to you and can't wait to read your updates xoxo
Thanks for your post!!! They are very helpful . I had surgery last year and since I don't feel myself. I really want them out, but I am so scare .

Three month update

I had my final post op today. In and out in less than 15 minutes. She said everything is looking great, she was surprised that I have as much breast tissue as I do (aren't we all! Haha), the scars will continue to lighten and that all I have to do is forget about them and let them fade. Lol
She took my final pics and that was it.
I took my kids out to lunch after to celebrate and just now made it home. What a long drive!

I forgot to tell y'all that my husband who had a bit of concern over me getting rid of the implants ( he met me when they were a little over a year old and he was just used to them and honestly loved them even though they looked and felt awful) told me the other day that since I had my surgery anytime he sees someone with the 'ideal' boob job (big, upper pole fullness, and round) he can only think they they must hurt and that they are not attractive to him at all. It's so interesting to me that going through this changed his idea of beauty and what is attractive. Even though him loving them isn't the most important part it's nice that he does and that he sees how much more comfortable and sensual I feel now that they are gone. The scars are a small price to pay for that:)
They look lovely!
Thank you!!
My guy is the same...he looks at women with implants now and it turns him off. He likes mine soft, squishy, scars 'n all!! Of course the scars will fade..and I actually am proud of mine...shows I finally stopped buying into this fake culture and loving myself!!

New bra

I measured myself and going by a online calculator it said I am a 32dd!! Now I know that sadly depends on the bra but was still surprised to see that size.
So I ran in tjmaxx today and tried on a variety of sizes and walked out with a natori bra in 32dd. Natori never fit before because their sizing was so small so I know I won't be a wacoal (very generously sized bras) 32dd but will probably be a 32c or d! Still crazy and shows how we shouldn't get hung up on sizes! Because everyone's sizes are different.
How are you doing how are your scars healing??
I did a quick update yesterday:)
You look great! Congratulations! Do you mind if I ask about the "bloating" comment from your pic with the gray tank top? When were you bloated? I'm really bloated but still have my implants (unfortunately)...

Just a few pics

We've been so busy with summer and since I healed there hasn't really been much to talk about:)
My right boob (the one with more work done on it) still has a hollow spy depending how a lay and the crease in the cleavage line has a slight wrinkle. You can see while wearing a bra and it's more noticeable in pics.
My scars are smooth and skin colored most of the time but still go pink and raised occasionally. Still so happy my implants are out and would do it all again tomorrow exactly the same way.


Spot not spy, I not a, can't see it not can. Sorry about that. I should really check before I hit send. We are having internet problems this morning and I was trying to hurry.
You're looking AWESOME, mdeluca!! Thanks for your latest update and pics. It's hard to believe we've come so far and don't think about our boobs so much anymore. We were so obsessed before we were implant-free. See ladies, someday you'll be as worry-free as we are! Don't let your fears stop you!! Natural and softer breasts are better. I love that part. Soft hugs again!
Looking.Great girl !!!! :-)
Thank you! I feel great:))
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