8/8/2013 Mommy Makeover- BA, TT & LIPO - Saint Petersburg, FL

I am newly divorced and 40 with 3 children, ages...

I am newly divorced and 40 with 3 children, ages 19, 13 and 5. My weight has always fluctuated but about 8 years ago i started gaining and didn't stop until 289 pounds. I had vertical gastric sleeve on 7/31/12 and have lost 115 pounds to date. Lots of skin left after the weight loss. I already had a breast reduction in december 2012 and now on august 8th i am having a tummy tuck, lipo and implants. I have decided to go with silicone implants but i can not make a decision on moderate plus or high profile? any one have any comments on this?

I will write more later. its getting late.

8 more days

I am leaving for the Keys on August 1, return home on August 7th and my Mommy Make Over is schedule for Thursday 8/8 at 8am. I am getting so excited, but nervous at the same time. I have already had my post op visit, blood work, ekg and i am cleared for surgery.

I had a really hard time deciding on implant size and the profile, so i trusted my PS and let him decide what would look and fit best on me. He choose a 650cc Silicone high profile implant. So on the 8th i will have a tummy tuck with lipo, lipo on hips and flanks, lipo of the chin with muscle tightening, small revision of breast lift (removing some extra skin from under my armpit/side boob) and breast implants. Hope thats not too much and that the recovery is not as bad as i am afraid its going to be. Anyone had this much work done at the same time? How was recovery? Any suggestions for me?
Dr. William Adams


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Hi there,

Just wondering how you're doing and how your surgery went! We'd love an update.

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I too was nervous excited scared and feeling guilty all before my mm but now I'm 2½ wk PO and loving it! I gainfully confidence and self esteem daily! So happy I did it! Sending good vibes your way
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Thank you so much!
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Did you end up getting the hi profile or the mod plus? how many cc's?
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I ended up mod plus 400 CC - mentor silicone cohesive gel. After my PS measured me I was explained that based on the diameter of my chest a high profile would leave too large a gap and less cleavage. A mod plus would provide both cleavage and outer boob - mod or reg would have been too flat causing too much outer boob too much cleavege and not give the projection I was after - I have pics on my review if you'd like to see. I described my desire of after baby boobs not stripper boobs my PS totally understood and I love the results with what I got.
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VERY exciting!!! Good luck! You will love the new you! I am 3 weeks post op and loving my body more and more everyday! Never thought I'd ever be able to say that!
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Thank you
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf!

Here's what some doctors say about mod plus vs. high profile implants.

Good luck and please keep us updated!

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Oh and I'm getting saline implants, I'm getting what is considered a TABA.
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What is TABA? Sorry if thats a stupid question, just not familiar with all the lingo :)
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It's not a stupid question,
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Sounds like youve made your decision already but Idk if this was explained to you or not yet - I considered it but decided against based on I liked how the silicone felt better. Here its refered to as tuba trans umbilical breast augmentation - only available in saline and they go in through your belly button. Basically using a tiny microscope they tunnel a v up to each breast and create a pocket with a sizer - then remove the sizers insert implants and fill. I also scar easily and was worried I'd have track marks of the tunnels. The biggest bennifit is there is little to no scar since its inside you belly button.
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I am already having some skin removed on my side (under my armpit/side boob area) so he is going to go in thru there. I already have a scar there from my breast lift in december and i am pretty set on the silicone :) just nervous about the size but when measured these were the best fit for me
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I too was nervous about size and best fit I was worried about being too big so I too let the surgeon and hubby together make the decision. Then last min since I was going under muscle I Contemplayed going 25cc larger in fear the muscle would push them down and I'd loose some projection. But I stood with the origgional decision. And decided that in years when its time to replace them I can always go a couple of Ccs up if I want.
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Hello, are sx dates are the same day, I am also getting a MM , which will consist of a BA, TT Lipo of Flanks and Hernia repair. Can't wait!!! ☺. Best wishes and speedy recovery !
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im debating the same with the profile... im leaning moderate plus, but waiting for pre op to discuss with ps and see shat he thinks....Im afraid high profile might be too much, but then again going under the muscle you loose projection so maybe high will look less prominent and be what I need?
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Such a hard decision, i have been contemplating this decision since January.
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