MINI Tummy Tuck (Partial Abdominoplasty) with LIPO Abdomen & Flanks

I am scheduled for an MTT w/Lipo on May 1, 2013...

I am scheduled for an MTT w/Lipo on May 1, 2013.
I am 29 year old. I have three kids (6 & 3 yo Twins). I am 5'3 and weigh 150.
I workout regularly and eat moderately healthy.

After I realized that working out and eat better wasn't going to change my lower belly appearance I finally decided that I needed to do something about it. My lower abdomen has stretched out skin and I was tired of hiding it and tucking it into my clothes. I was over being embarrassed by it and never wearing anything beside yoga pants and over sized shirts. I wanted to feel good in my clothes and not have to worry about my loose skin hanging out of my pants.

SO I started looking online to see what my options were. Then I got a few recommendations for good PS in my area and I made an appointment for a consult. I knew going to the appointment that I might not get the answer that I was wanting to hear. I wanted to get a partial abdominoplasty - NOT a Full Abdominoplasty. Which all the PS offices I spoke with said the same thing, NOT everyone is a good candidate for a partial.

** 3/20/13 **
I had an appointment with a local PS (recommended by a couple of friends). The appointment was just a consult for him to check out what I am wanting to have done and see what his professional opinion is. Since they told me over and over that not everyone is a good candiate for a partial tummy tuck, I was really starting to think that this was NOT going to happen. After watching some videos, answering questions and then talking with the PS I was sent to an exam room to have the PS check out my stomach.

He was rather impressed with my upper ab muscles and agreed that I would be a good candidate for a partial TT. He also suggested the lipo on the flanks and abdomen to help contour everything. He then talked to me about the actual procedure and what to expect and how I need to be sure I have someone to help me with the kids since I will not be able to pick them up for at least 2 weeks.

I spoke with the nurse about the cost and payment options and then was sent home with an estimate and other PS info. I had to review my calendar at home to figure out when I could have this done and finally called and set the date. May 1st.

I have my pre-op appointment on April 18th.

**Will post before pictures soon**

I had my MTT on 5/1/13. I am 5 days post op and I...

I had my MTT on 5/1/13. I am 5 days post op and I am feeling pretty good. Day one I was in some pain but it wasn't nearly as bad as I prepared myself for. I kept taking my meds on time and that really helped but did make me very sleepy. Most of the day and night I couldn't keep my eyes opened even if I tried. I have had help with me to take care of my kids and I have been taking it very easy. Resting as much as I can.

I had my first post op appointment the day after the surgery. At that appointment my PS did inform me that the surgery went better than he expected. He guessed that he would get about 1-1.5 inches of tissue off the MTT and he actually was able to remove close to 4-4.5 inches. {This of course was the one thing that I had pre surgery anxiety about - not having a lot of tissue removed and not noticing a difference after surgery} They told me how much they removed from the lipo but I do not remember the exact numbers and will ask at my next appointment. He also told me that he did have to repair my lower abdominal muscles. In my initial consult he wasn't sure if they would need to be repaired or not since my top ones were very strong but it turned out they were damaged from carrying my twins so low so he did repair the lower abdominal muscles.

Since he removed more tissues than he anticipated he did have to place a drain. It actually is placed in one of the lipo incision so I wont have an additional scars. Which the bruising from the lipo is pretty extreme. I guess since I was taking the Arnica {Anti Bruising Medication} it is not as bad as it could be.

I was told to leave the binder on 24/7 until next appointment when we remove the drain (5/9/13). Only to open it up to adjust it if it rides up or to air it out for a quick second. I did manage to get a quick picture of my stomach when I opened it up to re-adjust and then a side picture of my bruising. I will post those as well.

As of today I am 100% glad I did go thought with this surgery. Just from what I see with the swelling and bruising I see a whole new me and that makes me happy.

Will update after I have the drain removed.

I am 1 week post and I am not doing too bad. I am...

I am 1 week post and I am not doing too bad. I am taking Tylenol Extra Strength during the day and then the perscribed pain meds at bedtime because that is actually the hardest time for me is during the night and waking up. I will say that most of my pain is coming from my drain. I have an appointment tmrw and fingers crossed that it comes out. I have a strong feeling that it wont be since I still have an out put of about 2oz everyday. Still I really hope it is removed so I can shower and hopefully be more comfortable. The other pain that I feel that isnt too unbareable is from I think the muscle repair and my actual hips.

But overall 1wk post op and doing well. I am doing most of my normal daily things.

Had my appointment today to have my drain removed...

Had my appointment today to have my drain removed and after the doctor reviewed my drain output log he descided it wasnt ready to come out just yet. He said I was right on the boarder and he would like me to have it lower amt before he pulls which I have another appt on tuesday to have it pulled. Huge bummer since that is what the most pain is coming from. But understand and would rather keep it in to keep the yuck draining out!

Happy Mothers Day to ME {And all you other ladies...

Happy Mothers Day to ME {And all you other ladies out there}

Today is post op day 12 - I am feeling okay. I am having some strange feelings in stomach (Like pulling near my belly button). And then this morning I was feeling this weird painful feeling in my stomach. I am not sure if it is from the lack of sleeping or the lack of good positioning while sleeping since I am a stomach sleeper and sleeping on my back (In reclined position) is killing me. OR what really scares me is that maybe I jacked something up from over doing it. Yesterday one of my sons was screaming crying and upset when we got home and I forgot and picked him up out of the car and set him down. I was only 3 days away from the rule of "2 weeks of no lifting" so I am really hoping I DID NOT mess anything up.

Overall I am back to being normal - taking it easy but being normal. I am a SAHM of 3 so life is pretty busy. We have school drop offs/pick up, school functions, grocery shopping and other normal things. I do take it easy when I can and with the drain it make me go slower at most of the things we do and I can't really bend easy so the kids have been the ones helping me do the things I can't do.

SO I am feeling a little pain in the stomach but other than that I feel normal. I am SO over the drain and really hope it gets pulled on Tuesday at my appointment. Because it causes the most pain.

WOOHOO! I got my drain OUT today. Post Op day 14...

WOOHOO! I got my drain OUT today. Post Op day 14 and my drain was removed. I read about the pain associated with the drain removal but that did not prepare me for just how bad it really hurts .. I screamed it hurt so bad. YOU really feel it from all the way on the opposite hip pulled all the way to the other side. Ekkk. IT. HURT. BAD. And I will say that out of this whole process that was the WORST and most painful part.

After the drain was removed they pulled the tape off the incision (complementary hair removal). The incision to me does not look pretty. I guess I was more thinking I was going to have pretty little incision scar like from my c-section - but that is far from what I have. The PS said it looks like it is healing really well and everything he see's is what is normal and what he expected to see (Which that was reassuring).

I was told I can now sleep which every way is most comfortable (bye-bye recliner position). I was upset to be told that I need to hold off on lifting my kids for TWO MORE WEEKS. Since I did have muscles repaired he told me that it is best to wait 4 weeks till I start lifting. He said that obviously the normal warning - If it is necessary then do it but try my hardest to avoid it. I also have to wear the binder with out the padding 24/7. Which I am okay with but I am sweaty so I wonder if I can do a quick wash on the thing.

I did talk to him about how I had to get one of my kids out of the car and I am totally freaked that I broke all his work and he said that I look fine and there are no signs of me "breaking" it.

I did notice that my hips are hard feeling? Not sure if that is normal or not but it feels weird. I remember at the pre-op meeting she told me I would feel mushy. Hopefully it is normal and maybe just the swelling. I have an appointment again in two weeks. {Will post some picture in the morning after I am all clean and the least swollen}

3wks Post Op Pictures

Post Op Day 25

I am 3 wks 3 days post op! I am feeling pretty good. No Real Pain and my drain incision finally closed/healed. I still swell on the hips and a little in the stomach but overall it has gone done a lot. I am still sleeping on an incline which is making my back sore since I am use to sleeping on my side or stomach. I am wearing my binder 24/7 which is starting to scratch my stomach up from the velcro? But overall I am back to "normal" minus the heavy lifting and deep house cleaning. But as far as keeping up with the kids and doing our normal daily routine we are back to normal.

I read a lot about people feeling depressed after surgery and I can say that I have not felt that way. I get frustrated more than anything that I can't lift my babies or clean the house like I normally do. But then I look at myself when I take my binder off and am in SHOCK at how great it looks. And I know that I am almost there ... so I am extremely happy where I am at in the healing process. Everything is looking great.

I have another appointment next week and I am hoping I will get to switch to a compression garment.

4 wks Post Op

I saw my PS this week and he said everything is healing just as it is suppose to. I still have swelling which he said could last for a few months. He did rid me of the binder and told me to wear a compression garment for 12 hrs a day for the next two weeks. Also was told I can finally lift my little ones and then in another two weeks I can start working out again.

I finally am starting to be able to sleep on my side which is awesome since my back is killing me. I am in no pain. The swelling is uncomfortable and sometimes hurts a little but not enough for Tylenol ES. Every so often I get a painful shock but that passes after a second or two and from what I remember from my consult that is the nerves jumpstarting.

My next apointment is in TWO months!
Paul B. Mills, MD

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Hi! Wow!! Your pics are some of the best I have seen. I would be thrilled if my after pics come out like yours!!! Such a pretty athletic look!! How is the scar and everything at this point? I want a mini tt and not sure about the lipo because so many say that is the worst part. Was it that bad for you? You look AMAZING!!
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Hi. Thanks. I need to post some updated pictures. Will try to do that soon. My scar healed nicely. I will say that the lipo was the worst part but totally worth it. I wish I would have done my thighs at the time but I got scared from reading all the reviews about how bad it hurt. Good luck and I try to get some pictures up
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Sounds good :)
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You look great hope I look as good going for surgery 27th any advice I'll take it
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Hey are you still wearing the binder?
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Yes. I was told to wear some sort of conpression garment but nothing worked for me and I didnt want to spend a ton of money on somethi. For two weeks so the PS office game me a new binder and I have been wearing it everyday all day.
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You look great. Thanks for the update. This site is wonderful. It helps calm the nerves alot. I'm going in on June 12, super nervous but excited!
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Thanks! I am still amazing every day with my self. I was nervous for sure but knew it was all going to be worth it. Good Luck only 5 more days.
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wow!! Amazing results! I just posted my TT question along with pics, and it should be up tomorrow. I have a BA scheduled for next Thursday, but my gut is telling me to do the TT first! Your pics are awesome!
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Thanks! Just saw ur pictures and it reminds me of my tummy were u a candidate for the MTT or were u getting a full?. .. did u go though with the BA or are u doing the TT?
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I don't know for sure my doc and I only scratched the surface on the topic and he briefly looked at my stomach. I will do whatever is needed lol! I am doing the BA next Thursday, and TT next year. I start a new job 11 days post and that is not enough down time to recover from a TT but doc said I would be fine to work 11 days post from a BA/BL :)
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You look amazing! I'm so glad to hear that you are happy with your results. I am scheduled for a mtt & lipo with some other extras ;) on 8/29. I had been really nervous if I would regret not having a full tt but your pics WOW ... they definitely helped :)
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Thanks. And good luck to you
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Oh and the drain HURT like hell! I thought she was just going to softly take it out until I saw her gripping it! I asked her, "is this going to hurt" she pulled it out so fast and then told me yes! That by far was the most painful!
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Hi, your stomach looks great! we had our surgeries around the same time. When you remove the binder do you have increase swelling? When I go without my binder my stomach looks deformed but when I wear it my stomach will revert back to flat. In my picture it's flat but if I was to put tights on or anything around my waist it will bulge out. Have you experienced anything like that?
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I dont actually spend a lot of time out of my binder. But with the binder I still have swelling mainly in my hips and it is lumpy but was told that is normal. I am bloated today (period wk) and that has me a little freaked out since it makes me look even more swollen
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Heyy i have the same exact upper abdomen this normal?
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You must love your results thus far! I cannot wait for mine to start looking like that! Its only been 8 days for me.
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Yes. So far I am happy with how things are healing and looking. It is hard not being able to do the normal things but SO worth the wait ;)
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You look great. I had twins fifteen years ago. Belly fat never comes off even after serious exercising and weight loss. After all this time, what prohibits me from doing this is cost. How much was your procedure and who performed it? Thanks.
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Yeah I get a lot of negitive comments about how I should have just went to the gym but no amount of time can fix stretched out skin from pregnancy especially from twins.
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That is why I told nobody but my daughter. She helped me with whatever I needed help with . This is too painful and expensive to be hassled by the opinions of others. It is not an easy decision to make either. This forum is such a God sent....thank you all again.
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I did the same..ppl think we are opting for easy way out! If working out was this easy why would anybody take the risk..?
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I am glad you said that because I really have only told a handful of people and almost feel like I am lying to others but I just dont want to be hassled about it. ..
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Wow..good to hear binder comes off next week.cannot wait for that.whoaa we have passed that terrible first weeks phase!!;)
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