I am so excited, Yet SOOOO nervous. I have...

I am so excited, Yet SOOOO nervous. I have actually never had any type of surgery before.. so this is deff a first :) I recently (After working out for about a year) have ended up with a butt, which I never had before, So one day I decided maybe I should see about getting some "tig ol bitties" haha so here I am, 12 days away :) Cannot wait, Just hoping 650 CC will not be too big... That Is my only concern right now.. My doctor tells me it will give me a full DD but im still worried itll end up being too big, Let me know your thoughts :)
Last Monday, July 21st I got 650cc silicone under the muscle. My goal is full Day and OK with erroring bigger. Depending on your body size and bwd, 650 should get you to a DD
I want to be DD or even smaller DDD..my BTW is 15.. 165lb & 5'5
My bwd was 14.4, height 5'7 weight 155lbs. My original size was A36. They say if you are a 32/34 you go up a cup size for every 100cc's. If you are a 36/38 you go up a cup size for every 200cc's. So if you are a 32, you should get up to a DD or DVD. It's early for me but I think I will probably end up where I want to be.

Surgery is in 10 hrs... i am so nervous

going with 600cc round submuscler implants. Hoping for full D or DD. Never had surgery before so im a tad worried.. wish me luck yall, ill put up pics tomorrow :)
Thinking of you...best of luck girl!!! Xoxo
Thank you its officially day 1 post op. Im feeling okay, Just tight and sore. Yesterday after surgery was better than today... Hopefully itll get better as the week goes on.
Good luck!

Post Op day one- Went with 550 cc. Very happy with results.

surgery went well- cant really remember much of anything- Just woke up with boobies. The surgeon respected my wishes and went a little smaller. They're perfect for my small frame :) They look like full D maybe DD we will see once I go a shopping next weekend :) I will put up pics tonight :) Surprisingly for day one I don't have any boxy look, and no irregularness at all- they match 100% and are just a little high.
Happy Healing!!! :)
Glad to hear all went well...you will have some awesome sized boobs with 550cc hugs shelly. ..can't wait to see your results x

Post Op Day One Pictures:)

So, pain isn't too bad. Breast are high and tight but besides that I am feeling happy with the results. The worst part besides the pain is the weight gain/bloating :(
My surgeon suggested 650cc, after the pre op apt I was not feeling comfortable with that number at all.. the day of surgery I asked him to do 600 max or 550. He ended up using 550 which made me very happy they're big and perky yet not overly baring. I am very pleased so far!
Looking forward to more updates. I'm going w/545 HP unders silicone in a couple of weeks. I am afraid of going too big, (more afraid that pain after surgery will be worse with a larger implant). You seem to be recovering with ease. Keep us posted. You look fantastic!
Hey Timberlilly! I'm going with 533 mod plus cohesive gel in a couple of weeks too! It's nice to find nan other lady with similar stories. When is your surgery?
Wow yours look amazing!!!!!!!! How are you doing????

Post op day 2

Okay, so day 2 Is worse than day 1. Threw up this morning, my fault- the pain meds last night made me feel really really good so I decided to eat hot wings... awful idea. It all came up this morning. I am feeling better now. Pain only is in the highest point from tightness and the incisions are sore. Cant wait to go to the store and see what size I am, with the 550 im not sure if ill be a D or DD im kind of hoping DD but we will see :)

Thanks everyone so far for all the nice comments!!!!
Hiya girl..hope you are doing well and feeling a bit better today. I think you will definitely get your dds. Especially if you wear a smaller band like 32 or 34. If you're a 32 band you might even end up bigger hugs shelly xoxo
You were right, Went to VS and got a 34dd today :) I think after a month they fluff and get a little bigger so I think end up ddd. We will see:)
I think your results will turn out similar to mine :) You will love them! The pain is worth it

day 3 post op! Going great, Question tho

Only took one pain killer this morning, so my pain is finally almost gone. Went shopping today- Went into VS and got measured for a 34DD bra. For those that have gotten their BA, did your boobs end up getting a little bigger later on once theyre soft and not so tight? or a little smaller?

Mine are already starting to get soft I love it :)
They look amazing!!! please keep posting pics as I am following your journey :)
Im posting more in a min :) Theyre already squishy :) yayyyyy lol. My only complaint as of right now is high, tight and more too the sides instead of the middle... but all in good time I know they'll be great:)
Wow!!!! Amber your PS did a fantastic job :) just beautiful! You must just be falling in love with them!!!! Also a DD already that's terrific I wanna get measured so bad but I still have drains :( does anyone know the time frame for when the drains come out?

post of day 4:) No pain meds, feeling good:) Pics TOO

okay, so happy still, never really got the boobie blues but then again my boobs looked pretty great right out of the operation room... surprisingly.
- Theyre still high and tight of course BUT only tight at the top... the bottom are getting squishy and I LOVE IT hehe they already feel so real down there.
- my incisions don't bother me at all
- I went shopping and got my nails done no pain at all & haven't taken pain meds since post op day 3 at 6 am!!!! so im keeping strong :)
Overall id say my recovery was smooth sailing :)

ill put some pics up:) patiently waiting for the girls to drop and fluff up so I have more middle boob instead of side boob lol... if you have any questions feel free to ask ladies :)
Looking great. I haven't tried the band. I want to see how things settle on their own.
Day 4 girl looking gorgeous!!!!

Electric shocking pain?!?!!?!?!

What the hell is this pain like im being electrocuted in my frkn boobs??
Literally kills...
Also, My boobs are soooo sensitive.
Nipples even more so... ugh but at least they look good ;) still tho this electric stuff hurts.
TODAY IS 11 days post op I think.

more pics


Yes, we'd love an update! You're looking great!
OMG U just made me feel so happy I went to a dr one of the top rated ones and he told me he wont go higher than 350cc i Want at least 450 so now im gona call ur dr and hopefully ill be able to do it with him thanks girl
They look great! You should do an update, how tall r u and how much do you weigh?
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Doctor is very knowledgeable and makes you feel extremely comfortable :)

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