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I am 17 years old and I am very serious about...

I am 17 years old and I am very serious about getting rhinoplasty. I have a bulbous tip nose. Some people tell me it's cute, but I never believe them. Mostly because I don't see it that way. At all... Anyways, The bridge of my nose has a pretty good small appearance from straight on. I also don't have a hump on the bridge from the side view. The problem is the tip of it though... It's wide. Bulbous. It's basically like having one big ball and two other smaller ones stuck to the side of it. I'm horribly insecure of it. How can't I be?
I'm in highschool. But I've been teased about it so horribly over so many years. I've been made fun of to my face and behind my back. I've been told it's big, fat, and worst of all, people stooped to a pathetic and racial joke and said I have a "nig***" nose. (I'm white). There's nothing wrong with being black, so I hope no one took that the wrong way.
Whenever I take pictures, I try to avoid angles that make it appear large (which is impossible). I try to not smile because smiling only makes it bigger and worse. I try make up. It doesn't do a heck of a lot. It's hard having all of these girls around you with cute little petite noses and then there's me. With my big ol' not cute nose...
I'm tired of being self conscious of it and trying to hide it or disguise it constantly. I've heard of a thing were you were this thing on your nose and it squeezes tightly, reforming the cartilage in the nose... But I really don't know if that works. It could be a scam for people like myself desperate for change in their noses appearance. I feel as if I'd be a lot happier if it was smaller. Money isn't going to be easy though, of course.... So lost as to what I should do....

Still not sure what to do...

I really wish this was an easy process. Money will always be the problem in the way of things. The more I look at my nose and the more I see other peoples noses, the more upset I become... I just really want to get rhinoplasty done because there's nothing else to turn to. People say, "Love yourself", and "Everyone's perfect in their own way!"
I'm just simply not happy so I'm glad those kind of things hold some people over, but it certainly doesn't hold me over...

Still Lost and don't know what to do...
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I think you're beautiful, but it's all up to you & how you feel about yourself! If it's something you really want, save the money & go for it :) everyone is unique in their own ways, but it's your body you have to live with & if it's something that makes you uncomfortable & it bothers you every day you look in the mirror, then you should do it. I was so happy I did=]
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Don't buy that nose clamp. It's a total scam. I did a blog post on it a couple years ago that I'll try to find for you.

I'm sorry you've been teased about your nose. Kids will tease about anything! And if you don't have real, visible flaws, they'll make something up. High school is mortifying.

Anyway, I think you're darling and pretty and all that. If you do decide to get rhinoplasty, please be super careful about what surgeon you choose and don't just go for the cheapest. Here's a list of questions to ask at consultations.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do!

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thank you very much, it means alot. and i will check out your blog. i was not about to invest in something that wasn't going to work. How frustrating scams can be!
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i have the same problem as yours!I am 18 ,Even sometimes I get desperate and think of fixing my bulbous nose.Just like you ,i hate those two side balls at the tip.But I think we both should wait till we get 23 or so.We will get a good job by then...that way it will be a lot more easier to get a good doctor plus there will be no-one to "advise" you about your decision.
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i agree, we definitely should both give it a bit more time til we have the money for it. It's really frustrating and I just wish it was an easy thing to fix...
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