Don't Do It! Had Upper Blepharoplasty Last Year - Took Too Much off my Eyelids! - Saint Paul, MN

I read posts from others posting their...

I read posts from others posting their experiences, with several being negative about Dr. Thao. I should have listened. I ended up going in to have upper blepharoplasty done. The doctor took the liberty to try to make my eyelids look more ethnic - and he changed the shape of my eyes. Both eyes are asymmetrical, and he took too much fat out of the upper eyelids. Plus, he had told me during our consultation that he was going to take out X millimeters of skin, but instead, he took a few more millimeters out! On top of that, when he is slicing the eyelid, he didn't follow the curve of the eye, but cut around my eye as if doing a connect the dots game, where there is a line to a dot, line to the next dot, line to the next dot, where my upper eyes doesn't look natural! Plus, he rushed on my second eye, as my spouse had arrived to pick me up. Take note that the pictures he's had on his site have been on there forever! He operates in mass production - and most of his clients choose not to have their photos posted. Why???? His office makes people think they are getting an awesome discount - provides pricing with discounts listed..., they are super friendly; they have a nice office... . But in the end, none of those things add up to the cost it will take to repair your eyelids!! Now, I am looking online to find someone to do orbital fat eye grafting, to put more fat where he took too much off! Don't cheap out - go with someone who knows what they're doing - otherwise, you will end up spending a lot more like me, to do orbital fat grafting!

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I agree that your eyes look great! Maybe it's not the physical appearance but internally you need to accept that nothing is perfect!
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I think your eyes look great. nothing on our bodies is symmetrical. Enjoy the beautiful results.I'm on Day 5 (Dr. Mesna, Edina) Feeling great. I know each week will bring changes. 57 and Ready for summer!
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I really like your result
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I think your result is very very good; don't see any pre op to compare but there is virtually no asymmetry. Most eye lifts today are done leaving almost all the saggy fat and skin above the crease intact and it looks like the lid margin is nice and refreshed and everything above a mess! It gives the appearance of a Roman Shade has beenjust been hiked up one notch. Not attractive at all IMHO. But your eyes have a very open very refreshed appearance. As for shape, I think it's very good. I do agree that maybe just a little less could have been taken off but compared to most results this is vey good.
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How are you feeling about your results at this point?
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I see what you mean about the assymetry. There is a doc in Beverly hills who specializes in upper eyelid fillers, particularly for cases such as yours. His name is Gal Aharanov. Check out his results. Based in your pics I would say a little conservative filler would go a long way and apparently it lasts years. Btw I think you look great and don't even need anything more but If it's really bothering you this could be a non surgical option.
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They look good to me!!
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Thanks Dancelite - though, they used to be a lot more symmetrical. Now, one eyelid goes way up, higher than the other. In person they don't look good.
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When was your surgery in relation to the photo taken? You look all healed.
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It's been over a year. It is healed, and unfortunately, look at how assymetrical it is. I should note that the doctor takes his patients photos 2 weeks after surgery - so the photos you see on his site are not fully healed. Instead, they are more full and youthful looking, as the eyelids are still swollen from surgery. (So the photos on his site aren't an accurate depiction of the final outcome.)
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I am all healed. This was about a year and a half ago. He basically took too much skin and fat off. Now, I look like I have frog eyelids. My old eye lids were more attractive. At the end of the day, lesson learned. Don't waste your $$$ nor gamble on your current looks.
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