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Decided to have BR after years of living with...

Decided to have BR after years of living with overly large breasts. Now I am 3 days post-op and I'm terrified I made the wrong decision! They just seem so small! I told PS I wanted to be a D or full C. They seem tiny and maybe they are a C? But will they get smaller after swelling or settle into a nice shape?


u look great!!! seems about like my size im wondering if ill be a D as well. I started out as H cute as well. How much did they end of taking out???? they took 1000 + out of each one on me. Happy healing hon
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Thanks :) I think they took 900(R) 700 (L) Happy healing to you too!!!
I just had breast reduction surgery 3 weeks ago, and I felt like mine were way too small. I love the size now I was told I would be a C but every bra I tried on was a D and they fit. Before I tried on bras I figured I would be wearing a B. I wore a H before so it was a very big change, once you get use to them I believe you will be very satisfied.
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Hi Ladies! Been hard to get back into the groove...

Hi Ladies!
Been hard to get back into the groove of things. On the days I feel good, I definitely pay for it in the evening after a productive day. Incisions seem to bother me most then. Scars are looking good! Wish I could sleep on my tummy! Have had bouts of insomnia, so that doesn't help. Hate insomnia!!! Guess I'm lucky I only work very part time right now, but wishing I had a better routine now that the surgery is over. Feel like such a slug, but I guess it's better to rest and heal up properly. Heading in to PS tomorrow. I have seemed to develop horrible acne on my chest and a little on my face and they want to check it out. Hormones have been so out of whack since after surgery. I had my period start the day before surgery and it only lasted a couple days. Feel like surgery interrupted my monthly friend and now I'm paying for it! Hope all of you are doing well and thanks for all of your support through this! it's so nice to be able to connect with others! :)


Hi everyone. First, congrats to all the recent post-ops and best wishes for those with upcoming BRs. mybubbies - yours look awesome and I wouldn't worry about being too small, they look great. Tigger77 - I was shocked too seeing my new boobs my first shower. Now, I'm not sure if they are small enough. I wanted a C or smaller. Insurance is covering it so there's a minimum amount that has to be taken out. My PS told me he took about a pound per side. I was a 38DD. I know it's based on height and weight and body frame so I'm hoping its enough. I'm probably a full D right now. I still have lots so swelling and soreness and its only been 2 weeks. I'm 5'3" so definitely not on the short side. I plan on losing 20 lbs. Once I get the OK from my PS, I can start working out. I can definitely say, my back, neck, shoulder pain is GONE!! What a relief not to have that weight dragging me down in front. Whew... Agab511 - As far as pain meds, my PS gave me a RX for Oxycodone (Percocet) ahead of time. I took them for 2 days then had to stop due to bad nausea. After that, I just took regular Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I checked with my PS first with ibuprofen. I was told to shower with antibacterial soap 2 days before surgery and 1 week after. I'm still using it 2 weeks out. What are the 15 pills your PS gave you. You will definitely need pain meds for first 2 days, at least. I took mine every 4-6 hours.
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That is great news Tigger! You go girl!!!!! Have a question for you, or anyone else out there. What kind of "pain drugs" have been given to you to take after surgery. My PS gave me a bottle of 15 pills to take on a needed basis 1 at bedtime. Then he also give me a antibiotic to take 3 x day until gone. Well, WHAT ABOUT PAIN MEDS???? Or is the night, bed time pill it? OMG, they better give me something for the pain....Maybe I need to call them, but I don't want to sound like a "drug seaker," I just want to be prepared-just in case!!!! OMG's
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The as-needed basis pills sound like the pain pills. What are they called? The brand name of mine are called Norco, which is closely related to Vicodin. The generic name is (hydrocodone + acetaminophen). Mine are labeled to take "Take one every 4-6 hours as needed." You'll be ok, agab511. The pain meds really are only needed for the first two to three days. After that, you'll be just fine with Tylenol (acetaminophen).

Had my 2nd post-op appt. Waited an hour to be...

Had my 2nd post-op appt. Waited an hour to be seen! I was so frusterated because there was only one person there before me and two other came after i did and all were seen BEFORE me!!!! The woman at the front desk woman (who I am pretty sure is his wife)apologized to me as my PS kept calling patients back without even checking to see who was sheduled at what time. Anywhoo, my visit was not unlike the rest, fast and hurried without much time to ask questions. However, I know he's a great surgeon and would highly recommend (even with his lack of whatever you would call it, because i know he takes much pride in his work).He presrcibed me an antibiotic for my breakout on my chest and I purchased scarguard. Amazed by the results after only two days and highly recommend to anyone looking to reduce scar tissue. Feeling a little discouraged as I have not been able to find a cute bra to fit. i'm still swollen but have definitely gone down to a size C, as my VS bras of long ago past that were a D no longer fit :(. Will wear no bra or surgical until I can find a good fitting bra. Was told by PS that I can take a bath now and wear any type of bra i want at this point. Still dealing with body image issues but so happy with the way they look! Nice and perky! getting my peroid soon so I have been a complete bear to all around! Wish I could take a nice little vacay by myself in a nice litlle hotel room with cable and a jacuzzi tub!!!


just thought id check on u to see how u were doing!!! hope all is better for u. xxxx
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You look ABSOLUTELY fantastic!! Keep on sharing!
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Was just checking to see how the chaos of sickies is going. Hope they r feeling better!
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Hi there ladies! Has been quite a while since my...

Hi there ladies! Has been quite a while since my last post, and thought I'd update you all. Recovery and healing have gone well. Sleeping on my tummy for the most part(yay!) although I do have to readjust due to discomfort usually once or twice a night. Have been to the PS a few times since surgery and I am almost 3 months post op. Scars looking good, except under arms where it is thicker. Itchy too. My appointments have been less than 10 minutes, like usual. And I just recently noticed some lumps in both breasts so I went in to see my PS first. He barely checked them and said it is probably calcification but to go in to have checked further since we have breast cancer in the family. I have had history of cysts and my dr said they do feel cystic and mobile so that is a good sign. Never fun, however, to have a mammogram and I go in tomorrow morning for both a mammogramm and an ultrasound. I'll let you know how it went. Hope you all are doing well! Take care!


Sorry I haven't posted. For some reason I'm not getting email notifications when there are comments. I must have changed something by mistake, lol! Mammogram went very well, not too uncomfortable and no issues with the healing process. Although they did want me to wait 6 months after surgery for the mammogram, but who wants to wait that long if you're worried abot cancer!!! My grandmother was diagnosed with stage 2 & 4 a couple of years ago and had mastectomy. No cancer for me! Yay! Just feeling fibrotic tissue and necrosis ( I think), so no worries! Removed pictures as I do not need them floating around cyberspace! Hope all is well with you ladies!
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Hello, glad to hear you're doing well. Funny you mention your post surgery visits and how quick they are - I've had my reduction on 11/2 and so far had only ONE 30 second follow-up. Not even sure he looked at the boobs....lol I'm scheduled to go in again on 1/8, but debating if I should - why bother, I'll sit in the waiting room for an hour and then I'll have mine 30 second follow-up.....lol Post new pictures if you can - would love to see you're progress. Be well & Happy Holidays!
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the thought of having a.mammagram after being so careful to heal.i hope the machine is gentle on you.and good luck with your results! you look fabulous!
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Saint Paul Plastic Surgeon

Dr Thao is an excellent Plastic Surgeon. Very happy with the results of my BR. I was sent home with no aftercare instructions which leads me to calling his office frequently for answer to what is ok and what is not. His office has been extremely helpful and actually encourages me to call with any questions, no matter how minor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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