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3 days post-op, with little to no pain, swelling,...

3 days post-op, with little to no pain, swelling, or brusing. Procedure was painless, actually felt good at time- like a deep tissue massage.

Had my flank and abdomen done. Even with the swelling, I can see results.

This was a piece of cake.

Why did I do it? I'm 6.3.194 lbs, and in fantastic physcial shape. 51 years old, and have had these darn love handles since my late 20's. They weren't going anywhere on their on, so I sent them away. With no regrets. Worth every nickel.

Updated on 13 Jun 2011:Updated on 19 Jun 2011:11 days out now, still pretty much a non-event. A little soreness to touch, but otherwise no pain at all. Very little swelling.

Finished my 3rd and final lymph massage this week, and my complimentary Vasershape session yesterday (felt SOOOOO GOOOOD).

I'll tell you- the surgery and recovery have been a piece of cake. This darn compression garment, however, is a PAIN IN THE @$$! Having to wear this thing 23 hrs/day for 6 weeks is by far the worst part of the whole procedure.

Still happy as a clam- no regrets at all.Updated on 5 Jul 2011:4 weeks post-op tomorrow. Still with some swelling, but definitely with results.Updated on 17 Jul 2011:5 and 1/2 weeks post-op today. Still with some swelling, but recovery is going well and really pleased with the results so far. "Final" results reportedly not apparent until the 6 month mark.Updated on 12 Aug 2011:8 1/2 weeks post-op. Still with some swelling, especially after exercise. Wearing the compression garment for a few hours post-exercise, which helps.Updated on 22 Dec 2011:6 months post-op photo
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A complete non-event. Couldn't be happier.

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I was told NO activity for the first 3 weeks, except walking. It almost killed me, because I am used to vigorous exercise- lots of aerobics, ab work, and weights. After week 3 I was told ok to exercise, but try to avoid anything that involved my core (which was hard). So, I compromised and backed off a little bit, but still did my normal routine. My Doc advised me to wear the garment WHILE I was exercising and a few hours AFTER to minimize the swelling- exercise aggravates the tissue and causes fluid collection. And it's true. I actuall sprained my back and didn't exercise for 3 days, and saw a big difference- no swelling and my mid section looked amazing. It's now been 3 months, and I still wear the compressiongarment if I do anything involving my core, and then for a few hours after. I don't have to, but I don't mind it so much and it does make a difference. Sometime, I even wear it to bed, if I've have a very active day. From what I've read, the swelling issue for some people doesn't fully resolve until months 6-8. I will tell you this- I am thrilled with the results, and have NO REGRETS!
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You look AMAZING! I just had vaser 5 days ago and had the same experience as you, it almost felt good when the doctor was performing the procedure and so far, the big fly in the ointment is this heinous compression garment. How much exercise retards healing? I cycle but don't do so vigoursly (only 8-12 miles per day in 40-50 minutes) and certainly don't come in huffing and puffing. Will this affect healing? I've toned it down a little because I was worried but really miss going longer. What are your thoughts? Thank you for sharing your experience. You must be pleased with the outcome, you really look great.
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Jbnonc: I'm heavily considering the procedure and after reading the chronicle of your experience, which was helpful, it tipped me over to go ahead. I am considering upper abs, lower and sides. I'm in good shape, such as yourself, but have had it with the handles. No amount of cardio or weights are going to do it. Did you ever have any second thoughts?
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Never any hesitation. I felt confident with my MD, and he answered all my questions. The only concern I had was the final result- would it be smooth, saggy, irregular? He assured me that for me, these would not be issues. I've never been more than 30 lbs over weight in my life, and at the time of the lipo, I was at my goal weight. I will tell you that 3-4 weeks post-op you're going to see lumps and bumps and ridges. Don't panic- this is completely normal, and part of the healing process. Massaging your skin, smoothing out the lumps/bumps with your fingers will be important, and daily. I'm now 3+ months post-op and mine are nowgone. I am thrilled with my results. I mow the lawn without a shirt and look pretty damn respectable- something I would never have done before, because of those darn love handles! I'm glad they're gone! Good luck to you!
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Yes, with Dr Moore. It was a very good experience, no regrets here. Please tell him I said so, if you meet with him.

Good luck!
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hello im in saint louis also. Im considering the lifrstyle center. Did you get your vaser performed there?
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Thanks! It did help! I'm 2 mos post op and tried going without the suit for a cople days. Not sure if I had swelling but the discomfort made me decide to wear it a little while longer.
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It depends on how active you are. My exercise routine is vigorous, and for whatever reason, the activity aggravates, slows down, the healing process, and causes swelling post-exercise. I knew this going in, and made a personal decision that foregoing serious exercise was not an option for me. I can tell you that while my recovery has been slowed down, I am still very happy with the results. To answer you question specifically, I wear the compression garmet during, and after my exercise routine, for several hours after, just to keep the swelling down. It's not necessary, just something I choose to do because it DOES help. I'm just over 3 months post-op now, working out hard, and gradually weaning myself off the garment. For instance, I've only worn the garment a few hours this week, and not at all over the last few days. I'm guessing I won't need it all in a week or two. Hope this helps!
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Why are you still wearing the compression garment at 8 weeks? Trying to decide if I can stop now. I was told 4 weeks, then went 6 after reading your post. What is the criteria?
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I do not wear my compression garment directly against my skin unless I have to. I wear it over a T-shirt. I'm lucky, however, as I am able to work from home 4 days a week. Good luck.
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Be patient, and wear the compression garment 6 weeks. You will not regret it.
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Thanks! I thought that as the swelling went down it would feel a little looser but I swear it grabs me tighter. I'm having one made which zips in the front because I can't get out of this back closing one. Do you think it will hurt or cause damage. The place that makes these medical garments said i'd have to wear a "towel" in the front.????Is there such a thing as "too tight?"
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Wow! I'm impressed. Pretty much similar surgical experience but I've had lots of swelling and bruises. Feeling better after my LDM which felt sooo good but still trouble moving around,stiff. I agree with you on the compression suit it is by far the worse. Mine zips in back so haven't had it off much since surgery 7 days ago. When it is it is heavenly. Having a front zipper one made. Anybody have experience with front closure? Wasnt sure why it was odered that way in the beginning. I've been told lots of water helps with swelling going down. I'm walking but get tired quick. Probably wasn't in as good shape as you but did walk 1-1/2 miles / day.
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Hi jbnonc,

You look great for your age. Your skin is fantastic, no droopiness, nice and smooth.

Good luck and take care of your "investment".

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Is that bandaid where the lipo incision was?  Thank you for sharing and please keep us posted on your results!

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Yes- one of the entry points was just above the navel. I think there were 7 incision points in all; sides, back, belly and navel. All very small and healed within a week. No stitches or anything. Just bandaids, and I only needed those for 3-4 days.
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