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Full TT with MR July 21st - Saint Louis, MO

I had 2 children (3 and 10 years old) via...

I had 2 children (3 and 10 years old) via c-section and I'm left with an "apron" of skin on my tummy. I recently lost 20 lbs of baby weight but I'm still 5 to 15 lbs over my ideal weight. I scheduled a TT but I'm feeling scared of anesthesia and the risks involved. But I'm also excited because I never thought I would be able to have an attractive tummy again.

My PS is board certified and belongs to multiple plastic surgery societies. And I've seen lots of his work, which looks great. But surgery is two weeks away and I'm trying not to think about all the bad things that could happen. This website has been a source of comfort for me. Any advice on what to expect in the coming weeks is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the site:)

Get yourself ready for the new sexy tummy because it will arrive shortly:)

They will take good care of you in the OR so no worries.  You will drift off into happy land quickly and the next thing you know you will be waking up in recovery.  The time seems to go so fast and it is all a bit strange.  I remember looking at the clock as they were putting me under and it was 8:17 am.  The next thing I remember is looking at the clock and it was 3:00 pm.  Darn lost an entire day.LOL

Only think about the positive and the beautiful new tummy that you are about to receive.  The pain is all temporary and will end so stay strong and focus on the prize.


I had my pre-op appointment today. My PS and nurse...

I had my pre-op appointment today. My PS and nurse really set me at ease. I'm now slighty more excited than I am afraid (the opposite of what I was before). so far I'm happy with my choice of PS. He's done some really good work, he's very knowledgeable, and his first priority seems to be the patient's health and attractive results. Surgery is scheduled for next week and I feel that I am in good hands.
Thanks so much for the tips, Kimmers. I'm still nervous but all the advice from you and examples from all the realselfers have been a great help to me. It's funny seeing the way the I'm feeling expressed on someone else's blog/review. It makes what I'm feeling seem much more normal.

Your thoughts are all normal:)  Glad you are here with us on RealSelf!


Just dropped the kids off at my in-laws. They'll...

Just dropped the kids off at my in-laws. They'll stay for two weeks. After that, hopefully my tubes will be gone. I'm missing them already. My surgery is in 4 days. A sort of calm is beginning to settle over me. One reassuring thought that i have is that I'm more likely to die in a car crash while driving to the surgery center than I am to die during surgery. I don't know why that comforts me. But that also is a source of comfort when flying in an airplane. The odds are, I'll be fine. If i have a skilled person flying the plane or operating on me, them I'm probably safer than I am when I'm driving (which is something I do daily and without a second thought). Please pray for me or send positive thoughts my way on Thursday!

Posting before photo.

Posting before photo.

I am 5'4.25" and weight 148lbs so my BMI = 25.2 is...

I am 5'4.25" and weight 148lbs so my BMI = 25.2 is just slightly overweight(just above a normal 24.9 BMI). I carry most of my fat in my abdomen.

I had two c-sections and then lost 25lbs on Weight Watchers. I workout regularly on my elliptical, jog/run outside, and use my weight machine around 3xs a week. My arms and legs have really improved from my weight loss and work outs, but my abs not so much.

Ideally, I'd like to lose only about 10 more lbs (since I do tend to prefer a curvy but fit body) but I have been plateauing for the past 6 months.

So I decided to go ahead with the TT now since my weight has stabilized and timing is right. One of the patients who was a referral for my doctor said that she easily lost 15 lbs after the surgery, so maybe I'll lose these last 10 lbs afterwards too.

BTW once I scheduled the TT I broke through the...

BTW once I scheduled the TT I broke through the plateau and lost 5 more lbs since my first posting (which said I lost 20lbs). This has been a motivating experience I guess!
Thanks for the good advice, Robyn. I think that's what in will do in the next few days until my TT. No more researching scary topics. I'm going to stay positive! I read your review and what you did was a great idea - having as much fun as possible to put yourself in a good frame of mind. I'm thinking that this must improve outcomes.
Hi Faith, Best of Luck for your surgery. I am 5 days post op and feeling good. I have no regrets. As long as you are well informed and prepared mentally, you will be fine. I found the reviews and tips here on Realself really helpful. Try to stay positive and read all the good reviews. Before you know it, you will be on the other side of the mountain :) Will follow your progress and will be thinking of you.

Robyn in SA

3 more days before TT! I'm excited. Soon i'll say...

3 more days before TT! I'm excited. Soon i'll say goodbye to flabby tummy and hello to a sexy new tummy! I Have paid the surgeons. Will pay for surgery center on Thursday. Now I'm just doing shopping for post-op recovery and trying to relax - mani/pedi, reading, shopping, etc.
Summer, you look great! I'd be loving my results too if I were you. Can't wit to have little tummy of my own! Thanks for the well wishes.
Just 2 more days :) I'm 2 weeks post-op today and so happy I did this. I had hoped I would like the results, but never thought I would love it this much. It makes me so happy to see my little tummy now, whereas before my tummy was always a source of misery. It really is life-changing.

Best wishes to you and looking forward to reading about your progress :)
I read your review. I'm really excited for you! I hope I have good results too. I can't wait to be Post op rather than pre-op!
Weight Watchers is great, isn't it? I'm a little worried about my weigh in, though. My nurse said I'd probably be swollen and I don't want a high weight in on my WW record - I'll have to pay and i'm a lifetime member. Maybe a doctor's note will be sufficient?
A TT is a great way to reward yourself after losing the weight! Continued good luck to you during your recovery.

Tomorrow's the big day! Just took a Valium to calm...

Tomorrow's the big day! Just took a Valium to calm my nerves and I'm going to bed early to get some extra sleep - haven't been able to for the past few nights.
Tomorrow's the day. Can't wait!
Thanks Faith! All the best to you for tomorrow!

I'm home. Sooooooo nauseous. Tummy pain bearable....

I'm home. Sooooooo nauseous. Tummy pain bearable. Vomiting is the worst part. When will it end!?!
Just me, I may have to suggest suppositories to my doc! Thanks.
I feel your pain. I'm just a little over a week po. My 2nd day was horrible. I was vomiting too and that is worse than the pain. After the second day it was better. I still got nauseous here and there but vomiting stopped. It gets better everyday so just hang in there sweetie. Take nausea meds if your dr. gave you some or ask him for some. I had zofran pills but had to call my dr day 2 cuz they were not working so he gave me compazine suppositories and that did the trick. Well I hope you feel better. We are only a week apart in our recovery so I'm sure we will be going through similar issues. Don't hesitate to ask...feel better and rest =)

Day 2 - Nausea seems to have subsided. I'm so glad...

Day 2 - Nausea seems to have subsided. I'm so glad the surgery is over! I'm not so scared out of my wits anymore. I'm happy that i scheduled my surgery so soon after my consultation (2 weeks later). I couldn't have standed to wait another day - by Thursday my hands had been shaking for 4 days and i hadn't slept well for 2 weeks!

Now I just need to focus on a good recovery and attractive results by following the doctor's advice. The pain level was tolerable from day 1. The drains aren't as bad as I anticipated - though I am glad I sent thenkids to my MIL so my 3 yo wouldn't bother my drains (she's real handsy!). I'll post pictures as soon as I have them.

Surgery went fine. The staff at the ambulatory...

Surgery went fine. The staff at the ambulatory surgery center were super friendly and explained everything. My surgeon was great as usual. The a anesthesiologist was board-certified as well and explained everything too. And once he put the Versed in my IV while I was still in the prep/treatment room, that's all I recall. When I awoke, I was back in the treatment room. I was really hot - not really in pain- and the nurses brought me saltiness and soda, then helped me dress, helped me clean up after i vomited, and then wheeled me out to my husband's car. Home recovery was the worst day 1 but only because of the vomiting - which I must have done at least 10 times. My doctor had given me his cell phone number and my husband called and texted him continuously throughout the evening because of my vomiting. My doctor even called in a prescription to my local Walgreens and he advised my to lie down flatter in bed with a pillow beneath my hips instead of using the recliner as I had been doing. It worked.

Sorry for all the typos. My iPad keeps...

Sorry for all the typos. My iPad keeps autocorrecting words that weren't wrong in the first place: " saltines" to "saltiness." :(
Anesthesia not amnesia - darn that autocorrect!
Nausea ended after day 1. Feeling much better now that amnesia has cleared out of my system, I guess.

Day 3 and my biggest issue is gas and going #2. I...

Day 3 and my biggest issue is gas and going #2. I haven't had a bowel movement but my stomach is constantly gurgling. Nothing happens. If it's not resolved soon, should I call my doctor?
Thanks, just me. Coffee sounds good right about now.
I didn't have any success til I think day #5. It's the worst. I was taking colace which is a stool softener since day 1. The first time was a little hard still and I was having to strain a little. But then a couple days later I had my first cup of coffee and that helped me stimulate my bowels. I don't know if your a coffee drinker but it's an idea. MOM will help also. The main thing is stimulating! Then after that it's all down hill. I'm a nurse so I see all these things all the time. It's different taking my own advice...go figure. Good luck!
Thanks, Sassy, for you kind comments. And thanks, Kimmers, for the advice. I'll have to send the hubby out for MOM.

Successful #2 day 4, thanks for all your advice....

Successful #2 day 4, thanks for all your advice. Should have drains removed tomorrow during second post op appointment. I'm happy with results so far. My only issue so far is 2 pleats that the doctor said should smooth out on their own as the stitches dissolve. I want to start using silicone sheets or other scar reducers in the next week or so (whenever I have clearance from dr). What has worked for you?

Drains didn't come out today. :( although output...

Drains didn't come out today. :( although output is lower, the color isvstill too red. PS said maybe Wednesday.

Ahh thank you:)

I am finding this a common theme with us women.  Thighs, butts and arms.  You will get there it all takes time.  But just think how far you have come.   Just keep at it and soon you will be there.

I swear that every week I find another dimple in my butt.  I am getting closer to the 50 mark so I guess one can expect that...LOL

I read the funniest statement three time now this past week.

Does my Tummy Tuck make my thighs and ass look big?   OMG we are all alike. Genetics right?

Thanks, Kimmers! You're my role model. Now if I can only wittle away about 5 more lbs off my arms and legs. I love looking at your pics for inspiration.

You are looking so wonderful!  Love the new tummy:)


Day 7 - drains came out! Yay! Feeling pretty good....

Day 7 - drains came out! Yay! Feeling pretty good. Also bb stitches were also removed. I can finally shower! =>

Oh, and dr said the pleats are already starting to...

Oh, and dr said the pleats are already starting to smooth out and I finally have hips! I've never had them before. I went from a straight up and down "string bean" as a child and teen to having a pillow tummy (but still without hips) after my 9 lb baby was born. My PS used a MR technique that made it like I have on a corset! I'm so happy! When the rest of the swelling goes down maybe it'll be even more apparent - but I'm not greedy, I'm happy with what I've got so far.
Lol, Kimmers!

I think swell hell has officially begun for me. My...

I think swell hell has officially begun for me. My pain isn't bad at day 9. I only have to take Tylenol occasionally - usually at the end of the day or after waking up in the middle of the night because I'm feeling sore. I can't see the swelling but I feel like a too-full balloon by the end of the day - stretched and overblown. Is this "swell hell"?

Yes that is Swell Hell:(

Sorry that bug hit you.  Rest, elevate, ice and patience.  It will end and each person is different as to how long it lasts.  

You look beautiful!

Hey, I'm 3 days post op and very swollen! I took a pic first thing in the morning when I'd been wearing my spanx all night but took them off as they were so tight and uncomfortable but I've swollen right up so I'll get them back on. I thought I was prepared for this swelling as had read so much about it but think I just wanted instant results, hope this doesn't last forever! Your tum is looking good.
You're so sweet to say so, Summer! =>

Day 11 po feeling sore all over and fatigued. I...

Day 11 po feeling sore all over and fatigued. I thought I'd feel much better by now. I don't need anything other than Tylenol occasionally and my abdominal pain isn't bad at all, but I definitely don't feel my best. I'm pretty swollen, but my scar seems to be healing well.
You look fabulous! Please keep us posted.
Swell hell does not sound pleasant. But your results look awesome!!! Congrats to you!

Still tired Day 14, but I don't really have pain...

Still tired Day 14, but I don't really have pain until the wee hours of the morning - which is why I always take extra strength tylenol right before bed. I noticed that if I'm pretty active one day, the next day I need to rest. So I have had days when I visit family/friends, go out to lunch or dinner, or go shopping. By the end of my active days, I'm pretty swollen and I walk hunched over. The next day, I find that I feel better when I'm lying down. So I spend much of the day resting. I'm glad that I don't have to go back to work until 3 1/2 weeks post op. The good news is that I am able to sleep on my sides briefly (perhaps 30 minutes or so before I have to turn back onto my back). I'm posting a picture of my 2 week old scar.

My doctor's booklet and realselfers warned that...

My doctor's booklet and realselfers warned that TTers enter a "why did I do this to myself" phase. I honestly didn't think I'd go through that because I was so unhappy with my previous tummy. But I'm tired of being at home, I'm swollen, my scar (though not that bad) is making me sad, I want to pick up my 3 yo and hold her, and I'm tired of being tired. It's time for me to count my blessings because I realize how fortunate I am to be able to do this, to have a great husband who took off a week to care for me and a MIL who was kind enough to take care of my kids for two weeks. I also had a great doctor who said I'd go through a nitpicking stage during week 2 and i know I'm there because the unevenness in the swelling on my hips and the scar (which I'm sure will resolve itself in the next couple of months and if not a revision is possible) and the two pound weight gain (and the inability to exercise to prevent further flabbiness) are really starting to bother me. I'm so glad that realselfers and my doctor warned me that there'd be days like this so that I can put these feelings into perspective and not let myself get overwhelmed by them - as I would have done if I hadn't been forewarned. I hope those in the same boat can relate and keep themselves from slipping into a full-blown depression too.

Ok, def in the "emotional roller coaster" stage...

Ok, def in the "emotional roller coaster" stage now.

Just watched my 3 yo daughter's impromptu interpretive "happy dance" performance and she told me "I like your belly button, Mommy."

I'm happy now. Life's little joys!
Thanks, JoBibbi. You're so kind.
Thanks, Puggymom!

FYI, I found Maidenform bras at T.J Max for $9.99.

Just came back from shopping for dresses for work....

Just came back from shopping for dresses for work. I figured that dresses would better accommodate the swelling that will come by the end of the day (versus pants). Shopping is a perfect fix for the nitpicking depression of week two. I tried on dresses that looked terrible on me before because of the belly bulge and they look great now! I bought a few. I feel so happy!

Nothing like a little retail therapy:)  Yes dresses are much more comfortable to start.  

Still looking great. I'm sure the depression will lift. I agree that focusing on your blessings does help. You'll need to remind me of that in the future too ;) I'm sure wanting to hold your baby IS hard. Hang in there. You are on your way back to a new normal that you will love even more w/out that belly to deal with.

I would not sweat a 2 pd weight gain either. I doubt it is real weight at all. Probably just swelling issues. I'm not hopping on the scale afterwards for a while. The scale holds too much power to make or break my day.
Thanks for the encouragement, Puggymom. You make some very good points!

Back at work at 3 1/2 weeks. So far so good. I...

Back at work at 3 1/2 weeks. So far so good. I am taking it easy and working only 6 hours a day.
Love your new tummy! Looking great!
Thanx, Cacadino!

It's nearly week 6 and I'm feeling energetic. I've...

It's nearly week 6 and I'm feeling energetic. I've been walking and I plan to start more vigorous workouts at the 6 week point.
Wow, your early pictures look great, I can only imagine how you look at this point! Great inspiration:)
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

My PS and his staff always made me feel instantly comfortable and well taken care of. My doctor and nurse spent lots of time explaining everything to me and even created a booklet that anticipated many questions that I might have. Any time I had questions my doctor was available via office or cell phone (even on the weekends and late at night!!!). I'm happy with my results thus far.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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