Full TT - Saint Louis, MO

I have FINALLY made my decision to get a...

I have FINALLY made my decision to get a well-deserved full TT (MR, lipo of the abs and flanks). I am a single mother of a 14 year old son and @ 38 yrs old I have decided it was now or never. I am 5'5" and 135lbs. Despite maintaining my weight for 14 years, I have never been able to improve the “tummy situation”. Sound familiar? :)

I couldn't be more excited, nervous and terrified about what is to come! My biggest fear about the surgery is the lipo. What a violent event is that?! Above all I am looking forward to eliminating or otherwise diminishing the self-confidence issues (too many to list) that this distorted belly has caused all these years.

You are going to look great! You look like I used to. Good luck, can't wait to see your after pics.
:o) Welcome and I am sure you will come through fine. The countdown has begun! Keep us posted on your thoughts and feelings.

Time seems to be dragging and my mind is bombarded...

Time seems to be dragging and my mind is bombarded with thoughts about the surgery. I often find myself standing in front of the mirror starring as I grab the mass of my abdomen. Something I've avoided for years. If I don't look or touch it's not really there, right? LOL I can't help but to think I'm bigger and heavier than ever but the scale says I haven't gained a pound. I can only assume that my mind is already thinking skinny. Anyone else feel this way?
I am concerned that I will not have a comfortable place to sleep. I don't have a recliner nor do I have any firm pillows in the house. Should I buy pillows or rent a hospital bed?? How much does this usually cost?
In this month of thankfulness, I am thankful for RealSelf and all of you! Just reading everyone's profiles, reviews and comments helps me more than you know. Thx a million!!
oh yea good luck and im right behind of you im on the 23
gurl it was the hardest for me your pics look way way better than mines.

Today I'm officially one week away from my Pre-op...

Today I'm officially one week away from my Pre-op visit and 2 weeks away from surgery. I seriously don't know how I can possibly wait that long. The anxiety is terrible. I think that today I need to get my deep breathing and visualization CD out. I don't want any side effects from the stress. I have a history of self inducing high BP and tummy troubles when stressed & worried. I keep thinking, deep breath, deep breath, deep breath...
Only 4 days left.. I'm still very nervous. I cried all the way home from work yesterday. I had an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. My dad is coming out of state to spend the Holiday week with me. When he leaves I will be alone until my son returns each day from school. Each time I think about it, I get sad. I'm scared and have few people to confide in and I don't want to be annoying by talking about myself too much. The next few days will be spent cleaning and sanitizing the house. Hopefully that will keep my mind occupied. Again, many thanks to RealSelf for giving me an outlet!
Today is my PreOp appointment. I officially only have 8 days to go. I am nervous about today, fearful that I will be told I am not healthy enough for the surgery. I know that I am being silly I guess I just don't want anything to get into the way...
my preop appt is tomorrow and my TT is schedule for the 23. i have asthma and its been bothering me lately hope that doesnt interfere with my surgery. Hope all goes well with your pre-op and they clear you.

Tomorrow morning is my big day. I was completely...

Tomorrow morning is my big day. I was completely useless in the office today. Difficult to complete any thought. LOL
I picked out my outfit to wear home, I really hope it's a good choice. There is nothing left to prepare for. Kinda wish I'd left something to do tonight and in the morning. How the heck will I fill the space? Arggg
I am still very anxious, I am seriously looking forward to the IV and the beautiful meds that will calm my mind and body. It's not the surgery that has me freaked out, but rather the recovery. God give me the strength to get through the next few days/weeks/months. I have to keep imagining what I might look. Will I think all of this was worth it?? Never mind, it doesn't matter cause I'm already buckled in and waiting for the ride to start! Here we go ladies...
Hey, girl, we made it! I know how you're feeling. We can get through this.

Thinking about you today:)

Good Luck!! Hope all goes smoothly!! My turn next week at this time! :)

I posted a rather long update yesterday but it...

I posted a rather long update yesterday but it apparently got lost. I probably lost my wireless connection during upload. I officially made it to the flat side! I was comfortable in the first few hours but had a rather difficult evening. I drank water obsessively. It tasted soooo good but combined with all the IV fluids, I was up every hour to go to the bathroom. Although standing wasn't a big issue, the urgency and dependancy on the nurses to unhook me and carry all the electronic gadgets did make it pretty aggravating. I only felt pain at the drains. One specifically hurt every time I moved, the morphine helped to dull the pain. :)
I guess the nurses got the wrong message, I didn't eat for 36 hours after. I wasn't too disturbed the meds had me plenty distracted. I had a pain pump installed but through the course of the evening both cath's managed to get pulled out. I'm sure I did it, but can't imagine when or how?? So needless to say... No pain pump for me. Oh well. My PS stopped by this AM. He pulled back my CG and I got a really good look. I was overcome with emotions. He worked what can only be described as magic. I have curves I've NEVER had before. It surpassed all of my expectations. Words simply cannot describe how I feel. I'm still a wreck thinking about it. I will post pics as soon as I'm able. Thank you Dr Lund and all your staff. You are truly an artist!
Amazing pictures. Your stomach is so flat!!! Congrats. :)
OH MY GOD!!! Why did you wait so long!!! ;). You look great! You look like I did....so I guess I look good, lol! Seriously, keep taking pics, love, love it!!! So glad you checked in, been thinking about you. Oh, & hey smart move u get to by-pass Thanksgiving weight....smart girl!!!!
I wanted to make sure I was done bearing children and I wanted to be financially prepared to justify the costs. Single Mom, no other income to help soften the blow to the budget. I actually gave up my luxury vehicle in order to free up some $'s. I also wanted to feel confident I was going to maintain my weight.

3 days PO, I slept very well last night :) I was...

3 days PO, I slept very well last night :)
I was able to shower today. Not as satisfying as I had hoped but I did it on my own. My dad and I ran a few errands, meat market, Walgreens, the bank and Home Depot. I did a lot of walking and was pretty much wiped out by the time I got home. I slept most of the rest of the day. Back pain is my biggest complaint at this point but its easily remedied by laying down and sitting still. I am very aware of the tight muscles and all my lipo areas itch like no ones business! I had been only been taking 1/2 of my pain meds but I've had to take full doses the last few times.
Anyone else have to give themselves Arixtra injection each day? I was super nervous about doing it to myself but it hasn't been bad at all. Absolutely no pain, thank goodness!!
I still haven't had a bowel movement but I haven't exactly consumed much food since the surgery. I guess I won't worry about it until after tomorrow.
My PS said it is normal to not have one 4-5 days after surgery, so you are fine. What are the injections for? You're still such a youngling, you should take it easy. But, yes once you stop moving around you'll crash out like no bodies business.
I think the injections are to prevent blood clots. Needles are 'insulin' (sp) thin and are complete painless. I had to call for more pain meds today. I sure it's cause I didn't have the help from the pain pump. I had a light cough this am and actually cried like a baby... Worse pain to date
Oh yeah, coughing or the sneezing will hurt like a mother. I was trying to be really careful, then I swallowed water down the wrong pipe of all things. So I had to involuntarily cough....hurt so bad. You definitely need to just lay in bed, don't do too much even tho u feel like u can.

I must apologize in advance. I am high as a kite@...

I must apologize in advance. I am high as a kite@ the moment and this post will certainly surpass my comfort level for sharing too much information. Here I go... Last night I decided I was going to make an effort to have a BM.Ive been using the softener religiously too. I had been slightly gassy and figured after 4.5 days it was time. I positioned myself, removed my CG and prepared. I think I was worried the muscle movement would make things unbearable. Therefore I made sure my meds were in full effect. Long story short, (about a 2 hr ordeal) I had lil progress. I applied a bit of pressure still no luck. I could feel like there was a mass just at the rectum. I tried n tried. Nothing. I stood up, paced the floor and still nothing. The pressure extended to the areas of my, lower vulva, vaginal entrance and rectum. I decided to look into a portable mirror. I was horrified at what I saw. All the soft tissue was engourged and looked as if were going to pop. I still had an overwhelming urge to go but ignored the feeling and put on a Pre-surgery spanx garment; shorty that goes all the way up under my beast. When I woke this morning the swelling had disappeared. My prayers were answered! Can anyone tell me what happened & more importantly how to prevent that from EVER happening again?

These drains have got to be the worse part of this...

These drains have got to be the worse part of this entire ordeal. The lipo areas are a walk in the park in comparison. Please tell me this will go away with the removal, please, please, please.... I've gotten less than 5 ml of yellowish fluid each side the last 3 times I've emptied. 1st post op visit is Tuesday. Hoping, praying, pleading they get removed. I honestly believe that I won't need pain management anymore if they are gone. Counting down the minutes...
I teared up reading your blog, and how many emotions you felt when you saw your stomach for the first time after surgery. I am sure I will be similiar! I gave up my stomach 21 years ago and I dont' even remember what my bb looked like! Sounds like you will be getting your drains out tomorrow!! I will just be getting mine in!! lol
The drains are absolutely horrible. Good luck getting them or at least one out Tuesday. I am 19 days post op. Got first one out 7 days po and second one out 9 days po. As for having trouble with BM, I have had a life long issue in this area and learned about pain meds like you, the hard way! There are so many over the counter meds for this and everyone is different. I personally like using the powder that they use for colonoscopys, think Dulcolax sells it now. Doesn't cramp you up like some laxatives. Good luck with your recovery and getting drains out. Oh, and you look awesome!
I am 6 days po and had my first drain removed yesterday. itwas a tremendous relief. They seem to cause everyone the most pain. Happy healing

Had my first post op appt today, exactly 7 days...

Had my first post op appt today, exactly 7 days after surgery. My dreams came true and the drains from hell are G-O-N-E! Instantly, I was able to stand up more strait. There is still some lingering pain but nothing in comparison. I was given the ok to try harder to stand up strait without hunching over. Means the back spasms should be getting better soon too. Good news all around but the whole ordeal wiped me out and I slept for several hours after. I think this means I've turned a corner. Keeping my fingers crossed.
hello, do u think the bed you purchased was worthit for sleeping on your back??
I purchased the same bed and it was worth it. I'm 9 days PO and still using it. I tried to use pillows the other night and had to go back to the bed. The only thing I don't like is that it isn't very wide so I have to put pillows at my sides so that my arms rest comfortably. Since you could use it camping or for sleepovers afterward, it was a no brainier for me. I also like being able to sleep in bed with the hubby. Many people do fine with just pillows, though.
Oh my goodness yes! It was so much better than the bed @ the hospital. I bought mine on eBay for $80-used. Note: the cover can be removed & washed. Brand new they run $120. Either way it was cheaper than a $200 bed rental which didn't include delivery and return. Search for "contour bodymax", amazon will show you similar products. They get fancy with built in message/vibrating/heat features but the costs jump up quickly.

11 days PO and walking strait up but as soon as I...

11 days PO and walking strait up but as soon as I tire I begin to hunch over. Throughout my recovery journey the drains have been the most painful part. After they were removed I have had significant improvement but all my pain is still at the sites. I have no idea what that is about. I have been able to lye on my side slightly for short periods of time but I am woken by sharp shearing burning pain on the drain site (same side that I'm lying on). This pain does not go away quickly and it's rather severe. Any movement of the corresponding leg amplifies the pain. I'm definitely asking the PS on Monday what that is all about.

Last night I measured (tape) my hips and waist again. Still no difference Pre surgery. I plan to try again first thing in the AM. I am wishing I had measured my thighs. I have a feeling they are larger than normal. Still no weight change. I've been fortunate enough to have maintained the same weight before/during/after.
I have tried to reduce the amt of pain killers while I prepare to return to work and I have had zero luck. :(
Contour BodyMax ----did you like it?
sorry just read your comments about it.
Im sorry you are still dealing with so much pain, but I do think your final result will look amazing, you are looking good already and its only 11 days. I hope your PS can find the source of your pain and get you back into a better spot. I deal with chronic pain every day for an illness, and I know how much is sucks especially mentally when its not leaving. It will leave though, you had trauma in those areas but our bodies are amazing in the way they heal.

14 days PO and nothing significant to review today...

14 days PO and nothing significant to review today. I had a very depressing day yesterday. Not because I was disappointed in my results or progress but more emotional about random personal things. I feel as if I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy and I'm a basket case of hormones. ALL OVER THE PLACE! Today was my first full day back in the office. It took me 2 hours to get ready but it felt amazing to fix my hair and apply makeup. I felt pretty and that uplifted my spirits. Just what the Dr ordered. I didn't venture away from my desk much today and I can say that I now know what the true definition of SWELL HELL is. This time it was rather significant. Wow! I actually looked preggers. LOL
I am stil very happy with my results. I have amazing curviture between my ribs and my hips. Which is a first and with my genes it was never in the cards for me. I feel very fortunate! :)~ again, thank you Dr Lund.
I know it's only been 2 weeks but I am beyond ready to resume life preop. I want to work out, I want to run, I want to play, I want to stand on a scale, I want to not tire easy, I want to stop needing pain management, I want to tan, I want to have a drink... I want I want I want. I sound like a selfish teenager don't I? Lord have mercy, glad I don't have a spouse to annoy right now. Heehee (ok, I don't really mean that). I want more than anything else to not have to do his alone.... Good night my RealSelf friends. Thanks for listening.
Tomorrow is another day, right?
How did you like the contour thing for your bed? I am thinking of getting one for my surgery on Jan 3rd? Could you let me know? Thanks, Lisa
Best purchase! Light weight, mobile, comfortable, convertible, firm... Loved it. If you build up pillows on one side you can fake sleeping on your side. Much more comfortable than the hospital bed!
Thanks :) That is good to know! I am gonna order one, I don't want to rent the bed or buy a recliner right now.... My bed is kinda high thought & I am afraid that I will have trouble getting in & out of bed :( I hope you feel better today....

Bad day, I almost vomited. Just the heaving...

Bad day, I almost vomited. Just the heaving motions I felt as if every stich in my abdomin ripped. Pain lasted a very long time. I cried a lot.
I'm having another down day. It's beginning to fell like full blown depression. Please tell me this is normal and it will get better. Please
Hi sorry to hear your not to happy at this point!!!! I understand its very depressing I'm having the same problem with my emotions and feeling very sick today!!! :( I'm swelling so bad as well feel like 5 months preggo!:( I guess the docs weren't lying when they said this was a long recovery ugh!!! Prayers are with you at this time hope you feel better real soon!! But I just wanted to tell you.... You look AMAZING!!!!!!!
Thank you

Here I am again up in the middle of the night in...

Here I am again up in the middle of the night in pain, waiting for these weak meds to kick in. Nothing like an internal pain alarm clock that wakes you up twice a night. I tried to push thru with the hydro's but they simply are no better than ibuprofen to me. I can't keep this up, calling the PS today. I'm worried he will think I'm either a baby, or an addict. 17 days PO, how are these other ladies not still on pain killers? :(
Hey there. Sorry you're having a rough few days. I read back over your review and thought I'd be the voice of positivity for you! You were doing things so quickly after your surgery - errands with your dad etc - waaaay quicker than I was. I don't think I'd even left my house by that point after mine. So, what I'm saying is that we are all healing at different rates. it seems some start out the gate quickly, and then fall back a little a couple of weeks in. Others start really slow and then by week 4 are suddenly full of energy and running around all upright and feeling great. It's so easy to get frustrated with the recovery - I hear ya completely on wanting to have your pre-op life back - I'll join you in the category of being a stroppy teeanger where that's concerned! I've been moaning about that myself the last few days! Anyway, I guess what I love about this site is that we can come on and tell everyone how we feel, whether it's good or bad, and then we can get outsiders that can cheer us up, remind us it gets better, point out the good bits etc and then we get a sense of comaraderie and happiness that comes from that. I hope that's how you feel today once you read this, and other responses. Hang on in there honey!
Thank you and if you were here I would give you a huge hug. I am known for doing too much all the time. This site is all I have. I am single, I have no in home support and I'm too stubborn to ask friends (who don't agree w/my choice or who otherwise have their own families to attend to). No family in the state either. I am mobile but still have moments I just need a hand and more than that a hug. Thanks again, I will be more patient. Much love
I'm so sorry that you are dealing with so much pain. I know we are all different so I don't want to even say that I suffered the same as you. I'm just at 4 weeks yesterday and just started feeling better. I don't ache or feel like I'm pulling stItches every time I lean over, stand up or get out of bed. I took a lot of Aleve until last week. Not that this should make you feel better but you must remember that you underwent a major surgery, probably one of the hardest to recover from. I know a cardiologist who said that abdominal surgery is a tough recovery, worse than heart surgery. Not only have we been cut basically in half, have stitches to repair muscles, you also had lipo of the flanks (not exactly sure what that is, but can't be pain free) and have internal stitches healing under your incision line. I am pretty impatient and HATE not being busy and cannot wait to exercise, but you have to take it as easy as you can. My ps told me that I could start running slowly on a treadmill next week, I'm going to wait several more weeks even if I feel great. It's not worth ruining something when I'm feeling better day by day. It's a small sacrifice in this very long journey. Is it possible you are overdoing it? My ps said they get a lot of complaints in the 2nd week because people are stir crazy and feeling better and do too much. I sure hope you start feeling better soon:(! I don't think your ps will think you're a baby...everyone's pain tolerance is different too. Keep us posted.

I called my PS, very disappointed with their...

I called my PS, very disappointed with their response. Not going to provide a stronger pain med. I was told to alternate with ibuprofen. WHAT? Really? It doesn't even work for headaches. Not for me anyway.
So, as much as it pissed me off. I did it. AND... It actually works better than the narcotics. I know, I know... I was once again proven wrong and for the first time in a while I couldn't be more pleased. :) I'm a happy girl.

A friend was suppose to have a Xmas party last...

A friend was suppose to have a Xmas party last night. I was really looking forward to a social event to lift my spirits. Unfortunately it was cancelled poor thing was passing kidney stones. Bless her heart!
So a few friends ventured out anyway! SO HAPPY I DID IT. I drank, I socialized, I got hit on, I danced... It was GLORIOUS! I needed it in a very big way.. I had prepared myself for a bery difficult day today but, I am no more swollen than normal a nd I feel great. Haven't even taken ibuprofen. YEA!
My advise would be slow down! The ups and downs are totally normal at 6 weeks I still have them occasionally. I could not stand straight up got the first 13 days!! On day 9 went out for tapas with for my husbands birthday and it was the worst 2 hours! I walked out early hunched over like an 80 year old to sit in car where I could recline a little. So the fact u were running earrands on day 3 is amazing to me! Think long term ... U want to be as healed and rested as possible on that sailboat! Trust me it will be here so fast and you want to enjoy that time not be hurting or swollen . So take it easy, also that fact your still in alot of pain makes me think your are going to much! Don't get me wrong I took ibuprofen alot also but I could always tell I needed it more when I did to much !! Listen to your body and even if it says u fell fine then listen your head and take it slow!! Good luck and update us when your on that sailboat!!
Thank you!!

The start of the process was great, I had no...

The start of the process was great, I had no complaints. 19 Days PO, things changed drastically. I have struggled with pain mgmt from the beginning. I explained to my Dr that this has always been an issue for me. I managed fine with Nucyenta (sp) but asked the Dr after week 1 to provide a weaker med cause I would be returning to work. He provided Hydrocodone/acetaminophen which barely worked but I bit my tongue and tried to fight through. I finally couldn't take it and called last Thursday when I was almost out to see if I could get something a bit stronger. I was denied and told to try adding ibuprofen. I did and it helped but they refuse to provide anymore pain meds. If I am in pain every day, every hour I don't feel it's right to be denied relief.
This morning when I called, they said I shouldn't still be experiencing pain and I need to come in to see a dr (mine is out of the country). There must be something wrong. I said ok great, I'm on my way. Guess what? No Dr is in today. WTF?
I am being made to feel as if I'm abusing narcotics and on top of that I am being made to feel as if I am not being truthful about my pain level.
What in the world can I do now?

I had the worse day... I cannot manage my pain to...

I had the worse day... I cannot manage my pain to save my life. I've been alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen. After work, I took IbPM, still can't sleep. I just hurt all over. I am so swollen I feel like my skin is gonna split open. I had a bowel movement and felt some relief but didn't completely do the trick. I have to shut my door so my son doesn't hear me cry. He gets upset. I think I'm going to have to go see my Primary Care Dr. I don't understand why my PS is abandoning me. I'm gonna try Benadryl to sleep.
:( sending you good wishes xo
I promise, I'm not always such a Debbie Downer! This is the complete opposite of my personality. My boss even sent me home early today. Told me to work from home tomorrow. Most people would think that is a blessing but it was his way of saying that I need to get my shit together.
so sorry. where is the pain located exactly?

Ok, got an appt with a different PS w/n the same...

Ok, got an appt with a different PS w/n the same office this AM. As suspected, there's nothing wrong & I'm healing well. They are working to help me find a way to get through my days. Ultram. Can't wait to try it and see if it does the trick. Wish me luck.
So sorry you are dealing with pain! I hope the new meds do the trick and you can enjoy the great new you! Kat
so sorry to hear that you are going through this.... :( Let us know what your Primary Care Doc says. Is this your first major surgery?
Had C-Section, Breast Aug, Hemmoriod surgery

Wow, 180 degree turn for the better. I may have...

Wow, 180 degree turn for the better. I may have overdone it today but not too bad. At least I was able to get a full day of work in the office and get some Christmas decorations up around the living space to lift our spirits. My son said he will find a way to forgive me for not putting up the big tree this year. Charlie Brown tree is all we are getting this year! I even put a bow on my fresh rosemary plant. LOL
Swollen but applied tighter CG and resting. Good night y'all!

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks PO. I've certainly...

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks PO. I've certainly turned a corner for the better. I still have good days and some bad days sprinkled in. I'm learning the delicate balance of resting and moving around. I'm learning how to limit myself to avoid the 'over doing it swell hell'. I wish I could write a formula for everyone to follow but we all know that everyone is different. Still takings tramadol everyday and wonder if I can survive my days without them. I will try first cause honestly I'm scared ask my PS to refill. They really didn't want to give them to me in the first place. I'll know more in 48 hours.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I ordered the BodyMax and it's the BEST! My oldest son casually asked how much it was "cuz it looks really comfortable... so Mom what are you going to do with it after you don't need it for your stomach anymore..." LOL I'm going to enjoy it even more!!!
So happy it's working well for you! You are welcome! My sister just had a radical hysterectomy so I'll be shipping mine off to her today.

I'm having a wonderful day because I'm seeing the...

I'm having a wonderful day because I'm seeing the biggest change this morning! Big smiles all day!!
I've been tracking my measurements from the beginning. Here they are:
11/19 (pre-op) Waist 34"; Hips 37 1/2"
11/29 Waist 33"; Hips 37 1/2"
12/10 Waist 32"; Hips 37"
12/19 Waist 30"; Hips 35"
I lost a total of 6 1/2"
Simply amazing. Woohoo!!!
woa!!! that must feel so good to lose all those inches! so happy for you... summer 2013 here we come.
Glad you are feeling good :)

Updated 4 week and 2 day PO pics. This was the...

Updated 4 week and 2 day PO pics. This was the first morning I have woken up without major discomfort. Good and better days to come! YEA!!
I love your belly button! I'm still wondering what mine will look like when all the crusty blood and ointment "goo" are gone lol.
Mine is actually still pretty crusty but gets better everyday. :)

5 weeks PO and I rarely have those horrible swell...

5 weeks PO and I rarely have those horrible swell days. I imagine its because I've found that magic rest to movement ratio. Dont get me wrong I still swell everyday just mot to the point of misery. I have another PO visit tomorrow with my PS. It's picture day!
I love to stretch and arch my back, it feels sooo good. I really feel like I could start some ab work but I highly doubt he will approve me to do so. I did a tummy roll in the mirror the other day. I am surprised I could do it. Wouldn't have dared before the TT, so gross. My weight is the same as before the TT but like my previous posts says I have lost many inches. Who could be upset by that!??
So glad things finally and markedly improved. The first 4 weeks were the worst!
Dang girl....now u really look like u got some junk in ur trunk!!!! I want some junk :( Congrats, looking bootylicious!
Bahaha! Who knew? Thank you!

Updated pics. 6w5days PO

Updated pics. 6w5days PO
You look amazing! Hope my TT comes out like urs. after reading ur post I'm a bit more worried about the pain lol.
Thanks! But don't worry, this site has helped me to see that I have a low pain tolerance and a height tolerence for pain meds. I'm an exception rather than the rule.
I also have low tolerance for pain. I'm also have a BBL at the same time. I've been waiting 10 years for this & is so excited for the results

7 weeks 2 days. Finally able to get through a full...

7 weeks 2 days. Finally able to get through a full day. Woohoo! Meaning, I can go to work and still cook dinner and clean 1 room before its time to put my feet up. It happened slowly but I finally feel like things are starting to get back to normal. Most of my aggrevation comes from tight muscles. I can physically feel how tight they are with the touch of my fingers. They are incredibly tender but I don't require ibuprofen all day, everyday anymore. There's that preverbial light at the end of the tunnel I've been looking for! Yippie!!
I still get the nice little zings from nerves reattaching. Some are pretty strong and shoot pains over & over in the same area for a few mins at a time. It is a distraction at best, even stopping me mid sentence. Knowing what it is helps, just means I'm healing. Swelling still happens but it's NOTHING like it once was. I thank my lucky stars everyday that gets better. :)~
It is Sneezing season & I do exactly that several times a day. Yay. :/ First few days were extremely painful but I guess I've gotten use to it. Not as bad anymore. My kiddo had me in a really good belly roll laugh the other day. I was laughing hard, crying from pain & grabbing my abs all at once begging him to stop. Crazy kid! Love him so much. I've managed to go all week without a Spanx garment. I agree with others on this site, it's easy to get dependent on them. My biggest struggle was dealing with the irritation that the waist of my pants feel on the numb skin. A soft/silky undergarment does help but not always feasible with my professional dress code. My pants aren't tight at all, so it doesn't make sense to me why it's so uncomfortable. Compared to weeks past, I'm not complaining! This is a small problem that I know in time will pass too. :)
I'm happy to have recovered so well at this point, very much look forward to my extended vacation. Leaving on my 8 week post op anniversary -6 days from now. Wish me luck and pray that I don't over do it and miss any of the excitement. If I haven't said it lately, thank you guys for being you and providing support throughout this adventure. What a roller coaster ride its been?!! I'll check back in as soon as I return! Take care ladies. xxoo
Did your body max pillow do the trick?
Looking good and i am so happy for you glad everything is getting better.
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