Tummy Tuck, Panni and Possible Lipo- Insured Covered Minus Lipo

Hi All! I am scheduled for a TT and panni on Oct...

Hi All! I am scheduled for a TT and panni on Oct 7th. I am SO excited but I have not received the cost break down yet since insurance is paying for 80% of it. I have medical conditions.... anyways insurance doesnt cover lipo so I may add that on but I have no idea how much to estimate for that. Any thoughts on how much lipo of the flanks and abs was to add to a TT and panni? Thanks, I am hoping to upload so before and after pics, just getting the nerve up!

23 sleeps left.... soooo excited.

Only 23 days left and I am crazy busy at work. I have pics from before i lost the weight and now that i will post this week- im a little scared to post because they are HORRIBLE! Oh well, everyone has inspired me! look for the nasty pics tomorrow :)

Oh yeah, my dining room has officially become the flat side room. i have all my supplies lined up on a 10 ft table- and i am adding to it daily! I want to make sure my family survives while I am sleeping off the pain. :)

added photos

the pics with a red shirt on are before i lost weight in 2010-2011- at about 200lbs

more pics

more mid point in weight loss pics added. i have lost a total of 63 lbs but in these pics I had lost 40 lbs so far.

14 days left.....

I'm losing sleep now because I am so excited. I can hardly even concentrate at work and I still have 9 more work days!!! I have pretty much everything I need for post surgery and I see my surgean on friday for the last preop appt. Cant wait~

10 more days to go----- wahoo!

Well, 10 more days to go and I will also be updating final before pics this weekend. I cannot wait to get in there and join the flat side!

TT is done and I'm in recovery

Well, I finally got to the flat side. I am post op about 10 hrs. Hardly any pain but I'm on morphine and the pain pump, so I better not feel pain. Here are final pre op photos and a shot post op.

disappointed..... do i look worse?

I am 4 dpo and I had a drs appt today. First off i had a huge bump on both hips, one was the size of a grape fruit- not kidding. My husband had to take pics and send it to the doctor, because he was freaking out. My dr. said it was swelling from lipo. That was 2 days post op, now at 4 dpo I have huge hips the have love handles hanging over. I think I actually look worse than before. I tried to get my dr to make me fell better by asking him if it was just heavy swelling and he said, "well there is some swelling" wtf. I am freaking out that I now have to save money to fix this mess. Right now only the side view looks decent the front view is misshapen and uneven, bumpy and ugly. Also, my dr. doesnt use binders so i am using my own to see if it helps with the swelling. Just started that today. I am so mad about the results with this much pain I think I could have got better results with just lipo. errr.... annoyed right now! thanks for letting me vent. My hubby took tons of pics the past 4 days so i will post them as well. Warning- tons of bruising! P.S. I like the side view and my back even with the bruising I see results in those two areas.

4 days post op pics

more 4 day post op- ewww

having issues uploading pics- sorry

12 DAY post follow up appt was today

12 days post op appt- PS was pleased with progress. I am really happy with myself and my recovery. I am back to full cleaning, cooking and mothering the kids. I dont work for another week so I am still getting plenty of breaks throughout the day. I have been off pain pills since day 2 post op and I only take 1-2 tylenol a day now. I dont think they even help but I am afraid to not take 1 a day. PS said I could take a bath which i thought was too soon so I am not and he said if steri strips dont fall off the incision my monday to remove them myself. I am starting scar treatment monday but PS said I didnt have to. I got my belly button stitches out today at the appt so no more stich removal for me. I have 1 more follow up next friday and then we go to the 3 month mark i believe. My swelling isnt getting any better in the hips which is why I havent posted new pics- the brusing actually looks worse since it is healing so another reason i didnt post pics. I take pics every 2-3 days for myself but will post if they are different looking. So far I am okay with the results- my hips measure 4 inches bigger than pre op- like i said SWOLLEN!, but the scale says i have lost 7.5 lbs since surgery so I am moving in the right direction. I weight myself every 2 days and it has been consistently moving in the right direction even though my dang hips are not going down anytime soon. 1 more weird thing- my PS did a ultrasound therapy today on my flanks, back and stomach which supposedly helps reduce tissue hardening and helps increase white blood cells. I had never heard of it but it is included with my procedure and I get 2 more sessions as well. It felt pretty good and I hope it does some good. I have another session next friday so I will post sometime before then and again on friday!

Day 15 post op

Well my incision scar looks amazing. I'll probably take pics tomorrow. I'm still mad about my hips. At this point I'm not sure it's swelling. The reason is because my swelling areas start good and get worse as the day progresses. My hips don't change at all. They are huge and stay the same. I think maybe my PS did too much lipo In the flanks and that is why my hips look huge. Maybe they were always this size but with a big gut I never noticed. So I am considering follow up options in a few months. I'm not doing anymore invasive stuff but maybe lipo laser or something. I still happy with the procedure but I do wish I looked more hour glass. I will say other than bruising my upper abs already have definition. Will post pics tomorrow.

17 days post op- new pics

just updating pics- I dont see any changes really but I have been taking pics every couple of days. I decided to go ahead and post these pics. Swelling and bruising are still bad and nothing else has changed. I started ultrasound therapy last week because my upper abs, sides and back are hard as a rock. So far 2 sessions in, it seems to be helping. I am back to normal day to day activities, sleeping in my bed and taking care of my family. So no new events here.

posting more BEFORE pics- these were day before surgery (after my weight loss 160lbs)

so these pics I found on my phone. I took them the night before surgery. In these pics I am 160lbs and this is after my weight loss of 55lbs. I forgot to add these sooner.

21 Days post op- fully clothed doesnt look nearly as bad

So these pics show me without a binder (I have never worn one) I am just wear a regular cami from The Limited. It is form fitting but dont not hold anything in. You can see with Jean and the Cami I look ok- a hell of a lot better than before. My only complaint is still my huge hips and the area above pubis, which is under my BB. Without clothes both areas are huge, my doctor says it is still swelling but both areas have not improved in 3 weeks now. I have other areas that swell then get better, then swell again. I am worried that these two area are fat and not swelling. UGH. I see my surgeon on Friday so I will harass him about it again this week. Overall, everything else is good- I will post scar pics this week sometime as my scar looks really good for 3 weeks!

4 weeks post op- lots of new pics

So not much to update but thought I would add some pics. I saw PS yesterday and he loves how I am healing. I do have some swelling still and as you can see in the pics below my belly button will need lipo. I go back to my PS on Nov 13th and we are scheduling it then. He wants to wait till there is no swelling in that area and he thinks that will take another 2 weeks. I have had great results from the ultrasound therapy on my flanks and back. I posted a pic of my right side which shows what looks like a fat roll- that is actually rock hard tissue! I can tell you my pics dont show it but I am tight and hard all around. The last few pics are in a tan cami- its not compression or a binder as my PS doesnt believe in them. With clothes on I can hard any imperfections so I am good to go. Will update in a week or two.

Post op 5 weeks- weight loss

We'll I'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow and I have been weighing myself weekly for the last 3 weeks. As of today I am down 10 lbs since surgery. I am pleased with the results and look forward to another 5-10 lbs.
Dr. H

Switched doctors.... but cant figure how to update this.

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I enjoyed reading your posts. Curious how you look now another month later? Kudos on your weight loss before the TT!
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How is your swelling under your BB? I'm still having so much and still have the seroma. I go back next week for them to drain more and see what can be done.
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Hey Robin, sorry to hear that. I still have the bulk under my BB and go back tomorrow morning to see what my PS wants to do. I hope he has a solution. He mentioned doing lipo last visit so I am going to see what he has decided. I'm not looking forward to more recovery after this. Overall I am still happy other than my hips and the area under the BB.
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You look great! The front of my tummy is still hard I wonder if my PS will suggest lazer therapy? Im 6wks.
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Thanks! I am having the same issue with on my sides. It literally looks like a chunk of muscle and it's hard like muscle but my PS says it's hard scar tissue. I go back in the 13th for my 5th laser therapy. It's better since doing them but I may have to get another just on that side. I'm sure your PS would let. I started them at 2.5 weeks post. They do wonders!
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Wow great job. You look wonderful!  
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You look really great. I hear you about the "swelling" below your belly button. I know its all normal, but one area is just on the right side and it has not changed and its bigger than the left side. I fear also its fat. :-( My doc says its a seroma. He has drained some but it didn't go down. Going back next Wed. for him to drain more if he can. But he has said if it doesn't go down he will do a revision to make it look normal. But he really feels its just swelling and a seroma. :-)
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Yeah keep him posted. I feel validated because today my PS said while I do have some swelling there he is going to do lipo on the area. I go back on the 13th which will be six weeks and he will schedule it then. I feel relieved that I am not crazy for feeling I have been right all along. Also he did another ultrasound therapy session on the hard spots in my flanks and back and he added the stomach as well today. It was suppose to be my last session but he gave me another free one on the 13th so that was great!
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Good luck. I hope it all works out well for you. :-)
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I think you look awesome now!
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thanks you- I still have big hips and actually in just underwear I have a muffin top so I go back to PS friday to see about laser lipo and/or what he wants to do with the hip area. UGH! Thank god its fall and I can cover them with jeans! :)
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nice profile
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You look great! You look like you are healing well. I am similar in the mid-section to your old pic. I hope my after looks as good as yours. You are swollen and it just gets better from there. You give me hope! 5 more days and a wake up!
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congrats- i looked at your profile- we are very similar body shape. I posted 3 more before shots in similar angles to yours so you can see just how much our mid sections are. too funny! you will love the results- warning.. be patient. I still think I look like crap before looking at my before pics and the first week pics reminds me of how far I have come. I will look awesome in may im sure :) !
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ins... usually cover for a major weight lose pt. mine will for that but no other reason. glad someone got the goods..... :)
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i lost 65ish pounds as part of a weight loss program from my insurance company, maintained it over 1 year and had rashes on the extra skin so that is why i was approved. All my fat has always been in the front stomach area so when I lost the weight it all came off of there and my back so I looked deflated.
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You are looking good! I know that some days it doesn't feel that things are progressing, when I feel like that I compare my before pictures to my after pictures. I always knew that I couldn't reverse time ( i'm 47, I will never look 20) but, I just wanted to look and feel better. You look great!!!
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thank you, i had another appt today and PS still says it is swelling so I am taking his word. I am going to start drinking cucumber water and eating more pineapple to try and flush things out a bit. Other than that I am doing well.
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I am as hard as a rock as well. Did your PS suggest you do ultrasound therapy? Ive never heard of it.
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there is lymphatic massage also...
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i couldnt find a massage place that did them by me. I go to a lady monthly for massage and she felt how hard my sides and back were and said she would really have to hurt me to work it out. I said no way in hell and just had her do reflexology and my arms and legs. I have been hurt enough for 1 month. :)
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i hadnt heard of it either until he mentioned it. Turns out it has been awesome. Also I was at my primary dr for a well visit last week and he mentioned they do ultrasound therapy. I was shocked as of two weeks ago I had never heard of it and now my regular dr does it as well so I will be getting pricing from him next week. I got 3 free from my PS so I am using those first. So far they have really helped.
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I'll have to ask about it. I cant wait to hear about the pricing.
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It should be pretty cheap because each session is only like 10-15 mins and my primary dr said most insurance will pay for it if he or my surgeon asks for it to be done. So after my first 3 with the surgeon I'm switching to him and getting ins to pay minus my copay.
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