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5 weeks later- great results!

Hello everyone. I'm 37, 5'6" tall and 131 lbs. I...

Hello everyone. I'm 37, 5'6" tall and 131 lbs. I am 3 days PO right now and doing ok.
I'll have my first PO appointment with my PS today at 2:00.

I've read lots of stories on here before having my TT with MR and BA but never found one like my PS does. He uses no drains, no CG and I have a "pain pump" that actually pumps local anasthetic to my incision sites. So far this has all worked out great.

I had silicone implants put above the muscle and I don't feel much pain with my BA at all.
I'll post pre-op and Post-op pictures tomorrow.

My first post-op apt went great. They removed the...

My first post-op apt went great. They removed the anasthetic pump which didn't hurt at all. I can now take showers and I have to get a spanx type garment to wear for the next week. My next apt is Friday, June 22, 2012.
I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures now. My doctor is Paul Rottler in St. Louis.
WHo is your doc...will you post pics?

5 days PO- I'm feeling well today. I'm swollen and...

5 days PO- I'm feeling well today. I'm swollen and bruised, my skin is hard near the scar but seems to be losening up. I can't stand straight yet. If any others had their TT/MR without drains, please let me know. I have questions. Thanks!

So, I have this big "air bubble" under my skin,...

So, I have this big "air bubble" under my skin, when I tap it, it sounds hallow. Its under my bra line on my upper stomach. It's worrying me some. My next appointment isn't until Friday. I think I'll call my PS office tomorrow to ask about it.

I'm also having an emotional day, I feel like Frankenstein. I look in the mirror and see myself pieced back together and wonder if I should have done this. My boobs seem huge, they are hard and make my nipples look huge. I have a huge scar all the way across me that is stitched up and red and swollen and I can't imagine it ever looking good. I tried on some of my panties today and they don't cover the scar. It made me cry.... which hurts. UGH

I added a few more pictures. I still can't stand up straight so I'm hunched over. It's been great not having to deal with dranins. I do have to wear a "spanx" now so that is a pain but better than the CG I see others have to deal with. I'm really scared I won't feel good enough to go back to work in a week.
Congrats to you! I'm drain free as well but my Doc does not do the pain pump. =( I would love to hear an update on you now and see up to date pics so lmk if you update! Congrats again!!!
It takes time to heal. Everyday that goes by, you will feel & look better. I felt exactly like and at times still but it takes time. The swelling takes the longest. I know in time you & I will be happy with the final result. :)
I'm having drainless July 23rd & any advice tips u have would be very appreciated! How is your recovery going & did you find out about the hollow spot?

Today is 5 weeks since surgery. I'm still...

Today is 5 weeks since surgery. I'm still swelling of course but no major issues to complain about. I sit at a computer for work but still swell as the day goes on. I'm wearing a spanx type garment daily and it helps as does massage. My incision is healed and I was completely released last week. I go back in October for a check up. I'm posting 4 week pictures.

My tummy is pretty great, my breasts I'm not loving. They are way too big. I really hope they get smaller, if not, I might have them removed and put smaller in. Right now I'm a 34 DD. I hate how clothes fit around them, the shirts bunch up in my arm pit area above where my boobs start. It's awful. I get so depressed when trying on clothes.
well i think u look beautiful
kkamberr, that last pic was at 5 weeks. I was fully released at 6 weeks. My PS said to use common sense and not over do it. Today is 8 weeks and I feel about the same as I did at 5 weeks.
Hi! Is your last pic of you at 5 weeks? Wow you look great now! And do you get to hit the gym next week at the 6 week mark! Youre gonna look even better!!
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