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7 Days Post Op This site has been so helpful...

7 Days Post Op

This site has been so helpful during my journey so I wanted to share my experience in hopes that I can be of help to others.

My insurance approved me for hernia and muscle repair so I opted to pay extra for the “tummy tuck” portion of the surgery. The only downfall to this was that I was limited to my choice of Plastic Surgeons. I had several consultations with many doctors and while I am happy with my choice I can’t honestly say I would have chosen him if I could have picked from all of them out there.

So far things have been good and uneventful, but I am really concerned with my bunched up and pleated scar. I know it is too early to see the true outcome, but I don’t see anyone else on here with a scar similar to mine. I also think my bellybutton is kind of low.

I am trying not to be so negative, but I was supposed to have a post-op appointment today but it was cancelled at the last minute due to an unexpected emergency. I was really hoping to get one or both of these stupid drains removed and now I have to wait until Monday. Grrrr….

hey giggles! I have LARGE vertical skin folds. take a look at my review. don't worry about the bunched up skin , because they go away. My PS is the best in the business and the skin folds/pleats happen when there is A LOT of extra skin above the belly button.

You are very swollen and it's way too early to be disappointed. Ill be looking forward to your updates!
Giggles81...please remove all doubt and think postive.(.this is coming from a pessimistic person by the way) I'm 3 wks PO and have bunched up skin towards the end of my incision which is definitely from hip to hip. My PS did a quilting method on me so my drains stayed in for exactly 1 wk..boy it felt so good to have them removed!! Looking at my BB the first week I thought it wasn't centered just right..it looked slightly over to the right however being 3 wks now (with swelling at a minimum) I'm seeing it to be almost centered. I wouldn't worry about what you see the first few week unless your incision becomes inflamed..you should be able to contact your PS whenever you have a concern..don't hesitate..if your worried then call. As far as you appointment I can understand being a bit disappointed just hang in there and make sure to write down any questions or concerns you may have for your follow up visit. Looking at your pics I think you're a bit swollen..try to rest and avoid anything that will tend to make you swell, also as much as it may be uncomfortable wear your binder ALWAYS!!! it helps with the swelling..Good Luck and God bless. Welcome to the FlatLands ;)
Congratulations on coming over to the flat side. Don't worry about the pleated scar. As the healing takes place and gravity takes over, the pleats will fill out and the scars will lighten. I had those pleats around my tummy and breasts (had a lift/reduction too) and both are healing and fading well. I am 6 weeks post op - so it will take a little time.

9 Days Post Op: Okay, so I am going to try and be...

9 Days Post Op: Okay, so I am going to try and be positive for a bit. I am feeling a lot better today. I am walking upright a little more, I am not as sore and I seem to have more energy.

I really miss picking up my 22 month old son. This whole experience has been such an emotional roller coaster ride. I think that once these drains are out I will feel somewhat normal again. These things are so annoying and they keep pulling and tugging on my skin... ouch! Hopefully tomorrow one or both can be removed. Fingers crossed.... I'm going to try and take some new pics either today or tomorrow.
Oh no I am so sorry the drains are still in. Those are the WORST. You will feel SO MUCH BETTER once they are out. Just one day at a time until they are out!
I had mine on the 14.Sept, I am still swollen and hoping to get better by the day, can't wait to see my final look
Hey, you look great! I too hated those drains!

9 Month Update

I don't have much time to write but I just wanted to post some recent pics. I'll have to take some of my scar, but I am really happy with my outcome. This site was such a help for me and I hope that my photos and reviews can help someone else out. I'll be back later to write more.
You look fantastic! Your belly button healed nicely...I saw the initial pic and thought "oh no!" but it looks perfect in your update!
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I decided on Dr. Myckatin after four consults with other surgeons. He did a great job! I highly recommend him and his awesome staff.

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