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Smart lipo of the full abdomen and flanks is...

Smart lipo of the full abdomen and flanks is happening in 3 days! I will post before pictures soon, as I am so hopeful that I will have the results I am looking for! I am an RN who has been on multiple consultations (5-6?) before deciding to go with this team of folks, so far they have been great! I hope I can wait 2 weeks before heading back to the gym!

Before photos...

T-24 hours

I saw Dr. Caplin yesterday for some last minute questions, and I can not express how sweet and considerate he and his staff are...anyone who reads this (even though I haven't had the procedure yet) PLEASE do multiple consultations! The range of plastic surgeons I saw made me feel anywhere from creeped-out-uncomfortable-I-need-to-get-out-of-here-and-your-assistant-looks-like-she-feels-the-same-way, to OK, I trust this guy to poke holes all over my body and suck fat out with a small stick while I'm awake (even though I'm kind of a hippie-dippie and TEND to do things au naturel). I REALLY want to list the creepy doctors name (I really think he was on narcotics for my consultation, his pupils were pinpoint and as a nurse [who's heard a lot], I've never heard/experienced a doctor say "um, um" "you have really nice, um, skin" "I'm gonna do this ultrasound of your fat even though I can't tell from the ultrasound what is fat and what is muscle" WTF?), but I won't, that wouldn't be nice.

So, now I am contemplating if I can binge eat...Mexican and Margaritas for lunch? I think of it like this: I eat very well and work out work out work out, and the first place I lose (and gain) is my midsection; so, if I max out eating today, then my fat cells will be nice and plump tomorrow and easier to remove - I'm a nurse, not a plastic surgeon - makes sense, right? ;)

I am a little concerned about the scars from the incisions. I promised Dr. Caplin that I would stay out of the sun for, gulp, a couple months, so that I won't hyperpigment...but I'm vain and worried that once my six pack starts to show up those little dots will too...#smartlipoproblems.

Until tomorrow!

phase 1

Backside is done, front side just got numbed up, so far so good. NO PAIN

I'll add more photos when appropriate, but for now I see a nap in my future :) Dr Caplin and Tammy are great!

Two days post after...

Well, my procedure was Thursday and today is Saturday...my pain is MUCH better but I am itching like crazy! As expected I am very swollen and have had a couple bouts of nausea, but overall I am OK. I have been going and going the last day and a half, and I think it has caught up with me...today I am resting and tomorrow will be a better day! Some after photos from the day after, and I will add more in a week!

8 days post-op

I'm feeling pretty good, I really really wanna to go the gym but am patiently waiting 6 more days (I did go out and push mow the lawn on day 3). I'm not really having any pain, just some pinches around the incisions when I pull one way too much. I feel better about the wounds healing without scarring and am super ready for this swelling to go away, had my first lymph massage today which hopefully will help. I will post some more photos in a bit!

Almost 1 month post-op

So...I have to admit, I haven't been wearing my compression garment. It's just too damn hot and wasn't visibly changing anything, so I stopped wearing it after 2 weeks. When I was in San Diego, I wore SPF 75 with my one piece covering, so even though I did get a LITTLE sun on my belly I don't think I'm at risk for hypopigmentation - worse than hyperpigmentation. Here's a couple pictures, I see my plastic surgeon on week 6 and will post more pic's then!
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

So far, so good! I will update ASAP. Dr. Caplin was very "locked in" on his work, but constantly was asking if I was OK, which of course I was. I was on my belly for the first half and then my back for the second half, and honestly, the worst part of the entire procedure was holding my hands on my breasts without moving while he finished up my belly...my hands got numb and I was ready to move! I have a scar through my belly tattoo which left an indentation, and Dr. Caplin worked extra hard to break up the scar tissue under the scarred part of the tattoo, which was sore, but now I can definitely tell that there is less of a divot there. Two days later I am VERY satisfied with my results and cannot wait to see what each day brings!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congrats! Happy healing. I look forward to you updates. :)
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How r u doing? Great?
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Thanks for sharing your review! Amazing results!
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Looking good.
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How did you feel after mowing the lawn???
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Totally fine, just didn't like feeling abnormally winded, but I wore the garment so it worked out OK. I'm going to San Diego in 2 days so I'm going to have to resist the urge to wear a 2-pc!
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Totally :).  You can also put sunscreen under your suit.  In some ways getting a TT is easier that way, because you don't naturally want to show that scar, so you cover it.  Whereas the tiny teeny holes you get with Smart Lipo are so innocuous it's easy to not worry about them.  I've heard that clothes aren't generally as sun-proof as we think, especially bathing suits.  Has your doctor mentioned anything about how careful you actually have to be about the whole avoiding the sun thing?
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Please tell me more about "the avoiding the sun thing" beyond what I may know. In San Diego now, thanks!!!
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Well, I was kind of hoping your doctor had given you guidelines that you could share! :D  Generally, regular clothing and swimsuits are not highly rated SPF wise.  And even sunscreen needs to be applied every 90 minutes to remain effective.  So if you put it on under a swimsuit that's not SPF rated, it's kind of difficult to keep reapplying it.  There are SPF-rated swimsuits and clothing of all kinds, like they sell at Sun Precautions and stuff.  But the thing is, I don't know how careful you have to be just to avoid the hyperpigmentation.  Maybe just wearing regular clothes is enough.

I looked in our Q&A section for apropos topics, and here was a pretty good thread.  How soon can I tan after Liposuction?  As usual, the answers vary greatly, but hopefully it's helpful to you :).

Have a great time!
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I agree with ColoradoMaiden.  You are already looking great, especially before the swelling set in for real in the last pic.  Happy healing!  I look forward to seeing your progress!  Are you in your compression garment yet?
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Compression garment 22/7 :) I take breaks as I think it's so tight that it makes me nauseous :/
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Oy :(.  I hope that gets better soon!!!  I hope that garment is the right size for you--but I suppose the doctor sized it for you :).
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BodyBuilding14, I am curious. I think my second stage garment was to big but It was still an effort getting it on. I had to get it over my big butt. Did u have zippers on the garment that is so tight?
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No zippers; the generic one from the doctors office is ribbed with velcro, and I wear it as tight as I feel like I can tolerate...occasionally I wear a lipofoam underneath to keep it smooth. I bought a rubbery stretchy one at Sports Authority, which works well but gets really hot. I've cut both of them to get rid of the overlap...ColoradoMaiden, it sounds like you might need one a size bigger so it can be nice and tight but not too difficult to zipper up, something velcro I find to be the best. :)
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If I had a bigger one I just as well have gone without. The waist and upper abs was very loose. My problem is that no matter what I weigh I have a size 8-10 hips. A few years ago I was weighing in at 119# & 5'7" and still had a 8-10 hips. Sigh!
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Sounds like u r doing well. Looking good.
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Was the doctor you found…lacking? I guess…board-certified and in good standing?  Not that you have time to answer now, since your surgery is tomorrow(!!) but when you get a chance, very interested.
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He was a medical doctor, but not a board certified plastic surgeon. Although he didn't do anything during the consultation that was grounds for licencing review, he was not professional, knowledgeable, or seemingly capable of performing safe Lipo on me...Dr. Thomas Wright was his name...Laser Lipo and vein.
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Okay--good to know he wasn't board certified.  Here on RealSelf we definitely stress the importance of board certification.

Congratulations!  And I can't believe you're updating during your procedure.  Talk about dedication!!! LOL!  Hope the pain doesn't get too rough for you in the next couple of days!  We look forward to your post-op update :D.
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I had Dr.Caplin do mine, I am very happy with the results so far, I am in my 3rd week, he told me to stay out of the sun as well so I have been wearing a tikini, I notice all the small spots are gone, I could prob wear a bikini now but, ill wait. still keeping my compressions on while at work, he really did a number on my lower, still hurts a bit, but I had a lot of fat there. I recommend Dr. Caplin and his staff, they are great!!
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That's so great to hear turning50! So you are wearing your compression garment half the time still? At your third week, you are still a little sore? Are you taking anti-inflammatories or anything? It's very reassuring to hear that the small spots are gone!
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OMG, is it tomorrow already?!  Good luck, and we'll see you on the other side! :D
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It bod Looks like it should have amazing results. Good luck.
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hope you are doing well...let us know how your recovery is going....xo
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