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Hello, I have been wanting Rhinoplasty since about...

I have been wanting Rhinoplasty since about 17 yrs old. Now that I am older my neck area needs help as well. A double chin runs in my family and lucky for me Lol mine is the worse. I have always dreamed of having Rhino surgery but never thought it would be possible to have. I am now in the process of scheduling my surgery. Have sent the facility my deposit for a surgery date now just need for them to call me with the actual date available.

I'm finally doing it!!!

Just made my surgery date today for September 16, 2014. Nervous, scared and excited all in one!!

I scheduled time off from work!!

Hello, I made arrangements at work to be off for a month during my recovery process. Hope that is enough time to recover fully. Is anyone else on here having your surgery around Sept 16th? Would be good to chat. You can private email me if you wish.

Here are some pictures of my neck & nose

As you can see I have a turkey neck and I'm only 41 but have always had a problem with a double chin. Also you can see the hump on my nose. So hopefully in Sept I can have both of these corrected.

What do I need

Do I just need the hump removed or do you think I should have my tip made smaller as well? The tip doesn't really bother me to much but it does stick out from my face. Please let me know what you think?


It's already August time is flying by, before I know it it will be September and surgery time! My hubby says I have a cute nose and he doesn't think I need surgery. Need to get my blood work and EKG done soon.

Me from front. Sorry this is a picture

Pre op

My Pre op appt is Sept 3rd. Time seems to be flying by!! Won't be long and the day will be here.


I was called by Dr Nayak office yesterday and they told me my surgery on Sept 16th was now scheduled for 6:15 am not 7:15 am so now an hour earlier.

5 weeks to go

Ok so I have about 5 weeks left before my surgery! I am getting very nervous and wondering if I can do this! I know it is just nerves but this is huge stuff to go through. I am very nervous about the anesthesia because it takes me awhile to wake up. Anybody have any suggestions to calm my fears? Anything I should ask the Dr.

So had blood work done!

So I had my blood work done on Saturday Aug 9th and now I have a huge bruise on my inner elbow. So I am wondering if I bruise this bad with blood work how bad am I going to bruise when I have my nose and neck lift done.

Not to long now!!

13 days until my pre-op and 26 days until my surgeries. Wow time is flying by! Be glad when this is over and can recover and go back to work.

3 more days until my pre op

Only three more days until my pre op. My husband says I don't need surgery and wants to know if I can go ahead and cancel the appt. I told him I don't want to cancel it. A friend of my says I'm wanting to look better to others. In away yes but it is also bout feeling better about my self. She keeps telling me "I hope you don't regret what you are doing". She is making me nervous about this procedure. I don't need to be stressed out more than I am. I just want this done and over with so I can heal and recover and get it behind me. I am sure she will be more freaked out when I tell her I plan to do more surgeries later on lol!! In a year or so I hope to have lower eyelid surgery to get ride of my dark circles and an brow lift to get rid of my hooded upper lids.

Yesterday was Pre op day

So I went to my 2 week pre op appt yesterday! Gave them the rest of the money I owed. Had a simulated nose picture made. I had to ask for one to be made so that was kind of disappointing, thought he would have done that automatically. He told me he would remove the hump, decrease the width of my nostrils and widen the nose some as the right side is dented in a little. So my nose wide be slightly wider than what it is now.
Well hope everything goes ok since I have been hearing lately is how people have went in for routine procedures and have had major complications and even died. Hear a lot on the news about these things happening. Just be glad when the day is here and over with.
Got all but one of my meds today. Need to shop for food and other supplies. I have to stay in a hotel the night before since it is about 3.5 hours from my home then have to stay the night of surgery because I have to go back the next morning for a check up then i can come home. Twelve more day then it is my turn. Ugh!!


Just got home from shopping for my nose procedure. Bought a lot of soft foods to eat so my husband won't have to cook to much while I'm recovering from nose and neck surgery. Still have a few more things to pick up but bought most of it today. Just 10 days left until its my turn. Only have 5 days of work left then I'm off work. Sept 12th is my last day to work. I'm sure this week will either drag by or fly by but not sure which it will be.


Ok so I think my face knows something is coming up soon because it is starting to break out the week before my big day!! One zit on the chin. Hopefully I can get rid of it before the big day haha!! Next Tuesday it is!!

One week to go!!

One week to go until the big day!! Not sure how I feel!! Just want it over with so I can come home and recover at home. Still a few things to pick up before next Tuesday. Bought ice cream because I was told to eat a wet diet but think I need to buy more because I have already started eating it all lol!! Should have waited until Sunday I guess. Hope I can lose some weight with this nose surgery. A few pounds would be great!!
Well as I mentioned before I have a zit on my chin and I guess my forehead decided it felt left out because it now has bumps on it as well HaHa!!

4 days left

Ok so I only have 4 more days until my surgery! Not sure how I feel. Kind of excited but more nervous. Just been wondering about the recovery process. I know this weekend will go by fast. Before I know it it will be Monday and me and hubby will be headed to St. Louis. Hope I get a hotel room where a lot of people won't have to see me coming and going after surgery. Wow how time has flown by!!

OK Ladies Need a question Answered!

Ok so like a lot of you on here when you went to have your surgery you were menstruating so what did you do? Did you tell the staff? What did they say for you to do? Because I am having mine as well. Not sure as to what I should do?
Any information would be helpful!!

were here

In hotel room in st louis. Starting to feel nervous. Won't be much longer. 11 hours to go.

It's finished

Back at hotel. Neck hurts. Glad it's over. More later.

Finally Home

So were finally home. In some pain but not a lot. Glad that is over with. Dr seemed really pleased with his work. Have two big drain in place. Got in the tub and got my nose wet a little bit hope that doesn't hurt any thing. Sorry don't have glasses on so hope this isn't to hard to understand. Will try to upload pictures.
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Your pictures looks great!! How are you feeling?? I know you are so glad to get it done and over with. Can't wait to see more pictures. So happy for you.
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wow girl you look great!! :)
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Thank you very much. Not feeling to bad just the drains are annoying. Go back Monday to have everything removed.
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Looking Great!! Get your rest :)
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Thank you. Actually have a neck line!!
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Neck line?
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Yes no double chin now I have some definition to my neck.
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That's always a good thing. Do you have a drain in neck/chin? I love my chin&neck. :) Get you rest.
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Happy healing. Neck looks awesome already!
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Thank you so much
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Hello my friend I hope you healing good !!! :)
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So far so good, thanks
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Hope it all went well for you ! Xxxx keep us updated
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Thank you I will
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Hope you are feeling better today. Thinking of you : )
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Don't feel to bad just a very tight neck.
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Try to pick up pineapple juice for the swelling ;)
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Ok thank you I will.
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Great. I know everything will be fine.
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All the very best of luck, I'm thinking of you xoxox
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Thank you so much!!
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WOOHOOOOOO!!!! Can't wait to see post-op pics.
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Very exciting!!
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Waiting :)
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Will post pictures in a day or so.
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