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Hello, I have been wanting Rhinoplasty since about...

I have been wanting Rhinoplasty since about 17 yrs old. Now that I am older my neck area needs help as well. A double chin runs in my family and lucky for me Lol mine is the worse. I have always dreamed of having Rhino surgery but never thought it would be possible to have. I am now in the process of scheduling my surgery. Have sent the facility my deposit for a surgery date now just need for them to call me with the actual date available.

I'm finally doing it!!!

Just made my surgery date today for September 16, 2014. Nervous, scared and excited all in one!!

I scheduled time off from work!!

Hello, I made arrangements at work to be off for a month during my recovery process. Hope that is enough time to recover fully. Is anyone else on here having your surgery around Sept 16th? Would be good to chat. You can private email me if you wish.

Here are some pictures of my neck & nose

As you can see I have a turkey neck and I'm only 41 but have always had a problem with a double chin. Also you can see the hump on my nose. So hopefully in Sept I can have both of these corrected.

What do I need

Do I just need the hump removed or do you think I should have my tip made smaller as well? The tip doesn't really bother me to much but it does stick out from my face. Please let me know what you think?
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You're having surgery on my mom's birthday!! Hope you're feeling good about everything. You're going to look great!
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YankeesGirl, Thanks.
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Does your surgeon have an imaging program? Also, ask your surgeon what he thinks about the tip. Plastic surgery is like art, your surgeon would be able to tell you what will look good and natural on you. Good luck!
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Good luck.
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I'm so excited for you. I'm sure you're nervous but you're going to be so happy you did it, I know I was.
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hi!! thank you for your comment! I don't have any advice for the neck lift but for your rhino I would greatly suggest having extra firm pillows to sleep with as you are supposed to sleep with your head elevated. Lots of frozen fruits for smoothies especially pineapple as it helps with bruising and swelling. My surgeon had me get qtips, hydrogen peroxide and neosporin to clean my incision site. Also bendy straws, lots of options for drinks like juice or gatorade. Also have food prepared or easy to make food. The first week I had smoothies, pasta, and ben and jerry's ice cream lol. I got a pill organizer too though I don't think it was completely necessary. My first night was pretty rough because I had packing in my nose which made it uncomfortable to drink water but I would wake up on the hour with a very very dry throat. I would highly recommend getting a little squirt bottle you can put water in to spray your throat. It really helped me out even though I only used it the first night. Good luck with your surgery!! Keep us posted!
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How exciting! Congrats! I bet your results will be dramatic and lovely. Please keep us posted.
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