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I am a single 50 yo mom of 3 with an empty nest,...

I am a single 50 yo mom of 3 with an empty nest, sort of ... and grateful my kids are at home this summer, willing and able to help! I am 5'8", 130#, and the effects of pregnancies with all completely breastfed, a weight gain and loss of over 70 lbs, plus aging have taken an unattractive toll! Preeclampsia @19. yo resulted in some seriously stretched-out skin, separated muscles, and an umbilical hernia. I lost my taut tummy and innie BB :( I went from a C to a DD when pregnant/nursing. With gravity and weight loss, now I'm barely a B, just nips and skin flaps tucked into a corner of a padded pushup. I want my BB back and some real fake boobies ;) My pre-op is June 26th & surgery is July 9th. Thank you to everyone in the MM community. Your stories have already enabled me to seriously consider
the surgery, to consult with a PS, and to schedule my procedures to bring a wish closer to a reality. Here I am - joining the MM sisterhood! I will continue to seek your support and, hopefully, share my story to pay it forward.

So 5 wks til surgery... I am in the planning &...

So 5 wks til surgery... I am in the planning & purchasing phase. I have a handheld shower head in the bath & a friend loaned me a recliner.
I ordered 2 cute NYCo shirtdresses to wear to/from hospital & PS visits. I bought a size bigger to accommodate drains, binder, & boobs! Hope they work out. Button front, pockets & drawstring waist. Then I joined Sam's Club & ordered toilet riser, transfer shower bench, & a grabber ;) Getting ready to order Arnica Montana & Bromelain Pre/Post Op Supplements from Make Me Heal. I've heard such praise from you all for these - sure I would wonder & regret it if I don't!
I would love to hear your opinions on some other supplies! Here goes:
1. Backup Bras - (want an extra while surgical one provided launders) pros/cons of brands Wide bands, seams ... compression/support? - don't want to irritate BL/BA incisions. How about the bands to help the girls settle down?
2. Stool Softeners - must have? Never used before ... do they cause gas & discomfort? Don't want to strain but ...
3. Protein Shakes - sugar/sodium GNC Lean Shake? 25g protein :) 8g fiber, 3g sugar :) pwd has 120mg sodium ready-to- drink 390mg :0
4. Yogurt/ probiotics - how much? When? Chobani Greek plain, non-fat - 18g protein, 7g sugar :) Has anyone made smoothies with the protein pwdr & Greek yogurt?
5. CG - brands? Looking at: Design Veronique, ContourMD, Marena... pros/cons?
6. Walker - how long? necessary or just nice?
My 20 & 21 yo kids will be on hand to help get me around the house, but I do want to be as independent as I can w/o overdoing!

WOW This time next month I will be on the healing...

WOW This time next month I will be on the healing side! Getting closer... I've got my equipment, thanks to all of your wonderful tips: recliner, toilet riser, walker, shower bench, & I even picked up a "grabber." My shirtdresses came in & they are sooo cute. Don't open past the waist :( but I think the opening is just sewn together bc there are buttons w/buttonholes, so ... with a few snips & tucks haha I think I can perform surgery to open up the front of them. Good Lord I'm sick shut me up! My roof is almost finished - that commotion is enough to drive anyone crazy :@ but that will be finished :) Got my truck licensed-check that off! I teach, so I need to get my classroom ready now while I can lift & climb ... then make a trip to see my oldest daughter, who lives 3+ hrs away, while I can make the drive. Wonder how long that will be before I can stand to ride or drive that far? I feel like a road zombie when I get there as it is! Picked up a couple soft camis to wear under the binder. Do you wear under or over the surgical bra? I like the GNC french vanilla Lean Shake mix. It has 25g of protein in 2 scoops. I mixed one scoop with a cup of Chobani plain nonfat Greek Yogurt and blueberries & yummmy :D So now it's officially less than a month. I guess this will be
an emotional rollercoaster ride where I will be screaming with joy/fear (or throwing up) and hanging on for the ride with the rest of you!

24 days to go, but who's counting? Still nesting....

24 days to go, but who's counting? Still nesting. Do/did anyone else find it hard to be patient with delays in these pre op days? Maybe my roof will be finished by ... Christmas? And who knows about the lawnmower! Pre op paperwork not coming thru email, so was to be snail-mailed last Monday... nothing yet. Feel like I'm in some kind of rut or lag. I guess when the planets change or whatever, sh* will start falling into place, but please, God, grant me some patience - NOW!

3 wks :) I've been going over my pre op paperwork...

3 wks :) I've been going over my pre op paperwork that came in Saturday. Wow - how blown away would I be if it wasn't for all of the great info you ladies share!! But d**n, that's a lot of procedures at the same time & I've only had surgery once. Hospital twice - my last two were homebirths, with me telling my husband how to deliver our son bc the midwife was late! One of my friends (who I haven't told about the BL/BA yet) has asked me if I'm sure I want to do this ... that was just when I was telling her I couldn't shower for 10-14 days after! Getting closer to "ready". Started unpacking & setting up my classroom yesterday. Hope to work on that today & then finish next weekend. Lots of reaching & climbing & bending & lifting & standing. Picked up 2 more cheap front close sport bras at WM. I have some cute pjs from there w/sleeveless button front tops & drawstring bottoms that I got in a size up. Hope they work out. Corals & turquoise, my fav summer colors :) Robes to match from JCP. It is going to be sooo much fun to dress a madeover me!!! I know it will be a while, but still :) :) :) And so the fear & dread quickly turn to anticipation & excitement :D I am going to try to load some before pics :p soon. I only have internet on my phone, so I will have to use a friend's computer. Sorry no nudes just yet - afraid her hubby couldn't quite take all that (ugliness) in! Ha!

Just returned from a visit with my daughter in...

Just returned from a visit with my daughter in Springfield MO. It's a 3+ hr drive, so it will be a bit before that trip is made again :( I did come out with the BL/BA to her & my son :o I told them that since I was getting the TT combo meal, I'm going to supersize it & get the fries (boobs)! They get it np! Now, for babygirl, my biggest critic ... stay tuned for that drama ;) Anybody else have trouble shopping for boobies? I know what I think looks good & bad and what I want, but just can't settle on those before & after pics. I think I need to see faces on the torsos. My pre op is coming up on Tuesday. I'm thinking I should be bringing photos of what I like/dislike? I'm paying then, and decided to go to a branch of my bank while I was away from home to get my cashier's checks & avoid the small-town gossip for a little longer ;) That was an omg yes I'm actually doing this moment. We went to Umi for sushi :) a treat I won't indulge in again for a looong time :( Pizza & beer this weekend for last time too! Now to pay bills for the next month while my head is clear - then get a monster household grocery etc. list together to lay in everything but perishables & produce for July... of course there's all the medical supplies & healing aids to finish getting. I'll run a list by you all to check with me :) My pre/post op vitamins are supposed to be here Monday. I opted to go with the Vitamedica kit. Scripts Tuesday at pre op for meds & fill those immediately. My life revolves around this event, and the planning & preparing for it. Soon it will be ... showtime!

PreOp yesterday went well. I feel much more calm...

PreOp yesterday went well. I feel much more calm & confident now. Dr. White & his nurse answered most all of my questions before I even asked! I will have 2 pain pumps - one for breasts & one for tummy, plus of course the lovely drain balls. But - I can wash my hair after the pain pumps are out (72hrs :D I'm going by the beauty supply store to price salon aprons. That is, if I have any $ after I get my scripts filled :0 I have arixtra shots for 7 days for blood clots, ceftin antibiotics to take before & after, celebrex for swelling, valium as needed for muscle spasms, diflucan for yeast infection (I asked;), and tylox for pain. Did anyone get nauseous from synthetic oxycodone (tylox)? My bff went up w/me & we had a blast boob shopping & sizing :) Many yrs ago, when she had her BA, I bought her a Hooters shirt & she brought it along so I tried it on w/my wannabe hooters LoL Yeah, I think my tatas will be bodacious - 550 (+ if needed). I gave him the go-ahead to go big, but said not porn star boobies. He says, what's wrong with porn star boobies? Gotta love your PS! My friend & I will go up on the evening before & stay in a hotel closeby. I have to be at the hosp @ 5:30 am & I live 2 hrs away. After she gets me checked in to surgery, she's going to the PS medical spa to get a facial treatment. I'm spending the night in the hosp. Since it's a private room, my friend can stay in the room :) It is all just falling into place & I'm getting stoked!

WoW! This time next week I will be in surgery ......

WoW! This time next week I will be in surgery ... Thanks to all of you, I am so much more prepared. Knowing what I do now, I can't even begin to imagine going into this blindly. I have a large tub full of post op spls. I have home health equipment to make the recovery road smoother. I even have the wardrobe! Food is ready & meds filled w/sched mapped out. Aids to wake up sleepy bowels along w Anti swelling & bruising treatment ready to go. Rearranging kitchen, bath, clothes/laundry items that will be hard to reach or lift. My classroom is unpacked & basically good-to-go as far as lifting & reaching. All done that I can do at this time. I'm enjoying my last week of activities that will be on hold for a while : morning runs, tanning, working out, driving, bending, reaching, lifting, pooping? wearing tight jeans lol - wondering if I'm going to have to replace my jeans along with the bras ... Any of you java junkies? What kind of restrictions on caffeine? I picked up a shampoo cape at the beauty supply so I can protect my dressings while I'm getting my hair washed - $3 ooh yeah! Suave dry shampoo for the 72 hrs of pain pump & clean hair crisis over :):) I just deadheaded my roses & got into chiggers! Hope the bleachwater I wiped down with killed them bc I can't even imagine itching on my calves & ankles & not being able to reach them. Country life! Better add benadryl & backscratcher to the spls tub :o Now ... last call & chance for Cleaning! Groceries! Laundry!

Happy Independence Day! That has a personal...

Happy Independence Day! That has a personal meaning for us in this group, doesn't it? I just want to give a big shout out to Ultimatepaintballwife, who generously gifted me w/her gently used cgs & bras, in excellent condition btw!!! Turns out we live near each other with the same PS group :) Enjoyed lunch yesterday & MM tips & stories - good time, surgery sister & new friend :) You rock!
I filled a cooler w/crushed ice from work, bagged it in quart baggies - so that's handy dandy :)
Bombed the house for fleas while I was out...love my son's dog but geez! and the hair! Hope I don't end up looking like a human lint brush w/pet hair on my tape...
So my friends are heading out to their vacay destinations. What would you call a stay-cation like this?

Ok so some anxiety starting to creep in to steal...

Ok so some anxiety starting to creep in to steal my joy ... I want to hold on to the relaxed, peaceful excitement I've been feeling lately! It occurs to me that maybe instead of using good energy to push back at the negativity, I can recognize it and let it move past me. A personal anthem by one of my favorite bands enters my mind, Drive by Incubus, and as it's playing, I find that the music works it's magic to soothe my soul. Maybe we need to remember what works for us & what speaks to us. Music does that for me and so I am going with the flow …

Today has been a day for doing - laundry,...

Today has been a day for doing - laundry, cleaning, moving things around. Tomorrow I hope to focus on relaxing & resting while doing just final picking up and packing my hotel/hospital bag. I ate easily digestible foods today - hard to skip the berries & nuts I love, but sticking to pre op vitamins. Tomorrow I will keep it soft or liquid - yogurt, melon, soup, protein shake, v8, juice. I will be taking antibiotics & nsaid tomorrow evening. Right now I am baking my son's birthday cheesecake to freeze (Friday the 13th ;) while I am able & he isn't home. Listening to a new song by Evanescence that is strangely appropriate; I just mentally replace "other" with "flat" :) It goes like this, "Counting the days to meet you on the (other) side. I will always be waiting until the day I see you on the (other) side. Come and take me ...home." Soon I will be there :D

It's 5 a.m. & I'm sitting in the hotel, up...

It's 5 a.m. & I'm sitting in the hotel, up & ready for my turn on the table in 2hrs. I am pretty calm, but kind of wish I was more nervous so my bowels would empty! Ha! Usually a cup of coffee ...none of that allowed this morning :( I really am so ready to do this!! I'm wearing my pretty turquoise VS pushup ...for the last time woohoo bc it won't fit after todaaay :):) I slept ok. Now to go get marked up, knocked out, & made over! Cya on the flat side!

PO1: Thank you all for thoughts & prayers...

PO1: Thank you all for thoughts & prayers & well wishes! So far, so good! Progress West hospital is amazing & so is Dr. White! He has such a soothing manner & great sense of humor :) Arrived at the hosp at 5:30. Nurses prepped me, anesthesiologist spoke with me, & Dr. White marked me. I was calm & happy & joking around with the staff. As I was going under, I told them that these drugs were better than the 70s! The last thing I heard was their laughter & the last thing I saw was my PS laughing along ;) Felt no pain in the hospital, just pressure, & grogginess. I put a pillow over my tummy in the car & even my gravel road was painless ;) Starting to feel more when I get up now. Gave myself the blood thinner shot- no big deal. My daughter ttotally grossed out about emptying a drain. She fussed but knew I needed her help :) I'm a side sleeper & this will really bug me, but I will get used to it :( My mouth is dry- be glad to get past that! Can't wait to see my boobies :) Happy Healing to all of my surgery sisters & lots of love for you all coming up & big love for those ahead of me - you prepared me & I will continue to learn from your journey! XXO

PO5: Sorry I've been remiss about posting &...

PO5: Sorry I've been remiss about posting & updating :( My pain meds make me nauseous when I'm typing on my phone & I just gave up! Think I'm doing ok. I will be glad when I don't have so much medication in my system & to keep track of. I was so concerned about BM probs but at the end of day 3 when I just had very little, I took an equate stool softener/laxative and the next morning it was back to normal and has been since :) A little excitement with the pain pump catheters on day 3. My daughter pulled both breast caths no prob once we found & untaped them - they were supposed to be the tricky ones. She pulled one tummy one & it was sticking a bit but ok. The last one broke off! So it's sticking out about a fourth to a half inch and trying to slide back under the skin. I'm holding onto this itty piece while my dd is trying to get ahold of the PS nurse. It was closing time so we couldn't get up to the office til the next morning. We taped the little piece sticking out, but it still ended up sliding back in. My son drove me up yesterday on his bday. We don't know why it broke off like that. My PS said I could have him go in and make an incision to get the remaining inch or two out or I could leave it. I left it for now.I figure I will be seeing him a few more times and can deal with it then if it's a prob or just a worry. My son has waited on me, given me shots, emptied my drains! and been a real prince. My daughter has come around more after a tearful moment on my part and is being less the princess - the catheter was a learning experience for her and she's now able to say she's given two shots lol. Otherwise, pain is not bad. Recliner works well, but is a pain in the @$$ to get in & out of alone. Using a funnel (silicone) is great to keep from peeing on your second skin (CG). Potty riser great - the seat is even wider & more comfy. The shampoo cape & handheld shower head were good when I needed to run up to dr office on day4. Glad I've been taking vitamins. Had a cough yesterday - omg did that hurt like h3ll. Couldn't figure out why so loosened my bra - seemed to do the trick! Getting sleepy again & losing my typing skills so I will call it a night. Love & happyhealing to all you lovely ladies!

PO Day9: Had my first real post op visit yesterday...

PO Day9: Had my first real post op visit yesterday (not counting having to come in bc pain pump cath broke when pulling it on day 3). First time I took everything off at the same time! I am so happy! Both drains removed woohoo!! I did take a pain pill about half hr before bc I expected one to be pulled. Maybe the nurse was just really good, but I hardly felt anything on either! Have a gauze pad across the sites now & will shower tomorrow!! They were on the mons area, above my vj, and actually very convenient place bc of open crotch in cg. TT scar is just above hairline - very happy w placement. Stitches/tape to be removed next week. Vertical scar between TT line & BB. BB feels wierd & creeps me out - will worry over it til healed. I have gauze on it, & was told to just dab it dry after shower & given some A&D ointment to use. After surgery, when he checked me, it looked cute so I am keeping that image in mind ;) Lipo on saddlebags very well done! Never any real pain, no bruising - bulges gone but still have curves :) omg I love my boobies - he had said he would prob need to do a revision after bc my areolas were so big, but I'm ok w/them if he is. Got instructions to start massaging. I think my clothes will still fit, just with some cleavage & no padded bras yeeha! Don't have to walk bent over, no more drugs except on occasion, like last night I was having some stinging & couldn't get to sleep after my busy day so I took something. Still no advil etc & vit E for another week. So now just taking my post surgery Vitamedica & trying to keep eating clean. Glad to have the constipation worry behind me :) bananas :) no bruising so ...blackberries :D Still making sure to keep sodium low, protein high & include Greek yogurt for protein, probiotics. So far, no yeast issues from the antibiotics...Enough about me - Happy Healing, Lovely Ladies & Surgery Sisters! Don't think I could've done this without you & still have the recovery road ahead :) Love U Lots

Has it really been a little over 2 mths since I...

Has it really been a little over 2 mths since I was knocked out for a full day to be sliced, skinned, sucked, lifted, tucked, and sewn/taped shut again? I'm sorry I've sucked at reviews, but I was frustrated at not being able to load pics from my phone. Ja loaded a couple for me - thanks! The quality isn't great, and I'm afraid to post more graphic pics since I'm a teacher and we have less privacy than most...
My recovery has been sooo smooth that I've felt a bit guilty! I know it's due to the expertise of my surgeon as well as the recommendations from you ladies on this web site. I went back to work @ 5 wks. I resumed exercise, bathing, etc. @ 6 wks. I still wear my CG and have just started going without it to wear my tighter jeans for short periods of time, not all day at work or long car trips. I wore a tied up shirt to the vineyard last weekend just because I could! Yes, I'm too old but it was a little bit fun ;) I had to wear a band 2 hrs in the evening for a couple weeks to help my implants drop. I think they're good now :) I have an hourglass figure now that I absolutely love, even though I've put on about 8# uggh :( Working out, not abs or chest just yet. My choice. Walking and jogging a little, but I'm leaking now when I run! Didn't have that prob before :(:( Has anyone experienced that after resuming exercise? I'm hoping it will resolve as I finish healing & continue to be more active. I'm quite attached to my compression bras and actually purchased some more in everyday styles from Marena. They fit next to the skin, unlike regular bras that need the breasts to lay in them, which mine don't -- woohoo! :):) My PS didn't suggest any particular scar treatment, but I have been using several on my own. I really like Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil. It has cocoa butter, vitamin E, and rose oil. It's a dry oil that doesn't stain & isn't greasy. I have been massaging it on my tummy & scars ever since most of my scabs came off. The vertical scar under my right breast is thick and hard & I don't like that, so I massage it morning and evening. I bought the Oleeva silicon tape for my breasts & tummy. I wear that during the day under my CG, but honestly can't see any real effects & it's quite expensive. Don't think I'll buy more when it's worn out. I also use Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum on my face and found that it has helped other small scars in the past. I am applying that as well. A little goes a long way. It's strange that I've gained weight but most of my clothes still fit, and I wear the same blouse size. I have been wearing padded bras in a C for the past 2 yrs after losing weight. Now I'm a DD/E and noone seems to have noticed! But I do, and I am so glad that my cups have more than cotton in them :) My BB is settling down, and I think I'm going to like it just fine. When your PS says to wait and see for the 6 mth mark, he/she knows best. Scars are still fading and as residual swelling goes down, results are better and better. I'm glad to see my surgery buddies posting again! It's like a reunion - would love to have one in the future :) Take care, all, and let's keep in touch. Happy Healing, surgery sisters!

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twinsmomma, soo glad to help! I felt uber prepared after joining this site, but still had random concerns along the way. Feel free to ask anything, & I am more than happy to share what worked for me or pass along tips I've heard from others :) Sleep well tonight & keep me posted. Dr. Prada & the PWest staff will take amazing care of you!
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Loved reading your review! I never thought of the shampoo cape and that is so helpful, thank you! It's great to read how well you did did through the entire process....I go in for my surgery tomorrow....I needed the reassurance I think ;)
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ja, I was reading your update when your post showed up! Girl, you look like a million bucks! Your scar & breasts look great - your tummy is so smooth with hardly any swelling :) I'm happy for you :D
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Hey Shelly, glad to hear everything is going well.
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LoL me too on the eyes! Something I've picked up on is that our PSs expect bumps on our recovery roads & are going to take care of them as they come along! I took some befores & am taking afters and will post as soon as I can drag my @$$ in to use a good friend's pc- she hasn't seen me yet ;) Good luck & hope this is it!
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still waiting Show ME~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pictures .....
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Show Me and I are in the same boat. We use our phones to post on real self and we can not upload update photos =( we'll hijack computers soon and get this dine though lol
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jh, you are too funny! I guess I'm gonna have tomake nice to one of my perv friends to hook me up with their pc lol ;) How you doing? I was thinking about you this morning. Hope you're not hurting, but you sound ok since you're giving me a little h about pics lol! Are you going to have to keep going in to be drained?
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LOL - No...don't want to see one of your friends photos..want to see you : ) Besides don't you want to show off that new BOD of yours : ) Trust me I have never seen so many undress women in my life.. I told my husband that If I never looked at another naked women in my life that would be fine with me LMAO!! I was on a boob site for so many months looking to see what kind I wanted... LOL when I went to bed I saw boobs when I closed my eyes.... Thank God that is over with now and I don't have to do so much homework. *****Today I will find out if I still have to keep getting drained..hope this will be my last one but who know. I will keep you posted... so now hop to it and get naked and take a photo : ) before and after please ... : )
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OH DUH ME I see you said friends PC and not photo...my bad... next thing to go correct is the eyes LOL
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Showme Shelly....Hey there sexy mamma.... when you going to SHOW ME some photos????? Waiting... waiting LOL LOL......
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Aww, thanks, Angie! My phone is my internet source here in the "country" and since I work as a teacher, you can imagine that my work pc is not an option lol.
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HA HA HA Mustangwine! That is funny!
So ShowMe Shelly, why don't you show me some pics? Huh?
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LoL if I could upload pics from my phone, I would show you! ;) idk why we can't - my profile rose pic came from my phone... haha I'm taking them, just gonna have to hit up a friend - "can I use your pc to post naked fotos of me on the internet?" awkward lol
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I have the same issue. I was able to post pics for a question I asked and my profile pic, but not for my updates. What gives? Lol
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Hi Ladies,

Please know that we're working on this feature and want to get it to you as soon as possible.

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Looking forward to it! :-D
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That is so stinking funny and exactly the kind of thing I do all the time!
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Thanks for the fun, mw! I'd stick with that story lol
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Maybe she just saw Magic Mike & she is at the local strip club in Bismark, North Dakota. Ha ha ha ha!
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ROTFLMBO now that most def needs to be a stop on our MM Reunion Tour!
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Oh God! Just reading this...roflmao! I was trying to look up driving directions for my mom and some how posted it here.....lol post op brain! I have no idea if or how to delete from my phone....too funny =P
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M & M meat market Bismarck nd
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Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but this comment out of context is cracking me up ....;);)
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mustangwine, thanks for the great tip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   lmbo 
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