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Mini Facelift and Fat Transfer

About a year or so ago I noticed that people...

About a year or so ago I noticed that people started asking me what was wrong. I looked disgruntled and tired when actually I felt fine and happy. If I'm not smiling I look so crabby. Last August I had a ruptured implant so I had my 30 year old boobs lifted and replaced my 36G to a 36D. I chose Dr Prada after a couple of consultations I knew he was the Dr for me. I believe my breasts look as good as they can considering my age. When I went back for my follow up I asked Dr Prada what he thought about my face. I've never had more then a facial and my skin care has been hit and miss. I asked about a next day lift and wanted to know if it's like a lifestyle lift. Not exactly... It is a less invasive lift to the neck and lower face. He suggested fat transfer as well and he only does fat transfer to the lips if women request it. (More swelling etc) I looked through the before and afters and there were not that many. At least not compared to breast work but as I was flipping through I saw an out of town friends picture. I knew she had her lift a few years ago but didn't realize we had the same Dr. She is very pleased and this kind of sealed the deal for me. I'm a little nervous that I did not consult other Drs to see what their plan would be but I do feel confidant in Dr Prada's hands. So I'm scheduled for May 28. I will be awake and this really freaks me out but it's less expensive and safer from what I understand. The surgery will take 3- 3 1/2 hrs. I worry about the top half of my face looking old although Dr thinks I don't need my eyes done. I realize this type of facelift realistically will last 5-7 years if that but I figure I will see how I feel about doing anything more later. I've read that fat cells can die (why the hell do they stay alive on your butt) and your lips may not last more then a few months for the trouble. It's hard to find reviews on that subject.
Well I'm on vacation all next week (yes in the sun) and then when I get back I hope I have found some advice on RealSelf to get prepared. I'm having a microdermabrasion two week prior. I have had good luck with arnica and bromalian so will start that a week before surgery. Any advice from you wonderful ladies would be greatly appreciated.


Our dates are the same ! How exciting! yes, let's keep in touch, would be nice to have a Buddy...
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Good Luck - keep in touch, can't wait to see-
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Thank you for finding us and starting your story here! Here's what some doctors say about mini liftsAnd here's more. I hope it helps. Have a fab time on your vacation and please check in when you return. :)
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First of before pics

Here is a recent photo. I think maybe I should have my eyes done too. Opinions welcomed.


I just had a mini lift done, where they pull up the muscle as well as skin.... with Dr. John Thomassen in Ft Lauderdale...just had it done May 8th, Loving it, and I was awake also, time went by fast, we chatted etc...actually had fun, hard to believe, but you will not feel a thing, my recovery so far has been good..... and not painful and awful like I thought..... so glad I did it.... good luck with yours!! Carla
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Hi, Your eyes aren't bad, but I would, since already doing it get it all done, Thats what I am doing... Mine are real bad, except right under eye puffy, but when I smile goes away.... I figure may as well get eyes too while there, plus, you will get a discount.....
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I meant Mine aren't real bad, but.......

Getting nervous that a mini lift will not be enough

My emotions are all over the place. One minute I'm excited and can't wait and the next minute I'm concerned that a mini facelift will not be enough. My preop is tues. I have asked the office several times if Dr P tightens the underlying muscle and was assured yes he does but as I'm reading reviews I see that are different degrees of tightening depending on the doctor and procedure. As I don't see myself wanting or able to afford doing this again in five years I'm wondering if I should reconsider a full lift. I realize I need to discuss again with my ps but I'm so close to surgery date to be having these second thoughts.


if he wants you to do your eyes...do that....I am going to have my done in about 4 months, my neck and jowls are wonderful.....
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Carlaxx I was told all my eyes need is a little Botox and that if I do them now I will not see any difference. I will post more before pics later today.

Another recent photo

Makeup does wonders


Talk to Your MD... I was just like you, and still, feel just like you do... when I went to my pre-op, I was second guessing his decision, I posted a Huge Un flattering photo, and asked about 'What I should do' most said upper lower eyes, along with face lift , fillers, neck, However, My neck okay, and according to My MD, the fat in lower eyes will dissipate with Cheek, lift, fat injections, and the edoscopic, brow lift, should pull up the upper eyes?????? Hmmmm, so bringing me too, I would ask his opinion, explain your concern, and let him, go over it with you again... I know mine doesn't like to pull too tight and give the wind tunnel effect.... Like You, I still un sure, I am doing enough....Feel still I should be doing more.... Guess, If Not enough, we can request a re-visit, after, if we aren't happy with the results.... Mine only charges for operating room , for re-visist...
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oh ok, good deal!!!

The bare truth without makeup and good lighting. Ugh!!!

So it's really hard to post these before pictures.


Good luck on the 28th! You are going to have a nice outcome!
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Your eyes look pretty good! I am having a brow lift in addition to my FL. I am planning on also asking for a peel around my eyes afterward surgery. Maybe a TCA peel around eyes? Your cheek bones are glorious!!!!!!
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From the Q/A I once asked the RS docs about the sequencing of procedures it seems that a majority do the facelift first and then upper and lower eyes and finally fat transfer presuming they are doing all of these in one session. The take-away from this is that if unsure about what you want/need just go ahead with the facelift as planned and if downtime is not a big issue for you the delay of other procedures is a bit of additional cost (which might be saved altogether if you are happy with the result from the facelift alone). Since eyes and fat are sequentially done after the facelift you will have no compromise from the delay in terms of technique...grace
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Can I lose 10 pounds in a week?

My vacation weight needs to go. I'm not one for fade diets but I need to be my ideal weight before surgery next week. My pre op appointment is tomorrow and I would like some advice on final questions to ask if anyone has ideas. I'm very nervous at this point and ready to postpone. I'm also feeling really guilty about spending the $$ on myself.


New, you're going to be fine. I am 3 weeks post. I did not feel anything during my surgery. Dr. David Harley is my PS. Take your supplements...countdown! Lilygirl14
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You can try PALEO for quick weight loss but 10 lbs in a week for someone already thin is not probable IMHO. Going into surgery your body needs lots of nutrients so now is not the time to starve yourself. Your body needs to be strong to handle the surgery and recover afterwards. I cannot stress this enough. It would be better to postpone the surgery if you feel strongly that you need to lose 10lbs. Good luck!
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Boy did I need that thump in the head today! I'm a personal chef that specializes in Paleo gluten free so I should know better then to think losing 10 lbs in a week is ever a good idea. I went off roading on my recent vacation and ate and drank like every meal was my last meal. I think if I just go back to my regular eating habits I will drop 5 easily. I'm just a bit panicked right now. Having surgery on my face makes me so nervous. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to prepare in a healthy way before surgery. Low salt, no alcohol and lots of water:-)

PreOp today

A couple of pics I took this morning without makeup.


How did PO Go??????=) Good I hope....
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I had my surgery going on 10 weeks this week. It was definitely more than I was prepared for. Of course I thought I would come out perfect and have no bruising. I did juice the week before my surgery almost daily. To get as many nutrients as I could before the surgery. And try and drink a gallon of water per day with lemon. Great for you and your skin. I also did just the mini lift without the upper or eyes. I am very happy so far. The first few weeks were definitely tough but each day it gets better and better. You will most likely lose weight after surgery just because you won't be eating all that much the first few days. I like you was very anxious and I knew I had one of the best doctors in the country. Those are perfectly normal feelings. Keep us posted. You will be fine... just remember it is a journey.
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Good Luck Today.... Can't wait to hear about Your Pre-Op..... Good Luck!!!
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Pre op completed

Well ladies I'm in! No more second guessing. Dr P spent a lot of time with me to today listening to my concerns and answering questions. The bottom line is that I don't need a full facelift (in his opinion) and I trust him and his expertise. He does do muscle tightening and showed me the portion of the face he goes out to compared to a full lift. He is an expert in his field at fat grafting and I'm feeling very confidant. I have my RX filled. The surgery will last about 3 1/2 hours. I will leave with a bandaged head and should expect a lot of swelling. The next day I will go back to have two small pin drains removed from behind my ears. Back for stitches out a couple of days later. I understand I will have a head band (apron) after bandages come off and will wear that 24/7 for a week and then at night for the second week. Next day lift... NOT!! My PS doesn't really like that term as each patients surgery is customized. I will update my experience each day but I imagine it will be hard without being able to put my glasses on. Does anyone have advice on wearing glasses? I can't see without them and doubt I will be able to put contacts in. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for this roller coaster ride. I have the support of my husband and daughters but the rest of my family and oddly my friends will really give me grief. My daughter-in-law is due mid June and I'm praying she does not have her baby early. I can't imagine going to the hospital with a big pumpkin head and Donald Duck lips! Oh yea... The mother-in-law is here!
Last thing. I wish they would have shared my before pictures with me but they could not? I wonder why? They just said something about privacy and that they can't share via email. Hmmm....


What is this about asking the PS about muscle tighting I have not heard of this until now Someone please explain Had not thought of my reading glasses boy will I be lost
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I wore my glasses home form surgery & only took them off for sleeping. No issues at all.
I think this link will explain the best. It's from Q and A from doctors. There are many different techniques for facelifts. My dr explained that a good ps will not to the same on everyone and the degree of aggressiveness should be based on patients needs. http://www.realself.com/question/spartanburg-sc-difference-in-results-longevity-smas-lift-oral-sedation-and-deep Hope this helps

More close ups before

More close ups of problem areas. Having breakouts before surgery! Nerves?


My surgeon sent me MY photos via email. Wouldn't send any others.
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Puffer. I really don't understand why they won't email the photos.
How you doing New? all ready?
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Making a list

And checking it twice. Today I will start taking arnica. I have been eating clean all week and drinking lots of coconut water with pineapple juice. I have my tote bag ready with all my meds, kindle, sanitary cleaner, wipes, water, mints etc...
I need to buy a neck pillow and bags of frozen peas. I know I will be sent home with an ice pack but I'd like to be prepared with different options. I don't have a recliner so I will set up camp in the extra bedroom with lots of pillows. Is a recliner pillow really helpful? I will check them out.
I have to say I am more nervous with this surgery then any other. You can't hide your face and there is always a risk of something going wrong. I'm also terrified of the dentist and they often have a hard time numbing me. What in the world was I thinking to agree to a local with oral sedation. Twilight I might be able to handle but awake for three to three and a half hours! I must be insane! Oh and did I mention my fear of needles?


All good wishes to you -- let us know how you're doing!
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Thank you Ato Z. I'm as ready as I can be. Hopefully will be posting my experience tomorrow evening.
Hope it goes/went well for you......you're so well prepared. But I think the post surgery bit is quite an adjustment for most. A mixture of relief that it's over, excitement/impatience for the results, and the enduring the discomforts. You mentioned wearing glasses - that's been a challenge for me. Firstly, after surgery when I was wearing the bandage most of the tim, I had to sort of stretch open the arms of the glasses and prop them on top of the bandage....and then after it stopped wearing the bandage the glasses arms hurt on top of my ears because of the scarring there. At 9 weeks it's still a bit uncomfortable and I often angle them higher above my ears if I'm just at home reading or doing computer stuff. Certainly this was an unexpected little challenge! Best wishes to you - keep us posted!
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Big girl pants are on

You will be happy to know I'm no longer whining and in a state of panic. I have the best husband in the world! He is so supportive. I'm as ready as I can be so hopefully will sleep tonight and dream of the smooth side. I will post tomorrow evening and let you know how it went.


All the best wishes in the world are going to be right there with you - see you on the high side :-)
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Glad to hear the panic is over...get some rest, all the best tomorrow...see you on the other side!
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Newme, wishing you the best tomorrow! You will do fine. I didn't have an IV. Don't remember anything! Lilygirl
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I'm home!

I'm groggy but I want to update before I forget the details.
I took a Percocet and Valium at 9:45 and arrived at the office at 10:00. I was supposed to get Botox on forehead but they decided to wait until after surgery at one of my follow up appointments.
I was taken back to the treatment room and given another Valium. At 10:30 I was prepped and marked and then told to lay tummy down. After receiving the local injections the fat was harvested from my hips. Around three tablespoons. Then I was the numbed on the right side. The injections were not as painful as I had anticipated. The surgery lasted about an hour and a half on each side of my face. When I felt pain I was given more local and my PS agreed my body absorbs it quickly. I was fully awake but relaxed and could hear the cutting and feel the pressure and pulling. It did not bother me as much as I thought it would but not so sure I would ever do it again. I have a lot of pain in my ears and the swelling in my lips and cheeks is horrible as you can see by the picture. I was offered water after the surgery and the nurse would not let me have a pain pill until I ate something. She offered me a granola bar. Holy crap I have trouble sipping water through a straw so I could not get any of the granola bar down. I'm now home icing and trying to get a pineapple protein shake down. My ears are on fire and I just want to sleep. That's about it. Tomorrow I go back to get the small tubes behind my ears removed if everything looks okay. It feels very squishy around my ears. Well ladies... That's it for now. I can't wait to hear how it went for KAD.


Glad you're doing well. Take your meds and rest, REST! Lilygirl
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Welcome to the other side!! Rest is the best thing right now. (P.S. Ensure and applesauce will be a lot easier than granola!)
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Yeah, I couldn't chew even a noodle for 3 days!

Follow up visit

I went to the doctor this morning to have the bandages removed. Everything is healing fine so far. My neck looks great. It's hard to tell with my swollen egg shaped head but as the swelling goes down I anticipate I nice but subtle change.
The bandages were put back on but my hair is still a tangled mess with dried blood in it. I will not be able to shower and shampoo my hair until Sunday. At that time I will use polysporin and put bandages back on. I realized why I got so sick yesterday. In my drug induced haze( that's what I'm using as an excuse) I took all six pills of my first day of steroid pack???? along with another antibiotic and a pain pill! I'm still not able to eat yet so I'm doing protein shakes, ice cream, applesauce and yogurt. Eating is a struggle but I force it because of all the pills I'm taking. I'm still in a lot of pain. My ears feel like someone took a hatchet to them and my jaw really hurts. Brushing my teeth this morning was difficult. I'm trying not to talk too much or move my neck and face so everything sticks! Im icing 20 minutes every hour that I'm awake. I'm amazed at women that have no pain. I had five babies naturally but maybe my threshold for pain has changed. So far I'm staying on the pain meds and it dulls the pain somewhat but geezz this hurts!! Also, wearing eyeglasses is a real pain for me. I stretched them out over my bandage but they are making indentions on my face so I try not to wear them too long at once. I love to read so this is a big issue for me. I hope you all are healing well and for those of you going to surgery soon I wish you well. Tune in tomorrow...


You are going to be so happy! You were beautiful before, and after, oh my god, you will be a knockout! One day at a time....the canvas that was you is being restored to original and will be gorgeous. I'm excited for you!
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Oh Mylady you are so sweet to say such kind words. I love the canvas analogy :-)
Hi New, I resemble you, Lips and cheeks, How you? Im hanging in there... tight, cant open mouth alot, coffee through a straw... but okay.... mild headache but not bad...
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1 day post

Swelling is down a bit. My iPad takes a grainy picture.


Ouch poor u sweetie;-( beauty really hurts. Now just, think u r going to look awesome, beautiful n younger just the way u feel inside. Rest n think positive(^_~)! Sending u all the good vibe!
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Thank you for stopping by mely. They say 72 hours is hump for swelling. I'm uncomfortable and having trouble visualizing my result at the moment but have trust and patience for a good outcome.
I have not been on in a few days but been thinking about you can t wait to see the results Glad everything went well
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Day of recovery

Good morning friends. I slept pretty well last night. My doctor is stingy with Valium so I had to resort to alprazolam which leaves me feeling more groggy. Valium is so much better. I slept sitting up but found myself slumped forward so I need to figure out how to keep my head leaning back. I'm trying to sleep at 45 degree angle but it's hard not to be too low or too high. Silly huh?
I can't wait to shampoo the crusty blood out of my hair. It itches and Sunday seems so far away. This morning I had coffee with a straw and yogurt with a baby spoon. I'm more uncomfortable today rather then in pain. My lips look so ridiculous. The top one is bigger and the nurse said the doctor does it that way so it will right later. Okie dokie then... Not sure why that would be? Fingers crossed for a more comfortable day. I can't tell you all how much it means to the support here on RS. Poor husbands back is still out. He slept on the floor last night and I move around from bed to bed to chair like Goldie Locks! Lol our dog Murphy is so confused.


Hi Newmeag13. Thank you so much for your posts, they are truly helpful. I am scheduled for a facelift in November but am having second thoughts. Like what you went through, my doctor is only going to use a local anesthetic along with a valium to help me relax. OMG. The thought makes me cringe. I read another review who said that was a horrible experience. Hearing the cutting and feeling the tugging. She even felt the blood dripping in her ear. I just had an upper bleph with the same anesthesia and I was pretty uncomfortable during much of the procedure. I felt real pain at times and actually cried out a few times. They added more local but it did NOT dull the pain as much as I would have thought. I think a face lift is going to be a lot more significant in terms of cutting and pain. Maybe I don't react the same as others to the local? I am impressed that you endured it so well! I love your attitude. You are an inspiration both in your action and in your thinking. Thanks!
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Canihaveitall. ( love that name) Is the same doc doing your lift? Why did you chose the local the first time for your eyes? I only opted for local because my doctor convinced me it is always a safer option. I didn't need a full lift so even though I had the option for general anesthesia I went with the local. My doc was incredible and so patient with me. If I showed the slightest twinge he injected more local. The initial injections were not as bad as I anticipated. I did not smell the blood or notice anything burning so maybe a different technique was used? I could hear the snipping and felt the blood. I will be honest in saying I would rather be put out. That being said I have had several surgeries under a general without any issues and I have no fear of not waking up. I guess you really have to weigh the options and talk with your surgeon. Mine did agree that my body absorbs the local much quicker then most. I have the same issue at the dentist. Good luck to you. Real Self has so much information and I believe it's so important to research. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of face lifts.
Hi Newmeaug13. I didn't really "chose" the local option for my eye surgery as every doctor I discussed it with suggested that anything more was not necessary. In retrospect, I have to agree, especially since the entire surgery was only less than 30 minutes. It may have even been only 20 minutes - I can't be sure. Anyway it was pretty brief. And by the way, I LOVE the results!!! My MOH's surgeon did the upper bleph as he did such a great job on my cancer surgery and I totally trusted him. He is warm and patient and very professional. I think I was in more pain than most people with the local and I should have just asked him for more local. I get intimidated like that. My MOH's surgeon does not do regular face lifts, but does a lot of other face stuff. So I am still not decided about who to go with for the regular face lift. I really want someone who will use twilight sedation. I have found someone in NYC that I am going to book a consultation with this week.

3 Day Post

Not much to report. I have too much time on my hands obsessing over results that's for sure. I've also developed an overnight addiction to gelato. My husband bought a freezer full instead of the sugar free Popsicles I requested. Oh well.. Worse things right? I seem to have still lost five pounds. I slept well but must be moving around as my head gear is a wreck! I can feel the bandage is really stuck on the left ear and I'm worried about removing it tomorrow. Hopefully, all will be well. My duck lip is better today as a marble will now roll off instead sitting there looking pretty. The lips don't bother me as much as the ski slope between my top lip and nose. So what I didn't know about a facelift is that you tend to really scrutinize your face afterwards. Well at least I seem to be doing that. I even posted a question to Dr about a nose job! Haha... I suppose I did not get a neck lift since there is no cut under my chin. I just hope my fear of the surgery not being aggressive enough does not hold true. I would hate to come out of this with an $8000 inflated head. Ok ... So apparently I'm having a "what have I done" moment. This too shall pass.


Can't wait to see the final results!! Getting old sucks. You are pretty so i think you are going to look fantastic!!! You go girl!!
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New, If you know marbles will now roll off you lip (and they didn't yesterday) you DO have too much idle time on you hands :). You'll be fine, I'm sure; a recovery fueled by gelato ~ what could go wrong there....grace
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Love the 3 day post picture. Lovely.
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4 Day Post

Mug shot of the day. I shampooed my hair first thing this morning and I have to say it worried me a bit. I was hard to get the crusted blood out of my hair without hurting my stitches. I'm letting my hair air dry before I bandage back up. This is my first look at the stitches and I can see they will not show at all so I'm pleased about that. I applied polysporin. My ps said no peroxide. I felt very dizzy, stitches are stinging after shower, mild headache and nauseas. I'm so tired of yogurt and protein shakes. I feel so hungry but nothing sounds good. I have to say it feels great to get the bandages and ace wrap off for a bit. I'm realizing today if I would not have had my lips done I would feel a lot better about going in public sooner. Right now I look like a housewife of Hollywood gone bad!! Haha
I will keep sharing pictures but please be kind. Sending healing thoughts to all my face lift sisters in recovery and getting ready next week. It really helps to hear from you all and know you are there.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Mug shots

A few pics ...please run away


New, Swelling down, hair clean...great to see your doing well. Did you have incisions behind the ear and if so , how far up? And no incision under chin? grace
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Hi...so glad you posted your experience. I am sending a prayer your way that you heal quickly! :)
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Hey girl, your looking better everyday. I don't think that I could of been in twilight sleep your one tough cookie. I'd have to be knocked out cold. Thanks for keeping us updated my friend. Hang in there. I'm glad you got the support of your husband. Talk to you soon.
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Day 5 post

Trying to stay positive but post surgery blues have kicked in. If you have read "this too shall pass" review I'm very much in the same place mentally. It's unsettling to look freakish, asymmetrical, bumpy, lumpy and the trout lips are the worse thing ever. Yes, I expected this all and tried to prepare myself but it's hard and I'm grumpy. I'm wearing the ace bandage 24/7 as required so no way can I venture outside my yard. I'm sharing these feelings to give an honest review of my experience and the ups and downs that you may or may not experience. To be cont....


You look like you are coming along great guns New Me once swelling & lips settle a bit more you be hot hot hot. All takes time & patience which us girls who multi task often aint that good at:-) It will go soon enough my friend :-)
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Newme, you're going to be fine. Take this time to rest. Nothing wrong with taking afternoon naps. When I start to yawn, I know I need rest. Yawning can be a bit uncomfortable even at 5 weeks. The body is still healing. I still have some swelling and tightness. I just go back and read others' posts at where they were at the same time. I find out that what I'm experiencing is pretty normal. Makes me feel better. Thanks for posting; you're going to love your results! Lilygirl14
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Hey girl! Hope your having a better day. Keep your chin up and think of how great your going to be feeling about yourself. I wish I could say that I understand what you are going through but I can't. Your such a inspiration to all of us. Hang in there beautiful lady!
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Day 6 Post

Feeling much better today thanks to all the good vibes you all sent my way. Lips will probably disappear before I know it. Lol I hope the before lines around my mouth stay gone after swelling subsides. I don't feel any stiffness or tightness in my neck at all. Is that a good thing? Hmmm


Looking Good New, say a prayer... Gotta get ready... Thanks for all Your Consoling, Today I am more nervous, My face is going down some, Still, long way but better.... Hope you too.... Finally ate a Decent meal last night... Oh Did I need it.... Okay sweetie see ya back from the back & Beyond later, if not too rummy!!!!! XO
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Looking better every day! I'm so excited to see the knockout you will be! You were gorgeous before.
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Oh thats great news bring on day 6 lol tight swollen bruised got it all going on huni but like u my little trooper gonna get there lol
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Too much time on my hands

So looking at pics and hoping to look 50 again... I can dream right?


dutycatgirl, I've tried to find your your location on RS. All I find are all the messages you've sent. Hope you're doing well. You should begin to feel better soon. Check other posts and where others were at 6 days. It seems everyday brings different feelings and results. Best wishes. Lilygirl14
I'm hanging lol!

Day 7 Post

I just got back from my dr appointment. My front stitches were taken out and steri tape added. The back ones in the hairline will come out next week. I'm healing very well and just need to be patient with the swelling. Thank goodness I only have to wear my head harness at night now!!! I didn't have a pretty hat and scarf like some you ladies so I disguised myself the best I could. See my pic.
Have a great day ladies and gents! One week down feels great!!


You are going to look great. Lucky you could do mini lift with great results. I had a deep plane, with probably the same results.
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Cme, I guess time will tell. I had a long talk with my PS because I was worried that I needed a full lift. He basically told me he could take my money but he felt it would be a disservice to me. He said I'm giving you advice as I would a family member and showed me cases where people need a full lift. I put my trust in him and while I'm a little nervous with the fat grafting swelling I knew ahead of time that my final results will take weeks to see. I just hope after dealing with duck lips that some of the fat will stay. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by.
Think positive huni & if you can't trust your Dr? Who can you trust. It will all be fine in the end xx

Day 10 post

Swelling down some... Put a little makeup on today.


You look great. I'm 60 too & I know what looks good at that age. I hope i get as good results with my FL & FT as you did. You didn't need any more work. You can always get it later but your neck & jowls look good. That's where the age thing is for us. I didn't have much there but I went for the full lift to make the scars & dent that i got from resurfacing look better. I also had a boob job a couple yrs ago. Lift & implants, smallest ones just to make the lift look better. Leave yourself alone now. You look great.
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You were beautiful before, but now ~ wow ~ you are gorgeous!! I'm curious, what has been the reponse of your family and friends to your new and improved face??? I live in a small, conservative town where there aren't many ladies getting beauty surgery. I definitly want to get my face "freshened", but I'm worried about the gossip and possible rejection from my girlfriends. What has been your experience so far, if you don't mind sharing? Thanks!
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Day 12 Post

I thought I would let you know how my first day back to work went! This morning I when I woke up I had strange rings around my neck. I took a picture. They started to fade later in the day so I think my ace bandage bunched up last night. I do have a soft diaper in between and it really helps for comfort but I must have been sleeping with my chin on my chest last night. I'm going to try just two pillows tonight instead of 45 degree angle. It freaked me out to see rings on my neck! I shopped and cooked today for a client but over did it. I was there four hours as sometimes the kitchen is a mess and I have to clean up before I start cooking. I over did it today and could feel my face, neck , ears and stitches start burning and swelling. Bruises are popping up different places and turning lovely faded colors of green and blue. I'm not good with makeup. I don't even own a concealer. When I have a special occasion my daughter does my makeup. Guess I need to watch a few videos. Anyway, I came home, took the last of three pain pills and have been resting. I get the rest of my stitches out tomorrow and will see my ps for the first time since surgery. My observations at 12 day post.
Still very swollen
Face feels tight and sunburned.
Swelling comes and goes much like it does with a TT.
Intellectually I know final results are weeks/ months away but emotions are high.
I'm keeping the steri tape on the front part of my ears for as long as possible.
If my ps removes the tape tomorrow I will post a picture of my scars. I'm healing well.
I'm realizing the swelling has caused my nose to look weird. I even posted a question to the dr page about needing a nose job ( drug induced state)
FYI... There is no option to remove your picture once posted there :-( ugh
I have gained back the 7 lbs I lost right after surgery.
I'm still struggling to sleep on my back and wake up often with nightmares about pumpkin patches, ducks and trout fishing! Hmmm
I don't know what I would do without you all. Thanks for the loving support. It helps the healing process so much. Hugs to you all!


You are healing wonderfully! I really didn't think you looked 60...and that was presurgery! Your lips are shaping up beautifully!! Awesome to see NewMe!
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You look fantastic!!!!
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You are still swollen huni can see that but know that when the hardness subsides including swelling you are going to be absolutely thrilled. The exact look & feeling my friend had after fat transplant lips & cheeks - then it all softened up. You are going to get their beautiful lady. Tell that client you are a quality chef not her bloody cleaner :-(
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Chuckle for the day!

I may have a Mona Lisa smile for the rest of my life!


Wow you look great...they're not even showing facelift pics on his site.
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Teryosha. There are not too many on the site but there is a book in the office and you can ask to speak to his patients. I had my breast done last year so there was a trust level there. But I would get 3-4 different consultations if I were you.
You are too hard on yourself! You DO look great!
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Day 13 Post

All the rest of my stitches were removed today. I'm healing well. Fears about the swelling have been calmed and I feel great! Thought I would share pics of scars. I hope you all did not mind my silliness yesterday!


Happy Birthday To you!!!!!! Cheers beautiful.... Hope you are having a Lovely day.. Me too, selling comes and goes... 1 side of upper lip bigger, today... go figure.. each day getting less tight, ahhhhh, nice.... I actually walked on river yesterday, not nearly close to usual but, I did... then house cleaned Monday all day, Boy regretted that 1~ Hope You Are being treated like a Princess today XO
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Thank you! Behave yourself!!
You are coming along great!!
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61 years Old Today

Made my first appearance in public today. My son was born on my birthday so there was no getting around it. My daughter in law said nothing but my son (42) said oh my God what happened to you!! Unfortunately by lunch I was more swollen then this picture shows:-( I said I had filler put in my wrinkles and I'm still swollen. No one said a word and we went on to enjoy out birthday lunch.
I thought I was starting to look like myself again but I guess I still look like a chipmunk:-(oh well


Morning Newme, I'm sending you a list of what I put on my face. First, facial cleanser by Cetaphil or CVS daily compared to same brand.; Estee Lauded Soft clean, pink for dry skin, astringent; Resilience Lift face and neck cream, pink; concealer Derma-Blend (from Dillards, love it); Estee Lauder foundation, Country Beige; Power makeup Double Wear, stay in place Ivory Beige. After I put on my foundation, I use a loose powder. Eyeshadows are by EL when I use them. During the day and with most of my photos here, I don't use eyeshadow because my eyes are sooo deep set. Hope this is informative. Send pictures..I know you're doing better! Lilygirl
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Hahahaha exactly Shazza
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Hahaha I'm a Zeppelin head- But yep Me too- I know poor Micky - lol How are you feeling? Lips ? I'm Well just that dang eye- still swollen - each day better !
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Lip talk

I will post a full 3 week update tomorrow and a picture with make-up. Yes, ladies NewMe is going to try and apply make-up! Haha I feel so much better about my lips that I want to share a before and after. Things are coming along...


If I could be assured of your outcome, I would do exactly what you did in a heartbeat. I don't know what is wrong with your family and friends, but I would kill for those lips and jawline! Congratulations!
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Your lips look absolutely fabulous :-) do happy for you xx
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New, how does the woman in that first posted pic NOT know how to put on makeup? Look at the photo and do again just what you did then~ and if that is you un-made-up look then just leave well enough alone and forget all makeup . And the lips look very nice! Now I bet you hope it stays :) grace
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3 Weeks Post

Well I promised a face with makeup today but it just never happened. So here I am fresh out of the shower.
So here is how I'm feeling at 3 weeks.
My ears are still very tender and more so with activity.
I'm not working out yet because of the swelling.
I have numbness around my ears and temples but my face is feeling softer and not like a mask. My face was asymmetric before and looks like it still is:-(
Happy with the neck but worry about a little pooch under the chin.
Oh the lips!!! One minute they are great and the next minute I look like a blow fish. Lol
I really need to cut back on salt.
I'm not sleeping well with out a sleep aid. (using just two pillows) now but my ears cannot tolerate sleeping on my side yet.
Energy level is still low.
Starting scar gel yet tomorrow.
Sorry for the short sentences. I have 4 dozen lingerie cookies to make before sleep tonight!!
Take care all my lovely friends. To those of you post happy healing and to those of you preparing know that we are here to support while you wait.
Makeup? Yea well maybe tomorrow! Hehe


Newme, I think you appear to be doing great for this stage of your recovery - you really look beautiful (as you did before), but much younger and refreshed. I think you're going to be very pleased when all is said and done, it's just a whole lot to go through and takes time, time, and more time to heal and to adjust, both mentally and physically, to the changes. You are still in the very early days and have a lot of swelling. You'll be amazed how much better you'll feel in a few more weeks. There will be up days when you look in the mirror and think, "now that's more like it, I remember her!" - and there will be slightly blue days when you can't quite find yourself in your reflection and can't put your finger on what's off. Our faces are our identity in so many ways that it's no small wonder that altering them by such invasive means can wreak havoc with emotions and stir feelings of doubt and insecurity. Not to mention the moments in the early going when the overriding thought is, "what the hell was I thinking?!" Indeed, it's a bold gamble that we choose to take, even with the odds of a favorable outcome in our favor. I think that perhaps the most critical step in this crazy crusade against aging we wage is simply knowing when to stop - a metric poorly calibrated by far too many. At some point, risk starts to outweigh benefit, and "well done" flirts with overdone. Which, in a round about way, brings me to the subject of your eyes. Your eyes are absolutely lovely as is, with really very few signs of aging and I personally don't think you should mess with them at all, at least not for a good long while. Botched blepharoplasty is very common, and since your eyes look great, why tempt fate? Eyes with too much fat and skin removed is aging, while the over-volumized eye (newer trend) can end up looking lumpy and unattractive. Certainly there are also good results, but risks are significant enough that my personal opinion is they should only be undertaken if and when the aging issues are truly pronounced. Kick back for a few months and let yourself continue to heal before you begin to evaluate your result, and even then realize that changes will continue for a good year.
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Renovation, I really appreciate your comments, honesty and wisdom. Thank you
No you don't need your eyes done at all. You look great. I now have a pair of lips to rival yours, can't get the top one to budge, hubby said I look like Daffy Duck.lolol
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Me at age 51

I don't know how well this picture will upload but I was surprised at how much difference 10 years makes and my face kind of looks like me now in the picture. (Minus the lips) haha


That pic of you at 51 looks exactly like you now....minus the long hair and the lips!!! You succeeded in wiping 10 years off your face!!!
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I forgot how cheeky I used to be! Haha
Stunning :-) & when you put your makeup on & smokey up those eyes, you gonna look the same. Beautiful :-)
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New picture

New picture with makeup ( how did I do?) and happy news! New granddaughter was born this morning! Sister to five brothers! Boy is she going to be spoiled!!


You look wonderful!! You should be absolutely pleased with your results!!
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Looking great!
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How wonderful and blessing to the new girl! You look fantastic!
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4 Weeks post

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks post and I'm finally starting to feel less swollen. My lips are so much better now. I'm feeling good with the exception of itching, burning and tingling especially behind my right ear. It is so much more swollen and the scar is really puffy behind my ear and into the hairline. My energy is still low and have not gone back to the gym yet :-(
I so appreciate all my real self sisters and your support! Xoxo


I don't know why I didn't see this earlier...but you look amazing!!!! Only 4 weeks and seriously can't tell! I love love the lips too! How much fat was transferred to them and how long does it last? Happy healing beautiful lady!!!
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Wow! You look great-before and after for 60/61! Reading your updates I feel like if in your position I would have phrased similar or see myself similarly. Happy healing-you are beautiful (and it seems so on the inside too).
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Iris, what a sweet compliment. Thank you!

5 week post

I'm a day early but had my follow up appointment todayl. I was more worried about my breast then my face but all okay there too. (See my breast review) There really is not much change from last week. My ears feel better every day and the scars in front of my ears are fading nicely. The scars are thicker in the back on my right ear so I'm massaging . So I'm cleared for everything including hair color! Hallelujah !! I go back in three months and at that time we will discuss resurfacing options. I hope you are all feel better with each day and to those of you getting ready you are in my thoughts for wonderful results. ((Hugs))


How are the lips, Mine look almost the same as before, they sure don't last long
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Damn, I can only wish that I'd look half as good as you when I reach 60!
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You look mahhhhvelous dahling! :)
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6 weeks post

Hello Real Self sisters!
It's actually six and half weeks post and here's I'm feeling and looking.
My cheeks hopefully are still swollen causing heavy marionette lines. I'm starting to see my wrinkles back around the corners of my mouth. It's sad that after paying so much I will need fillers. Underneath my chin is not as tight as I had hoped so my fears about not getting a full and more aggressive face lift are becoming a reality. Ok, I'm don't mean to be a downer. I'm just being honest.
Now for the good news. I'm feeling great and can sleep on my side again although I do worry that it's not great for your face. When I sleep on my back I think it's better for the face but worse for my boobs as they are drifting to the sides. :-( I'm trying to wear a supportive bra at night but think its a little late to help. Oops forgot this is my facelift review. Anyway, scars are healing nicely and numbness is getting better around my ears... Not gone but better. I'm feeling good and have my energy back. Now if I can just get back to the gym and lose the seven pounds I packed on in the last six weeks. I'm such a yo yo.
I hope you are all doing well. Hinting to husband that arm lift is going to happen but have not set a date. I just could not stand the slightest bit of disappointment with that surgery and I'm not batting a thousand right now.
Take care all. ((Hugs))


Fillers will do the trick alright! It's tough to keep feeding that machine though.
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Well aging sure isn't an easy thing for women like us who really care about how we look. I can look at myself and my body and never stop finding one fault after another,...but new really, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, Look at your shape, your hair, teeth, the way you dress, your attitude about life. Be really grateful!! You know you look better than many women at 35 do!! Really you do look fabulous!! xxx
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PS and i forgot to add, the facelift was i think just right, you don't want to look 'windblown...you look beautiful and natural :)

Still struggling with swelling? I'm just not sure...

7 weeks post and struggling with results. I'm I swollen or is this the way I will look after fat transfer? I really just can't get used to this new look. My face looks fat.


I don't see much anymore either. I kind of actually miss some of that swelling, made my skin look wrinkle free. Still have lines on side of mouth, but I don't think a facelift can affect that--must need fillers for that.
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i think your face has some fullness to it more volume,which is good ;) you look great. rejoice and celebrate. again,it's only 2 months so,i guess you can decide in 4 more months if it was worth it.
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Check in with your doc, but I think the fat transfers do "reabsorb" somewhat over time so they probably plump you up a little more than the final result they are looking for. You are looking great though -- I wish I had your jawline! ;)
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8 week post pics

Hi everyone. I thought I'd post some pics of progress. I will need fillers and I'm not sure if I can wait until my official after photo in Oct. The area around my mouth is really bugging me. Other then that things are going really well. I still have numbness around my ears and scars still burn, itch at times and there is some thickness of scars behind my ear. I hope you are all doing well.


Beautiful... Thank you for your detailed and informative review and pictures. Really happy to see the fat grafting progression pics as they are not that easy to find. I've had filler once and it makes such a difference but's it very temporary and too expensive imo to maintain (and of course I wanted MORE lol). I really hope FG is the answer... :) xo ps, wow your Dr was right about the lips, they are perfect!
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You look AMAZING!!!
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Braveone thanks. I had all my adult cousins over ( they don't know I did anything) there were no comments so I guess the difference is VERY subtle at this point. Suppose a good thing

Very unhappy

I less then thrilled with each passing week and feel that I have wasted my money. Pouch under chin looks the same and lines on my mouth make me look like I'm frowning. Fat in cheeks makes me look fat. I'm having a very sad day but must pretend to be happy around everyone.

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before and after

Something is not right...


Hi NewMe sorry I haven't been on here often of late just been to tied up. Please don't be to hard on yourself huni - hopefully you have been in to discuss your concerns with your Dr & hopefully you feeling better now. I will FB msg you k xxxx
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http://sfglobe.com/?id=1236 I posted this link for us all. The things we see in the mirror is not what others see. If the link doesn't work for you let me know & I'll see if I can find another way for you to see it. Hope this helps someone. xo
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Hi Sats, that is a great link! It was quite moving...we are so hard on ourseleves aren't we??

3 months post

Hi Ladies. As most of you know I have been struggling with my results. Today I visited my ps and I now have before and after photos. I'm still forever trying to get the digital photos but did at least get paper copies today. The shadows don't give the full effect but at least you can all see a side by side comparison. I voiced my disappointment and my surgeon was very nice but offered little choice but a full face lift to get a tighter look. He still feels it would look too pulled in his opinion and not worth the risk. Lipo for under my chin is an option but there are no guarantees that the skin will tighten after. My ps says smart lipo is a gimmick without lasting results. So many different opinions eh? My ps did comp for juvederm and Botox today. I will post a picture later of the after for that but right now I'm numb and have rope like swelling around my mouth. I'm told this is normal and will settle. So ladies I'm confused and just plain tired of worrying about what to do now. My ps is not offering a revision and his full face lifts are $15,000 and up so with that said I won't be going in that direction. As of now my arms are on hold too. I'm not sure about going down that road after this disappointment. Anyway, I still really like my ps and feel safe in his hands but I'm upset with myself for not listening to that inner voice that was saying no to a mini lift. I'm cut from temple to around ear and the back of head so thinking scars would have been the same with a full lower lift. If when I ever receive my digital pictures I will post better pics. I'm afraid even tho o would recommend my ps I would say a mini lift was just not worth it for me.


I am so sorry that you were not satisfied with your experience. It is a shame for spending all of that money! I have been researching myself and came across your posts here. I have found out there surgery in MX is at a much lower cost than USA and they really take care of you, so I am thinking of going in that direction for my fl and eye lids, neck lipo done. Thank you for sharing your experience, it has really helped me as well in my decision. It is a big step to take and like yourself, I have doubts and fear.
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I would not base your decision on just mewme outcome!
Kimmie...Just remember that if you go to Mexico...and something goes wrong say a month or two later, or the outcome is not good..you have no recourse. For anyone contemplating PS in another country i strongly recommend a stay of at least three months in order to return to the PS should need be.

After Juverderm

A little swollen still but I think the filler helped a little. I'm bruised today.


What a difference a day makes. You look Beautiful. I hope you're Happy.
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Amazing that the pictures were taken the same day yes but a smile makes us look better every time doesn't it?
Hi New lovely to c u smiling & sorry after everything u been thru that u not 100% happy. To us you look gorgeous but I also know that at the end of the day its u being happy with you that truly counts. Thinking of you xx
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More official before and after

I wanted to show you a front face picture before and after. I got the filler the same day as the after. The bruising came the next day.


The fillers really improved your results.
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Css3 thank you. I could have saved myself $$$$ by just getting the fillers to begin with. The mini lift was a total fail for me.
Well, I had finally saved up enough money to do the PS, the whole nine yards and now, I think, I have changed my mind. No, I do not like what I see as much as I did when I was younger, but I think perhaps I should just accept this "season" of my life. Its not like I have a husband anymore or a boyfriend, and I barely go out anymore so what is the sense? I am so depressed though and I thought that doing the PS would help me to feel better and happier, but I don't think anything could do that for me as I have been so damaged and abused all of my life. Now, I stay alone and yes, it is sad but safer. Maybe I will just get the injections. I am too afraid to travel to MX by myself and there is no one to go with me. I would be really devastated if something terrible happened to me. Maybe I am getting wiser in my older years after all, I don't know. I always thought that I would do the surgery when the time came. Funny, been researching it for over a year now and just the other day, I started to change my thinking on it. Thank you for sharing about the injections and maybe go to a spa and get some dermabrasion and massage done and that will be good enough. Why not? Probably a lot less expensive. There is a doctor in my area who does free PS for Women of Domestic Violence but I would not know how to approach him. The main thing is the damage inside of me. Why am I even telling people this about my life? I guess I am alone and lonely and I don't care anymore. But thanks for all the sharing of your experience, it means a lot. God bless and keep you well and happy.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

While I feel the intentions were good the mini lift gave mini results. There was little improvement. Dr Prada and his staff are very nice and I always felt like my safety and well being were very important. I think Dr Prada is a great surgeon and I was happy with my breast revision but for me the mini lift was not worth it.

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