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Just Had Tickle Lipo Today - Saint Louis, MO

Had tickle lipo this am at The Lifestyle Center Dr...

Had tickle lipo this am at The Lifestyle Center Dr Moore in St Louis. I am 42, 5'0 133lbs. Had full abds done. Procedure itself, I opted for local with nitrous gas so I could drive myself home. All was fine until the nitrous tank ran out mid procedure. I had some pretty sever pain with the upper abs and began shaking from the pain. The Dr noticed the gas ran out switched tanks the started again. He removed 600cc of fat and said he was pleased with that. The nurse then bandaged me up. I was still a bit shakey from the pain. I didn't hurt much in the lower abds, just the upper was "burning" pretty bad. We applied compression garment which made a lot of pain bearable. Drove myself home and took a Vicodin. So far I am comfortable, but can feel some drainage coming through. Hope to have a good outcome but I know it will be several weeks.

First day post op tickle lipo

Did not sleep well last pm. Hurting most of night. Woke up took soak and wet bandages off and took a shower. I do see the improvement already. I am very very sore and swollen with lots of hard lumps all over. I went for my first lymphatic massage and the lady told me I need to constantly massage those lumps. This is difficult because it hurts a lot. I'm hoping tomorrow it won't hurts as bad. I did get out and about today but walked very slow and getting up from sitting to standing was the worst. I had read all about the drainage the first 24 hrs but really didn't grasp how disgusting it was. I had an adult diaper on with peri pads over the five holes then a chux over that plus the comp garment. Had the change myself 3 times of being saturated with bloody fluids. It was literally pouring out the bottom 2 holes when I stood it. It was quite bad. So squeamish people this is not a good thing. Today I'm not draining anymore, just in pain.

Before pix

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

I'm sorry you're in so much pain, but hopefully it will pass quickly and your healing with go smoothly. Please do keep us updated and let us know how you're doing!


Day 2 post op

Today was better but still in a lot of pain. It's the upper abs that hurt the worst. No more drainage. The lumps are pretty hard all over. I don't have a ton of bruising yet. Using Arnica cream twice a day.

day 4 post op

Doing much better today. More of the lumps have went down. I have another lymphatic massage tomorrow. The compression garment is itchy but I'm getting use to it. Still very sore all over but went shopping today. I lost 2.5 lbs. I feel my stomach is looking so much better. I am very happy so far and I know it's going to keep getting better.

1 week post

I am still in a fair amount of pain/deep soreness. Mostly with bending over. Puncture sites are closed. Still swollen but very little bruising. Wearing compr garment 23 hrs a day. I am pretty happy with results so far. I just wasn't expecting to still be this sore a week later!

Wow, one week. You made it. I think it's looking way less bumpy. How are you feeling about it? Your pictures are so helpful! Thank you.

Today I worked 15 hours probably at least half on my feet.( ER nurse) I am really swollen and in a lot of pain. I now have a big hard bulge in lower abd. I guess I just over did it. I am laying bed with a heating pad on and it already feels better. Hopefully it will be back down by morning. I really had no idea it would be this painful, but still functioning. I sure hope in a few weeks I will look back on this and be happy. I see the Dr Monday.
I'm a nurse too (PCCU), and my doctor tells me that I will be fine to go back to work a week later. I am kinda scared about this. This is touch-up Lipo since I had my TT 13 months ago. He says that it shouldn't hurt as bad the second time around because there's not as much to suck out and some of my tummy is still numb. Do you think it is reasonable to go back to work a week post procedure? Thanks in advance.


Still sore with a few lumps but overall I am happy so far.
Hi there!! You look awesome!!! Be patient with the swelling...that's just part of it & it will get worse before it gets better! It will take months for the swelling to go away completely. But I promise when it does it will all have been well worth it!!

1 month post

Saw Dr last week. He said the lumpiness will get better and to keep massaging. I am still having a lot of soreness. I seriously did not think it would continue this long. If I leave the CG off I swell and have increased pain. Some days I wake up with my abds looking flatter, other days I think I almost looks pre lipo or very close to it. I am undecided if I'd ever recommend this or do this again. I almost don't think the soreness has improved any in the past 2 weeks.
Greetings!!! Thank you for updating us on your progress. Just want to reassure you that the continued swelling & soreness is normal. As I mentioned in my last comment it is going to take months for the swelling & soreness to resolve completely. My boyfriend had Lipo of upper & lower abs & flanks back in July of this year & even though it has improved significantly, he still has swelling & soreness & continues to wear his binder for support at at night. It is just a normal part of the healing process. But ooh la la does he ever look good & he is very pleased with his results!!! I had tickle Lipo of my upper arms in May of 2012 & I honesty believe it took a year for the swelling & soreness to resolve completely. I'm scheduled for Tickle Lipo in January 2014 of lower abs, flanks, inside of upper thighs & tweaking of right arm. So, you see I believe in it & want to encourage you to be patient! It takes time but the final results will be well worth it :)
Thank you!!

Looking worse 6 weeks out!!

I don't know what's going on but I look misshaped all of a sudden. It's gross.
From my experience, it is too soon to tell if it is swelling or actually uneven removal of fat. Many surgeons fail to let us know they can actually cause a deformity with liposuction. I can see in your before pictures you had a very smooth stomach but now it looks dented, again, not sure if its swelling or unevenness. You have to understand that swelling comes and goes, some report that it last a year or even more. Keep taking pictures so you can compare and if possible you should get a 2nd or 3rd opinion.
Yes I have been wearing my CG except to sleep. I just don't understand why I look so much worse than I did 2-3 weeks ago. Kind of strange. I would I would be looking better not worse. Go back to dr mid jan.
In my experience swelling comes & goes..sometimes gets worse before it gets better & just takes time...lots of time!!! Just hang in there until you see doc for follow up in January. Hopefully, he will be able to put your mind at ease...& more importantly by then you may possibly see improvements in your results :)

Almost 3 mo

I am not happy with lack of results at this time. Still having deep soreness and some swelling at times. Saw Dr 2 days ago. My after pix actually look worse and very misshaped on my left side. He says I'm very fibrous and need to massage area daily to pull apart the fibers... Will follow up in 6 weeks. Right now I look worse for sure, because before I was just round and fat, now I'm lumpy and oddly shaped. I will keep trying to work those lumps out and see if it improves I guess.
I am five months out in another six days. I had lumps and hardness and the lymphatic massages did no good other than remove several hundred dollars from me. I bought an electric massager with interchangeable massage heads and now a couple months later both seems to be subsiding. I hope ur results improve, it is to bad when all that money is spent for nothing. Good luck.
I got my tickle lipo today from the same place I have no pain at all I don't think I'm drainging u don't feel any thing I took a nap today took my dog out I feel normal..
Who did your massages? I'm looking for someone to go to in St Louis.
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