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I have been debating on writing a review, I'm a...

I have been debating on writing a review, I'm a bit self conscious about my eyes. However, after posting on Jill's review this past week I decided it was my turn. Everyone on this board has been so helpful, so maybe I can do the same.

I am 51 years old and have had bags and circles under my eyes my entire life. They have gotten worse over the years. I'm tired of looking tired. I'm tired of seeing myself in pictures and l'm the only one who looks exhausted and old. I have inherited the bags from my father's side of the family.

I had my surgery last Friday, one week ago today. I nearly cancelled due to my nerves. I kept reading all the advice on this board. I know bad things can happen, but I felt confident with my doctor and realized with this type of surgery would be an incision inside the lower lid with no stitches. Nothing too visible.

I was surprised at how quickly and smoothly the surgery went. The first day I rested with ice on my eyes most of the day. I had no pain or discomfort. In fact, I haven't had to take anything stronger than a Tylenol. Day 2 is when the swelling really set in. It looked like I had little cherry tomatoes under each eye. Red and puffy. The redness and swelling has gone down a little each day. I have not had much bruising though. I took the advice of everything everyone recommended..........ice, arnica, sleep upright, drink pineapple juice, and constant rest.

Things were fine up until yesterday, day 6. I awoke to a large blood stain on my pillow case. Of course, I was nervous. I must have slept or rolled over on my right side. I realized that I had irritated the incision. Let's just say that I didn't sleep much last night and made sure I slept so I couldn't turn over.

I went for my post-op today. Doctor said he was amazed at how little bruising I had. He thought the swelling was the normal amount after one week. Everyone is different. I'm going back in a month for a different procedure. I have these ugly bumps under my eyes. Another thing I inherited from my father. Once the bags are gone, the bumps show up more. Doctor said it will be simple to remove each one, with one small stitch for each one removed. I'm definitely nervous about having a stitch or two under my eyes, but I can't stand the ugly bumps. I will have this done on July 22nd, after I return from a family vacation.

I will post some pics today and more as things change. Thanks to each and everyone of you who have shared your story. It helps to know that you are not alone.


How was your second procedure? Hope things turned out well!
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Just had it done this morning. I have several stiches under each eye. I'll post pics later today. Worried about bruising again, but thank goodness for Arnica. I think it really does the trick. Thanks for asking.
Hello!!! Surgery went well because your posts prepared me for what to expect and eased by nervousness - THANK YOU!! I was also really surprised by the lack of pain even though I looked like I just left the boxing ring. I have not used pain meds at all and tomorrow will mark 2 weeks. (The bruising and swelling scared the husband and dog, but they seem to be over that fear now because they no longer stare at me except when they want food.) The worst parts have been sleeping upright and the stitch removal festivities at my 5 day checkup. Even though the PS is very pleased with my healing so far, I am working on my patience skills (again, you prepared me) because of the continued swelling and slight bruising which improves slowly every day. I will be visiting the doc again next week to learn massage techniques and relieve the tightening feeling. Will check in soon and post pics when I get the chance to steal the husband's camera for downloading. Thanks again for posting your experiences - I really owe my successful experience to not only my "artist" surgeon and family support, but also you for setting my positive expectations! Hope all is going well on your end!!!
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Four weeks post lower bleph surgery - 2nd procedure today!

Today I had a second procedure done. I mentioned in my first post about the small bumps/lesions under my eyes. I had several under each eye. I had them removed today. You can see them in my previous photos. Once I had the lower bleph completed they became more noticeable. I'm attaching a photo. I have small stitches on each cut, they aren't really noticeable. You can definitely see the redness. My fingers are crossed on bruising. Doctor said usually you will get bruising since I had small injections (for numbness). So far, so good. Thanks Arnica! :) You can also see in the photo that I still have swelling from the lower bleph surgery on my left eye. Notice how the lower lid is up higher from swelling. Definitely will be a sunglasses week!


How is everything going now??  :)

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Well, it's been 13 weeks since the lower bleh and I can definately see a difference. I'm not sure what I expected. I still see small bags. I need to look at the before pictures to really remember how severe my bags were. I was hoping my dark circles would get better, and maybe they have. I know I'm being extremely critical. My sister hasn't seen me for several weeks can definately see the difference. I'm still waiting for more time before I upload another picture. Now, my small under bumps are another story.................. I'm really bummed that most of those are still there. Will see the doctor at the end of the month.

I can totally relate.  Keep us posted on the bumps and what the doctor says :)

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I highly recommend Dr. Maack. He calmed my nerves and gave me all the time I needed to discuss my surgery. He is very patient and answered all my questions. I never feel rushed and totally trust him! :) His office staff is fantastic! I am very pleased with the results. He is a wonderful doctor!!

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