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First of all let me start by saying how nice DR...

First of all let me start by saying how nice DR Nayak and so kind...He is not one of those DRS that are just assholes....he will really do a good job at anything you want done... all his PTS dont look like Joan Rivers they all look so natural and beautiful .....The staff is nice too.....I had my lower eyes done to loose the pufiness and it worked but it will take some time to heal like a good 4months...... I'm at 6 weeks now and they are still swollen but he said 4 months for a complete healing.... If you anything done go to DR Nayak he is great...

Feel Better Now

Went for my 8 week check up yesterday 11/25/13 and was crying because my eyes are still puffy, but not as puffy as before....... But thanks to the wonderful Dr Nayak he mad me feel so much better.... He said they are healing great it takes 4 months so give it time.......Dr Nayak said for any reason at the 4 month point they dont look good ........ He would do whatever was needed for free..... His goal is to make his PTs feel good.... God he is so nice i love that man....... I feel so much better now......Thank you Dr Nayak.................The BEST DR EVER........


It's 9 weeks now and my damn left eye is still swollen bad...... My right is better ..... But I'm not happy yet ..... But he will redo for free..... If needed.... But my left eye been at a stand still ....... I don't think it will ever go down ....... It will be 10 weeks tomorrow ....... It's been the same size for 5 weeks now ...... Just my luck ...... Not the DR cause he is the BEST just my luck..... This sucks so bad ...... Who pays to have still puffy eyes ..... Yeah they look better..... But I swear I'm so unhappy... Cause I still see puffiness.... Why can't my be flat like others ..... So sad......


Now I have dark circles too.... Just great...... It sucks getting old.....

Puffiness go away

Go away


Dr Nayak will redo the surgery 04-09-14 to remove the puffiness left over .... Just my luck man....

2nd time around

Went April 9th for the surgery to get more of the puffiness out..... Everything went great ..... Will add pics when the swelled goes down

Two weeks after the second surgery ......

It's 2 weeks to the day after having the eyes redone free of charge..... Cause after the last one my left eye was still puffy and a little on the right....

Bad pics

I thinks it's going to be good ..... I'm going to give it a good 6 weeks ..... And this DR Nayak is the best man in the world....


3weeks out on my 2nd surgery .... It's this same left eye it just wants to a little puffy ..... I'm not understanding at all.... So sad...... You pay all this $$$$ and to still have a puff there breaks my's like why me.... This DR is the BEST!!!!!! But I just wished I knew this before I paid 3600$$ nothing against the DR cause he is the greatest and nicest DR around.....and in the pics they hard to see ..... But in person u see better.....

It's a curse

Now I'm a almost a month ... My left eye are still puffy ....but in person... U only see a little on the pic and he put in more fat ... So maybe it's the fat that taking its sweet time to settle I don't know but this is my 2 nd time around..... And this guy is the greatest and the sweetest so maybe it's a curse that I have puffy eyes .....but paying 3600$ you want you're eyes in good shape no puffy eyes ....cause I'm like will they get puffy again


It's May 10th, 2014 and my eyes are doing the exact same thing like last time.....I just don't understand's like a curse on me.....this is one of the best DR in St Louis..... Why,why,why,why????? I can just cry( the $$$ I spent) it's this left eye that's the worst and still some on the right......

This is insane

This DR is so good and nice .... It's just weird ...... But so negative anyway maybe my eyes have to adjust...

Happy Finally

Went to the dr yesterday and he fixed my left eye ..... The problem was a little fat needed and that caused a puff..... Thank u dr nayak

New pics

After 2 nd surgery
Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Nayak is the BEST!!!!! He is not like other DRS that are real cocky and assholes...... Dr Nayak is so sweet and nice...... And his work speaks for itself.....

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Thank you for sharing your experience! It is good for others to see that surgery is a process, rather than a sudden change. I am proud of you!
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I think your eyes look wonderful.
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Hi Jesse1975, I think your eyes look great!
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thank you!!!!!!! went back yesterday and he fixed the left 1 !!!!!!! he had to put a little filler in there but not much..... cause 1 spot was missing some fat so it made it look like i had a puff in that spot, but didnt .
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I think you look great.  I bet the bags you see now (which I don't see at all by the way) have more to do with environmental factors than excess fat.  Like I bet when you don't get enough sleep/sleep too much, eat too much salt, drink too much, are dehydrated, etc. have an impact on your eye area.
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I agree, Jill81. Once we embark down this road of cosmetic surgery, we can become obsessed with our own appearance. Especially after any facial surgery. I know I'm as guilty of it as anyone!
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You look great! Why not have a tiny bit of filler injected under your eyes?
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I agree that her eyes look fine. I think she's obsessing. Filler and some concealer might give what she's looking for - whatever that is... :P
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I just looked at your photos, and you look great! If that tiny hollow/bag bothers you that much, why not have a tiny bit of filler injected? No surgery or surgeon gives perfect results unfortunately.
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Mine look a little like yours since the scars are healing internally. Does make up not help your eyes look better. A little concealer helps. There is still a shadow but it helps.
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It would help if we saw a "before" pic of you, to see a contrast. Otherwise I have no idea what you're complaining about, exactly. You don't have huge basset-hound bags under your eyes, and I don't see a lot of fine lines either. What did you want from this surgery?
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It's there I don't have the best camera phone to show it......if you were standing in front of me you would see it..... It's my left eye and the same thing why I needed it redone a second time free of charge .....the $$$$$ people pay and he is the best plastic surgeon in St. Louis ...... I guess maybe he will know what's going on....
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I had a lower bleph a week ago. I feel like the eye that has the bigger bag still has a tiny bag there is still swelling on that eye. I'm ok it. My left eye has always been a lot puffier than the right right. My eye's look better.
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You look amazing. Congrats.
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That's the greatest and nicest DR in the world....... So kind and sweet.... And really wants you to be happy!!!!! His staff is nice too!!!
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@Jesse1995 I think you look Gorgeous.... Can't wait to see more pix tho..
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Well, Jesse, are you happy with the results? It's hard to tell by your review.
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You crack me up!  Give it six months to see your real results, you'll experience a lot of swelling fluctuation between now and then, so don't freak out if you have bags one morning and not the next.  How was your post-op bruising and swelling?  Did you have stitches?

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That's true. I went through different stages. For a while I could really feel the scar tissue but it has gone down. Then for a good two weeks my under eyes looked really dark that seems to be fading. Not to mention that my left eye seemed like it still had a bag but now that seems better. I just decided not to look in the mirror so much and I have been using my clarisonic massager to apply my eye cream and that seems to make a difference.
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jesse1975, it sounds like you have had a wonderful experience. Are you going to post any before and after photos so we can see your progress?
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yes my stitches went away in a week as well as bruising but the left eye is puffy and the right is not as puffy..... this dr is one of the best... and so nice i love him..... i just cant wait to look in the mirror at work that makes them look puffy..... i just have bad luck.... im like please go down please... but it will be 7 weeks friday.....
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I am out almost 6 weeks, and my right eye is puffy, looks like nothing was done to it :-( , and my left eye isn't as bad, but still puffy. I hope both of ours go down!
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same here im a nervous wreck cause i paid alot of money for this and he is the BEST but sometimes the BEST make mistakes too..... I took care of a lady at my nursing home where i work on the weekends and her daughter had the same surgery and they had to redo hers for free because he didnt get all the bag out on both eyes and it cause puffiness still on both outter eyes ,....... i said oh lord i hope they go down cause i didnt pay to have less puffy eyes i want mine like the peolpe in his book . flat eyes
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It's been 7 months for me and my left eye still swollen. Although it's better I'm sad and discourage to the point of not wanting to see people who know me before the surgery. I haven't see the dr. since my 3rd months as I'm not sure I want a revision. I'm scared to look even worse after a possible second surgery. I had fat grafting. Did you have it too? I will like to know if anyone had to wait a year or so before final results without a second surgery. I want to wait a year before even think about doing anything if I find courage. #sosadrightnow
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I did not have fat grafting, but I bet I should have. I think you look really good, but I know we are our own worst critics.
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